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Android Distribution Numbers Updated for March, Jelly Bean Slowly Rises as the Rest Fall (Updated)

android distribution march

Hey, our least favorite time of the month – Android distribution numbers update! Over a 14-day period that ended on March 4, the Android team has come to the conclusion that 16.5% of Android users are now running Jelly Bean (Android 4.1+). The rest of the numbers look like this – Ice Cream Sandwich (28.6%), Honeycomb (1.2%), Gingerbread (44.2%), Froyo (7.6%), Eclair (1.9%), and Donut (0.2%). 

Compared to last month, that’s a 2.9% increase for the newest version of Android. We’re also finally starting to see Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich shares take a bit of a hit after what seems like years. That means a couple of things – people are dropping Gingerbread devices and upgrading to new ones with newer versions of Android and that manufacturers are finally starting to update their phones.

And cue the Apple blogs with ridiculous titles about fragmentation.

Update:  Google has tweaked a couple of the numbers. Froyo now sits at 7.5%, with Gingerbread 10 at 43.9%.

new march distribution

Via:  Android Developers

  • If there is one line of phones on Verizon which tends to be updated the most rapidly and regularly, which line would that be? Looking to finally upgarde from my beloved X2 and looking for a little insight. Thanks…

    • Thanks, assholes.

      • None of the Verizon phones are updated rapidly because Verizon is run by a bunch of money grubbing corporate scumbags who would rather figure out ways to squeeze every last one of your dollars on useless services than provide you with a device that is updated on a regular basis. Do yourself a massive favor and cancel right now and go buy a Nexus 4.

    • Michael

      Galaxy SIII first then the new Droids

  • Aj

    Ditched froyo last month for jelly bean, woot! woot!

  • If you combine ICS and Jelly Bean, these numbers look allot like WP7/WP8 numbers.

  • I got to say this if you have an old phone don’t bother updating. I have the Thunderbolt and I went from gingerbread to ice cream sandwich. I wish I never did because I have had so many problems as far as I couldn’t receive text messages for a day, text messages being cut off if they are too long and the worst part the performance got even worse. I know I have an old phone but wow has it gotten worse. It’s alright I will be upgrading soon enough!

  • Trevor

    When the Gingerbread users’ 2-year contracts run out, there’s going to be a huge spike in the usage of the then current version of Android.

  • Until HTC pulls its head out of its ass I’m stuck on ics with my Rezound, how many updates have the galaxy s3 received in the last year compared to the Rezound?

    • Uhh. HTC is dropping the ball greatly here. I cant believe the Rezound is still on ICS.

  • joejoe5709

    Dang you Gingerbread. You’re holding up the whole community!! Point#2 – it’s really sad to see that there are more people on Eclair than there are on 4.2.2. Yeesh.

  • John Simonelli

    Feels good to be a 1% ‘er

  • duke69111

    What’s the main phone that is still stuck on Gignerbread? Or is it just a bunch of less known ones?

    • JasonIvers

      There are quite a few… there wasn’t really one dominant phone, a la GS III, at the time, and updates have always sucked for non-Nexus phones of all sorts.

  • Cue the obligatory “Who even uses Donut?” comment.

  • Kevin Bojarski

    I helped my girlfriend move from the 44.2% to the 16.5% this week.

    • Yeah me too!!!! OOOOhhhhHHHhHHhh. Sorry, I had to.

  • lemonhead127

    Those poor souls that are still on donut…

    • Chris

      I can’t even imagine what it must be like

  • Tinytinysmallsmall

    Gingerbread and earlier needs to get below 20% for the baseline of apps to really improve. Looks like that is still a year away. By then who knows what KLP will have brought us.

  • Aaa

    How can anyone say Fragmentation is good? althoug its true, my tbolt is laggy on ICS, was still a little laggy on gingerbread, and I don’t remember froyo.

  • NorCalGuy

    New mid range phones like that lg from Monday will help to bring these numbers up the two year mark is hitting for a lot of people that are on gingerbread so hopefully these numbers will continue to grow for ICS and jb which will make it easier for developers to maintain and make better apps for us.

  • Detonation

    These numbers can be misleading because of people with multiple devices. For example, my razr maxx is running jb but my old droid x, which I still use as an alarm clock, also gets counted for running gb. So old version totals aren’t guaranteed to drop as people upgrade.

    • Dillon Brown

      I believe that it gets its numbers from the devices accessing the play store during a certain time period, so if you have a second phone and you don’t go in to the play store it won’t count.

  • The Gingerbread death grip continues!!!

  • kane

    Remember not everyone is tech savy. Most of the world is still probably running (pirated) Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6

  • Never die, .2% Donut users.

