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Sources Say Google is Worried Over Samsung’s Android Dominance

New Google Logo

This is a topic we have discussed a few times, mainly when we are speedily going back and forth on the Droid Life Show, speculating whether or not Google cares that Samsung’s success could spell trouble for them down the road. Apparently, WSJ has had a chat with some folks close to the matter, and Google is legitimately concerned over Samsung’s pure Android device marketshare domination.

Over the last year, Samsung has basically put on a clinic with how to make a smartphone go viral. In numerical speak, Samsung shipped almost 200 million more Android devices than the next leading Android OEM. Thanks to massive marketing campaigns throughout TV, print, and other forms of advertisements, the Galaxy brand is now a household name. So, what makes this a bad thing for Google? Why would Google be worried that one OEM is making them a ton of ad revenue more so than any other? 

According to sources inside Google, the search giant is worried that if it allows Samsung to grow too big, the Korean manufacturer will be able to demand more online advertising revenue that they are making for Google. As of now, that number sits around 10%, but if Samsung continues to grow that number could rise. Worst case scenario and Google can’t give them a reasonable offer, Samsung could easily pack up shop and start working on their own version of Android, much like what Amazon has with the Kindle tablets. Android makes Google money by using their services (YouTube, Google search, Google Play, etc.) and if Samsung took the Amazon route, Google would be losing a ton of revenue if they halted using those specific applications on their devices.

This is where the purchase of Motorola comes in. Google, according to the same sources, will work extremely close with Motorola to keep Samsung from getting out of hand. By creating a device, in reference to the upcoming X Phone, Google will look to steal a bit of Samsung’s thunder to make the Android OEM field a bit more fair and level for all players.

If Moto and Google can seriously deliver a home run with the new device, that would certainly be a fresh air for the eco-system.

Via: WSJ

  • jnt

    The X Phone will do *nothing* without an extremely aggressive and clever marketing push.

  • XvierX

    This is the beauty of android. Anyway you slice it we, the consumer, win when manufacturers feel they have to compete. It brings out the best in what they have to offer and better options for us. Idk, I just like the idea of Google and Motorola working together to “put Samsung in check”. To me it just means each will try harder to give the consumer what it’s asking for. Also, I agree with other comments that state that Samsung, no matter how popular they become, will not survive without a well established ecosystem of apps. Especially like youtube, google maps, and the like.

    It’s fun just sitting and watching what the next move will be. Frankly, I think it’s good that this type of competition stays within Android because for a long while the choices have been Android or iOS. I’d prefer choosing between who can do Android right and still innovate at the same time. Personally, without any real confirmed specs I want to like the rumored X phone. But only time will tell who wins my moolah.

  • herabros

    …why I think Google should make a Nexus phone with each Android OEM, it’ll help that particular company stay relevant (at least for a few months) and it shows that Google doesn’t mind helping all players with no preferences. The more options the better it is for the consumer and if it comes in the flavor of a Nexus device and any Android OEM I want than I think it’s easier to not choose the obvious or what everyone else is buying because it’s popular.

  • Josh

    I’m just curious, could Google stop all of these other phone makers from using the Android OS? And become the only phone maker for android, like how Apple controls iOS?

    • JoshGroff

      IIRC, there’s something about the nature of Android being Linux based that requires them to share the source code, but seeing as in half asleep right now, I don’t really remember the specifics.

      • LionStone

        Yea… I think it would kind of go against the grain to start blocking other phone makers.

  • socalrailroader

    Google, the new Apple 🙁

  • Touchwiz is hardly a “pure” android experience. Granted, Samsung built the Gnex and the nexus 10…however Moto could easily do the same or better AND have accessories.

    • I honestly am so incredibly excited about the X-Phone not just because I love their device build quality and the strength of their radio hardware, but also that out of all mobile device manufacturers, Motorola easily makes the best accessories, next to Apple of course (love them or hate them, their first-party accessory line is massive).

      • Massive, yes…great…not so much. That’s more to do with the fact that their phones have been exactly the same size/shape for such a long time. This is why android phones dont get accesories….because they wont agree on one configuration.

  • yiannis

    I’m almost as proud at not purchasing a samsung as I am not purchasing iPhone when the OG Droid hit the market. EAT IT

  • All this talk about the “X Phone” and we’ve yet to hear one actual detail about it.

