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T-Mobile’s 4G LTE Network to Launch By End of This Month

T-Mobile 4G LTE

According to reports, T-Mobile is going to officially flip the switch on their 4G LTE network by the end of March. With an update set for the Galaxy Note 2 to activate the LTE radio inside, it’s looking like the time has come for T-Mo to enter the race. On top of that, the Galaxy S3 LTE on the network is scheduled to be released on March 27, which is perfect timing. 

Folks living in Kansas City, KS have already seen a little 4G LTE action, but there is no official word as to which markets would be lit up first.

T-Mobile has a lot of work to do if they plan on reaching their goal of covering 200 million folks with their magenta-colored 4G LTE by the end of 2013.

Via: Electronista

  • SeaFractor

    LTE is really only exciting if the configuration is 10×10 (10Mhz bands), several locations for different carriers run into competitors locking up frequencies. In this scenario they’ll run as 5×5 (5Mhz bands) and HSPA+ can easily match or beat those speeds.

  • Brandon

    Just got done asking tmobile rep about the LTE on Nexus 4 Here is conversation

    I recently just got the Nexus 4 its an outstanding phone not one issue
    the question i have is this goog released an update shutting off the LTE
    chip inside because it was not made aware to the FCC. Now towards the
    end of May you will be rolling out your LTE service. Will my Nexus get
    and update like your samsung galaxy note 2 is getting to enable LTE
    chip? Thanks

    Hi Brandon. You certainly have a cool and an outstanding device. We are
    currently upgrading our coverage to provide you a more reliable service
    and undergoing refarming to some areas. Rest assured that our service
    will provide LTE coverage in the near future and your device will be
    able to connect to.

    So theoretically i should get an update from google enable that LTE
    chip and be able to connect to your soon to be LTE network presuming it
    is availible in my area

    %Mark Yes. Correct.

    • Eion

      That rep is guessing. It’s very unlikely that we’ll see an official LTE update. If we do, we’ll probably know well ahead of time because the N4 will have been resubmitted to the FFC to get it cleared for LTE use.

  • brandon

    will the nexus 4 be on there lte network? i mean doesnt it have a dormant chip

    • zurginator

      It doesn’t have an antenna nor an amplifier, plus would have to be recertified by the FCC.

      And technically no, it doesn’t have a dormant chip – it has a multi-purpose radio chip. In fact I believe activating LTE breaks AT&T compatibility, due to the chip not supporting that many bands.

      • milanyc

        False information. Go research a bit. XDA forums could be your starting point. I suggest reading anandtech article on it.

        Nexus 4 has all the hardware components for LTE Band 4. Canadians have been enjoying LTE on their Nexii since launch day. Recently Google patched the radio firmware with OTA update, so they don’t get in trouble since they’ve never filed Nexus 4 to FCC for LTE testing in first place. The device had only been tested for GSM/HSPA+ bands (frequencies) prior to launch.

        So if the device has been sold with capabilities to attach to unlicensed spectrum or operation mode, they have to either:

        A. disable that capability
        B. file another Class 2 permissive change which makes no sense as they’ve already been selling

        It’s a Federal Offense not to comply.

  • Verizon LTE isn’t always THAT fast…

    I live in a fairly large urban area in Michigan, which has had LTE since shortly after the launch of the Thunderbolt (which I bought on launch day, barf). Initially, speeds were insanely good, 20-40MB down.

    However, as more people are buying 4G phones, the speed has slowed by quite a bit. I rarely ever get more than 10MBs down.

    Don’t get me wrong – that’s still faster than I have need of for just about everything. But from what I can gather from friends in the area, TMobile’s HSPA+ network gets those speeds routinely as well.

    So for those knocking on TMobile in favor of Verizon, I think it’s pretty safe to say that YMMV if you’re a Verizon LTE customer. Not all LTE markets are as fast as others.

    • We were seeing speeds in the 60’s and 70’s here when Verizon LTE launched…now we see speeds from 25-31 on a reg basis. It all depends on terrain and saturation.

      • Dylan Patel

        I’ve been getting 40-50 since LTE has rolled out in my area, but it only rolled out 6 months ago.

    • michael arazan

      The avg speed in St.Louis is 12 mbps down and 5 up, my wifi is 10/ 2. I go to Chicago and theirs is worse than St.L and is very very spotty switching from 4g to 3g every other block it seems. They have barely a 4g network here, they need to beef up the 4g network instead of doing the Bare Minimum to call a city or town 4G.

  • Mike

    Im leaving Big Red for Verizon this coming Thursday. Can anyone comment on how well T Mobile pushes out Android updates?

    • Mike

      leaving big red for T Mobile…sorry

    • Better than Verizon.

      • I switched back to tmo from vzw and I can say its a lot faster and more often than Verizon !!

    • Mathew Colburn

      Big Red = Verizon?

