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Question of the Day: How Do You Find Your Daily News?

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With Google intending to kill off Google Reader by July of this year, people in my industry are freaking out a bit. You see, we all live and die with RSS feeds as we browse dozens throughout the day to help us create the stories that we bring to you. But we’re a small group, as the comments on this site and Twitter have helped us realize. RSS feeds are not as popular as they once were – if they were, Google wouldn’t be killing off their famed service. Many of you have turned to Twitter, Pulse, Flipboard, Google Currents, or a variety of other services.

Speaking of Currents, I retweeted a comment this afternoon from a reader who suggested Google kill it off instead of Reader. As someone who rarely looks at Currents unless it has received an update, I fully agree with this person, however, many of you were quick to point out that you enjoy the service and would rather stick a needle in your eye than use Reader.

So that brought me to today’s poll – how are you gathering your news throughout the day? News readers? News gatherers like Pulse? Social media?

  • Antonie Smith

    Reader, now Feedly – Google Currents is frustrating and lacks functionality & simplicity

  • Dean Milord

    NewsRob Pro

  • Dean Milord

    NewsRob Pro, simple and decent UI and features.

  • double_exposure

    Currents, Clipboard & Google News.

  • John F.

    I LOVE google reader. I’ve tried flipboard, pulse, etc… I like reader’s simplicity. If I want a more in depth experience, I will use google reader play, and flick through the cover photos. I will be a sad person in July…

  • Barlog

    I like Flipboard, but for some reason every device I get I find myself always having to hunt down the Google News weather genie widget APK I love it for some reason, I guess cause of how simple it is. It always makes it’s way to my home screen no matter how ugly it looks

  • Devator22


  • dsnotgood

    drudgereport and infowars.com. and daily mail. best news sites on the web.

  • Anthony Gaccione

    do you think if enough people rallied behind reader, that google would keep it alive?! i can dream.. i’m going to keep using reader until it dies, then i’ll probably just use reddit

  • Pulse
    Its better than feedly.

  • exzaybien


  • Bill Joyce

    I am surprised no one mentioned News Republic. It works great on my 7″ tablet.

  • Sunday Lacrymosa

    i like reading comments but its not like everyones gonna count each persons response and tally it up…they should have a poll too

  • Harsh Karn

    browser on my laptop 🙂

  • Reader until it’s dead. Then I guess I’ll find something else designed for people interested in more than pictures.

    • Miles Prower [690 Duke]


  • sranger

    yahoo news and APR news feed. Least bias of any I have found…. Can’t stand CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc as they all add their bias political agenda’s……

  • Rob

    Warming up to NewsBlur, but they need to get their Android app issues sorted out. It’s great for geting through a large number of feeds (80+ in my case).

    I disagree that only tech press (and press in general) care about this. I think many news junkies are feeling the pain of RSS’s slow demise. I don’t want to get my news strictly from word of mouth on social sites.


  • Tim242

    I get my news directly through the bookmarked webpages. I tried RSS readers and apps…they never measure up to the hype.

  • jeffxallen

    I am going to use Reader until probably the week before it shuts down. It doesn’t make sense to me to start looking at the new options now, since there will be new options that pop up by then.

  • Droid4LifeDawg

    Feedly has always been my #1 and with the mini Feedly for Chrome I can add almost any site with just a few clicks, the updates are almost instantaneously, the refresh as well. Currents has gotten a lot better, it use to suck on updating and refreshing, so that is one of my preferred ones, than there’s Flipboard (rarely use it) but it works well, and even Scope is now adding a few Sites. But there is none that does everything as easily as Feedly does on Devices and The Web.

  • moe6

    Actual sites then social then Currents then Pulse. I usually stop at Currents though unless I’m stuck somewhere (traffic) bored to tears.

  • Doug Dunfee
  • ksavai

    After google reader options for me are feedly and Old reader. Both have their +ve and -ve. Lets see where I end up in couple of days. (Waiting for the new player to come here)

  • Local news app, bbc news, huffington post, droid-life, and engadget, not to mention the things that pop in my head while on the toilet.

  • TheOiulkj

    Newz Crawler. I’ve tried them all and always end up back using it. Best reader for watching hundreds of feeds and managing how and when they update.

    Down side is that it is run locally only, so all you mobile peeps won’t find much use in it.

  • Reddit. Twitter. Flipboard.

  • dsass600


  • Dan

    ESPN Radio.

  • Mordecaidrake

    I switched over to Feedly, that with Reddit I find i’m still getting my news as needed.

