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HTC One to be the Only “One” We See From Them This Year

HTC One header

In a recent discussion at MWC, the head of HTC UK disclosed to the press that the manufacturer’s One device, will be their only flagship device this year. To help with marketing strategies that are now in place and with efforts focused on bringing the same unit to as many carriers throughout the world as possible, this is exactly what HTC has been needing – a top dog device, with massive marketing efforts put behind it in order to compete with Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S4 and the mysterious Motorola X phone

Of course, HTC has other devices coming for their mid-range line and Windows partnership, but in terms of Android, this is “the One.” We should also point out that for Verizon, HTC does have another device codenamed the DLXPLUS that we should be seeing sometime soon. No word yet on if it’s a One branded to be a DROID though or a separate device altogether.

The year of 2013 is really shaping up to be the best year for Android. We have our top OEM’s firing on all cylinders in terms of hardware and software, plus with each one of them competing with each other to bring the best devices forward, the true winners are us, the consumers.

Via: Omio

  • andreww3834

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  • Amenemhat1

    this is great news, maybe I’ll retire my G-NEX when some of these top of the line phones drop in price or their stellar specs become the norm

  • everettedl

    Yes! This is exactly what they need to do!!! One flagship every year!! Finally!!!!

  • Tech Pro

    How about DLXPLUS? Unless DLXPLUS is terminated, HTC should not promise something they can’t keep.

  • Nick Norman

    When will it be on Verizon?

  • Robocop

    All of you people arguing about how data fees are expensive must not have anything better to talk about…they arent going away anytime soon. I used 9.2GB of data one month, switched to wifi and used 1.5 the next month…people say “well if I pay for data im using as much as I can”, well you also pay for that wifi…just turn ur damn phones to it and stop bitching about data…ya 50 bucks for 1GB is insane but you will still buy the phones. If it bothers you that much stop getting smartphones and just get one of the many amazing wifi only tablets….I remember the days when I was the only one of my friends to have a camera on my flip phone…we didnt complain about data back then…and we actually hung out with friends, not met up with them while texting other friends.

    • JoshGroff

      This^ I use under 1GB of my data per month, but in the past 4 days I used 8GB of data through WiFi. It’s not that I don’t use the data, but that I use WiFi as much as possible and save my data for when I’m out and about and need to do navigation or price match something.

    • Jay


  • Jay

    I feel so bad for HTC. They are such a great company and make sick phones but they are shooting themselves in the foot I think. This phone in no way can compete with the Note2. On top of the fact that most people have already used their upgrades to get the Note2, HTC will have such a tough time selling this phone. Which in turn will put them in a hole like it did last year.

    • I don’t think this phone is competing with the Note 2. Also while the Note 2 will sell, it’s still a pretty niche item in my opinion. The only people who buy it where I work are people who come in specifically for it. It’s hard to sell such a massive device to your average consumer.

      • Jay

        Haha tell that to the 40 people that I know that just picked it up the note2. They never heard of the phone until they saw it and it’s features. Massive in size? They loved the fact that it had a huge screen. Compared to their crap iphones this is heaven for them. HTC came out with the flyer last year that I figured would compete with the note line but they ditched it because they thought people would not use it. Big mistake.

    • LionStone

      Or one can easily say, the Note 2 in no way can compete with the One…or DNA for that matter.

  • bionicwaffle

    That’s great but it’s too bad it will not be on Verizon. The DNA would be fine if it had the 2300mAh battery of the One but at 500mAh less that’s just small these days. People do more with their smartphones and we expect them to last longer. Of course a MicroSD slot would help too.

    • JoshGroff

      I thought the DNA was 2050mAh? And the SD slot is why I returned mine for a MAXX HD, then again the 6+ hours of on screen time is always a plus. 😉

      • bionicwaffle

        Oh man, you’re right. I’m not sure what I was thinking. I was probably confusing the DNA with the One X. Still 300mAh more is significant – 15%. I’m glad they made the battery a little larger on the One. I think shrinking the screen a little may have even been smart as well. It’s too bad it’s not on verizon though. I have the Maxx HD and am glad I went for battery life. It’s been a great phone!

  • Bryan Ivie

    Every carrier but the biggest one, right? not the best plan. If vzw isn’t included, the phone generally can’t become a universal success.

