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Android 4.2.2 Update Rolling Out to Verizon Galaxy Nexus Now

galaxy nexus update

The day has come, the official Android 4.2.2 update for Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus is rolling out. We’re hearing from readers who are already able to force it to appear through the trusty ol’ Google Services Framework trick, while others have had it pop up without any work. 

To force the update, if you don’t feel like waiting, try this:

Head into Settings>Apps>All. Find “Google Services Framework” and “Clear data” and “Force stop” the app. Then hit “Back” twice and scroll down to “About phone.” Then tap “System updates” and the update may pop up.

If that trick doesn’t work or you have experienced issue with it in the past, feel free to manually update using our detailed instructions for all users. Or at this point, if you have yet to update, you might as well wait for it to arrive on your device OTA.

Cheers Matt!

  • fred12014

    4.2.2 update totally sucks
    This is my first and last android phone.

  • saimin

    I got my update a week ago. Battery life immediately became terrible. After trying a dozen different simple things that did not help, I finally bit the bullet and did a system reset. Now battery life is fine again.

  • Jen219

    I updated my SG Nexxus after receiving the prompt, and it has been a disaster ever since. From a full charge my battery is dead within two-three hours…without even using it! Anyone else experiening this? Any remedies? This is a real problem for me.

  • My husband and I both got the update yesterday. Total disaster. His battery life went from bad to worse. And for me, I can’t get it to connect to the mobile network. What a pain in the ass. Thanks GOOG

  • thegreatcorntrollio

    Besides the battery issues I’m hearing Bluetooth skips when audio streaming on this 4.2.2
    Any nobody have experience with this update?

  • Curtis

    Disappointed. Finally got around to updating last night. Got locked out of the play store, the signal is worse/shows less bars than before, internet is laggy where before it was snappy. I would really like to revert to 4.1.1 but don’t want to have to reset all my apps and what not. Is there an OTA style rollback?

    • thegreatcorntrollio

      Isit still bad or did you fix your phone? The OTA came by itself and I can’t stop the alert to upgrade….anyone know how to delete the update on the phone? It’s wearing me down. I can’t find the actual file.

  • Blerg, I got the notification for the update this morning, but it failed, probably because I had a copy of the .zip sitting on my storage. Any thoughts on how to force it to re-notify?

    • saimin

      Reboot your phone and it should notify again

  • Ivo Shandor

    finally got the OTA push early this morning. Live in Cleveland area (go Browns!)

  • Nagini

    Seems like they removed project butter in this latest update and added a few bugs. My phone used to be so fast 🙁 is there any way I can revert without rooting/ROMing?

  • saimin

    Anyone else getting awful battery life after this update? The battery app says standard apps like Google maps, calendar, and Google Plus are eating much more battery than before.

    • my gnex has been crapping out this weekend, saturday i used the browser a few minutes and drained the battery, car charger wouldnt charge it and it was warm. today i started the day with the clock app on my phone failing so my alarm never went off then i had a full charge when i left home for work this morning on my 2100 battery, in less than 1/2 hour of just sitting in my pocket my phone i got to work and went to make a call it said connect to charger 14%, i cant get my battery to charge more than 35% and its running hotter than ever. i just switched to the battery that came with the phone to see if its the battery and after 2 hours on charger its gone from 30% to 50%. i’m debating if a factory reset would help (and if i do that i will finally unlock since i’m locked, unrooted and on stock.) i hate the idea that i’m thinking about going to a verizon store about it.

  • Josh

    WooHoo!! Just tried the GSF trick 1 time, and got the update. In Northern VA. Don’t care if it breaks things, going to reset after the update installs so its fresh. Here’s hoping everyone else gets it soon!!

  • Joe

    Got it!

  • ki11ak3nn

    I’ve tried the framework trick a million times since this post. No dice!! So I guess I’ll wait a month or so until it shows up OTA on my Nexus…..(sad face).

  • Josh

    sounds like everyone kinda jumped the gun thinking this would be available right away.. Guess they’re still doing a soak test.. any idea on when it will be available for all? Still no sight of it in northern VA.

    • In northern Jersey and haven’t seen it yet either 🙁

      • I just got the update! (without the framework trick!) 😀 downloading now

  • iluvsamsung

    Verizon sucks balls. The phone is just getting the update ,the other gnex have had it for awhile. This is really nothing to be happy about. Don’t get me wrong I don’t blame the phone. I blame vzw.

