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Question of the Day: Would You Buy a Phone That Developers Won’t Support?

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With a recent story about one of, if not the largest custom ROM development teams for Android, possibly not having major support for the upcoming Galaxy S4 smartphone from Samsung, does this affect potential device buyers? For example, only a few months ago I would have still recommended the Galaxy Nexus, for the sole reason that developer support is amazing for that device. It will remain alive and well in the forum threads well after it’s “End of Life” announcement from carriers, receiving the newest version of Android for probably another year or however long it takes for the hardware to become outdated. 

As for me, if anyone pays attention, I make a point somewhat regularly that the time of custom ROMs is behind us and Android as a whole. I mean this in the sense that the reason I started rooting and tweaking was because Android was bland, ugly, and the processors were slow. Once you would boot up a custom ROM, you could make a device run faster, look better, and experience the device in a whole new light. Again, this is back when the notification bar was white and having a single core processor clocked at 1GHz was considered “dangerous.”

I say these times are behind us because frankly, Android has become an extremely sexy OS since those days, with OEMs adding equally good-looking hardware and powerful processors  For me, the reasons I rooted are no longer there, making the task pointless.

With that said, there are still many people who buy phones these days and immediately unlock, root, and flash ROMs to get rid of OEM skins such at HTC’s Sense and Samsung’s TouchWiz. I have heard countless times already that many more people would be interested in the HTC One if it came with vanilla Android instead of Sense 5. So, what if that was never a possibility?

Imagine a device you have your eye on is not receiving custom ROM support – would you still be purchasing?

  • Nope! One reason would be to remove skins like TouchWiz, But I also like the added features that ROM’s offer and to keep my phone up to date with android. I run CM10.1 on my G-Nex obviously not for stock android, but because I like some of the features (like notification power widget, WiFi hotspot, home screen customizations like grid size, icon size, etc.) but also I’m not waiting on Verizon to update my phone. I was thinking that my next upgrade would be the SGS4 and I’d put CM back on it as soon as I got it. Now I’m not so sure.

  • Bigwavedave25

    NOPE! If no Rom Dev support then that phone would be off my list.

  • Mark Mann

    also, i guess the question is, why would developers support a phone that no one is buying?

  • eckdawg5

    Look at the Droid Charge…wasn’t that bad of a phone except for the fact that there was NO developer support.

  • Andrew Bissel

    Never. My entire experience with any of my electronics actually almost 100% revolves around development capabilities.

  • like the razr hd?

  • It depends. It’s a device well supported by OS developer (like Nexus or iOS devices), then yes. If it’s a Samsung or HTC device – heck, no.

  • If carriers continue to release updates like Verizon does…..then yes, its a huge consideration. However I have never noticed them to be any better than the stock, its just a means of getting the new OS early

  • mgamerz

    My LG mach isn’t pictured, why is that?

  • rich

    Negative… if a phone is not supported then why have it, means no new features, no help to get something fixed that could or couldn’t be major… But I think Google, had their hand in it when they said if you want android you MUST support phones, 18 months…

  • David


  • CyDetrakD

    Not just no but hell no. In my last round of upgrades i got my ex fiancee a Samsung Stratosphere and I got myself a GNexus plus a Moto Xoom. Both of my GED devices have always stayed ahead of the curve rocking features that stock couldn’t provide but the Stratosphere is still on Gingerbread. Enough said!!!

  • I feel the same way the author who wrote this feels. Seems like a lot of the ROMs nowadays are just garbage anyways and aren’t worth all the hassle. I still try them out still but always find myself going back to stock because I just get sick of all the bugs in these ROMs and reading through 50 pages of posts about the ROM to see how I can fix those bugs.It’s way too involved for me.

    Ain’t nobody got time for that!

  • 2easilyamused

    Nope! I may never buy another non-Nexus device again.

  • Michael McHale

    No. For me installing a custom ROM is more about having the most up to date version of Android. And when Verizon doesn’t allow the Galaxy nexus I use to be updated I take it upon myself, thanks to the devs.

  • Why not?

  • Depends on the phone, but for most models no.

  • DanWazz

    No pretty much sums it up. I like to have different OM options. I love stock android, but I needs by tablet UI, or PIE, or Navigation key customizations.

  • Connor


  • Alain Lafond

    That’s why I only buy Nexus phones. I HATE to be late of upgrade! A definitive NO!

    • Alain Lafond

      But I do understand that the plain Jo doesn’t care. That’s why the carriers are mor eager to sell new phone than upgrade the ones they’re supposed to support… That my friend, is named CAPITALISM!

  • the only way i would even consider this is if it was a nexus device. Stock 4.2.2 is as close as ever to being a daily driver for me. but as of right now, if i had to run Sense or Touchwiz, i would not be a happy camper.

  • Joe


  • Jacob Svonavec

    Umm…no thanks!

  • It really is a critical point. I was all excited to trade in my S3 for the S4 but after the announcement that developers weren’t going to support it, I started looking at the HTC One. I agree modern handsets have improved dramatically, but the skins and customizations from manufacturers make updates far to slow. It shouldn’t take 12 months to get the newest software from Google.

