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Google Currents Receives Update to 2.1.0 With Audio Playback Enhancements

google currents

Google Currents received an update this morning that introduced all sorts of audio enhancements for editions that include audio. Our edition doesn’t include audio, nor am I subscribed to any that do, so I’ll simply have to re-hash whatever the changelog says to get you up to speed.

In this new version, you’ll find audio playlists, a media bar (with stop, start, next, previous controls), a story scanner for audio icons, status bar audio controls, and post read syncing between devices.

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Cheers MrEastwood!

  • sonicyoof

    Kill widely used Reader because they can’t allocate enough resources to it. Allocate resources to work on Currents, which almost no one uses. Makes sense.

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    I’m coming clean here and have never used Google Currents. Let alone know what it did until I looked it up 5 minutes ago. Worth using?

  • ßen Murphy

    Oh yay! — Said no one ever.

  • p5stover

    “Error Downloading”. What’s going on with the play store?

  • Oh, to hell with currents. Reader forever.

  • EC8CH


  • XphoneTroll

    This is off topic but does anyone know where I can find the
    Consumer Employee Discount Re-Validation on the Verizon website? I need to get this taking care of before one of Verizon reps calla me to update…

  • Scott

    I must be alone. I’ve tried to pick up Currents several times, but I’m just not seeing the point. Maybe I’ll give it another go with the latest update.

    • You aren’t alone, while reader excels at large amounts of news flow, Currents tries to restrict you to a small garden. You can only view one Source at a time and there is no list view of what that source has.

      • olavnennig9kf

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      • JMonkeYJ

        i think maybe Currents has changed since you last used it. my “feed” (or whatever they call it) includes articles from all my sources, which is great for random news browsing, and i can click on any source to get a list of all that source’s articles (using an Android G+-like card listing).

    • andrew galvin

      it is good for following certain blogs (i.e droidlife / android police / the verge / tech crunch) on your mobile device. They really SHOULD add a feed feature ala flipboard but I use both of the apps for different reasons. Flipboard when i want to browse and read random articles that seem interesting irregardless of the source. Currents when I want to read news from a specific source.

      • snowblind64

        Regardless. irregardless=notarealword

        • andrew galvin
          • snowblind64

            Hmm, merriam-webster.com also includes treasures like ‘ain’t’ and ‘OMG’. The literal translation of the “word” you used when the double negatives are removed is ‘with regard’. I don’t believe that is what you meant.

            I think we’ll have to agree to disagree. 😀

          • andrew galvin

            i got a B in english… It may not be proper english to a professor but the word is definitely in the common vernacular. Similar to how “girthy” isn’t a word but every one uses it. In due time, “fake words” like this actually become words. It just depends when the dictionaries decide to adopt them.

          • N8shon

            I laughed out loud at “girthy”. I wonder if “LOL” is in Webster’s too.

  • andrew galvin

    i absolutely love currents but want a view on web button / option!!

  • DroidzFX

    No reader fine but make a currents webpage.

  • Maybe this is why they are shutting the door on Reader? Trying to turn Currents into a more mainstream RSS machine?

    • Michael Knight

      Personally, I doubt it. Currents is currently only available on mobile platforms and with the push of Google+, it’s more likely Google will integrate Reader-like features there. I’m not even worrying about my Reader account until after Google I/O. The whole world seems to be up in arms at the moment but there may be more details Google isn’t ready to share yet.

    • Its not though, it is more like google news for the mobile world. Instead of just setting up an rss feed and letting people grab from that they have sections, and filters that just seem unnecessary