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Google CFO: None of Motorola’s Upcoming Products are “Wow” by Google Standards

motorola x phone2

Back in January, Google CFO Patrick Pichette mentioned that Motorola had inherited 18 months of product pipeline that they would need to drain through before the company could focus on creating something completely new. We assumed at the time that he was referring to that period coming to an end with the RAZR HD and RAZR M, and that Moto would be working towards releasing their first set of products under new management some time by mid-2013. In what can only be considered sad news to Motorola fans, his remarks at today’sΒ Morgan Stanley Technology Conference paint somewhat of a different picture.Β 

Pichette mentioned once again that Motorola’s new CEO Dennis Woodside and crew had 18 months of product pipeline to go through, however, this time he used the word “upcoming” in the same sentence. That can only mean that the next phone(s) or tablet we see from Motorola will still be leftovers from previous management that the new Motorola will need to release.

To make matters even more depressing, he called them “not really like wow by Google standards.” Yes, he apparently held nothing back.

“The case with Motorola is that we’ve inherited a pipeline,” Pichette said, “Motorola has a great set of products, but they’re not really like “wow” by Google standards. Dennis Woodside and his team have inherited 18 months of pipeline that we have to drain right now.”

So what does that mean for the X Phone? Well, the X Phone could still be very real. At the same time, the reality of the situation suggests that if we do see this mysterious new “game changing” device from Motorola, it may not be until the end of 2013 or whenever this 18 month period is over with. For the foreseeable future, we could see another couple of leftovers from the Sanjay Jha era.

Feel free to express yourselves in the comments.

Via: Β The Verge

  • taglogical

    When did they take them over and remove Jha? 18 months from then, this this article.

    • taglogical

      18 months from then, not* this article.

  • Whatever. If they don’t release a phone with as good a keyboard as the Droid4, I’m not interested.

  • I still use my Og Droid..I lost my virginity with the help of the original RAZR..long live Moto!!

  • I think this is more of an admittance that they can do better, rather than a “Old Motorola sucks!” comment. The M and HD weren’t “wow” phones either, but they are by no means bad. My Razr M has been great, even though I haven’t been great to it (endlessly dropping, spilling coffee on it). It’s been 5 months and I’ve yet to see anything that makes me want to upgrade.

  • Elliot Kotis

    I knew it!

  • Jr

    If that 18 month product pipeline started on the day the OG droid Razr was released we could probably see the X phone unvield on May cause it ends on May.

  • Kizaru Hiruko

    Darn! More waiting!

  • Alexander Garcia

    Okay. Please allow me to just put this out there. My trusted source claims that there indeed IS the X-Phone. It DOES exist. However, he is not very impressed with what they’ve got in the works so far. He also said that the physical design isn’t all that impressive (subjective) and the software (Yes it IS skinned) is still buggy as hell. He also admits that it is still too early to judge at this point.

  • Swoops

    Google acquired moto may 2012. They stated august of 2011 they were going to aquire Motorola. Either way, with an expected release date of July that is 14-23 months depending on what mark you are using. Split the difference and we are at 18.5 months. The way I see it, that’s two against one. The magic eight ball says the x phone will be cool.

  • Bionic

    Have faith

  • Sarpedon1069

    I honestly I am ok with a winter 2013 release for the Motorola X Phone. My Verizon contract is up then. πŸ˜‰

  • bkosh84

    Google basically saved Motorola from themselves.. Motorola was headed down the same road that they were many years ago with the Flip Razr.. They banked all their money on one phone.. Which worked for awhile but then they oversaturated the market with the same phone and only making different variations of it and it got old/stale while everyone else moved on to other phones.

  • R


  • carlisimo

    Motorola was one of the few manufacturers to release a non-huge phone with good specs (camera excepted), the RAZR M. Is Google going to kill it? If so, then I’ll prefer the Jha era to post-acquisition.

  • rstat1

    But isn’t the “X-phone” a Google product, perhaps only built by Moto? The nexus devices are google products made by other companies…why would the “X-phone” be any different in that regard?

  • Zach Armstrong

    Too bad was looking foward to Motorola to make a comeback. We need to have some other handset manufacturers beside just Samsung.

  • hope is not lost

    Still hopeful! In previous posts, there was mention of the X Phone out in the while RIGHT NOW being tested by some lucky individuals, that must mean the phone is very true and about this 18 month pipelining, it’s most likely gonna happen but it’ll probably be mid-range phones and the timing isn’t justified. I’m sure with the numbers of employee they own, they can have one group working on the x phone while the other pipelining. Afterall, Google owns Motorola now, they wouldn’t let them push out junk phones for an entire 18 months, it’ll reflect on their image if they do.

    • NexusMan

      Of course they are working on both, as I indicated in my post below….In the full quote, they say so: “But we’ve inherited 18 months of pipeline that we actually have to drain right now, and while we’re actually building the next wave of innovation and product line.”

  • NexusMan

    This quote is up to interpretation. Nothing was said that wasn’t said before, and I don’t take it to mean what the title of this article implies. I did not expect the X Phone before the end of this year…the job posting for an X Phone Project Manager was put out just a month ago!

  • Joe

    That makes choosing the S4 an easy decision.

  • I guess its the Galaxy S4 for me then?

  • schoat333

    If they are not up to Googles standard, why still put them out? This has to be a ploy.

  • JMonkeYJ

    maybe this means the X phone will be the next Nexus. the timeframe is about right….that would be awesome!

  • Who cares about Motorola my next phone will be the next Nexus

  • Bionic

    Ok guys here is the deal.