  • Lucky Armpit

    Yes absolutely. I think the developer community for Android is great but I have no desire for custom ROMs. Mostly because of the fear factor to be honest. But I have been happy for the most part with my stock Android devices.

  • gtg465x

    Yes, because I am a developer. Muhahaha! But seriously, you should buy a phone that you will be happy with as it comes. If you won’t be happy with a phone until it has CyanogenMod or something, then show the manufacturer that you’re not happy with their software and don’t buy it!

  • triumphtriple

    I would love for the android phone industry to get to where the PC industry is. Where roming is unnecessary, BUT simply buy/downloading an app for each customization you want. Where each app (customization) works on most devices.

    Also, Google provides OS updates, but the manufacturers update drivers if necessary.

  • chaz armijo


  • JoshGroff

    I certainly won’t, but then again basically every phone has at least some dev support.

  • the_real_patrick_bateman

    I load custom ROMs (CyanogenMod) for two reasons: 1. Better update support than I can expect from Verizon. 2. I like the aesthetic of AOSP more than any manufacturer skin.

    If those two needs could be met without resorting to flashing custom ROMs, I’d have no problem leaving my phone un-rooted and bootloader locked.

  • Droid4LifeDawg

    No, because you can’t count on carriers for nothing but higher data prices & late Updates.

  • zurginator

    The answer to the following question is the same answer to if I’m going to buy it:
    Is it a Nexus?

    S1->S2->N4, and never going back to non-Nexus. Unless PA supports it and it doesn’t have physical buttons, but even then probably Nexus.

  • The point is that even if the currently largest developer refuses to support the S4, the device would automatically attract other developers simply because of its market presence. No harm, no foul.

  • As big as the galaxy S4 is going to be it will have plenty of dev support. There are WAY more dev teams other than CM.

  • Nir Galon


  • Gary

    Yes… My average life expectancy with a device is 6-9 months then I move on. I rooted EVERY single one of my many Android devices, however it wouldn’t be a deal breaker if the stock ROM on the new device was good enough. Take my Note 2 for example. I have absolutely zero need to “Root” this device and flash a custom ROM as its already got tons of features built into the software. I hear all of you screaming “but its not stock android”. Well, I have my Nexus 7 and 10 to turn to when I want that experience, however its quite nice to have a daily driver that’s different. So on this basis, I wouldn’t care in the slightest if the development community doesn’t support my next phone, so long as the features in the software are suitable for my needs.

  • Knlegend1


  • Trent1990

    yes i would with phone like the s3 and note 2 i no longer root my phones i have no need

  • Chad

    I did with the Incredible and Rezound, but not anymore. bye bye HTC

  • kane

    Begins and ends with ‘no’ Especially if its runs TouchWiz

  • There should have just been a real poll with two radio buttons, each saying “No.”

  • C-Law

    Only if it’s a nexus getting updates straight from Google

  • oh helllll no

  • SeanBello

    absolutely no chance. if it weren’t for the dev comunity I probably wouldn’t have been fully happy with any phone I’ve had. instead, I got almost 2 yrs out of my OG and a yr and a half out of my gNex.

  • steven sullivan

    Not even worth debating.The developer support for the Gnex is incredible and keeps me quite satisfied with my decision to purchase it some time ago..What more could you possibly ask for? Keep supporting developers they make the Android world go around.

  • Michael Quinlan

    I think the real support a device will receive from third party developers is rarely known early in the life cycle of the device, so third party support can’t really be a factor for early adopters. Also, rooting still serves a purpose, even for people planning on sticking with a stock ROM.

  • Fadzil Mohd Ashari

    i will nvr buy non-nexus device. because the OS update sometimes can be frustrating. and even left behind.

  • Bruce

    so only 164 people out of millions said no.

  • shooter50

    Of course I would. I could care less about developer support. If others do fine, but its not for me. I still find stock Android plain and boring, but I’m more than satisfied with the Note II and actually enjoy touchwiz.

  • Bob Allen

    As long as I can root and de-bloat to my satisfaction, I don’t have a problem not having custom ROMs anymore. I have a N4 and a N7 when I need my AOSP fix, but I’m now looking at an OPPO Find 5 which I doubt will ever get any custom ROMs in the west. These days with Jellybean, it’s not as much of a big deal as it used o be.

  • What white case is that on the Second GNex? Really interested in it.

  • I’monnnthatttgoood

    The way I see it is all of our phones are little babies brought into the world and then quickly forgotten by their parents(verizon)… developers are here to get them going them again, helping them to make a life for themselves selling a little crack her popping a molly here yeah stuff like that..

  • Eker


  • LjHe80

    NO. But the first thing I consider when getting a new phone is, does it have an led on the back of the phone that i can turn on for a flashlight.

  • T_Dizzle

    Not intentionally 🙂

  • Doug Wing

    As long as a phone can be rooted, I am happy. That will at least allow me to remove bloatware and disable software / services I do not need. My RAZR is still using rooted stock with moto services disabled and Verizon’s bloat removed.

    My old XOOM on the other hand rocks CM10 as it has breathed new life into the old device.

