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Google Promoted To NFC’s Board of Directors With Wallet Clearly in Mind

google wallet nfc

The NFC Forum was founded in 2004 and has companies from around the technology world working together to try to get NFC into as many hands as possible. Google joined the group in 2011 as just another member of the group, but the Forum announced today that Google is now on the Sponsor level, which gets them a spot on the board of directors.

We don’t know if Google is going to use this new position to try and push NFC into more of a household name, but it’s no secret that Google would love for NFC to become more widespread. Their Wallet application is currently unable to gain traction as a physical payment system, no thanks to carriers and card companies. Maybe they will use this position to help move things along. 

Via: The Next Web

  • The biggest problem is verizon. I say that Google’s potential solution is to get a Virtual network from t-mobile then cut them out of the picture. They’ve been nothing but a problem for android for the entirety of the smartphone race.

  • jonjoncaler

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  • Ken

    They should do a deal with PayPal…

  • I love using GW on my GSM gNex!

    Now only if the retail cashiers would somehow be less…dumb.

    Everywhere I go, the cashiers just stare at me like I’m crazy when I try to pay using GW. Doesn’t matter where, CVS, RiteAid, 7Eleven, McDonald’s, gas stations…

  • Dillon Brown

    I love using google wallet at my local cvs because they have self checkout with the paypass, it is actually more convenient. just tap the phone twice and you’re good to, with an electronic receipt. I think the next step for nfc beyond more widespread adoption for mobile payment, is the ability to use your phone to replace nfc transit cards for example.

  • Mordecaidrake

    I’d use it all the time if Verizon would stop being a douche.

    • MicroNix

      Yes, Verizon, you have no right to block apps. Become the dumb provider we all want you to be and satisfy your customers!

  • I got GW to work rooted/rommed. However, there are few (if any) places that I frequent which take it. Maybe if I went to best buy or McDonalds it would be useful.

  • Liquidretro

    I would use Google Wallet on my N2 all the time only if Verizon let me. Heck I would use the Verizon payment system if they let me.

    • MicroNix

      Didn’t Verizon get told that they can’t block apps (like tethering) on their devices? What ever happened with that?

  • Spider210

    If my DNA could use google wallet I would never look back at my nexus…

  • DC_Guy

    If I could just get Google Wallet to work. Transactions keep getting “not approved” at the register. Very frustrating.

    • Mapekz

      If you’re on a Nexus 4 you may be suffering from a “you’re holding it wrong” scenario. This may sound stupid but you can try turning your phone 90 degrees into landscape and then scanning it.

      I believe after the update last month this was resolved but I’m not positive. I don’t get to use Wallet very often due to so few terminals/readers.

    • no cash

      Try checking your bank account

      • DC_Guy

        Ha ha that was so funny I FORGOT to laugh :-/

    • I had some problems a while back….. It was not “not approved”, it just did not seem to read at the terminal. Then I discovered that if I kept the phone (GS 3) about an inch from the terminal it works every time. If the transaction goes through but is not approved, then you need to contact Google and inquire why. Unfortunately, I am now using Verizon as my carrier, and of course Verizon is being anti-competitive and will not allow Google Wallet to be installed on a non-rooted phone. And I really do not want to root my new phone.

      • DC_Guy

        Thanks for the tip. I’ll try that.

  • Unfortunately, NFC wont become widespread until the iSheep get hold of it….then claim their savior Apple invented it.

    • Justin Winker

      Sadly, you are right. Then, Samsung’s SGS Ads will picture an iSheep using his phone to pay… then an SGS user would say… We’ve had that for a while..

    • MasterEthan

      Possibly true, but I think Apple is more likely to make a proprietary NFC based technology. Also they’ll most likely pay big bucks to partner with companies to release widespread proprietary terminals/readers. If not for payments I expect the next iDevices to have something like NFC but proprietary to work between iDevices and other Apple products only.

      • There’s a fair chance of that. Blackberry had that to exchange PINs for a while…same goes for those blink cards from chase.

      • GS4_or_MotorolaX

        this anti-innovative behavior WOULD DEFINITELY WORSEN Apple’s situation.

        Open standards and connectivity ARE the future.

        NFC will become a standard without Apple.

        1) In May Google will announce ~900 million Android smartphones and tablets IN HANDS of consumers.
        2) More than 450 million of them are NFC-enabled Android smartphones.
        3) almost all current Android smartphones are NFC-enabled (out of 150 million per Q)
        4) Google Glass and Motorola X, Galaxy SIV and Galaxy Note III are going to be 4 very large NFC-enabled launches this year.
        5) Wallet + Visa + Mastercard.
        6) Google + Motorola = terminals.
        7) Google + SAMSUNG = NFC touch EVERYTHING.

        Google has ENORMOUS userbase of ALREADY operating NFC-enabled smart devices, ready to be used widely for payments and other NFC sweet things. USERBASE.

        Non-NFC iphone 5 is 50% of Apple’s sales. And NFC-enabed iphone 5s/6/7 will be even less 50% of Apple’s sales. Market is saturated, consumers are really smart.

        Forget Apple, the’re YESTERDAY. they have NO tech, manufacturing and industry patents.

    • john

      its not Apple its retailers. They don’t want to buy new technology to support only a small percentage of android phones and then an even smaller percentage of people who actually use nfc. Apple using it would help because it would be a large chuck of people and Apple, unlike Google, would actually advertise the feature which would make more people use it. However, the hold up is retailers. Scannable cards like passbook or keyring is the immediate future not nfc

      • michael arazan

        Walgreens has NFC, and I asked to use it and they told me they never even set it up cause no one ever asked them about it before.

        • there is no setup. If they have a POS with NFC it already works. Lots of them do not understand that it is the exact thing as using a credit card with the embedded chip. They just do not understand that the phone does the same thing. They think it is something different and that they “need” to do something special.

    • renGek

      It could get lots of traction if those millions upon millions of GS3 users on verizon and at&t were allow to use wallet.