    Over the past year I have had the PRIVELAGE of being part of an online community which included a person with inside information about motorola products. I found that it was thrilling to know such information before the general public did and I thought it would be fun to let others in the android world know about it as well. So I started taking this information that “sarge” posted and reposting it on droid life comments to share it. I fealt like I was helping to get the “word of mouth” advertising out there and “WOW” some of the people out there who like to hear about such things.

    I DO NOT have my own sources within Motorola, i simply was reposting information from “sarge.”

    I’d like to take this time to apologize to the people who looked to me for inforation as if it was my own, it wasnt. I also want to apologize to “sarge” because he is the one that truly has the insider information and shares it with our community on a certain website.

    My intention was never harm, but that of sharing information, I got in too deep. I will not be sharing information any longer unless asked to do so.

    Again, I apologize to you people on this website and to “sarge” because the information was truly his to begin with. I also apologize to our online community, they know who they are.

    I will end by saying that the X phone DOES EXIST and I will not comment any further about leaked information unless authorized to do by sarge himself.

    My comments from this day forward will simply be that of a normal fan of Android.

    Thank you and good night.

    • RadicalPie

      …. Ok

    • LionStone

      Way to man up!

      • Tim242

        He only manned up because he was called out. Don’t take it as a Nobel act.

        • LionStone

          So…he didn’t have to say anything, but he did.

    • bakdroid

      You know it would have been a lot less drama on your part if you would have just linked your comments to droid-forums where you got the info in the first place. Then people could read the whole post and not just your selections…

      • Lambo_21

        there are reasons this cannot be done. and will never be done

    • Tim242

      This could be taken as sincere, if you had said this without being forced to admit your deception. I’m glad everybody sees that I knew you were full of it.

      • Greyhame

        “I’m glad everybody sees that I knew you were full of it.”

        If you think he’s full of himself, take a look in the mirror.

        • Tim242

          Not sure how you arrived at that conclusion. He was being an obnoxious jerk, and he got called out for it.

  • I don’t know but, I love my Maxx HD. Not having to worry about my phone any day and just enjoy it is petty wow to me. The only complaints I have are actually thanks to Google. They removed pretty useful and good Motorola features and replaced them with their own crappy apps.

  • Michael Toland

    HTC One>Samsung S4>Motorola X Phone

  • So in recap, Google says Moto phones suck but they are going to release them anyways. Awesome.

  • Tyler Rynberg

    Having only owned an OG Droid and the HD Razr Maxx, I really do not understand the Moto hate. The HD Maxx is a great phone. “Blur” is barely present on it. The camera is not the greatest but that isn’t a deal breaker for me.

  • Timbo1

    I knew the so called X Phone wouldn’t be anything super special. As long as it has a good radio though……

  • Brian

    It could mean they will still be releasing old products on top of new ones to. At worst Google formally acquired Motorola in May 2012. Add 18 months and you are looking at November 2013, which I’d when nexus phones release anyways the last few years. If it doesn’t show at I/O it will around Nexus phone announcement and new software.

  • chris125

    Well that’s probably because aside from the battery moto devices have been subpar even current moto devices.

  • AxemRed

    The X Phone wouldn’t have to be “wow” by Google standards for me to buy it. I don’t need groundbreaking new features. I would be more than happy if they could combine the best already-existing features of other phones into a single package.

  • ConCal

    Help me decide guys: up vote this comment if you think I should just get the GS IV. Down vote if you think I should wait for whatever comes out at Google I/O.

    • Tim242

      The GS IV won’t be out until after IO.

      • Richard Yarrell

        Samsung wouldn’t have a March 14th unpacked even to have this product show up on the shelves after May 17th. The Galaxy S4 will arrive first on T-mobile then the rest of the carriers. It will be a staggered launch with Verizon launching it last in June. Tmobile will launch April possibly the 19th.

        • Tim242

          I’m not convinced of the staggered launch. The carriers begged Samsung to do the event in the US. This will be the most popular phone of the year. I’m sure the carriers all want it ASAP. I just hope that the metallic invitation means that they are going to incorporate some metal!

        • squiddy20

          Please. Samsung unveiled the original Note, and over 3 months later it was finally brought to the US. The Galaxy Note 2 was unveiled 29 August, but wasn’t released until 24 October, almost 2 moths later. The Galaxy S2 was unveiled at MWC in February, but wasn’t released until May, 3 months later. The Galaxy S3 was unveiled 3 May, but wasn’t made available in the US till almost 2 months later.
          Is it really so hard to think it won’t be the same? Take your stupid fanboy notions somewhere else and try using your pitiful excuse for a brain once in awhile.

  • ConCal

    Nooooooooo, I don’t want another aesthetically displeasing galaxy phone. I was looking forward to changing it up.

  • Just because it isn’t wow by Google’s standards doesn’t make it necessarily bad! I don’t think anyone would call the Razr Maxx HD “wow” but yet it is one of the best built devices with some of the longest lasting batteries on the market! Point is, don’t call something bad until you actually know and understand what IT is!

  • NOOO… NOOOO… Please say this is a bad dream only….

  • oh crap

    oh crap

  • Jeez you guys don’t get this now. The guy wants to downplay the X Phone until it is revealed. This is a tactic people at high levels use to make a phone look like it is not going to blow anything out of the water until it is revealed. Lets wait until it is revealed. You never know if Google has been working secretly to get this phone all it can have to blow people’s mind when it is presented at Google I/O.

    • Bionic


  • Richard Yarrell

    This isn’t surprising at all and to think this is what Google brought to ward off Samsung…Hate to say it Motorola is one of the BIGGEST JOKES of the android platform. But they rather be concerned with Samsung Google is ridiculous in my eyes. They need to focus on the sagging manufacturers that are not pulling their weight in the android universe instead of worrying about Samsung. The bottom line here without Samsung the android platform wouldn’t even be credible even Google’s NEXUS LINE is very soft especially compared to Samsung. As I stated before and will always continue to say SAMSUNG IS ANDROID 213 million handsets sold 40% of the technology market that alone speak for it’s self. Google better be thanking their lucky stars.

