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Google to Release Unified Chat Service Called “Babble”?

babble google

According to sources who spoke with Geek.com, Google is readying a unified chat client called “Babble” that will merge Google Talk, Google+ Messenger, Voice, and any other platform used to send messages across their services. The goal for Babble is to overtake platforms like iMessage and Blackberry Messenger, which none of its separate parts have been able to do thus far. 

These same sources said that Babble will help push Google’s trend of organization by conversation. Through this new messenger client, you’ll be able to share photos in chat windows or start a Hangout with anyone on your contact list, while maintaining threaded conversations across multiple services, something you cannot necessarily do at this point. After introduction, Babble will offer the same sets of features everywhere.

A timeframe for release has not been given, but as with anything Google-related these days, Google I/O is probably going to be a great time for an unveiling.

I for one am extremely excited about this news, should it be true. For far too long have we wished for a more powerful chat client that works across all Google services. The broken lines between Google Talk, Google+ Messenger and Google Voice have been beyond frustrating at times. This seems like a service that should have been introduced ages ago, but the solution may not have been the simplest, especially when you look at the ever-increasing number of Google services these days.

The only thing I’m a little confused about is the purported name, Babble. Google seems to stick to mostly standard terms when it names it services, like Voice, Maps, Drive, News, Wallet, Offers, etc. Babble seems a little out there, and is also the name of an incredibly popular parenting site which is owned by Disney. I’m not saying that the service won’t be called “Babble,” but I’d almost expect them to go with something like “Google Connect.”

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Cheers Aadi!

  • Randy H.

    Man I can’t wait for this to all become one easy to use program! There is no decent messenger anymore after Live Messenger decided to turn to Skype… If I wanted Skype, I would have installed Skype! So I unistalled their crap and went with Google Chat which is so much easier to use (once you get past all the registration woes!) I just hope they keep this new unified version user friendly and leave out all the ad based junk! If so they will have a winner!

  • Emil Nyström

    Wonder when they will tro tomake some sense of the image services also. Hoping its soon. Picasa, G+ images, Google Drive…ITS A MESS!!

  • Plane148

    Hmm I don’t think the name Babble is out too there for Google. I can see the service being called that.

  • Babble Fish. universal language translator. i think its a good name. and most people will probably still just call it gchat.

  • Trisjen Harris

    Bring it on!!

  • Bretton Key

    If this allows the sending the of files and connection to google drive as well this could be the best move yet by Google…

  • carluverdrm2004

    Now let me check my texts from my Nexus 7…. And my mind would blow.

  • yungqb7


  • Mister Torn

    Remember the Google acquisition of Meebo last year? I’m expecting that Babble is going to support more than just google’s chat networks. All your different chat services, fully archived to the cloud with logs available from any device you deem to sign in with, anyone? Yep, that should probably include Facebook chat, too.

  • Shane Redman


  • noc007

    I wonder if they’re going to bring back SIP support as part of their Gizmo5 purchase.

  • Anthony Saylor

    Would be nice if it included messaging as well. this is a huge step forward, but I still feel that it is behind apple’s services.. sadly

    EDIT: as in how it perfectly meshes SMS, MMS, and imessaging

  • Cory

    As long as they give the option to link SMS/MMS messages from an Android phone into this I will be SUPER excited. If not, then I’ll only be mildly excited.

  • Tyler

    I really hope that the structure of this is organized well. I don’t want everything bundled together all the time, my texts should be able to be seen separately from my other services.

  • Wasnt it Babel? not babble?

  • ostensibly

    I’ve been waiting for something like this since Googs bought Meebo. Hopefully you can use it as a client for other chat services like AIM/ICQ as well.

    • Mister Torn

      Hah, see my comment immediately before yours. 🙂

  • Joshhud

    So would this be able to replace a stock mms? Google voice was great but you couldn’t get pictures and videos. Also it wasn’t very organized.

  • Tim242

    If they call it babble, I will not use it.

    • Austin Warren

      Maybe Bubble is better?

  • A good question would be if this will also merge SMS from Android phones. Then I will be excited.

  • Simon Belmont

    Maybe Babble is just the code name? Perhaps Google will name it something more sedate when it’s official.

    Conversely, maybe Google is trying something new. Give it a name with more pizazz.

  • coolsilver

    I likely won’t use it since I don’t like Google+ not allowing me to have a custom name other than (Nickname). Also very few tried talk. Voice well that is just interesting there to bundle.