  • My life revolves around Google Reader.

  • Reuben


  • Pulse and Falcon Pro

  • Reader!

  • Richard Jackson

    I use reader but I will give Current a try. I want to like it but will keep it objective. Worst case I will join the Feedly migration. I do the majority of my reading on the Desktop.

  • Polyg0n


  • Carsonw


  • Mostly Reader. But I also use most of the other major apps as well. I’m hoping some new ideas sprout from Google ditching RSS.

  • Adrian Sciutto


  • kervation


  • C-Law

    Google news widget or genie widget or whatever it’s called. Sometimes pulse if I want more news

  • Alan Paone

    I use reader – well, Press – on my nexus 7 to do most of my reading, along with Reeder on my mac, sometimes its a little faster to triage with a keyboard. I use pocket to save stuff that I can’t read right away. I’m frankly a little distraught about the death of Reader, because I rely pretty heavily on being able to hide (rather than scroll past) stories I’ve already seen.

  • Brent Stewart

    Still using Reader for now then reluctantly over to Feedly. I can’t stand Flipboard,Currents, and all the other eye-candy magazine style products. And most all of them are app based only. I primarily do all of my RSS consumption from my desktop. I’d personally rather shove a red hot needle down my peen than use that glitzy garbage.

    Reader was plain and simple and that’s how I liked it. It was easy to consume mass amounts of news with it.

  • dezignstuff

    I use Netvibes on the desktop. I’ve tried Flipboard and pulse, and just didn’t like them that much. On mobile, I use individual apps for Fox News, AP, BBC News, USA Today, and local news, CNET, and Tapatalk for forums.

  • brkshr

    News & weather and Currents. Does Reddit count? 😉

  • Comedy Central

  • Just surfing the internet…

    • i dont get these things. i just go to routine websites.

      • Tim242

        Me 2!

      • Well yes there is some sites I always go to and somethings I find out just by surfing the web.

  • Gfunk81

    Currents and Pulse

  • coffeechip

    Read the NY Times on paper for as long as they can still produce it. It’s a treasure.

  • paul_cus


  • I like using both Currents and Flipboard, although I’ve been using mostly the latter lately. I also use Tapatalk to follow discussions on topics I enjoy (such as Android-centric forums and car forums).

  • Shane Redman

    Droid-life is my only news…. Bookmark

  • DennisHeffernan

    Pulse, Currents, Zite and a few sources I check through their own apps.

  • Seth Hunnicutt

    Google Reader is the only way I get my news

  • N8shon

    Over the past year, I have been using Twitter and Pocket in conjunction. I’ll use my phone throughout the day to scan all my news feeds on Twitter, then “Save to Pocket” the articles that interest me. I’ll come home and read them in Pocket on either my laptop or tablet. If I want one specific site’s information, Flipboard seems to be my app of choice on my tablet or phone. Lately I’m experimenting with Google+ ( I know, crazy, someone’s using it!). I’ve added all my feeds into it and have been using that when I’m on the laptop. It seems to work well so far, but I wish Google+ didn’t waste so much screen real estate with empty white space. The articles and images that accompany them need to fill the page more substantially, more similarly to how Google+ looks on my phone and tablet. Overall, I’m enjoying it. For a news junky like myself, the quest for the most fun and efficient way to get my fix is always ongoing.

  • Google Currents get my nod. I’ve tried quite a few other options (Reader, Pulse, Flipboard etc) and keep coming back to Currents.

  • Edward Smith

    Wallpaper please ? ;D

  • I didn’t use Reader that much. When I read that Google was killing it, the article suggested Flipboard as a replacement and now I’m hooked on it.

  • Jimtrayer

    I use good old “News and Weather widget” the most.

  • Jonathan Paul

    This site

  • Josh Rabinowitz

    f that noise, reader

  • Illinipoke

    The good old “News and Weather” widget.

    • Same here. Why has this app been MIA from the stock devices since the Froyo days?

      • Illinipoke98

        No clue, so stupidly simple and effective. I love Pulse, but it is so much faster to breeze through N&W. No waiting for images to load.

    • I loved that widget 🙁 now I have stupid Touchwiz.

      • Does Genie widget not work on Touchwiz? I got it to work on Sense on my old Thunderbolt. I had to try a few versions before I found one that wouldn’t immediately force close, but it was totally worth it.

  • TweetDeck (on my computer), Google Currents DayDream (on my Galaxy Nexus), and I have my specific sites that I check daily (video game sites, Android sites, and general all around geek sites.