  • Ivo Shandor

    So is anyone getting this update OTA? I don’t want to bother with the GSF reset trick. Seems like a lot of people are having trouble with that. I figured the OTA would be pushing by now, but still no luck. :-/

    • I haven’t received the OTA yet neither. I have tried the GSF trick but it doesn’t seem to work for me D:

    • Josh

      I’m in VA, and I haven’t gotten it. I’ve tried the GSF trick probably 40+ times over the last day to no avail.

      • Josh

        And to add to my experience, doing the GSF trick kinda broke google play for me. While I could get in and download something new, if I logged into the play store website, and push an app that way, it wouldn’t work. I tried removing my google accounts and re-adding to no avail. I tried to restore google play and GSF from TI backup, but not my gapps are crashing… sigh.. glad I made a fresh nandroid backup before hoping to get the OTA.

        • Ivo Shandor

          exactly why i avoided the GSF trick. a lot of people are saying the same thing you are.

    • Chris

      I’m in the same boat as you three.

    • Ivo Shandor

      hmmm. very disheartening. wonder how VZ decides which handsets get the update and when?

      • Ivo Shandor

        I’m in Cleveland, OH

        • alex

          In Philly and still no update, but I know someone in California who got it already. What’s the deal?

    • Josh

      BTW Ivo, good call on the name choice. I saw it, and thought it sounded familiar, then it clicked, and wait a sec.. That was the name of the architect of the building from Ghostbusters! 🙂

      • Ivo Shandor

        lol, thanks

    • Have you gotten the update yet? It been a week since its release and I still haven’t received it.

  • jmayes

    Yes! Downloading now. Had to force it via the Google Services Framework reset.

  • thisguy

    Head into Settings>Apps>All. Find “Google Services Framework” and “Clear data” and “Force stop” the app. Then hit “Back” twice and scroll down to “About phone.” Then tap “System updates” and the update may pop up.

    tried this twice and it worked 🙂

  • thebatmangoeth

    I’ve tried the framework trick no less than 20 times today and still nothing. Maybe im cursed?

  • Jjjjj

    Holy crap! The framework trick actually worked this time….and only took two attempts.

  • Nunez20v

    I ran this update today and my 4G sucks big time… what the?!?!?

  • jLA

    The trick just worked for me on the 4th attempt

  • The biggest lie my phone has ever told me 🙁

    Hopefully soon…

  • Bob

    I got the update. Now, how do I root with stock rom? 🙁

  • tanner1426

    i fallowed the steps and now i dont have the option to even update software and the gsf is gone! play store crashes and every thing google is giving me problems. help!!

  • Anyone else noticing really slow portrait to landscape in the camera app now?

    • yea, it takes much longer to take a picture now

  • Luigi Buscemi

    ive tried the manual update a few times.. ya, google play went away. ugh.. still dont have nothing. boo

  • zombiewolf115

    am just still waiting here for 4.1 on my droid bionic lol

  • sski66

    Go to your Google Acc uninstall, then install again, this worked for me, it was driving me nuts! So much so I signed up for an acc with Disqus just to tell you this,Haha,I hope it works for you.

    • sski66

      I have to get the hang of posting, but this message was for Paul & whoever had a problem with downloading or updating apps in the Play Store.

  • Alex Nicoletti

    Anyone that has applied the update. What radio versions are you seeing?

    • Henry Babcock

      FK01/ FK02, same as leak I believe.

  • jay96815

    Just got mine – did the Framework thing, then when I checked on update it was there. I let it install – then once it got to the home screen I went into settings and “reset” it to give my phone a fresh install instead of an update. And yes, I backed everything up first. Also, with the reset it seems like there’s far less apps that are preloaded once I did a fresh install. I like it!

  • Jason

    OK, I did the Google Service Framework trick…when I went back to About Phone the Update button was no longer there…it has been removed. When I go back to Google Service Framework it is no longer there…help!

    • Shawn Phelps

      Disabled services are shifted to the end of the list.

      • Jason

        This didn’t help…neither button is there now…I checked the bottom of the list. It’s not there either.

    • You didn’t re-enable it. Go to the very bottom of your apps and it should be there…

  • Paul Moorhouse

    Just received the update, now I can’t download or update apps from Google Play. Otherwise working fine.

  • jaegerbomb29

    I just got the update this morning. its the worst update ever. i cant even use my phone. its been messed up for the past 8 hours. it hardly lets me do anything. i thought they would at least make a good up date seeing how the last one made my phone worse as well

  • Today is a good day. 🙂