  • wombat90

    I used to primarily use gtalk for chatting. My wife purchased an iPhone and we moved back to texting. I ended up moving over to Facebook chat. It handles group chats very well and inserting images is quite easy. I also appreciate the fact that Facebook seems to actively develop it (unlike gchat).

  • Futbolrunner

    Hopefully they don’t let this go to iOS somehow. In any case, I’m excited!

    • As much as we all dislike iOS, Google’s new all-in-one chat service needs to spread to Apple products so that it has the potential to replace iMessage.

  • Trevor

    I wonder if they’ll introduce MMS via Google Voice if/when they release this chat service. Unless that is a limitation beyond their control.

  • It seems likely that babble is an internal name. I’m betting on Google Talk, Google Chat (probably not), or Google Messenger (probably).

  • Love the idea, not so much the name. {{-_-}}

  • Adam Emshwiller

    maybe “babble” is the project code name (AKA PROJECT BUTTER) but the service it self will have a more logical name like “Talk” or “Chat”…

    Either way…. hands down the right move! I can’t wait for a unified messaging app because it does get frustrating jumping back and forth between text between iOS users and Gtalk from android users.

  • pblakk

    In other news… I’d like the android device wallpaper on the headline photo. 😀

    • Rebecca Rush


      • pblakk

        Thanks! got it.

  • FrankBoston

    Umm…this is what webOS did. AIM, Yahoo, SMS, Google Talk


    • Not quite. WebOS was actually kind of awesome though. What they did was build a chat program that used a plugin system, and included some for very popular services like AIM. What Google is don’t is merging *their own* different communication services into one, *not* including others (like AIM, Yahoo, etc).

      • FrankBoston

        Why not go the extra step and consolidate all into one – like webOS 🙂

        • Larry Dockery

          I think you are confusing the app with the service. They are combining all of their services into one so they are no longer separate. They can’t combine AIM or Yahoo into Babble because they do not own them.

          An app however, could display Babble, AIM and Yahoo together. They would not all be the same service, but could be shown on one screen in an app. For examples, see Trillian, Pidgin, Adium, Miranda IM, etc.

    • Except no one really uses AIM and Yahoo anymore. {{-_-}}

  • PLL

    Any word on if sms will be integrated as well?

    • You know, that would actually ROCK, come to think of it. {{-_-}}

      • PLL

        I think one of the benefits of other unified messaging platforms is that it can at least gracefully fail into SMS, so if there’s not way to connect to someone or if they’re offline, it can at least get to them that way. I think it would allow people to stay within the ecosystem longer (and make if more useful for everyone using it). Also, in this case, I hope they make an incredibly awesome looking app for apple since it might get people out of using a not really open system (I think imessage was at some point supposed to have apis for other platforms but that never actually happened or something like that)

    • If Voice is integrated so will SMS. Now, will they finally have MMS support as well is a big question

      • Jon

        Well…maybe like whatsapp, you can send pics but it wont use MMS to do it. I think the best scenario is that Google gives everyone a way to stop actually texting and instead send messages via data. Anything that is cloud based can be archived easily unlike mms or text. Google is big on archives…think Gmail, talk, Voice, Google +, Picassa and Google photos, Google music…etc.

  • Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  • JMonkeYJ

    i love the image for this article 🙂

  • Sounds like a great service in need of a name change…

  • It’s the code name I think

  • bagheadinc

    “The only thing I’m a little confused about is the purported name, Babble. Google seems to stick to mostly standard terms when it names it services, like Voice, Maps, Drive, News, Wallet, Offers, etc.” I agree, why not group the other messengers under Google Talk?

    • Dan

      because they need a new name.. talk, voice, message….. Yack!

  • This pleases me.

    • Futbolrunner

      MKBHD in the house! I subscribed to your channel after your appearance on the Tato Show and watch your reviews. Keep up the good work!

    • Xavier Spruill

      This name confuses me.

      • michael arazan

        Why are they calling this Babble, stealing my nick name for my ex-gf. Knew I should’ve trademarked it

  • Mason Lammers

    Ahh, I see what you did there with the folder and such… Babble Kellex style!

  • Dylan Patel

    Hopefully that name is just a code name. It sounds so…. childish.

  • Shane Redman

    It HAS to be available on older versions of Android tho…they can’t simply make this a 5.0+ feature. Maybe ICS and up. Heck, maybe even GB

    • …it doesn’t HAVE to be anything. Why would they develop for an outdated OS version? Regardless of the number of users, it is still OUTDATED. Very few people buying a NEW phone these days are on 1.x or 2.x. There’s just the stragglers who are waiting for renewals to worry about, and they can use this new service after they get a new phone.