  • Netvibes and Twitter

  • Pulse and Reddit and Droid Life of course.

  • Jedi54

    since when does Facebook classify as “news”?

  • Silver Veloz

    Strange, but true – Facebook. My friends are so quick with posting updated “news” that sometimes I don’t have to look elsewhere. And they are good enough to post a link. I also have liked several news sites, so they give updates also. But I do flip through Flipboard and Currents also.

  • PULSE!

  • through the various defranco inc channels on youtube

  • jim

    I browse news sites on the Web, use the BBC NEWS app on Android (inevitably, the new version includes ads), am using the NY Times app on a trial, really like Currents but don’t use it very much, and use my Reader app on an hourly basis (formerly Reader HD by Age of Mobile which pulls from Google Reader). So, yes, I’d sooner lose Currents than my Reader app -the best on Android by the way.

  • Bionicman

    on my Note 2 i use the Yahoo News widget which aggregates a bunch of news sites. on my asus tab i use Pulse and on my desktop i use a combo of Foxnews/CNN/Google News.

  • nightscout13

    Newsy: Simple fast video news, no nonsense.

  • Tom Z

    Morning Newspaper, TV, Google.com > News

  • orion11

    i get all my news on twitter…. just like the link to this page 🙂

  • Brian Walker

    Reader for several years. I used Google’s Reader app for a long time, but recently I switched over to gReader. I really hope they come up with a good app/browser alternative, I’ve grown quite attached to it. I tried out Feedly last week, and it didn’t suit my fancy.

  • New_Guy

    I just find all my favorite news sources on Google+ and put them in a news circle. If you haven’t tried it, it’s pretty amazing.

    • Tom Z

      I’ve been trying to figure out Google+. Are there any good tutorials out there for this kind of stuff?

      • New_Guy

        I’m sure you can find something on YouTube. But, honestly, all you need is click the red G+ button on the top left once you enter the app, then click “Find People”. You can search for anything. From CNN to DroidLife. I have all my tech news added, MSN, ABC, EPSN, and they all update in real time so I usually don’t have to open the webrowser to get caught up. Really nice.

        • wickets

          I tried following your advice, but i found that a lot of blogs etc dont work with G+…..thanks for the tip though. Also, g+ doesnt update automatically, you have to keep hitting the refresh button (app) and off topic, do you know how to set up notifications….EG if a new news item here on droid life hits, how do you get notified? Thanks again for the G+ info

          • New_Guy

            You may want to check to make sure that your auto-syncis turned on in your account settings because the app should update on its own. Also, I have not found a way to make notifcationsof new news, but if you add the widget to the homescreen it will circulate (though very slowly) the latest news.

  • Nate

    Feedly. Been using it for about a year now. Nice layout, awesome Chrome/Android app–can’t go wrong.

  • PopeFrancis

    Kind of off topic but I just had someone tell me that they aren’t getting the HTC One because Android is “EWWWW”. They informed me that they are getting the new S4 lol

    • Tim242

      I hope you set them straight

    • Chlorine

      Did you irradiate them so they can never reproduce?

      • PopeFrancis

        Heh.. No but they were surprised when I told them the S4 had android..

  • wm snyder

    taptu and only some of your dl articles show up don’t know why so i have to come here and see the rest of your goodness

  • Twitter

  • Tyler

    public void getNews() {
    open chrome;
    open new tab;
    openSite(“d”); //opens droid-life.com
    lastReadArticle droid = articleNum; //data type for storing the last article i since last time method was called
    openSite(“a”); //opens androidpolice.com
    lastReadArticle police = articleNum;

    //auto-fill shortcut string that relates to website
    private website openSite(String autofill) {
    hit Ctrl + L;
    go to autofill site;

  • jimingo

    Duh, newspaper..no really I use pulse.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Pulse on my G-Nex. Good ole fashion manual news diving on my computer(HootSuite, IGN, Kokaku, FB, etc). I don’t use an RSS reader on my computer.

  • News? I use Google News. RSS? I still use Reader, it’s not dead yet.

  • PopeFrancis

    gReader of course 🙂

  • Google Currents

  • Twitter lists & Google+ mostly

  • James Jackson


  • Guest

    I don’t read the news. Depressing and unconstitutional.

  • Matt Tanner

    Twitter, Google+, and Drudge Report takes care of 99% of the news I get.

  • Reader previously, but tried Currents and really like it!