    • JoshGroff

      Tell that to the GS2…

  • cooldoods

    What do they do for an encore? HTC One 2? Rather awkward

  • Bionic

    This will be the 3rd best phone of the year.

    1. X phone
    2. S4
    3. ONE

    • Tim242

      What? You mean you’ve seen the other 2 to compare?

      • Bionic

        Just my opinion

        • Tim242

          My point is that you have no basis for that opinion. You haven’t seen as much as a leaked render for the other two. The specs will prob all be the same.

          • Austin Warren

            We all know they won’t have a terrible battery or skin like the One.

          • SemahjLam

            but sense is not that bad? i have had sense and touchwiz and i can tell you most of touchwiz is a damn gimmick and honestly the battery isnt that better on my gs3 all the battery life on phones are terrible

          • Tim242

            At least TW keeps a lot of the JB look. Sense still looks like GB.

          • SemahjLam

            what lol your point is mute thats completely personal prefs the average consumer could careless

          • Tim242

            Mute = Moot. Could care less = couldn’t care less. OK, now that I’ve corrected your grammar and spelling, I’ll address your comment Your opinion is personal preference as well. I hate to break it to you, but the “gimmicks” you refer to in TW is what average consumers care about. I should know, I once worked in a Sprint store.

          • SemahjLam

            Ok from now on I’ll approach this argument with semi proper grammar mostly because its the internet and I really don’t care but you’re sir are semi right about that but out of all the features included with touchwiz its fun the first day to show off to friends after that….no one uses it. I’ve seen this happen countless times with tons of products not just touchwiz after awhile people realize how much less efficient it is to do all the flashy stuff

          • JoshGroff

            Take a phone
            Slap in a huge battery (MAXX HD)

          • cancerous_it

            are you the programmer for flipboard?

          • Austin Warren

            Touchwiz is the best out of anything except stock. I use S beam all the time, a lot of software is terrible I know, but I like a lot of it. If anything, if you don’t like a certain skin, root and put a custom rom on. Isn’t that complicated.

          • JoshGroff

            Have you seen new Blur? It’s lightly themed stock with a few small mods. I’d put it as second with Touchwiz in third, but that’s just me.

          • He bought the Bionic, that’s all you need to know.

  • Tim242

    That white one looks awful. Why does HTC insist on using a black border around their displays?

    • Simply to help mentally with contrast. Just one big slab of dark beauty. If the whole device was black then I’m gonna need more tissues.

      • Tim242

        Contrast what? A black border around a black display makes no sense.

  • Ibrick

    I hope HTC does it right with the marketing.

    Really getting sick of Samsung personally.

    • Austin Warren

      Because Samsung makes better phones?

      • Micheal White

        I would kill for a Samsung made out of something more durable. Here’s hoping HTC’s new phone or the Moto X Phone or the Next Nexus are winners.

  • dylan84

    Definitely good news. Hopefully HTC sticks to pushing this one device as hard as possible all year, like Samsung does.

  • ßen Murphy

    Well, I guess this isn’t the One for me.

  • devi8

    I’ll keep my nexus 4 on straight talk with my work provided 4g mifi

    • Turb0wned

      Thats great, go post in a Nexus 4 forum.

    • Tim242

      Enjoy your severely limited data plan.

  • Warwick

    Then they are gonna pull something different, name their identical phone the TWO!

    • Tim242

      I’m wondering what the next one phone will be called. HTC ONE 2, or HTC TWO? They made a stupid mistake with the name.

      • NicholasMicallef

        I think they might be going with “HTC ONE” no matter which generation, just like most apple products…

        • Tim242

          Huh? Apple never just releases an Apple iPhone. The latest is the iPhone 5. HTC cannot release the next version as just the HTC One. There would be no way to identify it.

          • NicholasMicallef

            I’m talking about everything but the iPhone actually xD. many people expected them to go with just “iPhone” (like they did with the iPad) until they released the invitations with a big 5 on them. Back to the ONE, I think that’s the only strategy that makes sense considering how they removed all letters after the one… guess we’ll have to wait and see, HTC have never been good with names xD.

  • turb0wned

    This is great news. Only one problem… Marketing should have already started.. We should already turn on our TV’S and see commercials for this phone. Get everyone hyped for it. 99% of regular people that aren’t on the forums don’t know anything about this phone.