  • Given how (the much newer) Google+ Messenger looks on tablets vs. how Google Talk looks on tablets I’m genuinely worried. If this new service/app doesn’t have a proper tablet layout I will be an extremely unhappy camper.

    • You REALLY think they’re gonna leave that out? {{-_-}}

      • I think it’s a real possibility given their latest communications app is the Google+ Messenger, and it does not have a good tablet layout.

  • jcorf

    Well that’s a stupid name. I’m hoping it’s released for iOS so that I can use it to message my friends who are still stuck under the Apple regime.

    • flosserelli

      It’s a good thing Apple didn’t think of this, or else they would have patented all forms of communication with it.

  • Gregg

    Could it be Babel, after the Babelfish from Hitchikers Guide?

  • Ryan Milton

    this is very good. What would make it great is if you could have group discussions too.

  • Clay S.

    google io seems like a perfect place to unveil key lime pie, and “babble” will be a perfect announcement along side the newest version of the os.

    babble has to be a project name imo

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Yes…. There is a GOD! :'(

  • philnolan3d

    Babble as a name make perfect sense for a messaging app.

    • Joseph Wynant

      i agree. it’s a wonderfully subtle play on words

    • It’s not…Googley though.

      • icantremember

        Google Babble. It’s perfect.

    • BubbleSort

      Reminds me of Babblefish. The AOL era go to translation site.

      • OBK1352

        most likely it is a reference to the babblefish in hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy

  • derek connolly

    What wallpaper is that? It is very pretty.

    • Rebecca Rush


      • derek connolly

        Thank you. Of course I should have known. I have the app installed, I’m just always on the lookout for new interesting wallpapers.

        • Matteo Hausner

          Could you please give me the name of the wallpaper in Pattrn? I’ve been searching for hours now and can’t find it. ;-(
          Thx a lot!

  • br_hermon

    I realize I’m the minority here but… I’m not crazy excited about this for one reason. I use Google Voice as an entirely separate phone number (ie work #) and I highly value that everything related to that number is separate from everything else of mine that’s Google related (ie personal number, address book, email, etc).

    I agree with merging the confusing number of communication services but I hope there will still be a way to keep my GV number stuff separate from my other Google stuff.

    • Great point. I agree. Maybe this is where Circles from G+ might be useful. Designating folks as “Work” or “CosPlay” might clear that up a bit.

    • NotTheTodd

      Is it attached to a separate Google account? Otherwise I’m not sure how you’re keeping it separate now since contacts are integrated across all Google accounts…

      • br_hermon

        It’s not a separate account. My business contacts are mixed in with my personal contacts but really I’m ok with that. I just use tags to help organize them.

        Here’s what I love most about the separation: Currently when I log into GV on my computer, every phone call, every text is all work related. Nice and easy to find. There’s no personal calls or texts. If I need to find something work related, I know exactly where to go and look, without the other clutter. I just like that organizational separation.

        P.S. In case you’re interested. Yes I use my gmail for personal and I have a separate work email address though my web host.

        • Brett Warren

          How do you separate the voicemail’s from people calling your regular cell number as opposed to your Google Voice number?

          • Tim242

            Google Voice voice mails go to the Google Voice app. Regular voice mails go to their normal place.

          • Brett Warren

            Both of mine go to the Google Voice app.

          • Tim242

            Then that means you have Google Voice set as a replacement. To enjoy the ability to have two separate numbers, you have to not set GV as your replacement. That way, people that call your regular number go to your regular VM, and people that call your GV number will go to GV.

          • br_hermon

            Tim242 is right. I have GV handle it’s own voice mail and Verizon handles my actual cell # voice mail.

        • Tom Ball

          It sounds to me like you currently use GV but neither of the other 2 services (Talk and Messenger+) so this change really shouldn’t effect your situation all that much.

          Personally – I’d like to at least see them merge Talk and Messenger+. Voice would be nice but not essential.

          • br_hermon

            I never use the Messenger+ because it’s basically Talk anyways. I do however use Talk on a weekly basis. But I do have to agree with you. Talk and Messenger+ merging is a no brainer. GV wouldn’t be essential.