  • Fathom Unseen

    No. No sir, nope, nah……..no

  • john


  • Honestly since its running a very current version of Android and it has all the great Samsung software extras, I really don’t see the need to ROM. Now you can be sure as heck it will be rooted (free wifi tether, adblocker, etc) but the need for custom ROMs is starting to dwindle…FAST!

  • No, I wcouldn’t.

    Also Tim, I disagree that we are beyond custom roms. As long as Google keeps messing up stuff like quick settings, there will be a need for custom roms.

  • Absolutely not. I have a Droid x2, and the only reason that I haven’t bought a new phone yet is because the sole developer managed to keep it running well into the Jelly Bean android stages. Is it a bit laggy and some things don’t work? Sure, but the simple fact that developer support kept it alive is truly a testament to what can be accomplished with proper support.

  • Dean Milord

    NO way!! Only reason I have 4.2.2 is because of the dev community (Verizon Galaxy Nexus – Toro). I will not wait for any carrier to get me the updates my device should have. Plus my Touchpad is on 4.1.2 again – dev community. S4? Samsung can keep it.

  • Yeah I would. I have had plenty of Android devices that were rooted, and when I acquired the GS3, I rooted it, and actually seemed to like the stock, unrooted experience better. So, I got a Note 2, never rooted it, and LOVED it. Had no reason to root it. Didn’t enjoy the screen size so I am temporarily on a Droid RAZR, unrooted, with no desire to root. I am due for an upgrade in April and plan to get the GS4. I have no intention to root it. Samsung has included so many features in Touchwiz that AOSP can’t touch. I am on a tiered plan so don’t have the option to Tether safely, and that seems to be the only reason to root. So yah, I have no problem buying a phone with no DEV support…am I the only one???

  • I do my research on the development communities before I buy a phone. I wanted a Note II but held off until unlock was achieved. If I am going to spend that much money on a phone (full retail), then I want it to last as long as the dev community will support it.

    I’ve gotten quite a few devices with crap support from the manufacturer and seen what the dev community can do with it. Most notably: the ViewSonic gTablet. I dropped 4 Ben’s on that thing in 2010 and what did ViewSonic do? They stopped supporting it after 3 months and left everyone to fend for themselves. Their last update was still on 2.2. Whats the newest ROM for it? 4.2.2.

    After that experience, I will NEVER go back to a device without a dev community to keep supporting it.

  • onDroid

    No, but within reason. If a phone is far and away better than any other phone on the market or has some killer feature that I can’t live without I would consider it. If Motorola ends up going with the customer phone route that was discussed earlier and this made it impossible for devs to keep up I would still consider it as long as it is stock Android with updates straight from google.

  • Randy Nelson

    Maybe because the average user doesn’t know any better?

    Sent from Nexus 4.

  • Carlos

    I own a htc 4G LTE, so I guess the answer is yes…

  • Simon Belmont

    Short answer: No.

    I’ve looked for phones that I knew would likely have good developer support. Why buy a dead end, right?

  • NemaCystX

    No, especially if you only have two choices on purchasing it (Off Contract or 2 year agreement)

    If you choose either one, you either want your moneys worth (off contract expensive price) or Hardwares life worth if your stuck on a 2 year contract. The ability to get updates from the AOKP/CM and other Devs is what gets you either of those. If the devs aren’t going to support the S4, it just isn’t worth it for the Android enthusiast who wants the latest and greatest that Android has to offer.

    I personally want the HTC One

  • Bobby Cornwell

    I don’t always buy Android devices, but when I do, they’re Nexus devices. Stay updated my friends!

  • Captain_Doug

    Nope. I don’t now, I probably never will.

  • thesaber2000

    No way i could buy a phone Without dev support, that’s why i love android!

  • Sunday Lacrymosa

    damn, I remember the 2008 days when I first got my iphone 3G and found out i can root it, I thought i was the man laughing at people with this new type of phone call android…..4yrs later, ive become a Android crack-head

  • DJyoSNOW

    I’m waiting for the note3 (since I have the DNA) though I’m honestly happy hearing this news being an omnia and droid charge owner. WTF worst phones stated by Samsung and had to have multiple replacements. So happy for this post hope they get their $hit together some day?

  • wm snyder

    updates is the only reason i have, and it urks me to no end when they put out a new phone with the update and im still waiting. because if they did that they could of given me my update, there just seeding their pocket…..they could of put their customers first ggggrrrrr okay i’m fine now back to Tim

  • Hep

    That’s a “no” for me personally. Friends and family are a different story.

  • Justin Howard

    Yeah I would, I don’t ever flash custom ROM’s anymore. Back when I had my Droid X I used to flash custom ROM’s but now everything seems to be good enough for me with all the new features they are coming out with now with the newest phones these days.

  • Rodeojones000

    Not a chance. Even if said phone came with top-of-the-line, out-of-this-world specs that blew away the competition and was also free.

    There are a few must-haves for me regarding phones – absolutely no god-awful physical home button, unlockable bootloader, and good developer support. Without these I won’t be purchasing the phone.

