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Samsung Introduces “Wallet” Application, Looks a Lot Like Passbook for Now

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Samsung took the wraps off their newest smartphone venture that will almost undoubtedly appear as part of the Galaxy S4 launch, it’s called “Wallet.” As the name suggests, it’s a mobile wallet of sorts, though at this time it’s more like Apple’s Passbook than a mobile payment system in that it stores tickets or membership cards instead of credit cards. Samsung took the stage during their developer day at Mobile World Congress to show off the app and to welcome in developers to the API. 

At this time, the app is nothing more than a ticket and coupon card management system. If you have a flight or hotel reservation that you need to keep track of, Wallet will do that for you in a card-style view, again like Passbook. For launch, Samsung has already partnered with companies like Walgreens, MLB, Expedia, Booking.com, Hotels.com and Lufthansa.

Keep in mind that Samsung just announced a new partnership with Visa this week, which we would assume means that mobile payments are a part of the near future, likely through this app since it is called Wallet, after all. What good would a wallet be if you couldn’t use it to buy anything?

Launch is reportedly set for March 7, the week before the unveiling of the Galaxy S4.


Via:  TheNextWeb

  • crack master j

    As soon as they offer mobile payments Verizon will block it claiming that it’s not safe and direct you to the barely functioning ISIS.

  • PhillipCun

    I hope the X-Phone absolutely KILLS the S4. Google-Motorola better bring it.

  • DroidDoesnt_2

    Behavior like this, ladies and gentlemen is the number one reason why Samsung is the top Android maker. The most shameless, “me too” Apple wannabe company I’ve ever witnessed…..

  • Dorian Brooks

    Can’t you buy food out of vending machines with your cell in Japan & Korea, yet we’re STILL using CC’s? Why are we behind the curve?

    • I can at my school. but i’ve never seen creditcard + tap to pay vending machines anywhere else.
      I was actually hoping for iphone to get NFC to help NFC popularity.

      • Dorian Brooks

        I hate to admit that we may have to rely on the fruit for this to get traction.

        • I actually don’t think we NEED apple. I just think it would be the quickest way to upgrade a large number of users to NFC capable phones. Also apple would probably whore the feature out a lot bringing it more to the public’s attention. Too often im asked “what IS nfc?” or how it works.
          I think if all almost all new android phones came standard NFC it would be just effective.

  • Austin Warren

    In b 4 people bit*h and complain about bullsh*t

    • it’s tough to make that literary device work when you’re the one propagating the complaining.

      • Tony Allen

        It also helps to be first.

  • r0lct

    As a Samsung Note 2 owner I have to say one of the hardest parts about pulling the trigger was how much Sammy has ripped off Apple. I’m not saying the ripped everything off, but they surely did a lot.
    Hopefully Verizon and Google will make up and my phones going forward will be Nexus only.

    • Tony Allen

      Having owned/played with/used extensively various iOS devices and Android devices, and being a Note 2 owner.. I can’t honestly say that I feel like anything about my device is Appley.

      • r0lct

        I’m not saying the phone is a copy. I just mean is tough supporting a international company ripping of a USA one so much.

  • bananatroll

    this company is absolutely shameless… I no longer purchase samsung products, these guys will be worse than microsoft within a year or so – the difference being they innovate nothing, and copy/emulate/troll everything. Google is right to keep an eye on them.

    • S2556

      there is a million different companies trying to make wallet apps. I honestly would be supprised if samsung didn’t make their own. I mean who really expected them to launch google wallet? However, if the GS4 is as open as the GS3 then that wont be a problem because we could just side load google wallet

  • cancerous_it

    Samsung’s aping of Apple is getting seriously out of hand. They remind me of the movie Single White Female. Enough already. Android is head and shoulders better than IOS. Quit trying to be Apple, you douchebags.

  • WickedToby741

    I think Google has reason for concern regarding Samsung. Sure, as of now they’re primarily only aping Apple products and services (Siri, Passbook, etc.), but what if they decide like Apple and Nokia they want to launch their own Maps competitor? Or go the route of Amazon and launch their own Galaxy App Store? While they may pale in comparison to the official Google alternatives, it still represents an incredible threat. They don’t even have to leave Android for them to be a legitimate threat to Google.

    • Dave

      what if they just bailed on Android? And made their own custom operating system, they have so many followers that would probably just go with it. That would hurt.

      • Tony Allen

        I don’t know why people can’t comprehend the idea that forking away from Android altogether would hurt their brand so much, that their smartphone market would creel over itself within a year of new non-Android Galaxy products.

  • Ryan Milton

    I’d like to have ANY stupid payment system on the superphones that I have. As long as it’s secure, can load my CCDs, and is well designed. Should it take 3-4 years to produce that? Look at Google Voice! Great product, use it all the time. HOWEVER, no MMS integration, in fact, not even stock, and beyond that, no SMS-style groups. Same with Gtalk. As I said, at least Samsung is capitalizing on what people want.

  • Ryan Milton

    At least Samsung is moving on applications that Google tells us about, but gets around to so slowly that it hurts.

    • Tony Allen

      Every NFC equipped Android device in the US would have Google Wallet if carriers hadn’t gotten in the way. Don’t blame that on Google, not for a minute.

  • Finire

    Samsung: Making the X Phone even more promising every day.

  • Manny

    Wow how low will Samsung go? They should move their headquarters across from apple.

  • jeff3yan

    Would prefer Google Wallet, although this isn’t unexpected.

  • DanWazz

    Samsung: making the Apple Maps equivalent for all Google services and applications.

    • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

      Dont get me wrong I love Samsung and all but if you look up KIRF in the dictionary it redirects you to Samsung

  • nightscout13

    Google Wallet or GTFO

    • Tim242

      Google Wallet is dead. Get used to it or GTFO

      • nightscout13

        It’s still alive and kicking, in case you were not aware. T-Mobile and Sprint customers still get to use it.

        • MikeKorby

          And some of us Verizon users on the side. And yeah its awesome.

  • Damian

    Still would rather have Google Wallet…….