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Thursday Poll: Going to Make Facebook Home Your Launcher of Choice?


So far, what I think is great on Facebook’s part is that they are not limiting this new experience to only those that buy an HTC First. Android users that currently own one of the five initially supported devices will be able to download Home from Google Play and immediately immerse themselves with status updates and pictures from friends. By taking this route, Facebook is truly trying to put this experience into the hands of as many people as possible. It may not seem that way yet, since the HTC First is an AT&T exclusive, but that was purely a business move.

With Home as your default launcher, you have the ability to access instant messages between friends no matter what you are doing on your device, look through your News Feed as soon as you unlock the device, and bookmark certain applications that you use more often than others. While Home does seem sort of like an extremely dignified widget, there are bound to be hundreds of thousands of users in no time at all.

Let us know down below if you plan on making Facebook’s Home your default launcher of choice. As a bonus, feel free to let us know why or why not in the comments section below. Personally, I am dying to hear everyone’s thoughts on this.

Going to switch over to Facebook Home as your launcher of choice?

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  • I don’t hate FaceBook, but I do NOT want to use their home replacement app. I prefer my custom home apps where I can set it up the way that I like it. I do use Facebook, but not THAT much. I don’t even want to download their recent update due to their overly intrusive permissions. For all you know, they may send an update that automatically makes FB Home ones default launcher……no thanks!

  • This is the biggest TROLL POLL ever put on the site. You know good’n goddam well how most of the users feel about FB, and how they flame/rant about it. This is inflamatory. Don’t bother posting any more comments about how the answers don’t fit your position – it is intentional.

    It’s also pretty funny, and I was chuckling at the dripping sarcasm thinly veiled in the blog post.

  • shehippie

    All I have to say is….HELL NO!

  • Vinson Peters

    I put no but I don’t hate Facebook. I barely use the app enough to even justify putting a Facebook launcher on my phone.

  • Rob

    I check facebook a few times a day, but I have no desire to install facebook home. Hell I dont even use facebook widgets, the app is good enough.

  • No, but I love Facebook, actually.

  • I would answer the poll like: “No, I’d rather stay with my current launcher.”

  • Dominic Puller

    Maybe it’s just me but is anyone else feeling that this is one of the most hideous phones they have ever seen? I think it really is ugly, while I love the functionality and the interface over android, the phone itself is an embaressment of design. This is my personal opinion, but how do you all feel about it?

  • thekoopakid

    Someone should make a “facebook home is a terrible idea” facebook page

  • Christopher Riner

    “Yes, immediately switching……1%”. If this surprises zuckerburg or anybody else then they’ve obviously underestimated how important home screens are for people. A Facebook home screen is like a clingy girlfriend. Too much in your personal space, too much of the time, and sooner or later you’re just gonna wanna leave that b¡tçh at IHOP.

    Thank god HTC didn’t bank on this to pull them out of the slums of Korea. I’ll take a “One” over a “First” any day.

  • MikeCiggy

    I want the chat heads feature minus everything else. Anyone??

  • Carley H. Young

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  • tutaina

    I just want to see someone using facebook home so i could spit in their face. You have to be the biggest loser if u install this bloatware

    • umataro42

      That seems extreme. If an average user gets the HTC First and its already loaded, chances are they won’t know that its something they can get rid of. There’s probably a lot of people out there that aren’t even aware launchers are a thing.

  • tutaina

    This is the only time where i have ever wished that apple sues another company.

  • Marsg

    I don’t understand how facebook has so many active users, every comment I have read on every site even on Huffington and Washington post seem to be negative. Maybe all those active users on facebook are just fake spam accounts.

  • jzwerlz43

    dont hate facebook, but would never take this over nova launcher. no way in hell

  • Futbolrunner

    I don’t even care enough to read the 10 posts made in the last day about it.

  • Claude Saint

    I will try it, mostly because of the way they did messaging.

  • Who, in their right mind, would use this? Who would replace their entire Android experience with one devoted to a single terrible social network?

  • kane

    Whether you do or don’t like FB, Did we need a press conference for this? And its not even available for another week?

  • JoeTi

    # No (But I do not HATE Facebook.)

  • Matthew Rose

    I might actually keep using FB if the app worked like this…rather then a home replacement, ugh