    • David Coiner

      As NotTheTodd said your contacts for Google Voice are already integrated across the Google services. But if you are concerned that Google will combine your contacts with who are in your Circles there is an easy fix for that. In the privacy settings you can customize what circles are allowed to chat with you. If you have all of your business contacts in one circle you can exclude that circle and they will not show up in your chat window.

    • nightscout13

      I think there will still be separation between GTalk and Voice. Just all in one app.

  • Would it confuse the consumer base too much to call it Google Talk? Like a reboot or relaunch.

  • Dillon Brown

    I’m so ready for this!

  • EC8CH

    “Google seems to stick to mostly standard terms when it names it services”

    I submit Google “Play”

    • MikeCiggy

      Still hate this name, and hate saying it. “Just buy the SwiftKey keyboard from Play Store” … What?

    • Play makes sense given everything you can buy their. Movies, TV Shows, Music, and Android games are all things you play. Books, Magazines, and Android Apps are less of a fit, so the name isn’t perfect, but I can’t think of anything better.

      Android Market (also, anything with ‘App’ in the name) – definitely doesn’t work, since Google wants everyone to feel like Play is for them, even non-droids.

      Google Market – Sounds…wrong… Like a farmers market. You go there to buy locAlly grown apps and free range TV Shows?

      Google Store – sounds like Apple Store. The name makes me think of a physical place.

      Google Content / Google Content Store – descriptive, but clinical. Definitely not a good way to encourage impulse shopping.

      • Austin Warren

        I’d buy a locally grown app.

      • Google has a Google Store

      • I prefer “Google Android Market”. {{-_-}}

        • Doesn’t work, since they want people who don’t use Android to buy books and movies and music.

          • Who cares? Just let non-Android users use the Android Market. Get the name out there. {{-_-}}

          • It’s about marketing. People hear Android market and they’re almost guaranteed to think that means it’s for Android only.

  • T4rd

    It’s about damn time..

    • Lakerfan

      amen x1000 to that

    • Austin Warren

      Probably won’t use it much, but to have it all in one place. Very convenient.

    • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

      They sholda just bought whatsapp and called it a day.

    • nightscout13

      GTalk has not had an update since 2011 (part sarcasm, part truth)

    • Sqube

      We should be so lucky.

  • I too am excited, but confused about the name ‘Babble’.

    • They could call it “PoopChat” for all I care. This needs to be done!

      • I vote for PoopChat. Or C*ckChat.

        • MikeCiggy


        • LOL

        • Austin Warren

          +1 for C*ckChat.

        • I feel like C*ckChat is what Google should rename their version of Snapchat.

      • Havoc70

        How about Twatusay?

        • Paul Vigil

          I 2nd Twatusay? with the ? included in the name.

    • EC8CH

      Tower of Babble….

      • David Coiner

        That would be Babel

        • aBabyPenguin

          I believe it was a pun :p

          • EC8CH

            actually no, I guess I held a common misconception that the root of the word Babble related back to the story of the tower of babel, which apparently it does not. It is quite a large coincidence however.

          • Rebecca Rush

            Site your sources when calling people out for ignorance.

          • EC8CH

            I was calling myself out for my own ignorance… I don’t require sources from myself.

          • David Coiner

            I used to think that also. From what I was told that babble pertains to a person talking and babel refers to so many people talking or so much noise around that it causes confusion. (And the Biblical Babel is supposed to pronounced with a long a sound – in the US I have never heard it pronounced like that)

    • dtm4

      I would assume that it is derived from the babble fish from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, the fish would allow you to understand and speak all languages, which goes along with the cross platform idea.

    • David Coiner

      Babble is another word for talk. Usually to describe when someone is just talking for the sake of talking. But still works in terms of a chat program. I would think that they might not go with Babble for the final name because of the website Babble.com (A Disney owned website for parents.)

      • I understand the word itself, but as it was mentioned, it doesn’t go along with their standard naming conventions.

  • Austin Warren

    Remember that pic we saw a while ago…yep this is it

    • Michael

      What pic?

    • Nope, that icon was a notification testing app for Chrome/Chrome OS.

      • JMonkeYJ

        you’re thinking of the icon/notification windows on the right side of the image. i think Austin is referring to the multi-colored talk bubble icon on the left side of the the image.

        • It came out that that icon was for the testing app for the new notification center. I honestly hope “Babble” will have something a little cleaner than that.

        • Nope, that was the icon I was talking about. I tried the app myself, thanks to Francois Beaufort on Google+. The multi-coloured, four speech bubble icon was for testing notifications, and the one on the right was for notifications.

    • John Burke

      Good eye / memory!