    • We’ve heard a few rumors regarding specs, user experience and distribution, but beyond that, Motorola has been very very careful about that device not getting out into the wild. I think we’ll hear more as we ramp up to I/O.

  • James

    Allows Samsung to become too big? How can they stop them? The day Google involves the SEC over something that Google helped to create is that day I move to a different mobile platform. Google, you helped to create this so-called “problem”, now deal with it on your own.

  • I’m ready for more xphone news, I’m tired of Touchwiz. Unless Samsung makes a dramatic change to it I for one will hold on to my may upgrade. Unless of course the x phone doesn’t come out until the holiday season. I have an upgrade coming up in November as well as one in March of 2014.

  • chris125

    I think more than anything, google is worried that with samsung taking all the profits if they continue at this pace other manufacturers may just go other routes if they cannot compete against samsung which in turn would lose out for google in the long run if less devices were running their services.

  • omgitzjose

    or google could just decide they dont want to share android anymore or just shut out samsung and then itll be samsung whos crying in the corner trying to sell windows phones to the 3 people on the planet who want one lol…(insert sarcasm) oh i forgot they have badu

    • Bada is not ready for production. Even if they fast-tracked the development, it would still be a while. Not to mention having to pump up their app ecosystem. As it is, Windows Phone would be the focus shift, but they can’t really differentiate themselves with it since MS controls it so tightly. Advertising for any Windows Phone device is essentially advertising *every* WP device, so why spend the money? If Google cut them off, they would be in some pretty deep water without much recourse.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    All I know is that the X phone better have a removable battery and at least 32GB storage.
    Otherwise I’ll have to opt for an S4 with removable battery and SD card slot.
    And most importantly, bone stock android.

    • Removable batteries, for better or worse, are a legacy item. It is much, much simpler to design a semi-permanent battery. Also, in an era of razor-thin margins and increasing cloud storage options, SD cards are quickly becoming less desirable as well, as they add coding complexity in addition to the extra cost of the interface slot and the opportunity cost of the space used by the slot. It all adds up.

      Note, while I’m ok with removable batteries and 16GB+ of internal storage, I understand that others have different needs. I am simply pointing out that the options are going to become increasingly slim as time goes on.

      • TheDrunkenClam

        Since Samsung manages to put removable batteries and SD card slots in their galaxy line year after year, I would hardly call them “legacy features”. They’re only a thing of the past in Motorola’s crappy devices and Google’s latest Nexus. Samsung does it because they know what sells, hence the headline of this article. Seems that if Google wants to close the gap with their next device, in my opinion, they need to at least include a removable battery.
        You are correct when you say everyone’s needs are different. But the sales numbers of Galaxy devices don’t lie.
        A device with a non removable battery and less than 32gb storage is a deal breaker for me.

    • bananatroll

      It will not have a removable battery, or removable storage. You can take that to the bank.
      The x phone is truly going to be Google’s Fully Inegrated Android/Google device with every Google service imaginable built into the device from the kernal/SOC/radios up.

      Designed by Google, Sold by Google, Updated by Google, Tech Support by Google, Accessories by Google, Commercials by Google, Produced by Google. The OS will be…

      PURE google.

      Verizon/ATT/Sprint, will have NO say on bloatware for these devices. There will be NONE present, and everything else(with the exception of system apps) will be removable and even some system apps freezable.

      This will be Google’s iPhone, but being Android very customization by the end user as usual.

      You would be willing to sacrifice all that just for a removable batter?

      Even with moto’s recent success at integrating massive batteries into their handsets?!

      Just wait. 32gb, 64gb, and possibly 128gb of storage options on these devices with Motorola’s build quality, radios, and pure google.

      What else could you want?

  • Why can’t Google just require stock android on all future Android 5.0+ phones? No skins allowed?

    • bananatroll

      Because then it wouldn’t be open.

  • joejoe5709

    Alrighty. Well I guess that blows my dreams of a Galaxy Nexus 2. Oh well. Here’s hoping for a badass Moto XPhone!