    • StoneColdCarl

      Agree 100%. HTC even knows that marketing was one of the top reasons the HTC One X didn’t do so well last year. I really hope they don’t make the same mistake again.
      The problem is also the commercial itself. Don’t make it like the past Droid ones where people don’t care. Give it some humor. Give it some controversy. Give it a reason people will talk about it.

    • George264

      I posted some pics on Instagram from the event and when I went back to school, everyone asked me what the event was on. a bunch of people didn’t know what HTC was, 2 of them hated HTC, one from the Freestyle(lord) and the other Thunderbolt(lord). A ton of them knew what HTC was, surprisingly from the Rezound and One X. 0 of them knew what phone came out. Even the geeky kids. I definitely think ads should be all over right now. Billboards, buses, online, TV, just go full out. Samsung used to be famous for feature phones. Now when people buy a phone, it’s either iPhone or Galaxy. Android=Galaxy in people’s minds. People remember the slogan “The next big thing”. HTC has to step up their marketing, right now.

  • Christopher Grame

    It’s sad cause I don’t think I will ever be able to go back to a skinned device after the galaxy nexus but if I did…it sure as hell wouldn’t be sense

    • George264

      You honestly haven’t tried the new Sense, it sure is a buttload different from stock, but damn it gives Android some character. Stock android to me has the holo effects which reminds of Tron all the time. But Sense gives it one of those NYC buildings with glass all over and metal and overall very elegant and modern. Touchwiz just gives this tacky bubbly feeling, and my friends who have GSIII and are in performing art talents which means they have no idea how most of Android works, downloaded a launcher. Fascinating.

      • kidtronic

        Is the word you’re thinking of Art Deco?

      • Tim242

        It looks like Gingerbread aka Android 2.3. We’re on 4.2.2.

    • nhizzat

      It was easy to go to a skinned device thanks to how poorly the Galaxy Nexus performs.

      • flosserelli

        I’m not sure if you are trolling or just talking out of your ass.

      • trwb

        That’s because they put a crappy processor, cheap screen and other cheap parts in the Galaxy Nexus. My Asus Nexus 7 is a lot better all around. I liked my Galaxy Nexus but it had a lot of down falls.

    • Tim242

      Agreed. I tried the DNA. My first thought was, “Is this thing running Gingerbread?”

      • LionStone

        Hehe…Tim you crack me up! 🙂

  • True winners are the carriers. Hoping more people upgrade, take away their unlimited data, and charge you more!

    • angermeans

      I understand where your coming from, but the carriers couldn’t sustain everyone having unlimited forever. I don’t know how you use your phone, but I don’t use the massive amount of data I used to as I have other devices and my phone isn’t my PC. I am willing to bet that of the 5% of the “power users” (which by the way use more than 90% of all the data) use their phones as hotspots and such powering everything and more than likely aren’t paying for the service. It was things like this that brought us to where we are at least a little. Spectrum is not a renewing resource and they have to protect the integrity of the network. I used to share in your opinion and in no way am I saying that you fit into this category, but I think Verizon has done a great job with their LTE network roll out and with greater speeds comes a lot more usage. If they have to remove unlimited to protect the network and give us a reliable service I can trust then so be it. Plus it’s not like they don’t offer plans that can cover even huge data users with these new plans.

      • hkklife

        The tiered & especially their shared plans are exhorbitantly priced for how much data you actually get. My point is, VZW should NEVER have grandfathered the first 15 months of LTE users into unlimited contracts. Tiered data plans should’ve launched day and date with the Thunderbolt.

        or, better yet, the unlimited option should have been maintained but at a higher monthly charge ($60 vs $50 would be fair) and include free wi-fi hotspot etc.

        • angermeans

          I agree, but they was left with a problem. They had millions on their 3G CDMA platform and a brand spanking new LTE network. The smartphone boom left all the American carriers scrambling and to Verizon offering 18 months for people to move over was a good option as it got people over and alleviated the network strain they had in CDMA.