      T-Mobile is usually pretty good with updates though. Much better than Verizon and especially if you have an unlocked Nexus device.

  • Christopher Chin

    Is Tmobile LTE alive in the SF Bay Area? If so, I’m ditching VZW (have to admit, i’m scared of losing their consistent connectivity)

    • JMonkeYJ

      i get the same download speeds on TM in the bay area on HSPA+ as i did on VZW LTE. upload speeds are much slower (but not as important for most people). sorry, that doesn’t really answer your question 🙂

      • Danrarbc

        It should answer his question. He’ll get the same speed as he does now even if it’s not LTE. That’s a great answer 🙂

  • mustbepbs

    I’ve seen a lot of Verizon’s 4G LTE turn into 3G speeds in a lot of places. Pretty soon, it’ll be just another buzz word.

    • Austin Warren

      Until the next big thing.

    • I just jumped to TMo with a Nexus 4. I had been using a GNex, which is far from a paragon for LTE speeds, but I went from averaging 5 down and 2 up on Verizon’s LTE to 10 down and 1 up on T-Mo’s HSPA+. I know LTE is theoretically faster, but when all I see is a battery drain, it’s really hard to justify it over just an HSPA+ radio…

      • Jarred Sutherland

        It’s all backhaul. I wish I had T-Mobile HSPA where I live but I am only able to get EDGE here, but that’s what my home wifi is for. Down the road HSPA is there and I get amazing speeds. Still for $30/month ill put up with EDGE.

      • Dan Spinner

        I too made the Jump from my GNEX on Verizon to the TMO Nexus 4. And I have to say, Its really nice seeing 70% battery when leaving work, instead of 30%. And I had to leave LTE off on Verizon, just wasn’t worth the heat and battery. Think I’m pretty happy with TMO, can’t beat the no contract rates.

    • Droidzilla

      Once the iPhone on Verizon got LTE, my LTE speeds there tanked. I’m now on AT&T HSPA+ and very happy with it (and can go T-Mo whenever I want thanks to my Nexus 4).

    • Tim242

      You must have never experienced Verizon 3G…

  • Rodeojones000

    As someone looking to leave Verizon in 9 months, I’ll be following this info quite closely. Especially if T-Mobile’s prepaid services are a part of it.

    • Danrarbc

      They’ve already said prepaid will join in I think.

  • Austin Warren

    While Verizon is working on 7G.jk, glad to see T Mobile catching up

    • Jaron1226

      Well actually Verizon is working on 5G and 6G. I wonder if T-mobile’s LTE will out do Verizon’s LTE speeds. Can’t wait to see what they look like.

      • Diablo81588

        Of course it will, there’s no one using it.

    • Warwick

      Lol, I couldn’t hold my laugh

  • Party like a Ninja Star

    I wonder when this’ll come around to California and whether or not Google is going to push an update to the Nexus 4. I could honestly care less. It’s a nice to have feature, but not necessary, especially if battery will take a hit. HSPA+ is fine by me.

    • The new radio in the 4.2.2 update disabled LTE on the N4. You could use the old radio if you want LTE. Reason why it was disabled was because the FCC never approved the LTE radio.

      • Shilamar

        I doubt they will roll out LTE on Tmo and not update for the N4 to use.

      • Party like a Ninja Star

        I get that, which is why I’m wondering if they’ll push another update. They can easily re enable what they disabled. Sounds like they just need to get approval.

    • New_Guy

      Yes, there is a list in which Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Viejo, and just about every town that starts with Santa (look’em up) will be a part of this roll out.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Meh. This doesn’t really excite me. When you go from VZW to a company like Sprint still trying to build out you realize that not all LTE networks are created equally. We’ll see how performance and consistency goes

  • Tirionfive

    Well good morning, Tim. Glad to see you caught up with other blogs 😉

    Just kidding. Carry on 😛

  • does this include straight talk?

    • I think they did say they would provide LTE to its MVNO’s, unless they’ve changed their minds.

      • Does that mean that if you are on TMO Prepaid, you will not get the LTE signal? The only way would be to use it through Straight Talk?

        • No, that’s not what I’m saying. Word was that everybody would get access to Magenta’s LTE network. It’d be silly to think TMO Prepaid wouldn’t get it if MVNO’s had it. If anybody wasn’t going to get LTE access, it’d be MVNO’s, but it seems as if they might.

          • Thanks, I am on Nexus 4 Straight Talk (AT&T), but would prefer to go back to the $30 TMo Prepaid with 4G data up to 5G. Here in NYC the TMo coverage was spotty but fast, but ST(AT&T) is slower but wider coverage. I am debating my options for the long run.

          • yeah from what people have heard T-Mobile will allow LTE coverage to Straight Talk whereas Att definitely does not allow it on theirs. I think it’s actually pretty cool of T-Mobile to do that since they could’ve easily said no. : )