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Developer Ports Sense 5 ROM to DROID DNA, BlinkFeed in All of Its Glory


A developer on XDA has been hard at work, porting HTC’s newest Sense 5 software to the DROID DNA. Currently, it has some bugs that need working out, but nothing that makes it unusable. For instance, if you had big hopes for HTC Zoe on your DROID, that is currently unavailable. But no worries, the developer is plugging away on fixes. 

Beyond bugs, you will have access to that brand new BlinkFeed that HTC introduced, Android 4.1.2, and a Beastmode kernel. Before anyone asks, yes you must be rooted and running a custom recovery in order to flash this zip file.

You can see a preview of this ROM below, although I will have to warn you that the camera work is awful.


Via: XDA

Cheers Tim!

  • Nick Moi

    it’s not tutorial for rooting. go here for newest roms and rooting tutorial http://www.9android.net/

  • the only thing i want on my dna is stock android. i mean dont get me wrong, sense 4 or whatever it is is working just fine right now and i love my phone, but i miss stock android now. Although sense 5 does look very nice

  • azndan4

    Sense 5.0 is far ahead of anything else except vanilla android. It doesn’t look impressive in videos but when you use it in person you will be amazed. It takes a fairly unique approach to home screen layouts and the apps are all beautifully and consistently designed.

  • zepfloyd

    How about we crack the OTA first…

  • Tyler Casilio

    I mean it’s not baddd, but it is at the same time. It’s not the Sense that I used to really like. When the DNA gets this in 2015, it will definitely take time for me to get used to it, I dunno. I just don’t know anymore.

    • michael arazan

      Maybe if HTC updated their phones more that once a year, if your lucky. more people would buy them. People on their own have to go out of their way and do HTC’s job for them. I like HTC but hate the sense, I’d buy one of their phones if it had stock android, probably. People who own an HTC phone in the past year should be getting this update already not waiting another 9 months or so and only certain phones will be lucky to get it.

  • Yiannis

    My DNA is perfect with Hatka 2.6 ROM. The battery life easily lasts me through the day, which is better than the 3300 mAh Bionic battery, the screen is great, the sound even more amazing and I’m even using the stock browser despite its crowded setting gestures.

    Google now is on the home button, App kill is on the back button longpress, Android experience is good!

    • Snowdog2013

      Great to hear. Have not tried Hatka. Very happy running ViperDNA 1.1.3. Anyone have thoughts on comparison of Hatka vs. Viper? Thanks!

      • Yiannis

        I haven’t tried Viper, or the newer Hatka ROMs, I don’t see much point. I will tell you that according to battery monitoring widget, my idling battery consumption averages 2% per hour which is very low.

      • Lakerzz

        Not sure about Hatka, but ViperDNA 1.2.0 is out, and is very nice!! (Full ROM, no OTA)

    • Diablo81588

      The bionic has a 2800mAh extended battery. Just sayin’ 🙂

  • DJyoSNOW


  • zach

    I’m using it now, but I’m not impressed. Sense is going in the wrong direction. I used to like it… But now, I don’t know

    • Tyler Casilio

      I agree. I don’t have 5 but it is going in the wrong direction

  • Not really hard. Sense 5 was originally developed on the Droid DNA before in-house M7 hardware was built, so most of the compatibility is already there.