  • googlemakebetterphones!

    if their phones had removable batteries, sdcards slots and phones with bigger screen then maybe just maybe i would consider on getting a nexus but no thanks google

  • eliking

    The economics of the Android phone market are rapidly changing, prices are essentially halving. Super phone (such as Nexus 4) prices are coming down from $600 to $300, mid-range from $400 to $200, and entry models from $200 to $100 and below. This is an excellent development for Google, because it means more devices out there, and less leverage for any single phone vendor, while at the same time, razor thin margins on hardware making it difficult for phone vendors to pay for in-house software development, and making them more dependent on Google. Samsung will be no exception.

  • bakdroid

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. X-Phone!

  • droid90

    i have always loved motorola phones since the original droid (and admittedly i have had them all). But recently i have gave in, and bought a Samsung Note 2 (which I have waited for, for a long time to come to verizon) and I Love the phone. The size, the quality, even the stylus (which i don’t use). But I like options. and so does every smart phone user (excluding apple people 😉
    i would love to go back to motorola, they just need to get with it. options please….

  • d-roids

    Yea i agree with alotta people. Samsung can lose alot from losing google. Yea theyre pulling alot of attention but thats due to the products and marketing strategies. I dunno but the thought of samsung demanding more from google sounds like a bad idea on samsung’s part. And ive been a huge samsung supporter and a big fan of android. would hate to see that combo disappear.

  • I gave Motorola all the chance in the world to make me buy their phones but no they didnt want to give me (us) what we wanted. So I went with my Galaxy Nexus. My wife also has a Samsung. I thought HTC would lead the pack a year ago but they let it slip out of their hands.

  • kidheated

    Not a big Samsung fan. I hate that they refuse to stop using the physical buttons despite the fact that the latest android OS has completely outmoded them. Doing so completely ruins the whole point of the OS’ functionality. That and no one wants the stupid skin Samsung uses. It’s all about the pure google experience and they destroy it with their augmentations. I’ve said it before, they need to just focus on what they do best which is building the hardware and leave the rest to googs. Google needs to start penalizing these corps somehow, so they can act right.

    • trumpet444

      eh, not when android is still open source. Thats the thing about open source, you’re not going to like everything that comes with it but its a hell of a lot better than closed

  • John Wildman

    Still Not A Big Fan Of Sammy!

  • Luxferro

    It’s cause Samsung actually markets their products and tries to compete with Apple. Google has no marketing, pretty much zero customer support, and the lack of infrastructure to even support their own products. Look at all their past device launches… absolute failures. For the record I’m I big Google fan, and own many nexus devices.

    • jack

      Agreed, majority of people are not tech geeks that hack like me and they go for brand recognition so they look towards advertisements they see on tv our in public. I love my nexus 4 cause I am a android purest, but google and other OEMs should market their products more to the general public it worked for HTC for a while till they stopped.

  • jack

    If Samsung dominates oh well but they better keep with android because without android they are nothing in the smartphone business can’t wait to see the gs4 and note 3. Samsung can slip though I had the galaxy s one epic 4g and HTC was the star at that time. Innovation is what people want.

  • Now, If only the X Phone will have commercials that rival Samsung’s by showing you what the phone can actually do. Rather then blow holes in walls that are part of a mythical roofless house.

  • Radgatt

    I don’t think Samsung will pull another omnia out of its hat. Google will be ok.

  • Tyler Rynberg

    Maybe if the other companies actually advertised cool features like Samsung does instead of blowing holes in walls.

    • KOBALT

      Or releasing 10 versions of the same phone. Talking to you and your damn Razr’s Moto.

      • Mark Mann

        the razr currently sits at 6 versions(not counting the older flip-phones) and 4 if you throw out the maxxes as they’re the exact same phone save for battery size(razr, razr m, razr i and razr hd) , the galaxy s 1 and 2 had how many different iterations?

        • john

          s1: international, vibrant, s 4g, captivate, epic 4g, fascinate, continuum, stratosphere, mesmerize, showcase, indulge, k, u, advanced, plus. (15). s2: international, lte, glide, p, r, duos, captivate glide, s2 epic, plus (10). s3: international, us, korea, china, japan, lte international, mini (and some mini variants like axiom which i can’t find listed) (8)

          • Tommy Thompson

            That’s not really accurate. While most of those are versions of, say the international S1, the thing that sets it apart from Moto and Razrs is that the Epic, Captivate, Vibrant, etc. were available on separate carriers. So you couldn’t go to Verizon and get the Epic 4G, and the Fascinate. Some also offered different internals and features that set it apart, like the continuum and it’s extra screen etc.. There were different versions yes, but the different versions were for specific carriers. They weren’t all offered on a single carrier like the Bionic, Razr, Razr Maxx, Razr HD, Razr HD Maxx, etc.