  • Shawn Maloney

    Bummed – was looking forward to the X-phone by summer and for Moto to make some enroads to samsung and hurting Apple

  • jim

    The Nexus 4 wasn’t exactly a “wow” device either.

  • Calm down people. There is NOTHING preventing Motorola from producing an X-Phone as a concept, halo, or flagship device, while releasing the RAZR HD II as a final Verizon exclusive.

  • Daniel

    Maybe if they released a Droid 5… πŸ˜‰

  • MGardnerDA1235

    Who wants to see me surprised face?

  • fanboy1974

    I don’t think it’s true.

  • Dave

    People saying that they should drop their current pipeline of Jha era phones forget Google inherited contracts when they bought Moto. There’s no doubt they are simply fulfilling their obligations.

  • kane

    He didn’t specify phones or tablets or even android device. Motorola could have been producing anything.

  • Scott Martin

    this is verizon’s plan.
    step 1. get everyone with a grandfathered unlimited data plan to jump ship for t-mo
    step 2. get best phones
    step 3. profit! ..as those customers return
    …only to realize that verizon products stay 4 updates behind

  • jer85008

    Ugh. Very disappointing. Looks like I may have to leave Verizon after all if I want a deicent phone.

  • xgshortbus

    Doesn’t matter what he says anyone who ever owned a RAZR Maxx or an HD version of said Razor’s know they make great hardware and damn awesome radio’s! As long as they get the updates out faster that’s what will keep them alive! You dont have to have a “wow” device just keep it up to date better!!! If the next phones have 4.2 and get 5.0 before anyone else then that will sell the phone for them!! Down with Sample!!(Samsung+Apple)

    • MooleyBooleyTroll

      Tempted to sell my N4 and get another Maxx HD. Yes I was one of the idiots that were stupid enough to sell my HD to get the N4. N4 is a nice device but it is no Moto unfortunately. Radio edit to make it work on T-Mo and I’ll be a happy camper πŸ™‚

    • Tim242

      They have terrible displays, and feel very cheap.

  • j973

    I think in time it will come together if one thing I Hope Google has learned is to be patient and hopefully the X phone will be great with alot of the bugs worked out good battery life specs etc.. Honestly ive been phone jumping for a long time I have moto razr maxx hd its nice to have a phone i can put 18 hard hours on and then still have alot of juice and good antennas the BASIC ESSENTIALS of a cell phone IMO (Battery Life , and antenna reception) look at the nexus 4 problems terrible battery, limited carriers every phone has problems maybe Google is just trying to get this x phone spot on I Feel. Even the precious Samsung galaxy s3 that phone was the biggest piece of SH** IMO for Antennas a phone is no good to me if it cant hold a connection or even wifi or bluetooth, not saying the other stuff wasnt good but thats the basic essentials of a CELL PHONE for me. Maybe and hopefully Google has learned through all the mistakes over the years with dealing with everyone else they own moto and hopefully will WOW us and want to realease a quality product not some BS that HTC, LG ,Samsung (old moto) throw out with some terrible skins on top of android

  • Bionicman

    maybe the right thing to do is to just shelve the remaining projects and focus on new stuff. or MAYBE the X Phone is one of Moto’s last phones planned during Sanjay’s rein. who knows. i’m still interested to see what Moto is doing this year. not as interested as i’am towards Samsung though..

  • EC8CH

    I hate to say it…

    But I feel like I’ve just been Scroogled!

    • This just made my day, in some weird Microsoft hating way. πŸ˜›

      • EC8CH

        It’s funny because all the stuff MS says I should be upset about doesn’t seem to bother me.

        But this… this pisses me off πŸ˜›

        • jer85008

          That’s because disappointments from M$ are as common as unoriginal reality TV. Being let down by Google has limited precedent.

  • mec

    “Pichette mentioned once again that Motorola’s new CEO Dennis Woodside and crew had 18 months of product pipeline to go through, however, this time he used the word β€œupcoming” in the same sentence. ”

    no he didnt. where is the word upcoming in the quote? is it implicit with the 18 month product pipeline? how is that new from the previous story?

    • The Verge quoted him as saying upcoming.

      • mec

        either they edited, or its being misconstrued. i went back and looked. the headline says upcoming…

        pipeline implies upcoming, sure. like i said i dont think we learn anything new, the pipeline was existing product, same old motorola.

        my point being, i dont think this precludes the potential for a collaborative product, it just re-iterates that we can expect some not so stellar devices as well.

        is the xphone real? i dont know. does this eliminate the possibility? to me, no. it will just be sold along side the droid xyz +

        • Greyhame

          Hoping you’re on the right track. This downplay could be an effort to stem any further animosity between Google and Samsung.. or at least to keep Samsung off the trail.

  • Dre

    There is no winning with Android right now. I simply don’t see a good option: all devices locked down, HTC can’t deliver promises (or kernels, or radios, or updates), Moto products are stale, LG UI sucks and they can’t keep up the volume of Nexus 4s, Nexus 4 in short supply and not on Verizon.

    We need a proper Google device to set a standard of openness, quality, and reliability.

    • j973

      Thats what im saying i agree with that.

  • itsgonnalast

    I don’t own a Razr but I really, really like the phone.

    I honestly think the Razr (and Nexus devices) is better than the Galaxy S3, but I got laughed at the last time I told someone that.

    If MOTO can maintain amazing battery life in all their upcoming phones, I’ll continue to be a fan. Even better if they also waterproof them.