  • Scott

    I guess I really need to get on board with some type of reader. I just do it the old fashioned way and hit up several different websites. I do recognize this ins’t the most efficient thing to do.


    Now writing this, I realize that I forget to look at some of these. You get the gist.

    • Austin Warren

      CNN and Fox News?

      • Scott

        I tend to be on the conservative side of thinking, so I jump around different sources. It pulls me to the center.

        • Tim242

          Gay Marriage FTW!

          • Austin Warren


  • BubbleSort

    I still use Google Reader, and I plan to keep using it until Google I/O reveals what Google is planning to do to replace it.

  • Kevin McDole

    Currently Pulse, hopefully someday Blinkfeed.

  • EC8CH

    Taptu and G+


    I open the Internet, and go to http://www.droid-life.com!

    • Tim242

      No better way! : )

  • Havoc70

    igoogle, for now at least until they kill it too =(

  • Matthew Merrick

    Google Chrome.
    I have a bunch of sites bookmarked and I read though the updates every morning in the bathroom.

  • Inquizitor

    Reader. Tried feedly a few times and I don’t like it. It’s clunky and slow for me, and I don’t like the magazine crap. Press on Android is pretty incredible. After using reader for so long, I can’t use stuff like Currents or Flipboard. I need to see every article! I need unread counts to put to zero!

  • tehsusenoh

    RSS feeds into Reader. Tried some other stuff, but I haven’t found anything quite like Reader.

  • Capt. Crunch

    I use flipboard and reddit

  • Eddie Martinez

    i get my news from droid-life, what other news do i need? 0_0

  • Clay S.

    screw currents, its trash and a lame attempt from google at the magazine feed.

    GOOGLE READER TIL I DIE (if thats before july 1….)

  • Currents and flipboard mostly

  • Fliip-fliip-fliiipaboard-ia lol

    • michael arazan

      Flipboard FTW, love to customize what I actually read, pulse sucked because it couldn’t carry what I actually read. Flipboard has great swipe styles too and easy to use.

  • reggie1225

    Personal I’ve found Falcon Pro to be the best provider of my daily dosage of news. That in app browser is a winner.

  • Eric Richardson

    Mainly Currents, with a little bit of dedicated app thrown in.

  • Eduardo Ruiz

    Mostly via RSS, once through Reader, now through Feedly. Every now and then I’ll learn about something on G+ or Facebook. More rarely, someone sends me an email of an interesting article they read. All are accessible via PC and mobile.

  • pd240

    Was using Google Reader. I am trying to switch over to Feedly but it’s not as easy and quick to look at like Google Reader.

  • Kyle Miller

    Pulse first and foremost! Then my forums in Tapatalk.

  • Reader (now feedly) -> google + -> twitter

  • I use Twitter. I follow the sites that I care about and have my twitter feed scroll by all day long.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Pulse and Flipboard. =)

  • U Mad Bro? No But Liberals Are

    Twitter, Droid Life website, Rush Limbaugh and S. Hannity on the radio.

    • Clay S.

      ……so faux news?

      • Austin Warren

        I hear Fox news makes up their own math equations to make them feel better about themselves.

        • Timothy McGovern

          I hear Austin Warren likes butthole

          • Austin Warren

            Aw a mad republican

          • Timothy McGovern

            Actually I am a conservative but hate fox news and cnn and just about any other biased news program.

          • Eric Franca

            “Aw, a mad homophobe*” might be more accurate. Political affiliation doesn’t really matter.

        • U Mad Bro? No But Liberals Are

          Yes they do. For example, They say things like: 1 liberal + 1 liberal = 1 big freaking idiot. Which of course, isn’t true. 1 liberal + 1 liberal = 2 big freaking idiots.

          • Austin Warren

            Don’t you have a woman to rape? Considering she can’t get pregnant

          • U Mad Bro? No But Liberals Are

            No. Unlike hate filled, intolerant, baby murdering libs, I happen to like women.

        • Eric Franca

          I think responding to someone named “U Mad Bro? No But Liberals Are” might be an exercise in troll-appeasement. Just my opinion though.

      • U Mad Bro? No But Liberals Are

        Of course, sometimes. Unless I want to be lied to and hear a biased agenda, in which case I listen to CNN.

  • Daniel Tifft

    I really like the stock Google “News & Weather” app

  • Liquidretro

    How I find my news and how I read my news are two different things. RSS is great for keeping up with sites that post content frequently or infrequently Friends sites, tech stuff, etc. I don’t get my “What happened in the world?” news this way though. It’s 2 different things. It’s stuff I care about and stuff I want to learn. Rss was great for going through piles of stuff you cared about quickly.

