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Question of the Day: How Do You Find Your Daily News?

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With Google intending to kill off Google Reader by July of this year, people in my industry are freaking out a bit. You see, we all live and die with RSS feeds as we browse dozens throughout the day to help us create the stories that we bring to you. But we’re a small group, as the comments on this site and Twitter have helped us realize. RSS feeds are not as popular as they once were – if they were, Google wouldn’t be killing off their famed service. Many of you have turned to Twitter, Pulse, Flipboard, Google Currents, or a variety of other services.

Speaking of Currents, I retweeted a comment this afternoon from a reader who suggested Google kill it off instead of Reader. As someone who rarely looks at Currents unless it has received an update, I fully agree with this person, however, many of you were quick to point out that you enjoy the service and would rather stick a needle in your eye than use Reader.

So that brought me to today’s poll – how are you gathering your news throughout the day? News readers? News gatherers like Pulse? Social media?

  • Antonie Smith

    Reader, now Feedly – Google Currents is frustrating and lacks functionality & simplicity

  • Dean Milord

    NewsRob Pro

  • Dean Milord

    NewsRob Pro, simple and decent UI and features.

  • double_exposure

    Currents, Clipboard & Google News.

  • John F.

    I LOVE google reader. I’ve tried flipboard, pulse, etc… I like reader’s simplicity. If I want a more in depth experience, I will use google reader play, and flick through the cover photos. I will be a sad person in July…

  • Barlog

    I like Flipboard, but for some reason every device I get I find myself always having to hunt down the Google News weather genie widget APK I love it for some reason, I guess cause of how simple it is. It always makes it’s way to my home screen no matter how ugly it looks

  • Devator22


  • dsnotgood

    drudgereport and infowars.com. and daily mail. best news sites on the web.

  • Anthony Gaccione

    do you think if enough people rallied behind reader, that google would keep it alive?! i can dream.. i’m going to keep using reader until it dies, then i’ll probably just use reddit

  • Pulse
    Its better than feedly.

  • exzaybien


  • Bill Joyce

    I am surprised no one mentioned News Republic. It works great on my 7″ tablet.

  • Sunday Lacrymosa

    i like reading comments but its not like everyones gonna count each persons response and tally it up…they should have a poll too

  • Harsh Karn

    browser on my laptop 🙂

  • Reader until it’s dead. Then I guess I’ll find something else designed for people interested in more than pictures.

    • Miles Prower [690 Duke]


  • sranger

    yahoo news and APR news feed. Least bias of any I have found…. Can’t stand CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc as they all add their bias political agenda’s……

  • Rob

    Warming up to NewsBlur, but they need to get their Android app issues sorted out. It’s great for geting through a large number of feeds (80+ in my case).

    I disagree that only tech press (and press in general) care about this. I think many news junkies are feeling the pain of RSS’s slow demise. I don’t want to get my news strictly from word of mouth on social sites.


  • Tim242

    I get my news directly through the bookmarked webpages. I tried RSS readers and apps…they never measure up to the hype.

  • jeffxallen

    I am going to use Reader until probably the week before it shuts down. It doesn’t make sense to me to start looking at the new options now, since there will be new options that pop up by then.

  • Droid4LifeDawg

    Feedly has always been my #1 and with the mini Feedly for Chrome I can add almost any site with just a few clicks, the updates are almost instantaneously, the refresh as well. Currents has gotten a lot better, it use to suck on updating and refreshing, so that is one of my preferred ones, than there’s Flipboard (rarely use it) but it works well, and even Scope is now adding a few Sites. But there is none that does everything as easily as Feedly does on Devices and The Web.

  • moe6

    Actual sites then social then Currents then Pulse. I usually stop at Currents though unless I’m stuck somewhere (traffic) bored to tears.

  • Doug Dunfee
  • ksavai

    After google reader options for me are feedly and Old reader. Both have their +ve and -ve. Lets see where I end up in couple of days. (Waiting for the new player to come here)

  • Local news app, bbc news, huffington post, droid-life, and engadget, not to mention the things that pop in my head while on the toilet.

  • TheOiulkj

    Newz Crawler. I’ve tried them all and always end up back using it. Best reader for watching hundreds of feeds and managing how and when they update.

    Down side is that it is run locally only, so all you mobile peeps won’t find much use in it.

  • Reddit. Twitter. Flipboard.

  • dsass600


  • Dan

    ESPN Radio.

  • Mordecaidrake

    I switched over to Feedly, that with Reddit I find i’m still getting my news as needed.

  • My life revolves around Google Reader.

  • Reuben


  • Pulse and Falcon Pro

  • Reader!

  • Richard Jackson

    I use reader but I will give Current a try. I want to like it but will keep it objective. Worst case I will join the Feedly migration. I do the majority of my reading on the Desktop.