  • Hunter Hambrick

    Kinda like how the pixel was debunked


  • Chris King

    Plus we can still hope for a moto Nexus

  • Jeremy Martin

    Google should scrap what Motorola has in this “18 month pipeline” and use the R&D to put into Google “Wow” approved products. Cranking more blah out is only going to push people away from Motorola and drive their worth downward. In the meantime companies such as Samsung will gain a larger foothold.

    • Scrapping a product already in the production pipeline is exceptionally expensive for no gain. If the device is in the production pipeline, then it has already been paid to be produced in a certain way. The R&D is complete, the design is approved, and its just waiting to be mass produced. They probably scrapped all of the current R&D projects for tablets and smartphones, but the production needs to run its course to at least attempt to earn a profit.

  • RoadsterHD1

    The only good I can get out of this is that I can sport my Bionic with Jellybean a bit longer before i have to fork out 500 to 600 $$ for a new Phone.

  • RW-1

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha …. You guys KEEP falling for the rhetoric. There was absolutely no reason other than the suckers out there who kept buying moto that kept that “existing product pipeline” out there. they went through that, and now you are hearing the second round of excuses for why they can’t just make something exceptional. I left moto, and haven’t looked back at all. Gnex works well on MMuzzy ROM, 4.2.2 and I’m not lacking for anything. I’ll decide in a year what open device I want to move to, if at all, because as I haven’t even began overclocking my Gnex, the thing is still a viable device to remain on.

    • Diablo81588

      The Gnex is garbage and is severely lacking in most areas.

      • RW-1

        You should get over your envy … most of the issues are solvable with a custom ROM, which is why most got a Nexus in the first place, to not worry about what the carrier may not fix/release for us. But hey, you can wait for the bionic II

        • Diablo81588

          A terrible camera, speaker and cell radio are solvable with a custom ROM? Explain this voodoo magic?!

          • Dave12308

            Works well enough for me (mmuzzy ROM as well). Speaker could be louder, camera is “okay” and photosphere makes it really neat. Mine has radios which are (IN MY AREA – important to note) just as solid as my Bionic’s were on ICS.

  • Bionic

    For crying out loud people calm down. Yes I have some explanation due. Rest assured the X Phone does exist. When I get off work I will explain everything going on with me. But rest assured the phone does exist. Give me 3 hours and I’ll explain my wrongs.

    • Donkey

      Your first explanation needs to be how you stole all the info you’ve supplied here and came very close to screwing several people over.

      • Dre

        How would he screw people over?

        • HotPocket

          oh you didn’t know? grab some popcorn….. and a seat.

          • Dre

            Somebody ‘splain ! πŸ™

    • Lambo_21

      Lucy you got some ‘splainin to do!

    • Diablo81588

      Stop acting like your some sort of mole in Motorola. You find rumors on forums and take credit for it.

      • ERIC REED

        Come on now, don’t blow his cover!!

      • Daniel Clifford

        So much this. Sarge already owned him once on this a few months ago.

    • Tim242

      Hahaha your lies are catching up to you.

    • stopwatch

      been 3 hours according to the timestamp

  • Chris King

    well they also denied the pixel and then boom now we have a pixel

  • MikeCiggy

    I understand the company took time and resources to create it’s newer products. It had backlogged designs and new software but still. If it’s not working out and your failing isn’t it time to cut your losses and start fresh? Especially under new management.

  • I don’t mind waiting a bit longer. I’m very happy with my Maxx HD, and it would’ve been a shame to replace it by June with the X Phone, at least now, I’m getting at least a good year of use out of it.

    • Diablo81588

      Way to be positive.

  • Alexander Garcia

    There’s also the whole Moto/Verizon bull$#it that Google has inherited and now has to deal with as well.

  • flosserelli

    X phone, schmecks phone. I figured MotoGoogle was just trolling everyone.

  • wm snyder

    NIVIDA you want to buy a mobile phone company real cheap so you can produce your NIVIDA phones?


    I really haven’t been wowed by an android device since the OG Droid. For the most part, the incremental upgrades over the years have been less than exciting.

    • RoadsterHD1

      I really liked the Speeds of the HTC DNA. Im not however a HTC fan but you got to admit, 8000 score on the quadrant standard and 15000 score in AnTuTu are pretty impressive….

      • LionStone

        Yes, the speed and smoothness on the DNA is pretty impressive…I got the 8000 on the quandrant but I get over 20,000 on the antutu…stock device πŸ™‚

        • Joe

          Not a Nexus, can’t be good.


        • RoadsterHD1

          ThMotorola DROID BIONIC

          ICS 4.0.4

          1.2GHz OMAP-4430 Dual Core

          1gig-DDR2 RAM Stock Kernel

          NOVA Launcher

          Quadrant Standard Score 3227

          AnTuTu Benchmark 8249

          Vellamo 1126/355at’s what i’m talking about, the phone is probably the fastest in the US.

  • wm snyder

    gov. BAILOUT anyone?

    • Diablo81588

      Why would google need a government bailout?

      • wm snyder

        the co.moto

  • Joshua Patrick

    Okay going to be totally selfish and be extremely happy about this. I just bought a Note2 off contract to switch from Verizon to Straight Talk. The only thing that made me nervous about the switch was would I regret not waiting for the xphone. I can say now with out a doubt I love my note 2 and will be content with it for another year!!!! (or till the next nexus device is announced…)

    • Tim242

      The regret will come when you realize that you didn’t read StraightTalk’s TOS and you quickly figure out how restricted your data use is.

  • teevirus

    Thanks Verizon. Because of your crappy system of delayed updates, even for my G-Nexus you gave me enough courage to root my phone.

  • wm snyder

    they better change their business plan there going down 18 mths or not wow is what sells!