  • whatsbeefy

    Depends, if the phone is for either one of my parents then yes, but if its for me then I highly doubt that I will buy the phone.
    I bought a SG3 and not even a week went by and i had already rooted and flashed a custom rom.

  • Rickerbilly

    Yes. oooooh

  • Depends. If it’s something like the HTC One, I’d be pefectly fine with it; phone’s great on stock Sense 5 anyways. But if the UI’s cluttered or ugly looking (to me, this applies to stock touchwiz) I would only be able to use it if I could install a developers custom skinned version of the UI or replace it with AOSP.

  • Bryan

    I have never put on a custom ROM and have no interest in doing so. My only interest in Nexus devices is lack of bloat and ease of rooting. I only want root to be able to do things like app backup and tethering.

  • dandar

    I would. Heck I have. OG droid was awesome, fascinate not so much but it was way better than what I have with Razr HD. Having said that, the stock rom is so clean that with root and nova it feels like a custom rom anyways.

  • Dylan Patel

    Yes, if the phone gets updated within 4 months of the newest Android release.

  • Detonation

    Nope…I barely even need root anymore

    • KleenDroid

      What kind of phone? Some phones root doesn’t matter much.

  • Sqube

    If the bootloader is unlocked and unencrypted, then I don’t really care.

  • droidftw

    The only phones developers don’t support are low end phones with little to no follower base. I wouldn’t buy a low end phone so by default I won’t buy a phone developers don’t support.

  • nightscout13

    Android has matured to the point that you can pick it up, and it will do exactly what you need it to. So my answer is YES, I would.

  • I’ve ran every major Google update FAR before VZW FINALLY decided to update the VZW Gnex. So no, custom ROM’s are far from dead.

  • Trevor

    I don’t think I could ever use a phone without stock Android (plus some extras). So my answer is no.

  • All Of Us


  • fluxhappens


  • John Burke

    I change phones almost as often as I change jeans so rooting doesn’t really matter to me.

  • AlphaNoble

    The only time I don’t care about developer support is when it’s a non-Verizon Nexus. I consider dev support as a major selling point

  • paul_cus

    Already did when I bought a Nokia N9 running MeeGo.

  • baconslayer09


  • Why is there no poll on this?

    Anyway, the short answer is no.

    As far as “custom” ROMs go, I also no longer use them, but I do use stock ROMs, which also require developers, and I use a ton of root features.

  • Neomastermind

    For iOS devices, sure. For Android devices, no.

  • EvanTheGamer

    A resounding…NO!

  • JMonkeYJ

    developer support isn’t hugely important to me anymore, altho it can still be very nice at times. my device being a Nexus *is* hugely important to me (guaranteed root, quick updates, potentially disrupting the carrier business), and Nexus so far have very good support, so that’s just a bonus 🙂

  • of course not!

  • Wahmuk

    I’ve already fallen into this trap with my Droid 3. Some development continues (shout to Hashcode!), but it’s slow going with no help from Moto on issues with the camera. I know for sure I’ll never buy another phone the week it comes out, I’ll wait until I see what the ROM developers are doing with it. And I’ll probably never again buy one with a locked bootloader if I can help it. If Verizon wants the OEMs to lock them down, then I guess I don’t need a phone anymore. I might not even replace this phone when my contract’s up in June, I’m seriously considering switching to a tablet with just WiFi and VoIP. Waiting to see the Nexus 7 replacement rumored for May.

  • I know I’m in the minority here but I could care less about developer support. I don’t root or custom ROM or anything. And, I’m a software engineer. I like the Google experience so I get Nexus devices. I like the experience. But, I understand the need to want to try something else. Just not for me and I would not consider development support in purchasing my new phone.

  • RGiskard

    Nope. I won’t buy any Android phone that I can’t rom…

  • LOL.. this is not ios.. Android NEEDS developers so that users can have a phone that is moderately less buggy and able to do 70% of the tasks they are supposed to do.

    Of course, there are buyers of dirt cheap android phones that are inundated in the market.. those buyers obviously don’t have a clue. I can’t imagine ONE android user who is aware of XDA forums who will buy an android phone that is completely locked out.

  • NYAvsFan

    Total deal breaker for me. Dev support is a must.

  • N8shon

    I would, yes. The last phone I felt the need to root was my OG Droid. I don’t have the need anymore, and believe it or not, I like both the stock Android OS on my Nexus 7, as well as Touchwiz on my Note 2. They both have their strengths and I like having both in the marketplace.

  • AMPthe13th

    I actually purchased a used GNex to FINALLY get rid of my Droid Charge specifically because of the Dev support. I could survive without a custom ROM on a rooted device with a stock or near-stock Android experience, but I’d rather not.

  • Clay S.

    why do you ask us questions and not give us a poll?

  • Where art the poll?

  • Nope, never. That would be like asking me to buy a computer without having administrator privileges.

  • justapotato

    yes as long as there’s nexus devices

  • Nope. First Android was the Droid 2, which had middling support. Next phone: Galaxy Nexus. Never buying a non-Nexus phone again.