          The fact is there was a bottle neck available with 3G as it wasn’t really fast enough to do some real damage to the network. LTE is the complete opposite. They had to stop the bleeding or the entire network would feel the strain. I won’t sit here and tell you I always agree with Verizon’s (or any other network provider for that matter) pricing and yes they are a company just like any other that is out to make money and to make revenue for their share holders. It’s silly to think anything otherwise. Every company that deals with selling anything to do with the Internet arguably charges too much, but that doesn’t mean we should all just use data til there is no more either. Verizon made the right choices in ditching the unlimited option as number one for them is protecting their revenue. If they allowed for unlimited and didn’t care about the overall network we would all be shouting at them for having a poor network (look at AT&T over the years). Sure there was growing pains, but we all know that a good reason this happened was for the 5% that used more than 90% of all the data used. Just because we might not agree with the price doesn’t mean we should all take advantage (I know your not saying that in the slightest). Like I said it sucked for awhile as I used my phone for everything, but I just had to use my phone in other ways and knowing I have great service to fall back on is great. It’s easy to call the wireless companies the bad guy or they are charging too much, but like I said above every company could be looked at the same way. If we don’t like it then we are free to not own data hungry devices or ditch the smartphones for feature phones.

          • Verizon made it a requirement that all customers purchasing smartphones upgrade their plan to the Unlimited Data package. (This is back when it was just the Motorola Droid, the HTC Eris, and Blackberries).

            At the time, Verizon was probably making a killing off of people going over their anytime minutes for each month. Fast-forward a couple years, and people don’t talk nearly as much, so Verizon is not making as much money off of people going over their limits. So, they switched data & phone use plans…. anytime minutes for talking are unlimited now, and data is tiered.

            It’s just Verizon being greedy, plain & simple.

      • I don’t tether and use 6-10GB a month.

        • Stevedub40

          I’m in the same boat. Usually around 6GB or so.

        • Big_EZ

          That’s my average as well, but I have gone as high as 16 gb. It might run a little high this month because a lot of my downloads won’t complete on Verizon’s 3g or 4g, I downloaded a 895mb rom 6 times on 4g but it hung up at 895mb and said unsuccessful. Got home on wifi and it finished the first time, I often have this problem on Verizon’s Network.

          • michael arazan

            Without unlimited Data, I could nbot Load HD videos from my camera phone to my Drive account, 1080 HD eats a lot of memory up and I usually upload after i shoot video to free space on my phone.

      • kixofmyg0t

        I used 39GB last month. Not a single byte of that was from any “hotspot” or tethering of any kind.

        In fact the only device I have that isn’t connected to my home Wifi is the very device I’m speaking of and typing this on….my phone.

        So much for your theory.

        • j__h

          Instead of saying what you are not using the data for what are you using it for?

          • kixofmyg0t

            YouTube, Reddit, Tunein Radio mostly.

            19GB of my 39GB was YouTube alone.

            “Android OS” used 5.76GB during that time too.

            EDIT : I’m 5 days into my billing cycle and at 9.78GB as I type this.

          • j__h

            Wait: “In fact the only device I have that isn’t connected to my home Wifi is the very device”
            Why would you not just use Wifi?

          • kixofmyg0t

            Because I don’t really need to. I only have a 20Mbps line at home and my LTE speeds are faster than that. It’s not like I have to worry about my battery life with the MAXX HD either.

            I pay $30 a month just for this lines data, I’m gonna use it. I have plenty of other things that never leave the house so they can stay on Wifi.

          • j__h

            This is why we cannot have nice things.

          • kixofmyg0t

            What nice things can we not have because I watch YouTube on my phone?

          • Unlimited data for upgrades. People like you ruin it for us all.

          • kixofmyg0t

            Ahh gotcha. It has nothing to do with Verizon being money hungry ass hats.

            Verizon claimed that “most” users only use around 4GB….so if most users only use so much then why take away the ability to use more? Why not make more money of course!

            Welp since it’s my fault and all, next time I’m in Verizon HQ I’ll be sure to let them know that they should quit making the records profits because Jason Bitter said so.

            That should fix everything yeah?

            Btw before I typed this I watched a YouTube video about Heart of the Swarm in case you werewwondering. A whole 2 minute video, just “clogging up the tubes” for you. You’re welcome.

          • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

            Well if people all had the same attitude as you then they could never uncap it. People would just use data to use it even when around wifi. If 20 down isnt enough for youto do things on your phone something is wrong

          • kixofmyg0t

            That’s the thing, I’m not around Wifi. I don’t work anywhere near a Wifi signal.

            I have roommates so that 20Mbps is really maybe 5-6Mbps. That’s a lot slower than the 28+Mbps I get through LTE. When I’m home I use my tablet mostly.