  • Justin Everett

    Well i guess it’s good that my new phone contract won’t be up until next March then, maybe something good will be out by then.

  • Bewara2009

    So people that were waiting for this phone can breath now and get all hype up for the S4 πŸ˜€

  • Greyhame

    Strange the timing of this, right after the WSJ article purporting that Google is worried over Samsung’s dominance. Ahh, memo to Google CFO, this certainly isn’t going to sway people away from Samsung and into buying Motorola phones.

    • Greyhame

      I wonder if this was said in an effort to further smooth things out between the two..

  • ME

    My Razr Maxx HD is amazing

    • JoshGroff

      I know that feel, the first time my battery dropped to 15% and I saw 6 hours of on screen time I cried manly tears.

    • Tim242

      Except for the display and cheap feel.

    • XvierX

      Agreed. I have no issue pimpin this phone until the end of the year. sure it’s got some little things here in there that I’d like fixed but overall it’s a great phone.

  • EC8CH

    I’m good till the end of 2013. G-Nex will carry me through.

    • Jwhap

      Thinking the same thing! And most likely leaving Verizon at that time…..

      • End of 2013 for Moto could actually be great timing with all of the OG Droid owners that went to the G-Nex coming up on new contracts.

        • Jwhap

          Agreed. Which is me. Unfortunately for Verizon, it will have to be unlocked, a nexus (or one hell of a device), community supported before I would jump on board! But I have certainly become a bit of a nexus snob! But again, that is just me. If Verizon has a nexus, I will stay even if it is supported by Verizon like the gnex…..I will most likely be running a rom anyway. I would be a little hesitant with a GED, mainly because I also have an lte Xoom and Dev support has not been that great on that device.

        • hyperbolee

          Keep in mind that the Galaxy Nexus was a terrible seller, I doubt moto’s timing would have anything to do with Galaxy Nexus folks coming off contract.
          If you meant just good timing for people on Droid Life to get the phone then yes.

          • Tim242

            The Nexus had a bigger release than the OG RAZR.

          • EC8CH

            It wasn’t a terrible seller to the readers of this particular Android Blog, but you’re right that is a relatively small group of customers.

  • Yep

    Google should have put together a Moto Skunk Works team 10 minutes after the acquisition was given the thumbs up by regulators & incentivized the bejezus out of them to conceptualize, design & deliver as fast as possible.

    Eff me, I was really looking forward to the XPhone. Bionic (the DL poster, not the phone) – you are a smelly pirate hooker, what with all your lies. πŸ™‚

  • TheWenger

    Thanks for the damn rumor.

  • tharealoc

    Kind of seems like similar comments to the chromebook pixel…They claimed there was no such device. Low and behold, one week later, BOOM it’s real…just my $0.02

  • I am actually not that upset about this…here’s why. I am assumming the Motorola X phone will most likely be the start of a new line of phones that does away with the physical keyboard. If that was the next phone, then the Droid 4 would be the last decent physical keyboard(which i use now). I would LOVE to see a Droid 5 come out before they do away with physical keyboards. Come on Moto…give us the Droid 5!

    • Raven

      Yes, please! A new phone would have to be damn good for me to give up my physical keyboard, and I have not seen it yet. Sure, the processor and screen resolution are getting a bit dated, but I still love my Droid 4, and I would love to see a Droid 5 come out.

  • This is like a shot to the nuts….

    • Stevedub40

      Even worse. It would be like waking up and finding out you own an iphone! Yikes!

      • reggie1225

        Waking up to an iphone isn’t that bad. Waking up and finding out you own a blackberry anything is much worse.

  • Hmm….

    The recent Moto stuff has been good tech, but released too late to be “wow” compared to what’s already out there. They seriously need to push this 18 months worth of stuff out there asap, and hopefully stay closer to the newest releases from the other companies, and finally get to the new Google hotness. It’s all about timing in tech, and if you wait too late, nobody cares anymore.

  • JoshGroff

    Sitting here with my MAXX HD patiently waiting. I figured the X Phone wouldn’t be until near the end of the year anyway. (Judging from the G-Nex and N4 launches mainly)

  • Could he be downplaying expectations on the phone? Granted I have my Razr Maxx and won’t be upgrading for a while.

  • Austin Warren

    And now people can stop saying that the X phone will be better than the rest.

  • BIG CAT #7

    Plenty of room left on the GS4 bandwagon if anyone wants to join…… :-p

    • BIG CAT #7

      I guess that Samsung home button isn’t looking so bad now, eh?

      • EC8CH

        If that home button isn’t looking so bad now… try slapping a VZW logo on it.

        • BIG CAT #7

          Not that big of a deal to me.. They have to brand it somewhere. As long as it doesn’t cover the screen I won’t be upset. Doesn’t make the phone operate any differently.

          • LegalAmerican

            Just wait til they have to tattoo their brand on your face.
            “Not that big of a deal to me.. They have to brand me somewhere. As long as it doesn’t cover my eyes I won’t be upset. Doesn’t make me operate any differently.”
            All true, but it still looks freaking stupid compared to the Note on any other carrier. All 4 sitting side by side, Verizon I would choose last. Let’s not stick up for those who are pulverizing us.

          • Joe


          • kidtronic

            They already did brand it on the back, and that logo is already comically large. Putting your logo on a home button is the equivalent of a dog pissing on a tree to mark its territory. Verizon pissed all over your tree.

      • Diablo81588

        Its still ugly and unnecessary. If only Samsung would stop being such a copycat…

        • LegalAmerican

          Seriously. I’m so tired of them copying all the other Note taking devices out there that have large screen real estate and dominate the market. There’s so many of them and Samsung just copies all of their ideas. What with the Smart Stay, Motion, Magic Wand hovering, wacam digitizers, etc…. When will the madness end!?

