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Download: New S Voice From the Galaxy S4

s voice gs4

Ready for a Samsung Galaxy S4  system dump and a chance to play with all of the goodies it contains? The folks over at SamMobile received one and have already begun pulling out apps for you to install. First up is the newest version of S Voice, the Siri-like voice actions application that was first introduced with the Galaxy S3. It’s still powered by Nuance’s Vlingo, so it’s certainly no Google Voice Search. But hey, if you like talking to your phone and found older versions of S Voice to be of use, feel free to give this new one a shot.

You’ll be able to voice dial, create memos, schedule appointments and tasks, set alarms or timers, ask “what the weather is like,” and find local listings to the best restaurants. From what I can tell, nothing has really changed, other than the S Voice icon. Pro S Voice users, feel free to tell me what I’m missing. 

Download Link

Once it finishes downloading, install as you would any sideloaded app. If you are installing on a Galaxy S3, it should install over the top of your current S Voice app. Should you decide that it’s not worth the update, you can uninstall and return to the stock version by uninstalling the update in the Application manager.

*The .apk file works on both my Galaxy S3 and Nexus 4.

Via:  SamMobile

Cheers Jul!

  • sportingchance

    I took delivery of a Galaxy S4 this week and have had nothing but a nightmare with the S Voice controlled voice dial via Bluetooth. It is seriously broken. Love the phone but it is going back – this is a show stopper for me.

  • Mihail from Bulgaria

    Hi when i instal it on my note 2 it says “no network connectIon” i hav both mobile data and Wi-fi, bu still does not work. PLESE HELP ME WHAT SHOUD I DO ?????

  • Jason

    im trying to do this but i cant find the current s voice app through the android file transfer for mac i need help!!!

  • Cornstarch

    siri and S voice uses the same cloud server computer (Nuance) to recognized and translate speeches. That’s why you need internet connection in order for S voice and Siri to work

  • mynameisterrance

    Please add an action bar so us Nexus users can access the menu..

  • Works on my one x. AT&T JB update.

  • Bassdj

    Works on S3 running Rootbox (AOSP)

  • EvanTheGamer

    Does this work on the G-Nex by any chance? lol

  • nightscout13

    New Siri From the Galaxy S4 < LMFAO

  • tu3218

    Worth a shot. I hate svoice but since Google refuses to fix/allow Google now through Bluetooth, I have to use svoice in my car. Come on Google!

    • Greyhame

      I used to have the same problem. Last time I tried it though, Google Now worked with bluetooth on.

      • tu3218

        Can you check, do you have media turned on? I believe it works if you have just phone calls checked. But if you have media turned on, it doesn’t. So I guess it kinda works but I feel I shouldn’t be limited in that way. I like to stream music and Pandora through Bluetooth in my car.

        • Greyhame

          Tested it last night for you. It worked great. Briefly stops the music, lets you speak, then resumes. I asked “How tall is Bruce Lee?” The response was audible through my car speakers, where again the music was briefly silenced. Only quirk is that you have to physically press the mic in Google Now; simply saying “Google” will not initiate a voice action.

          • Greyhame

            BTW, he’s 5’7″ =)

          • tu3218

            wow just tried it and did work! thanks. I wonder when this was fixed. Also, I’m able to say “Google”, and it comes on! Only problem now is that “voice dialer” still comes up even after I disable S-voice. So when I press my command button in my car, voice dialer comes up instead of google now. I need to find where voice dialer is and eliminate it.

    • Charles Hobbs

      Works on my GNex, but I had to go into app info and disable the stock voice dialing app…

      • tu3218

        Yeah I went into application manager and can’t find voice dialer. Cause if I disable svoice, the stock voice dialer comes up. So I’d like to disable that as well but I can’t find the app in application manager on my sgs3. Voice dialer doesn’t show up. Not sure if its under a different name or if I can go into root explorer and just delete the apk. Hopefully someone knows something that I don’t an can help.

  • Rob Mounts

    What about installing on a Note 2 or 10.1? Same as S3….will it just overwrite the old?

    • JP

      Didn’t work on my Note 10.1 (8013).

      • Rob Mounts

        Damn….hadn’t tried yet…what error did you get?

        • JP

          App has stopped working (stays on blank screen), I think it’s because svoice on the note 10.1 runs in windowed mode and not full screen, not sure though.

          • Rob Mounts

            Should be similar apps…did you make a copy of the original before updating?