  • Aleksandar Stefanović


    I have been offered some of the phones which brands are basically unknown to the modding community (on XDA at least) such as Huawei and Prestigio. I’d never buy such device because I’m stuck with whichever version of Android is in it (I couldn’t even handle ICS after getting used expandable notifications and other awesome features of Jelly Bean)


    I would . Rooting is not important to me anymore.

  • chris125

    I would, because I am not really into rooting and roming anymore anyway so developer support doesn’t really matter to me

  • regkilla


  • wtherrell

    Absolutely not! Rooting, romming a major source of enjoyment. Lets me set up the the way I like it, not the way Verizon or Samsung tells me. If no developer support, I might as well become an iPhool!

  • RT


  • Serious question: does anyone think the HTC One will have a good developer community behind it?

  • Jose Garcia

    All I need is root, but it will defenetely make me think twice, specially with the case of Galaxy S4 Vs HTC ONE

  • Brandon Buckley

    I still don’t understand why there are questions of the day. Make them polls for goodness sake. People want to see what everyone’s opinion is, not the one at the top with 500 replies.

  • Nope. Never. Not Even Once. I like being able to have the latest and greatest on my phone. I like being able to control my phone. I like not having the carriers telling me what I can and can’t do with my phone 🙂 Shout out to the devs! WE <3 YOU 😀

    Not as smart as devs 🙂

  • Tyson Atwood

    Hell no! As long as I’m on Verizon, developers are the only ones that keep my phone up to date.

  • bqluong

    If a phone out of the box supports USB thumbdrives ([root]Stickmount) and full capability file explorer (Root Explorer) then yes I don’t really care.

  • breadable

    It depends on the phone. I would not rule it out but with the delay on Jelly bean getting out to many devices I started looking at rooting a ROMs again a few months ago and it was clear that it’s easy to get ROMS for some like the Galaxy Nexus or S3 and harder for the Droid 4 or One X. So while today it seems the major reasons we needed to root the OG Droid are gone, some extra personalization and more control over UI and updating and is good to have.

    Something like the S4 with Touch Wiz or the One X I have (man is that sense awful) I would definitely want to know developers are working on ROMs for these before I purchased one in the future. Though really, when the demand is there… you know some manufacturer puts out an amazing piece of hardware with crappy overlay software, then I bet the developers will do thier developing magics

  • Brick5

    For me personally, no. Not a chance. The most fun I have with my Android devices is rooting, flashing ROMs and tweaking the hell out of them.

    A big thing for me is being able to put a CM/AOSP-based ROM on any device that I want. If I buy a Samsung device (I’ve had an S2, a Note and I now have a Note II) I want to be able to flash PARANOID, Carbon, Slim Bean etc. and obviously if the developers aren’t backing the device, there’s no ROM support. That renders the device locked down to stock and therefore it’s nowhere near as much to have (to me, at least.)

    I could buy a Nexus device, of course I could. But until I see a Nexus with an SD card slot, a removable battery and top notch specs (yes, I am aware that’s not going to happen any time soon) I’ll stick with using devices that have the hardware I want with support from some of the best developers around the world.

    The thing I’m most gutted about with the news that some of the top Samsung devs aren’t going to be supporting the S4 is where do I go next? When I want to move on from my Note II, do I go to Sony (the Xperia Z is lovely, but that screen isn’t great – we’ll see where they go later on in the year), HTC (the One is also lovely, but the drop in screen size is significant from the 5.5″ I’m used to – hopefully they’ll release a phablet later on this year) or LG, Motorola etc.?

  • No. That’s stupid.

  • PopeFrancis

    As long as I can root it I would. I have an N4 right now running stock and none of the roms out right now add must have features for me. Is it nice that I can if I want to? yes.. Is it a necessity? nope, not for me.

  • Pedro

    Nope. My phones for as far as I can see will need to respond to
    fastboot oem unlock

    Makes that ‘oops’ decision recovery a piece of cake.
    fastboot flash system (et al)

  • I just want Nexus. I’ve stopped all the rooting and rom activities.

  • Paradisimo

    As long as it could still be rooted I would consider it but it would have to be a pretty kick-ass phone otherwise.

  • Finire

    I do understand the makers want to make there product stand out as the one… But I wish we would have an option to just turn there skins off. “Here’s our phone, use the skin if you want to”

  • I would. I’m bored with stock Android and actually like Touchwiz. I have a Galaxy Tab 2 and I rooted it, put CM on it and eventually put stock JB back on it. I hated not being able to use the IR blaster (I use peel quite a bit) and some of the other TW-only features. If I wanted stock, I’d buy another Nexus, plain and simple.

  • Idiots then ask developers to build phones

  • scott62185

    No. Enough said

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    I rooted my note 2 and theres nothing that has been developed that makes me wanna flash different roms everyday.

    Yeah I would. Android today awesome and pretty stable.

    EDIT: uhm maybe the android updates. Ex: 4.1 to 4.2.

    • KleenDroid

      Have you ever owned a Nexus?

    • bassman418

      I love my Note 2(Verizon) but I rooted it to get all that green and orange crap off the top of my screen and toggle bar. Looked like my old thunderbolt running GB. Even had that green glowing crap in the notification area when on a phone call. Im running jelly ‘beans’ build 11. Lets me keep the parts of touch wiz I actually want and get rid of the parts I dont want. And everything work 100%. S-pen and all.