          • Diablo81588

            That’s funny, I didn’t know the note was Samsung’s only product. I’m glad you see the big picture. For the record, the copycat home button is also featured on the note devices..

          • LegalAmerican

            If I remember right, pretty much all phones had buttons on the front up until about 18 months ago. And i’m quite certain of of those was a home button. Way to see the big picture though. I didn’t know the home button was the only button on a samsung device. I’m glad YOU see the big picture too. I guess we agree! Also, I mentioned about 4 other things other than the Note that Samsung innovated. Try to set aside your illogical hate for the good of the group conversation?

          • Diablo81588

            The point is not that it has a home button, its the specific placement of that button and the fact that its the ONLY physical navigation button. If you truly believe that Samsung didn’t purposely place that button similar to the iPhone, you’re a fool and a fanboy. The placement was intentional to try and attract iPhone users and make it more familiar for them. It was a direct copy of the iPhone.

          • zurginator

            I guess Samsung copied that on the F700 too? And LG on the Prada?

      • Rodeojones000

        Oh, it still looks bad.

    • j973

      No Thanks I like being able to have Reception.

  • Thomas

    Well, looks like the S4 is going to be my next phone after all.

  • Typical hyperbeasting. People just set themselves up for disappointment.

  • Nick Norman

    Tears of sadness have fallen atop my office desktop!

    A few minutes later….
    The GSIV better be outrageously awesome!!

    • Tim242

      I’m hoping the metallic invitation means something!

  • NexusPhan69

    I blame the commenter from the Galaxy Nexus LTE update article that asked where the X-Phone rumor was this week.

    • TheWenger


  • There’s always Sony… πŸ˜‰

  • Warwick

    Cant new Moto just drop all that non “wow” stuff out since its Sanjay’s 18 months of non “wow”?

  • Droid 5? Droid X4? Atrix 4? Photon 3? Droid Razr 3? Droid Pro 2?

    • Warwick

      Forgot the Bionic 2.

      • Eric Richardson

        Also, you need to add a few Maxx and HD versions.

        Droid X4 Maxx HD? NBT.

        • Warwick

          Droid XRAZR Pro Maxx HD+

          • Diablo81588

            Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch…. and I’m not exaggerating with that one.

          • Droid 5 is going to be the Droid Razr Q. My bad! lol

      • the way the Bionic was neglected i figured theyd neglect to give it a line

  • Aaron

    Well that’s no good.

  • beng8686

    The Nexus 4 isn’t really a “wow” factor to me. IMO, LG makes some pretty crappy products. I would buy a recent moto again and again before the 4.

    • Drome

      then you clearly have never owned the nexus 4

      • beng8686

        Clearly. Ya think? I’ve had enough hands on time with it though to voice my opinion.

        • Drome

          well if you think that the recent moto phones are better than the nexus 4 then you should probably get your head examined. The company that owns moto and makes android (which you are clearly a fan of since you are posting here) just said they lack their own product lacks the wow factor. Couldn’t agree more. They hit the market late with barely competitive specs, a non value add skin, locked bootloader and outdated OS version and $300 on 2 yr contract price tag. The ONLY thing I will give it the Maxx battery. The old adage of “moto has the best radios” doesn’t hold water to me as the nexus 4 has amazing call quality and reception. The G nex on the other hand….

          • MooleyBooleyTroll

            I owned the Razr Maxx HD and sold it to get the Nexus 4.. While I do like the N4, I regret ditching my HD for it. Moto makes a much better device.

          • Drome

            based on what? it definitely isn’t the processor, RAM, screen, OS version, locked bootloader, form factor, developer commuity or resale value. Or as I stated before radio quality.

          • MooleyBooleyTroll

            I resold my Maxx HD for $550.00 so resale was almost double what I paid for the N4. Software version.. Really?? It’s not all about unlocked bootloaders and aosp. The software on the HD was less buggy than what I have used on the Nexus 4 so far. Proc/Ram yes the N4 has the advantage but Proc/Ram don’t make a device. HD had a much better build quality in my eyes and the radio much better than what this N4 has. As I said before, I do like the N4, I just don’t think it is as good as the HD.

        • Joe

          Yes, you must bow to emperor Google and anything branded with the nexus name. I don’t care if you don’t think it’s that great of a phone, just do it, okay?

          • beng8686

            I think that’s more of an iReference.

    • Droidzilla

      Having owned a fairly recent Moto (which I loved) and now the Nexus 4, I’ll say I completely disagree with you. Nexus 4 is the best Android device I’ve ever owned; heck, ever even used. Google and LG got it very right with this device.

      • beng8686

        I currently own the Gnex and aside from the battery drain issues I think Google got it right with this phone. My reasoning being for starters it doesn’t have a glass back and has USB host compatibility (which is a biggy for me). Did I mention availability too?

        • Droidzilla

          Looks like the Nexus 4 is not the phone for you, but your qualms sound fairly user specific. For the majority of people out there, it’s a great device. Kind of what every review out there from a credible source has said.

          • beng8686

            I will agree with you there. It’s strictly opinion and my personal preference. It also was a low blow when Google said they didn’t want to make a Verizon version of the 4 because of past “bad experiences”. I don’t consider my VW Gnex a bad experience at all.

          • Droidzilla

            You may not because it’s still a stellar phone (my sister has a VZW GNex; awesome phone). But as far as the stock “Nexus Experience” is concerned, it was not at all what Google wants a Nexus device to be; and that was purely Verizon’s fault. They can bully OEMs due to the proprietary nature of CDMA.