          • Sherman J. Buster

            That is the problem Moto has had, being (almost) completely tied to Verizon. It means that Verizon could dictate terms because Moto needed the Droid advertising dollars that Verizon was using.

            See, Motorola was losing money fast, this meant they did not have the money to advertise without Verizon spending their money on the Droid campaigns. Now, with Google’s cash, Motorola could easily advertise their devices more, putting the advertising budget in line with Samsung. This gets whatever brand they want out to the people (similar to Samsung and their Galaxy line). Also with Google’s money, they can possibly break free from the Verizon exclusivity, bringing a similar design-language (I happen to like the look of their devices) and branding across multiple carriers in the US. This would help them as it would drive down manufacturing costs, because everything would be the same internally minus the radios. Pull all this together and Motorola might be able to see black ink again instead of all that red.

          • This is why I’m holding out on the X Phone currently. I hope this will be a game changer for Motorola as much as it is for Google. Samsung bringing out 9001 different Galaxy devices is going to over-saturate the market with so many “Galaxy” devices than I care to name. Plus, TouchWiz IMO is an ugly POS trying to ‘copy’ off the iPhone’s design a bit.

            Anyway, hopefully Motorola will be able to get back into the game, being a trusted brand that I prefer over any others.

          • the_real_patrick_bateman

            I’ll agree that TouchWiz is ugly, but copying Apple would be an aesthetic improvement. The neon green, blue, yellow and orange are just awful. I’m really looking forward to CyanogenMod for my Note2 becoming feature complete and stable.

          • Trey Mitchell

            I love moto’s designs I’m afraid that Google might influence that and stick us with a nexus 4 lite in the x phone,

          • trumpet444

            John’s point still holds true though. To the average customer, the Galaxy line (as well as the Droid line) is all a big blur. The average guy probably doesn’t know that the “Samsung Galaxy SII Epic 4G Touch” is basically a variant of the Fascinate. If it has a different name it may as well be a different phone

          • Tommy Thompson

            The fascinate isn’t a variant of the Epic touch LOL. Fascinate was GS1 and Epic touch was GS2….

          • itznfb

            The point: The Galaxy line is just as bloated/watered down/blur to end users as the Razr line. The difference. Advertising. Nothing to with brands, features, colors, looks or anything. You make a better commercial and make lots of them you sell more devices. Period.

          • renGek

            yup. My friend went to a tmobile store and had no idea what to buy. He ultimately chose a samsung because it had the word galaxy in it so he just assume it like all the other galaxy phones that he hears all the time.

          • Mark Mann

            thank you for doing the research i was too lazy to do(lol) and helping to prove my point

      • Brent Cooper

        I completely agree. You will sell more phones if you establish a brand(ie. the Galaxy line) and release it on a yearly basis than if you are constantly releasing a new phone*motorola*. Consumers know when they buy a galaxy that they will have the best for a whole year. Not so for those who got the razr, only to have the maxx show up a few months later.

        • Sherman J. Buster

          When you say the Maxx version shows up a few months later, that was the original Android RAZR. The RAZR HD and the Maxx HD version showed up at the same time.

          • matti861

            You’re wrong…. First it was the DROID RAZR then shortly after RAZR maxx came out just as the user stated. Then both models launched together when the hd models came out

        • Thats why I feel screwed! Looked forward to buying my RAZR on 11/11/11 and then 2 months later the maxx comes out. Now look at all of them.
          The manufacturers need to produce no more than 2 a year and preferably 1. I have always respected Motorola, but got bummed fast when they quit supporting the lapdocks.

          Also, enough already with provider controlled pricing of product. I can’t believe that I have to spend over $600 for a replacement phone. These things should be under 200 off the shelf.

    • GJV

      Yes! This is correct- the entire “Droid” brand appeals to men aged 12-25 and that’s about it. Samsung has wisely marketed the S3 toward normal people who are not going to be flashing ROMs or blowing up walls in their own house with their phone (which app is that btw??!!) . I cringe whenever I hear the “Droid” robot voice and think of how much that has tarnished Android as a whole.