            Everybody is freaking out like I’m maniacally laughing while hitting a download button and trying to watch everyone else’s connection slow down. Seriously I just watch YouTube during lunch and browse Reddit, and stream my hometown radio station on my drive to and from work.

            Is it REALLY that big of a deal?

          • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

            You can do whatever you want with your plan, you just make it seem like you refuse to use wifi on the sole basis that your lte speeds are faster. You said you had 20mbps which is pretty decent speed, you failed to mention what strain you were causing to your home network even though I doubt it drops your speed that far which would bring me to another point. If there was unlimited data and people were consuming data at the same rate you are or higher wouldnt that strain slow the network like it does at your house. It would take more people on a big wireless network but it would happen for sure. I know Ive seen all these comments about how verizon lte was so much better before so many people started using it.

          • Andrey Feldman

            The man pays for it and he has the right to use it. He’s not cheating the system or anything. Quit making an ass of yourself… Maybe his use of the network will help push Verizon to build a faster, more efficient network.

          • kixofmyg0t

            See my think about this reply above.

            I’m not screwing anybody out of anything retard.

          • j__h

            Ah, to name calling now! Well here it is,

            Sorry you do not seem to possess the cognitive ability to understand the situation. You using 39 GB put a strain on the system, people doing this in mass create a situation that is not sustainable for the network providers and also saps bandwidth from other users who are not abusing the system. This case is especially inane due to the fact that you have fast wifi when you use most of the data and could easily use it with no noticeable affect to you video viewing. It is like you are proud of your high usage as getting back at the carrier when you are also hurting other fellow subscribers. So yes you are screwing over your fellow network subscribers without any real justification above vengeance.

          • frhoward

            This statement is one of the dumbest statements I have seen. So you are mad with this guy because he uses his resources as he feels sufficient. You are telling this person to not use that much data in order for other people to enjoy such unlimited or cheaply priced services. Saying that is like me telling you not to drive your car all of the time, if you can ride the bus or train or taxi in order to limit the amount of gas you consume, so that the supply does not decrease thus raising the price of gasoline. LMAO, if you have it and pay for it why not use it as you please.

          • j__h

            You miss the point. This type of attitude is depressing… it really is the type of thinking that permits actions that make society worse than it should be running in a inefficient manner, and you do not even realize it.

            It is akin to the tragedy of the commons

          • Dylan Patel

            That is what people did when they tethered, They used stupid amounts of data through streaming videos.

          • Tim242

            How many people do you think tether? Most people don’t even know what it means.

          • zionlion

            Bout time. It’s the 1% argument again. Half the stuff we argue about doesnt even apply to most users.

          • Tim242

            My phone usage has not changed at all since getting LTE. However, my usage shows I went from an average of 5-7 GB on 3G, to 14-20 on 4G. Makes no sense.

          • kixofmyg0t

            Measured by what? Android or your carrier? I gauge usage by Android.

            My usage went up when I got LTE too.

          • Tim242

            Measured by my usage. I browse the same websites. I watch the same amount of YouTube, which is very little. I don’t watch Netflix or Hulu. I stream Slacker 3-4 times per week, 1 hour max each time. I do not tether. I do not torrent. The only thing I do more of, is stream a few more podcasts per week. That should not take me from 7 GB max, to 20 max. There’s something fishy…and I don’t like fish.

          • kixofmyg0t

            I watch maybe like 20 minutes of YouTube during lunch. I stream a 48Kbps Tunein Radio stream for maybe a hour total a day, but as much as 12 hours a month. I drive 6 hours to and from Tampa like once a month and I Stream 102.5 The Bone…..even that totals like 700MB max a month.

            No netflix, Hulu, Spotify or whatever else all the hip and happening kids are doing these days.

            The top 3 data hogs from my data usage are YouTube, Reddit News and “Android OS”.

          • Futbolrunner

            Im at 21GB 23 days into my monthly plan. I Youtube and read the news everyday. Every other day I use Pandora and my Google cloud based music at the gym for 2 hrs. I don’t see how it came to be so much. Oh well, I have unlimited data so I’m going to use it.

            I can’t see myself paying for a tiered data plan once the grandfathered customers are given the boot. I will have no problem looking elsewhere to pay for service that can satisfy my needs for a modest if not a very affordable price. Living in the DC area, I am sure T-Mobile’s network is well established here.

          • JoshGroff

            I’m with you there, except I’m on tiered data and the major usage (WiFi of course) comes from Netflix.