    • lmao

      • michael arazan

        There is a nexus one in space right now which will never be updated again, unless the ISS has wifi and passes with in a quarter mile of it

  • mmmm

    Thought for sure ICS would blip higher after TBolt users were welcomed to that particular party.

    • Tech Pro

      It’s so much fun. My 2 years old Thunderbolt is running Android release older than only 16.5% of Android phones.

  • Bobby Cornwell

    I’ve gotten to try all the different flavors of Android except for Honeycomb

  • Aaron

    Sad that over 50% of Android users are stuck on GB or older.

  • Joe

    who the hell is still using froyo?!

    and whether anyone wants to admit it or not, having such a large share of older android versions is preventing developers from creating the best possible apps if they create them for the old OSes.

  • Steve Benson

    I feel bad for 98.6 % of Android users.

    • SteveBensonIsAwesome

      That’s exactly the kind of superiority that you rag on iFans for having. You’re so cool, Steve Benson. You’re. So. Cool.

      • CG Nobles

        Pretty sure he was talking about the people without 4.2.2….. I don’t see the issue with the post?

        • Steve Benson

          Precisely. Clearly my complex mathematical percentage was way over his head. I feel bad for anyone not rocking the latest and greatest from Mountain View.

      • Steve Benson

        Love your name by the way 🙂

  • Capt. Crunch

    Ugh gingerbread. I wonder what the distribution numbers are in the USA where most people get a new phone every 2 years.

  • Shane Redman

    That pesky froyo….

  • Drome

    who the hell is still using gingerbread and why?

    • Anybody who bought a non-flagship phone 12 to 24 months ago in the US (and likely other places). My wife just went from Gingerbread on a Droid Incredible 2 to Jelly Bean on the DNA. Phones like her old one never got, and never will get, Ice Cream Sandwich, much less Jelly Bean.

      • Drome

        i feel like cell phones only last a year or two any ways, so why are people not getting a phone like the nexus 4 or galaxy s3 for $50 or free on a new contract. They are obviously paying a cell bill since they are using a gingerbread POS phone so why not free upgrade?

        • Joe

          can’t speak for other services, but VZW doesn’t let you upgrade at the reduced price until 20 months into your contract. so if you wanted to upgrade before then, you have to pay full retail which 98% of people won’t do.

          • Drome

            right.. but assuming you didnt buy a gingerbread phone the day before the G nexus was released, the majority of phones would likely have come up on the 20 months already, been updated to ICS (galaxy s2/RAZR) or are getting damn close to the 20 months. So in the next 6 months we hopefully will see gingerbread drastically drop as phones break, are updated or are replaced. But something tells me there are a lot of stupid people out there who wont accept an OTA or upgrade out of fear of something changing on their device.

          • Joe

            not necessarily. ICS and Jelly Bean came out like 6 or 7 months apart if i remember correctly. and wasn’t put on devices until mid 2012. meaning a lot of people were still on contracts with phones that weren’t getting an upgrade. Also, you have to factor in all the people that just went for an android phone because it was free (which i would safely assume is A LOT of people). those were destined to not get any updates from the day they were sold.

            but i will agree about people also not upgrading because of fear of change.

        • gokusimpson

          It’s the network.

        • Ramiro Fernandez

          You’re suffering from a case of US-centrism. Google doesn’t break out phones by region but I bet that the vast majority of these Gingerbread phones are prepaid phones purchased outright, which is much more common outside the US.

    • sk3litor

      That’s when android really took off and most peoples contracts aren’t up just yet. Sounds kind of poopy but this is actually a good thing. Just shows how much android (and tech) in general is making leaps and bounds. Pretty son every one will catch up and then we (androidians) can take over completely and reign supreme together. Yay

    • WalkerNA

      Got my Droid Charge in May of ’11. Even though my 2 years are almost up. There aren’t any ICSJB Roms for the phone because of the radios. Not everyone has the timefinances to constantly buytrade phones every few months.

    • Pedro

      My 11 year old daughter, who got a $120 LG Optimus Elite last summer.
      It works with Virgin Mobile, and the plan is $35/month.

      As people buy phones for younger users, ‘value’ will certainly be a consideration,

  • BubbleSort

    I feel bad for 44% of Android users.

    • r0lct

      Well in all fairness 50% of that 44% probably don’t know what Android is so don’t feel too bad. They probably will tell you about their DROID (even if it isn’t one).

      • yungqb7

        I’m part of that 44%. I’m just waiting for the gs4 to release on Verizon. That 44% should drop quite a bit by June.

  • Yikes I couldn’t imagine still being on Gingerbread. It was good at the time on my Droid X but Jelly Bean is just a whole different animal.