            Doesn’t make it at all a bad phone (in truth, it’s a great phone), but it does essentially make Google’s Verizon Nexus experiment a failure. I’m glad they bought Motorola because now we might see semi-Google phones that can be on all carriers, but the Nexus brand will be untarnished.

    • dannyWHITE

      You obviously never had a “hands on” with the LG Optimus G. By far a more superior device then anything Motorola has put out.

      • LionStone

        I have…that thing is nice!

  • Austin00

    I feel thats something a CFO should not be saying about his own company.

    • Austin Warren

      Won’t hurt them so it doesn’t matter.

    • Anthony Montero

      CFO for google β‰  CFO for motorola

      • Greyhame

        Yes, we know, the firewall. Still, I completely agree with the point the OP was trying to make… that the CFO for Google shouldn’t be putting down a company, or its products, his company owns.

        • Warwick


        • r0lct

          I think he’s trying to make excuses for their sales. What else can he blame them on?

      • john

        He is the CFO of the parent company so it is “his own company”.

      • cphilano

        But why aren’t we appreciating the sheer honesty? Shouldn’t we be posting as consumers and not as what I would have done executives. When we give responses like these in forums and print, don’t we just give companies reason to outright lying to us and later disappoint us? We even expect and think its smart for them to lie and manipulate consumers. Isn’t there something wrong with that?

        • Tony Allen

          Maybe because we already have little to no respect for Motorola.

    • elemeno

      I wonder how much the CFO is really involved in this. He may be speaking in the present but have old information based on the most recent public statements. He might not know how much of that 18 months is in the past and how much is in the future.

    • Josh Haug

      So it’s better to lie to customers?

      • Josh Haug

        I respect him a lot more for telling the truth over other CFO that will lie to every one to move crap products.

        • Wesley Howarth

          I agree with Josh. I am a Precision Agriculture Technology consultant. Customers appreciate it much more when I tell them one of my products is not very good at something or overpriced. Now I know the customer base is a little bit different than mobile phones, but every customer deserves the same amount of respect. Anymore these days, a company/store only gets one chance at a sale. Why lie to them and risk the chance of losing the sale, or in this case the investment.

          • I hear what Austin is saying. Moto is a struggling company – the last thing an exec involved should be doing, is openly criticizing products before they are even out. Even if their new phones are really good, people are going to assume they aren’t. He essentially killed the next batch of products before we’ve even seen them.

          • “Killed” is a little extreme seeing as only tech people and not the general public will every even hear these comments and even then if they’re stinkers they’ll be DOA with the tech crowd anyway. This was all a move to lower expectations regarding what they will be delivering to keep their investors from panicking if and when their next release is a stinker.

          • breadable

            Maybe this is a move to lower expectations and calm the nerves of the investors and management of other manufacturers who may be worried about Google releasing a kick-ass Motorola phone which could eat into their market share. Could this be the filp side of the Google Samsung worries we’ve been talking about? Or maybe an attempt to boost confidence in HTC and their last chance push with the One?

            (Until the kick ass X-phone is released)

          • michael arazan

            If I had the money too, I would invest in Motorola right now, even if the next phone is a guaranteed flop. With Google at the helm, you know they are going to put out some game changing innovation eventually. Motorola can only go up from here. Perfect time to buy low and watch it rise over the next couple years.

          • Tony Allen

            I bet we seen another GD Xyboard thing, a refreshed M, and a new RAZR like product before we see any kind of X phone action. Not to mention all the stupid CLIQ type devices were likely to see for smaller carriers.

          • The older devices on smaller carriers are likely dirt-cheap overstock that manufacturers are trying to recoup losses on as opposed to new flagships that they want to have profits from.

          • Is noone seeing the “has” in that statement? To which point, I agree with him. The RAZR line is solid from end-to-end, but not one of those devices makes you go “WOW” like the N4 does. They are workhorses, not supermodels with advanced physics degrees like the S3 and One X.

            I choose to put more faith in what the VP of Products at Motorola (Vic Gundotra) has to say rather than the CFO at Google. One of these people is slightly better informed than the other.

    • Jake

      I get what you’re saying. I think he was (unsuccessfully) trying to quietly hint that what they have coming after the current crop of devices will definitely have the “wow” factor. Unfortunately, his choice of words sounded more negative (or the isolated quote made it appear more negative out of context).

    • Pedro

      He still has to answer questions at a quarterly earnings report. He’s not allowed to blow smoke for three months and then tell the truth.

      There are laws with potential jailtime to prevent it.

  • zepfloyd


  • zurginator

    I’m not surprised — I believe the Atrix had a 4 or 5 year lead time on it. When a manufacturer is in tight with a carrier, their build plan is detailed quite far in advance.

    • JoshGroff

      That phone was awesome!

  • moelsen8

    should’ve dumped the 18 months of products when they took over. how many more razrs do we have to go through..

    • Jeff

      Exactly cut your losses…The phone in the pipe line will sell for less than it cost to make them….

      • DaveIsAwesome

        Wait what? So they’re just supposed to go 18 months selling no phones? And that’s supposed to make them more money? Am I missing something?

        • Sean Quinlan

          I’m with “moelsen8”, he clearly has stronger business acumen than the corporate officers at Google, what have they ever done? Throwing away a year and a half worth of product makes sense if you don’t think about it.

    • Dre

      I don’t think it would have made financial sense. Those 18 months of product most likely have even more months of R&D budget behind them. Dumping all that product and R&D would mean starting from scratch, meaning a significant amount of time with no product out, and a huge loss of R&D.

      • I disagree. It takes about 3-4 years for a completely new car to be created from design to fabrication. A phone is far less complex. There can’t be that much R&D behind it.