  • Jonathan Paul

    I would never, that takes away one of androids best features.

  • No. When I pick a phone and decide to root it and unlock and rom it, its because of vanilla Android. I here people who complain about what Android lacks out of the box. I agree with how Google is handling Android. Basically “if you want your phone to do this or that, download an app”. I much rather have a core OS with having to download apps I need to perform certain functions then a feature filled OS that will keep native apps active that I don’t use but the general public does. I like to wager speed for features myself instead of an OEM telling me what should be on my phone.

  • no, it just means people who buy those phones wont use those roms

  • SecurityNick

    My phone decisions will come down to this: Is it pure Android (a.k.a. a Nexus device)? If so, I’ll probably still unlock/root just for the sake of backups and not rely much on custom ROMs (I kept my Galaxy Nexus LTE stock/rooted until about 2 months ago when I finally got sick of waiting on Verizon to allow the updates…even then though, I was playing with CM and AOKP, so nothing too cray from a ROM perspective)
    If it’s not pure Android, say a Galaxy SIII or something along those lines, then it will HAVE to be unlockable AND supported by the devs so I can put a “stock” ROM like AOKP on it. My very bad experience going from OG Droid to Droid Bionic gave me such a bad taste for locked bootloaders, etc, that I will never want a device like that again. I eventually sold my Bionic to get the Galaxy Nexus, which I love, but Verizon really screwed up the updates. So in the long run, yes, I require my phone to be supported by the devs.

    • David Arensdorff

      but they’ve since released 4.2.2 for the VZ Nexus…so alls good in the hood? lol

      • SecurityNick

        Yes, I updated my stock backup & went back to aokp.

  • EC8CH

    And leave my updates at the mercy of Verizon?

  • Scott Hartman

    I probably wouldn’t buy a phone with an OEM skin that lacked developer support, but to be honest at this point I’m mostly just past purchasing phones that aren’t stock – count me as one who would consider the HTC One (possibly the sexiest phone alive) if it shipped with stock Android (or at least an option to switch to it).

    Instead I’m happily using a Nexus 4, and will perhaps consider Motorola’s new phone line, if it ships with as few OS modifications as it appears (especially with the rumored price/performance ratio).

  • Twofourturbo

    I’ve owned close to 10 Android devices mostly phones starting with the OG Droid and also including the Motorola Xoom. Since then I’ve purchased both a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Note 10.1.. I’ve actually rooted the Note 2 and unlocked the bootloader before verizon could block the easy rooting and unlocking procedure just to make sure I wouldnt have any troubles doing so. Since then I have not rooted the Note 10.1 and have not flashed any custom roms on my Note 2.. I actually have no desire since there is nothing from the AOSP features that I feel i’m missing out compared to the Nexus 4 and I can still run my Wifi Tether without flashing anything specific on my phone. So as for the progress from the OG Droid of when I would be flashing weekly if not more to where I’m at now with the Note 2 with no desire to flash anything and being fully content with the performance of the Note 2. I wont be looking directly at the extra developing support as I did from phones in the past. Obviously this is only my opinion and others will trash talk it due to their own experiences.

  • Mm..I’m currently using iPhone cause my Droid Razr Maxx kept opening apps. While I do not know if it’s due to Android OS or simply this phone, I’m sick and tired of games and other apps opening themselves for no reason using my RAM and slowing the phone down even with Seeder.

    The new X phone and the iPhone 5s will be the deciding factor for me whether I stay as an iPhone user or not. Since the X phone will likely be PURE google and I’ve never tried (too scared) to ROM, I don’t think it would bother me too much. This could change though. Apparently you can map that HTC logo on the HTC One; if that is possible, I might be a LITTLE disappointed if Devs don’t support the device I choose; however, that is their choice. As far as I know, they do not get paid for their ROM services.

    • MyStroPro

      I’ve never heard of this issue before, though I have a Razr, but my friend has a Razr Maxx. It seems like you had a faulty touch recognizer that would open up apps without warning. I can’t see ANY device doing this naturally and being on the market – especially if it was games.

      I could understand applications opening if you have them fetching updated data regularly (ala Twitter or Facebook updates) but those you can throttle or shut off as well.

      Very strange indeed.

      • I had the same problem with Droid X. I would turn my phone on, and for some reason I have Text messages, gmail, random games, so on so forth. They would be running in background using up my ram.

        • MyStroPro

          Text Messages and Gmail always run in the background – they fetch data and updates. I don’t know whether iOS shows this or not, but anytime an application pushes a status update or a new notification (these are push services), they are going to sit in RAM and use memory. This is also true of any application that has an active widget. If you are using a widget, then yes, the application will sit in memory

          The random games or things like Blockbuster was part of the bigger issue of bloatware. Verizon typically had these applications heavily embedded into the software, and, at least in my opinion, was a huge reason people wanted root access.

          The larger RAM issue used to be a major problem prior to the development of Gingerbread when Android would close applications automatically via a prioritization as RAM runs out. If you haven’t tried a device since the growth of ICS & Jellybean, you probably haven’t seen the memory management improvements.

