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HTC Continues to Break Profit Records, In the Wrong Direction Though


The HTC One was the device that was going to turn HTC’s direction around in 2013. After five straight fiscal quarters of decline, the One would be the company’s saving grace. Unfortunately, after being struck with delays thanks to a shortage in components, the One is still unavailable in some major markets. In terms of the game plan, the One should have been on shelves before Samsung drops the Galaxy S4, but now the two devices will go head-to-head as both are set for release around the exact same time. 

With this, HTC posted a net profit this first quarter of $2.8 million, its worst in years. We have been following HTC’s financial decline, but with that said, HTC really needs to turn their luck around. To some, the One is one of, if not the sexiest Android device ever built. If they could only release it to the masses, market it in great strength, things could turn around.

Another angle HTC will look to play is with their newly announced partnership with Facebook and AT&T. Last week, all three companies teamed up to show off the HTC First, the first true “Facebook phone” featuring Facebook’s Home launcher software. Whether that device will be a success for HTC though is yet to be seen.

Via: Bloomberg

  • dsass600

    You guys need to chill out. This doesn’t even include the One, it hasn’t been released yet (in the US at least.)

  • If you buy a phone from this company you should get your head checked! Love my Note 2 and really like Samsung!

  • jisaac16

    No way to remove Blinkfeed and no way to customize the dock make no sense to me. Android doesn’t need skins, at least not from the OEMs!

  • carl rainey

    How many Nexus 4’s were sold? Is there an official figure yet? HTC should just hang it up. Every person that I know that had a HTC phone now has a Galaxy S3.

  • I’m still waiting on someone to go on a “build quality” anti-Samsung tirade on this thread. HTC is the new Motorola: a failing OEM whose fanboys’ last straw to grasp at is a subjective quality that clearly the larger market doesn’t care about.

  • >> Another angle HTC will look to play is with their newly announced
    partnership with Facebook and AT&T. Last week, all three companies
    teamed up to show off the HTC First, the first true “Facebook phone” featuring Facebook’s Home launcher software.

    Except that even Facebook itself isn’t promoting heavily on the HTC First — instead they focus mainly on the Facebook Home software itself.

  • Kevin McDole

    So, being rational, there is no way this could be a similar phenomenon to the profits of Apple the quarter BEFORE a new iPhone release? Could it simply be that people are waiting for the One, hence there would be no profits to be had? Call me crazy.

    • Call me crazy.

      Your profile pic is all we need to come to a conclusion ;P

  • Unless HTC comes with Phones with SD card slot AND removable and usable BIG capacity battery, I will NEVER buy any HTC phones…

    • This. HTC phones continue to be short on specs. The advantage of the GS3 and GS4 is that there’s literally nothing they can’t do. They’re no compromise devices. HTC phones, OTOH, aren’t.

      • flosserelli

        “HTC phones continue to be short on specs”

        Exactly. HTC is like the Honda of mobile phones. Well built, but painfully conservative spec-wise.

  • Chezitman

    All they needed to do is use stock android, with on screen buttons mixed with their build quality and they would have a winner.

    • Liderc


    • michael arazan

      If the phone had stock android, i would actually think about getting it, even with a crappy 4mp, and i dislike htc. I just am not a sense fan, or blur, or touchwiz, no offense to people who like though, I’m glad they do and have options. But how hard would it be to release the same phone with stock android a long side with the same phone with sense? Plus if it had stock android, google could just update it and save them time and money. Just make all the sense software apps for the phone and if people like them, sell them for additional profit in the play store for everyone else’s device.

      • Chezitman

        I agree. Not sure why they feel the need to remake android. Plus when they do that the ram usage goes up (I’m look at you Samsung and HTC). All in all it seems cheaper and easier just to make a phone with default android and not a flavor that’s all ready dead when it comes out. Make a premium Android phone without all the their crap, with onscreen buttons. Spend the money and time on the phone and not the OS that’s already fine toned. Its so easy I’m amazed they just haven’t given it a try.

  • Artune

    They said because of the structure of the phone it takes 3 hours to make each phone. That’s just ridiculous, things like that is why they are failing, more research is needed next time.

  • John

    The devices after the Thunderbolt were great phones. I think the main reason why they’re doing so bad is their poor marketing. The HTC One could at least help with having a single flagship phone to advertise but it’s going to be a while before their sales will be up. It’s their first single phone compaign.

  • Futbolrunner

    I said “Whaaaat!?” after reading the first half of the title

    Read the second half ..”now that makes sense.”

    You got me, Tim.

  • BrianCherry

    Well what we learned here when it comes to a large demand on a some supply is that their’s a smart way (LG/Google) and a terrible way (HTC).

  • EC8CH

    I blame it all on the poor button layout 😛

  • Christopher Riner

    And also, man I just can’t believe HTC. This phone was theirr chance to really turn it around. They should have released on all carriers at once; I know companies run into problems., but like my teachers, professors, and bosses have always said–i don’t want excuses, I want results. And HTC didn’t just want results, they needed them, and this phone could’ve done it.

    I’ve never liked HTC and am dead set on getting one. I have a friend who was the first person in line in my area to get the original iPhone, and after years of us going head to head to try and get each other to switch ecosystems, he has finally decided to leave apple now that the one is coming out. Also, Linus, a huge apple internet guy, is doing this thing called “iswitched” where he tries different devices for thirty days. Someone talked him into trying the One, and now he’s leaving apple for android– and he’s only like 7 days into the challenge.

    This phone not only has the power to get people to cross sides from other android platforms, but it has the ability to get people to even come from other ecosystems.

    I swear, some of us would be better at running some of these companies.

    • Guest


    • cryosx

      The phone is only out in select regions, we probably have to wait until the next quarter to see actual improvement from their sad situation.

  • Christopher Riner

    Question, in the last paragraph there’s a typo saying HTC is partnering with Facebook and HTC… I know its in another one of the articles somewhere, but which company is the other one they partnered with other than Facebook?

    • anezarati

      At&t maybe?

    • Yes, AT&T. Fixed. Thanks!

  • ßen Murphy

    Where art thou

    • ßen Murphy

      C’mon, we all were thinking it.

  • first


    • Austin Warren

      3rd. You fail.

  • Austin Warren
  • Jordan Marrie

    Oh well.