        • Greyhame

          Well, yes. And no. As much research that goes into phones, I agree, cars require more. But I think the auto industry pushes harder (no real evidence besides discussions with those who’ve worked on the inside). But R&D needs to happen before the 18 months of production, so I think that is what he was referring to.

        • zurginator

          When carriers are involved (like with moto) it can be a very, very long time. I believe the Atrix had a 4 year lead time.

          Now when you have sequels that can be squished down considerably, since you’re dealing with refinements, not a new product. However a Google phone would be a scratch build, so this wouldn’t be the case.

    • Joshua Rossi

      how many Iphones have they gone through, just proves people buy stuff as long as it’s shiny “new”

    • r0lct

      Most likely they still had some contractual obligations to deliver on phones. Plus no one wants to take over a company and then go 18 months (or even 12 months) without releasing a product, that would be suicide.

      • Greyhame

        Excellent logic, that. And also the excuse for poor sales as the basis for his comments. Good interneting sir.

      • zepfloyd

        This is exactly why. You can also add you’re not going to idle all these employees you will need in a few months when the ‘real’ products come along. You’ve already sunk the cost of R&D, you might as well sell SOMETHING. I’m sure Moto has cancelled a ton of devices on the backend of the pipeline.

      • Can you say RIM, err BlackBerry or whatever. I just call them DOA

    • RadicalPie

      Exactly. If they could pair with Asus and make the nexus 7 in 6 months why can’t the do the same with Motorola a company they OWN. Makes little to no sense to blame this on the previous Motorola pipeline.

      • reggie1225

        Odds are the deal with Asus (along with R&D) was in the making a lot longer than the 6 months between I/O and release.

      • zurginator

        Asus showed off their 7″ tablet a full year before Google picked it up as a Nexus. It was probably under R&D for a year before that showing.

  • Naga Appani

    Let’s hope this guy does not know anything as there is a firewall between Moto & Android team… Let’s really hope, otherwise, I will be sold broken heart!!!!!!

    • Makes you wonder how there could be a “X” phone if there is this firewall then..

  • Dave

    Samsung must be smiling cheek to cheek right now…..

  • sc4fpse

    Even now that you’re gone, Sanjay Jha, I still hate you with a fiery passion.

    • New_Guy

      That was weird…..it was like you were inside of my head, stealing my thoughts…


    • Smart_WARS

      THIS statement is made by Google-Motorola to to clear SAMSUNG Galaxy S4 wow-launch from Motorola Xphone wow-rumors.

      18 month cycle is incredible BS. Inadequate to the current industry speeds.

      Motorola Xphone: May-June 2013.

      • brando56894

        That’s just what I was thinking. The smash your hopes and dreams by saying “you’re not going to see anything amazing from Moto for a while” and then everyone forgets about it and at I/O they come out and announce something that will give everyone a giant nerdboner and make us poop our pants.

    • Marcus Schoen

      Leave it to Jha to spark controversy, even after hes been booted.

    • cb2000a

      Just remember the OG and what a revolution it sparked….he went downhill from there.

    • Sean Quinlan

      Want another reason to hate him? He got $65 million when Google bought Motorola ($13.20 million in cash and $52.5 million for his stock options and shares).

      • brando56894

        That’s a pretty nice severance package.

  • Silver Veloz

    Here we go Motorola. Hmmm – makes me think of Droid Bionic.

  • Silver Veloz

    Here we go Motorola. Hmmm – makes me think of Droid Bionic.

  • marcowhereru

    It’s a shame, I was really hoping for the X Phone to compete with the Galaxy S IV.

  • marcowhereru

    It’s a shame, I was really hoping for the X Phone to compete with the Galaxy S IV.

  • kidtronic

    Bionic, you have some ‘splaining to do!

    • T4rd

      Holy crap dude, I was just trying to post that EXACT same comment verbatim just now, lol. Disqus messed up and wouldn’t post it for some reason, so I refreshed and saw this, haha.. nice.

      Upvote this so he sees it and confesses to his lying! =p

      • JoshGroff

        Just because they still have the old pipeline of crap to go through does not mean they’re not also working on the X Phone. I have full faith that we’ll see it in time for the holidays, and if not, I’ll be ETF free come Q1 2014.

    • ToddAwesome

      Bionic knows all!

    • Bionic

      Already done

  • kidtronic

    Bionic, you have some ‘splaining to do!

  • Greg Morgan

    So i guess a lot of people will by buying the S4 now…

  • Greg Morgan

    So i guess a lot of people will by buying the S4 now…

    • LegalAmerican

      A lot of people would have bought it anyway. And for good reason if Samsung doesn’t rest on their laurels. Yet again, a company screws the pooch and people will hate Samsung for it as though Samsung is supposed to lower their standards for everyone else to catch up.

    • Rodeojones000

      I’ll still wait. I’d rather have my Galaxy Nexus the the upcoming S4.

  • Droidzilla

    Motorola doesn’t necessarily make bad phones; they just had stupid policies. I really liked my Droid RAZR, but I didn’t like that it was locked down and not on a great update path. If Google fixes that, I don’t see why Motorola phones wouldn’t be just as good as Samsung phones. Still, I’m itching to see what they build under the full Google influence!

  • Droidzilla

    Motorola doesn’t necessarily make bad phones; they just had stupid policies. I really liked my Droid RAZR, but I didn’t like that it was locked down and not on a great update path. If Google fixes that, I don’t see why Motorola phones wouldn’t be just as good as Samsung phones. Still, I’m itching to see what they build under the full Google influence!

  • And there goes Motohope 2013, the campaign is over guys. Pack your bags, we’ve been defeated by Nega-Sanjay.

  • And there goes Motohope 2013, the campaign is over guys. Pack your bags, we’ve been defeated by Nega-Sanjay.

    • droidarmy

      Motohope no more. Disappointing.