          If you are still having issues, I don’t know why. I’ve had no issues with RAM usage since I got my Razr. Speed issues here for me are more battery and governor related, than anything to do with the OS.

  • You guys should make a poll for this. Would be interesting to see the result. But since this is DL, it will probably be overwhelmingly no

  • Travis Shepherd
  • no way. you see the thing with custom roms like CM or aopk we get the latest and greatest without having to wait on the carrier (verizon) to approve something 3-4 months later, like when I had the Galaxy nexus. I have a nexus 4 and I run CM, it has more features/customization’s and the list goes on. Most of my friends have the Gnex and run cm or aopk.

  • No but I am not really interested non-nexus devices anyway

  • Not a chance in hell

  • Matthew Wirth


    They didn’t say they wouldn’t support the S4

    • And I didn’t say that they wouldn’t.

  • Thomas

    Happy w/ stock, so yes.

  • Dustin Murphy

    Yes. Because I agree 100% with your points and reasons behind them. Now that I have Jelly Bean on my (lowly) RAZR, BLUR is but a blur. If I pull the trigger on the One or S4 (can’t decide!!), I can use Nova Prime to change the appearance just enough without all the rooting and ROM and flashing…

  • Daniel

    YES, of course this is vitally important and a deal-breaker for me as I’ve only run custom ROM’s on my phones for years now and support for CM is of utmost importance since TouchWiz is crap

  • PSU_DI

    Yes BUT,..My purchase decision wouldn’t be because of the dev support behind it but instead I’ll spend my money on what ever OEM provides me a stock version of android, and an unlocked boot loader. I refuse to buy another HTC or Samsung that needs to be hacked to be unlocked, no matter how large of a dev community is behind it. It’s this reason I didn’t buy the S3.

    • MyStroPro

      Confused – doesn’t every non-nexus device require a hack to unlock a bootloader?

      • PSU_DI

        Currently yes, and I guess that was my point. All other devices are off the table for me regardless of specs, unless they openly all for the bootloader to be unlocked. I’ll stick with the Nexus Brand of devices unless an OEM changes there ways. I’m looking at you Motorola!

  • Turd_Ferguson


  • MichaelFranz

    No, main reason i have Android is for Custom ROM’s and being able to try the OEM and AOSP flavor of a device. Dev support also helps us get leaks faster and stable before carriers push official updates. hence my GS3 had the Jelly bean 4.1.1 OTA well before it was ever released. granted you have to wait for a leak, but still.

    The question is probably more asked towards those of us who do root and rom our phone. Someone who doesnt might look and say what do you mean dev support..

  • CM FTW or at least aosp-based ROM or bust! 😀

    and I can’t understand the down votes considering it’s a PERSONAL choice. -.-

  • Heck Naw!!!

  • Leif Sikorski

    You should say Custom Rom Developer.

    And yes, If someone decides to buy the S4 the additional features of it might be a reason. Usually they won’t be supported by custom roms, so the customer of a S4 usually won’t care much about custom roms. If I would care about custom roms a Nexus is always the best choice.

  • Austin Warren

    Yeah, who gives a sh*t. Stock is already good enough.

  • Inquizitor

    I just want to put stock on it. Stable stock. I don’t need MIUI on it or anything. As long as one or two people are supporting it with clean, stock roms, then I’m happy. I’m really hoping for either an S4 dev edition or an unlocked dlx to replace my aging GNex.

  • Not a chance. That’s one of the biggest reasons I choose a phone. Developer support is a huge thing. It’s a large reason I stopped using Motorola phones. Locked down = no real dev support.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    The LAST thing I’m thinking about before buying a phone is whether or not it has DEV support. This coming from some one’s who’s had an Android Phone since the Hero on Sprint and ALL devices in between have been rooted. It’s a cool thing to have the option but it’s not a dealbreaker for me at all.

  • James_Kernicky

    Not a chance

  • Eric Richardson

    Ya know what… These days? Maybe. That said, the only phone I’d ever be interested in getting would have stock Android on it already. I’m bone stock on a Nexus 4 and haven’t even thought of rooting, or romming, or any of that stuff.

    Maybe I grew out of it. Maybe I just buy what I like, rather than what I think I might like with some hacking.

    • WAldenIV

      The vast improvements Google has made on the software end have eliminated the almost mandatory need to root and ROM of earlier Android phones.

    • KleenDroid

      Its also about choice and ability. You have it all right now. At the moment you choose not to ROM. But if you ever have the slightest desire you have the choice and ability. You are very lucky. Imagine not having that awesome stock Nexus 4. Imagine being stuck with a Motorola 🙁

    • Elliot Kotis

      You love someone for who they are, not what you could make them.. Same with phones.

  • Hell no!

  • bagheadinc

    Nope, I wouldn’t. I always check for active development before getting a new phone.

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    Nope. Gotta have them custom roms

  • NO

  • Completely lacking the ability to Root would probably be a deal-breaker for me.

    Custom roms are great, but at the end of the day if the hardware is good then I can use apps and launchers to fix the rest.