  • Still Reader. I don’t really like Feedly, Pulse, Currents and all those other “visually pretty” type readers. Just give me some straight up plain text any day.

    No clue what I’m going to when Reader is dead.

    • kynyrd synyrd

      did you check out “old reader”?

      • Ah yes. I tried to check it out, but it was unintentionally DDOS’d for a while after the Reader announcement. Checking it out now. Thanks.

    • John

      No good alternative. I’ve setup my own rss via tiny tiny rss on own web host. It works pretty good for now. It’s nice to be able to control db and update intervals.

    • tyguy829

      have you tried press?

  • Using Reader till it shuts down. Maybe go with Feedly, wait to see what others are coming in Reader’s place.

  • Brandon Buckley

    Why don’t you actually make a poll? No one wants to scroll through hundreds of comments

    • reggie1225

      Because FACWORS! That’s why.

    • Austin Warren

      Who said you had to read the comments?

      • seriously, post without reading like everybody else. adoy

        • This actually just happened: I was thinking of posting a comment, but said to myself “Read the comments first just in case it’s already been said…”

    • N8shon

      It’s informative to read about other ways to accomplish the same task.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      Because there are so many options out there, the “other” option is so …. lame.

    • brkshr

      Because there are hundreds of options to get your news from.

  • Shane Milton

    Social Media

  • Joshua Patrick

    Google Reader till it dies….

  • coolsilver

    News.Google.Com yep I look at news on pc and nothing more. Phone is a communications tool for me. I used to use it for a lot more but no longer working in IT. Email not as important either but nice to have. I only use Currents for specific sites like Droid-Life when I can’t get to checking it during day. I think it sucks for any “real news”

  • boo

    Greader on mobile, Feedly on desktop

  • I subscribe to a bunch of news sources on YouTube. Better than the crap on CNN.

  • RSS (Google Reader), Twitter, Facebook.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Good Day. My Foxx 11 news app.

  • Pulse.

  • Benjamin Mackie


  • Pulse

  • RGiskard


  • Ronaldo

    Straight Currents Homey.

    • Nex__

      Randy Moss is that you? LOL

      • Austin Warren

        Straight cash homie!

  • Daniel

    Still using Google Reader, though as soon as my feeds are imported into The Old Reader I may move to that…

  • Justin Winker

    Reader until July 1st. Then Feedly.

    • Kernschatten

      This right here. Reader until the very end.

  • s23

    Yahoo! /s

  • George Fayad

    Reader. Now Feedly.

    • Same. Previously reader; Migrated to Feedly and actually liking it quite a bit.

      • hldc1

        I migrated to Feedly on the day Google announced Reader’s pending death. I’m liking Feedly so far, except for a few small niggles here and there with the Chrome platform and Android app. For example, I would prefer that the start screen with the Android app be a listing of all of my feeds/categories instead of a “Today” feed for one of the categories. I also don’t like that you have to click the top-left in-app back button to get to the feed/category list. I’m thinking that app would look great if it was Holo-fied. Just sayin’…

        • PLL

          You know the feed list is a swipe panel from the title/card/magazine view right? I think there are three basic views (categories ->title ->in article). You can use back button to get out of in article back to titles. You can swipe from left edge to get the categories overlay. I’m not sure if that solves the clicking the in app back button issue, but just thought I’d let you know. I do keep hitting system back out of habit and get disappointed that I get exited from the app.

          I also wish the mark as unread button was exposed as a top level action instead of hidden in the overflow.

          Also, just as a side note feedly seems like it has more overhead than reader (things are inexplicably slower sometimes and sometimes while scrolling I get exited back out because I scrolled to fast or too unpredictably or something.

          • hldc1


            I do keep hitting system back out of habit and get disappointed that I get exited from the app.

            And this:

            Also, just as a side note feedly seems like it has more overhead than reader (things are inexplicably slower sometimes and sometimes while scrolling I get exited back out because I scrolled to fast or too unpredictably or something.

            I concur.

          • PLL

            Just discovered that a double tap also exits an article (so back, pinch zoom, and double tap). I think when I’m swiping too fast, it’s detecting as a double tap and that’s why I get exited out. Hope that helps too 🙂

      • Roshan John

        We’re in the presence of greatness ladies and gentlemen. Hello MKBHD.