        • nhizzat

          You are an aberration, an outlier. Far from the norm.

          It makes no sense to strain mobile networks instead of upgrading your home internet speeds. But you’ll probably remain being selfish instead.

          • kixofmyg0t

            Ahhh. So it makes no sense to “strain mobile networks” you say?

            Hmm. I didn’t know that my use of the one Verizon tower we have in one city(that’s not even a “official LTE city”) in Georgia is bogging down the entire mobile network of the United States.

            Yes *IM* being selfish because I keep one device out of 8 off Wifi. *IM* being selfish because I don’t work in a nice cozy office and am surrounded by wifi hot spots all the time. *IM* being selfish that I agreed to a contract and am paying to use the data that is agreed upon by both parties in said contract. *IM* being selfish that I already have the fastest connection my ISP offers.

            Yeah that 39GB was excessive, even for me. But it’s not like I do that every month. I’m normally in the single did get use.

            Oh wait Nvm. *IM* single handedly bringing down the Internet. Curse me and my big battery and LTE radio right?

          • Dain Laguna

            Out of curiosity, what on earth did you do to use SO much data?

          • kixofmyg0t

            I said somewhere else, but it was 19GB of YouTube(or watching 5-10 minutes a day in HQ), lots of Reddit. “Android OS” sucked up almost 6GB and I have no idea why.

          • Tim242

            They charge out of the a$$ to use a minute amount of data. They should drop prices, or not require a data plan. If they want us to use WiFi, fine. Let me use my WiFi and stop requiring a data plan.

          • kixofmyg0t

            Think about this.

            Let’s say I use 50GB for my line.

            Now let’s say 50 other people are conservative and use 1GB of data per line line in a month.

            So we’re at aremember I use as much as 50 peopleotal of 100GB of traffic for a month, still with me?

            Since you’re obviously an expert on multiplexing and understand how data gets to and from each individual phone(you are aren’t you?) and each phone takes up a slice of the band at a time, which one is the one who will “strain mobile networks”?

            One user on one line taking up that set amount of band?

            Or 50 users who all need to fit into that 20Mghz slice along with me?

            Not to mention that Verizon would make $1500 off that 50GB to the 1GB users instead of the $30 from me….. Even though we use the same amount….. No that had nothing to do with it at all.

          • Guest

            This statement is one of the dumbest statements I have seen. So you are mad with this guy because he uses his resources as he feels sufficient. You are telling this person to not use that much data in order for other people to enjoy such unlimited or cheaply priced services. Saying that is like me telling you not to drive your car all of the time, if you can ride the bus or train or taxi in order to limit the amount of gas you consume, so that the supply does not decrease thus raising the price of gasoline. LMAO, if you have it and pay for it why not use it as you please.

      • Tim242

        I wouldn’t mind being on a tiered plan. However, $50 to share 1 GB of data, plus $40 per smartphone is downright outrageous. For two phones to share 1 GB of data, they charge $130. If they want to limit me, fine. But at least give me enough to use, or have fair pricing. I bought the Note II full price to keep unlimited. That costs less than their 1GB shared plan, with overage, much less an actual usable amount of data.

        • Reginald Spence II

          This is SO true. It’s sickeningly pathetic. On AT&T under contract until November. I’m not against tiered data. But 2GB at $25? My wife and I don’t even bother getting a shared plan. We don’t even use 500MB a month. I would love to just share 2GB between us, but that’s not even an option. It’s 1GB (which we could well go over because some months we use more data than others) and then jumps all the way up to 4GB. We’d save no money with a 4GB shared plan. It’s just stupid.

          And don’t get me started on LTE. Who cares about super fast data speeds when you’re so limited? Unless you’re shelling out big bux for extra data, it’s not even worth it.

          I know StraightTalk has “unlimited with limits,” but they are starting to look better and better every day. Screw these carriers. Seems the only one worth it nowadays is T Mobile and they aren’t all that big in our area.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Time for you to give Verizon the trash bin i did it and so happy i did.

  • yeah till the one plus comes out

  • dannyWHITE

    There can only be ONE!

    • nhizzat

      Yup. One One, one One X, one One S, one One XL, one One V, one One X+, one One SV, and one One VX.

      • NicholasMicallef

        better that than One 1, One 2, One 3 xD. (not going to happen… I hope, that would be stupid)