Motorola’s Guy Kawasaki Asks If You Would Like to Personalize Your Devices at Time of Order, Just Like Porsche Exclusive

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Well, we may as well get this Motorola hypebeast engine running, since the one and only Guy Kawasaki is ready to. For those not familiar with Guy, know that he was once the ultimate Apple fanboy, acting as an evangelist to the company for years, but has since moved onto to Android and is now serving as an advisor to Motorola in some capacity. One of his first goals for his new role is to create a community that talks about the future of mobile devices. In a recent post to Google+, he brings up an interesting idea, one that was actually rumored last week. Is this the first major hint at what we can expect in the X Phone? 

In his G+ post, Guy asks a simple question – “Wouldn’t it be great if you could personalize your phone like this?” His post included a video of Porsche’s Exclusive program which allows you to customize your car at the time of order to include your choice of interiors, colors, spoiler, rims, and more. There are some 600 options to choose from, so that you can make the car of your dreams. So what if you could do that with your next phone? Is this a hint?

The timing of Kawasaki’s post is interesting because last week, our friends over at Android and Me heard from sources who suggested that Motorola will allow you to completely customize devices from them at the time of order in the near future. It could all start with the X Phone, which is rumored to launch around June, with an unveiling at Google I/O in May. While certain details have not been revealed, we would assume that Motorola would allow you to choose colors, storage amounts, and maybe even RAM or processor through an online store that would then be custom built for you. Think of the model that Dell first introduced some years ago.

And while we’re on the subject, we may as well talk about the other rumor coming out of Android and Me last week, which talked about the newest leaked Motorola device, how it is essentially an early prototype of the X phone, and that the back divot is actually a touch sensor. I’ll just say this – everything in that post, has been through our inbox as well from what I believe to be our own separate sources. While that’s about all I can say, feel free to read through Taylor’s points to get a pretty clear picture as to what we may see from Motorola this summer.

What do guys think, ready to customize a phone to your liking?

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