          • Justin Foster

            I disabled multi-view with multiwindow manager and the new s-voice still doesn’t work. 🙁

  • Austin Warren

    Works on Note 2 as well. Rooted/Verizon. This thing sucks at telling jokes.

    • Rob Mounts

      Thank you!

  • picaso86

    Google Now reigns supreme!

  • I use svoice for voice interaction with alarms and inbound calls as well as occasionally using it to take pictures if I have my flip case on. Otherwise it’s google now all day every day!

  • lakers1moretime

    The only reason i use s-voice is to deactivate itself “S-voice please deactivate yourself” lol

  • Looking for S-Bloat. One click and all Samsung bloatware is removed..

    • JoshGroff

      Would be nice, but I just hide/disable it. Doesn’t affect performance or storage enough for me to care.

    • flosserelli

      There are multiple debloating utilities floating around xda (you must be rooted in order to use them)

  • Shane Redman

    All things Siri/Siri-like…….KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!!

  • Austin Warren

    It’s pretty obvious that Google Now is better.

    • Coming from you.. that means something

      • Austin Warren

        I am not a full samsung fanboy. I like their features, but some of it, is complete trash.

  • Dillon Brown

    Are there pro Svoice users?

    • I almost don’t want to reply to this given the amount of sheer hatred displayed for it on this page but I use s voice daily in my car. It’s pretty helpful.

      • Dillon Brown

        I meant no offense, I’ve tried it out but it was markedly worse than Google Now for most things. I forgot about the car mode which does seem pretty useful. I was actually a little curious if there were people that liked using the samsung features that everyone calls a gimmick. I personally don’t own a gs3 to really see how any of these features would impact me. The car mode is interesting and I’ll keep that in mind.

        • Coming from a Galaxy nexus I know how useful Google now can be but since I got my note 2 I can’t honestly remember the last time I used the voice search feature over s voice. True most of the featured abilities in s voice are gimmicky but they’re also incredibly useful like car mode mentioned earlier, I also use it to take pictures, open apps, and control music (although I don’t do this anymore since I switched back to play music to free memory). As for the Samsung features- same thing, gimmicky yet surprisingly useful. The motion features are especially cool- unnecessary but cool. I like direct dial, tapping the top of the phone on lists to scroll to the top, rotating the phone on the lock screen to take a picture, and turning the phone over to mute audio. But my favorite gimmick is smart stay. I read a lot on my phone and that feature alone is worth getting these phones over other oem’s. I don’t know if you guys count s note as a gimmick but I use that daily as well as multi screen which is just awesome.

    • I use svoice for voice interaction with alarms and inbound calls as well
      as occasionally using it to take pictures if I have my flip case on.
      Otherwise it’s google now all day every day!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    *Got S3* *Used SVoice for 5minutes, disabled* . . . *Flash New ROM* Step 1. Disable SVoice.

  • Trevor

    Google Now > Svoice/Suri

    • google now an s voice is way better than siri. I wouldn’t put s voice even in the same catagory.

      • poop

        s voice is siri, isn’t it all nuance?

        • Kcarpenter5407

          Just for the voice to text, Siri then uses several data sources to do stuff with the text. Like run it through WolframAlpha. SVoice doesn’t do these kinds of things.

          • Cornstarch

            My galaxy note 2 uses Wolfram Alpha for voice to text and formula match on my S Note as I handwrite my mathematical formula then it translate it to textbook formula then calculates it using Wolfram Alpha

      • Trueblue711

        Are you kidding? S Voice is terrible. It definitely doesn’t come close to Siri or GNow.

        • possomcrast

          I agree even though I hate siri, I have to admit it beats S Voice.

        • I disagree, it works pretty slick I think.

          • Trueblue711

            To each his own, but I find I have to speak very unnaturally to give S Voice commands. It also does not properly understand me often, resorting to a web search or making a mistake. I don’t have an accent either.

    • Austin Warren

      Suri? Are we talking about Tom Cruise’s daughter?

      • are you insinuating that Suri Cruise > Google Now?

        • Austin Warren

          I don’t like babies. So no. But if she locks herself into a closet with R kelly, I will approve.

          • DieGrammatikNazi

            “He looks at the closetI pull out my Beretta
            He walks up to the closet
            He goes up to the closet
            Now he’s at the closet
            Damn he’s opening the closet…”

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      • EvanTheGamer

        I think he is.