    • same. i’ve settled on a stock-based rom for my phone for stability reasons. as long as i have root, which is becoming less necessary, and a custom launcher, i’m pretty good.

  • Drooooid

    Nope. I need Dev support to ensure that I always have the latest version of Android!

  • Mark Mann

    absolutely, i have to like a device the way it is, before i’d like it custom…if i can’t use it the way it is, then there’s a problem, and that phone will never make it into my hands…however, if the phone is easy to use(i don’t mean that at face value) before it’s rom’d and tweaked, then i have an easier time forking over the cash…i bought the razr and razr hd both because i like the way moto makes their phones, not because of the developer scene or lack there of

    • Mark Mann

      having said that, i had my razr hd less than 24 hours before i rooted and rom’d it…but if i had to go back to stock, i wouldn’t complain

  • Shane Redman

    Heck no…I’ve had WAY too much fun with the stuff that the development community has put out. It’s a part of Android and what makes it such an enjoyable experience. The support that I’ve got even when I just needed help has been awesome let alone for fun stuff. I need my developer support because they come through where carriers **cough cough VZW** fall short.

  • No

    • Im also not interested in devices w/o on screen keys. It’s just so much better when you can reconfigure the keys for shortcuts that capacitative buttons (or physical) cannot accommodate.

      • i know how you feel, but i still went and got the droid dna. Honestly, im find with no on screen keys, but i agree it is nice to have

      • Calvin Williams

        With the Pie addon it’s kinda like having on screen keys..

        • Umm if you have capacitative or physical PIE becomes redundant…

          • C-Law

            Agree, I went from gnex to s3 and missed my soft keys so I added one line to my build prop to get on screen keys and shortly for rid of them bc of the redundancy

      • brkshr

        It’s pretty easy to add the stock on screen keys to any rooted phone. Just a build.prop edit.

      • Richard

        Could not agree more

      • Mark Mann

        I don’t have on screen keys, nor capacitive on my razr hd

        • Um, yes you do have on screen buttons on the Razr HD.

          • Mark Mann

            actually…no i don’t…the rom i’m running changed teh script and deleted them…i realize that, stock, the razr hd has on screen buttons…but as pertains to my razr hd, and several others running the same rom, it doesn’t

          • Mark Mann

            i use lmt launcher for my home/back/recent/menu buttons, so they’re not on screen unless i open pie

          • to technically, you buttons are on screen………..

          • Mark Mann

            only if i want them to be…i should have said “i don’t have static on screen buttons”

    • New_Guy


    • NicholasMicallef

      no… awesome dev support is one of the biggest reasons I actually would choose an SGS device over any other non-nexus device, it seems like it’s not the same this time around :S.

    • Jim

      I will since most custom ROMs have more bugs than the stock bloated one.

      • KleenDroid

        Some do…. And it seems you’ve been using the wrong ROMs. In my opinion a couple of the most popular ROMs are some of the worst.

    • KleenDroid

      No I would not purchase any Android phone that had no development. And I strongly disagree that the root and ROM days are behind us. Yes Android has come a long ways and you would be fine without ROMs. However there is no doubt that there are improvements in some ROMs that you will never have stock. And in some ways it allows you to change things up. Remember….. Android offers choice and freedom. If you have no desire to ROM that’s fine. But you should be able to if you want. Every phone I’ve owned has been improved by our great developers. If you want to take away freedom and choice you may as well get an IPhone.

  • Nope. I have been burned too many times buying an awesome device only to have it sit there un-maintained mere months after release.

  • I would if the bootloader was unlockable. I’d still work on it myself.

    • Pedro

      If the bootloader is unlockable, then you likely won’t need to work on it.

  • DJA

    definitely no. That is what helps you get through a 2 year contract on one phone.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      I feel you.

      • Nicholassss

        My thoughts exactly. I root right away but I stay away from roms until the phone feels like its slowing down, usually 6-9 months. Id never make it 18-24 months without it.

        • NicholasMicallef

          Yeah, even with my first android phone I didn’t last 4 months on the stock ROM… and even in those 4 months I flashed an official update before it was officially released.

    • Elliot Kotis

      Unless Nexus, then it is because you want to.. A Galaxy device gets supported for a year and 2-6 months, so those 6 months I would root/rom it, but Nexus it survives 2 years.

  • nope. i hack every android phone i get. so far, the DNA hasnt had much development, which is saddening.

    edit: skins are still disgusting. no matter what you say. they suck.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      Hmmm, what app can help you change that?

      • None really. Installing Apex, Nova, Go, whatever, is a very minor patch if you’re trying to get rid of Sense or TouchWiz.

        • C-Law

          Not really, I use nova prime over touchwiz on my s3 and don’t have any complaints. The only time I see touchwiz is in the txt app, phone app, and settings. No biggie

          • zurginator

            And the hideous pull-down notifications.

          • Elliot Kotis

            Notifications bar?

        • Elliot Kotis

          Yep, that is just launcher, there is so much more that they screw over (all apps, bloatware, “features”, notifications bar), that is one of the reasons i got rid of the S3 and went and picked up a N4

      • i have nova. it isnt enough.