Some Samsung CyanogenMod Devs Skipping the Galaxy S4, Will Someone Else Develop an AOSP ROM?

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Early this morning, a CyanogenMod maintainer that works on some of the Samsung devices took to XDA to respond to the question of whether or not the Galaxy S4 would be seeing any development. XpLoDWilD said that no one on Team Hacksung plans to buy it or develop for it, citing the upcoming phone to be a “pain to maintain.” The CyanogenMod team as a whole has responded officially since then, but who will develop AOSP for this phone?

After the understandable backlash against the comments this morning, CyanogenMod took to their Google+ page to calm people’s fears:

Let’s start with the simplest form of this: CyanogenMod does not pre-announce support or lack of support for devices. Ever…. As for the team’s stance on the S4, there isn’t one at this time, and most definitely won’t be one before the device is sold at retail.

That sounds a little bit better, but the earlier comments on XDA made it pretty clear that specific developers were not planning on buying this phone. Having to develop for an Exynos processor and a Qualcomm processor will be tough, considering that Samsung doesn’t like to release source information for their chips. However, it’s pretty likely that if those developers won’t step up, someone will. CM has been rolling for a long time now and the S4 most likely won’t be left out.

Don’t expect to hear more on this topic until the S4 launches, CM will let us know what’s happening at that point.

Via: Android Central | XDA | +CyanogenMod



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