      • renGek

        The “Droid” marketing by verizon and htc is really what propelled android forward and made it competitive with iphone. Android was so premature at the time without anyone taking a lead in PR. So in many ways the success of android is due in part to that marketing campaign. Thats why it still goes on. The first market were us, the uber user tech folks. That campaign can only take it so far. But without it I am not sure if android could have gotten their foot in the door. Verizon went all out because they couldn’t afford to let at&t get all the glory with iphone.

  • webby

    My Galaxy Nexus has awful radios — most specifically the GPS — takes 3-5 minutes to lock. Moto and HTC phones I have had lock on in seconds. I doubt I will buy another Samsung phone unless their radios are vastly improved.

    • I had that same problem, the only way to fix it is to get a Motorola

    • KleenDroid

      My nexus locks in seconds also. 3-5 minutes is horrible… Are you stock?

      • webby

        yes, stock

    • Samsung has traditionally used really weak GPS radios. Just like HTC usually has sub-par battery life, and Motorola used iffy screens (can’t assume anything with the X-Phone, since it will certainly be a massive shift for them with its own strengths and weaknesses).


    I don’t see it like that.. if samsung went the way of amazon.. well first of all they would need amazon’s app market and music and movies from a bunch of sources, and then secondly.. they would get screwed because people would realize that those markets suck compared to google play.

    • I agree, I think people would have hard time moving towards a Samsung Maps or Samsung Youtube/video type service. Look at Apple moving away from Google Maps, there were some people staving off the iOS6 update and away from the iPhone 5.

      TL;DR Google services are what people trust and have a hard time trusting other sources

      • Bender

        Or Samsung could, you know, work out a content licensing deal with amazon.

        • vitriolix

          How does that get them youtube or Google maps? Those apps alone are a huge lever for google. Go check the iPhone app store rankings to see how vital they are

    • Kane Stapler

      Right, but then they leave and go to Apple. It’s not good either way for Google. If a general person has a bad experience with Android they just go to iOS.

      • trumpet444

        The problem is, that there are way too many cheap ass/budget android phones that eventually DO give the general person a bad experience with android and cause them to go to iOS. I’ve seen it happen a lot with some of my coworkers. The confusing part is that their shiny new i*hone has a big shiny new price tag and if they’d spent that much to begin with on a “good” android phone, they wouldn’t have had such a crappy experience. I laugh now because those same coworkers constantly ask me how to get a function or feature that they were accustomed to with android and (with a smile!) I tell them that they need to jailbreak and spend $20-30+ in Cydia to get some of those features with iOS

        • ERIC REED

          Way to make them spend money they don’t need to. I paid five for the tethering app and everything else was free.

    • xXAaronSXx

      Also, just having Google Search is a biggie. Remember when Samsung went with Bing on the Samsung Fascinate (which was basically the worst version of the Galaxy S). My buddy bought that phone and would bitch about it almost daily.

      • Trey Mitchell

        That was Verizon’s fault not Samsung’s.

        • xXAaronSXx

          Agreed, I was just pointing out that Bing instead of Google hurt the overall experience and contributed in making the phone one of the worst in the Galaxy S line. This serves as a direct comparison of similar phones ( all GS’s) running Google services compared to those not using (at least one) Google service.

    • I don’t know man. Touchwiz and the Android experience on Galaxy phones is pretty awful and people still seem to love those phones. I don’t think your average person realizes how great real Android is compared to HTC and Samsung’s bastardized version of it.

      • kilbasar

        Eh. I own the S3, and yes as a power user I’ve replaced the OS with CM, but I also used TouchWiz for a few months and it was fine. It’s gotten a lot lighter, less intrusive, and just better. Most of the apps/changes are not bad. I know a lot of people with stock S3s, most of whom have owned other Android devices, and they have no problems with TouchWiz. It’s really a power user concern only.

      • Trey Mitchell

        Have you even used a recent touch wiz phone? 90% of the changes ARE improvements. even as a poweruser I prefer roms with some of the touchwiz stuff baked in. this continued assumption that anything skinned is bad needs to stop. a year ago it was like that but even two of the worst offenders (moto, and htc) are starting to trim down their skins. hell the razrs are nearly stock. and Samsung’s changes are mostly value added features. they had quick toggles in the status bar as far back as the Galaxy s1 that’s a value added feature. Same thing with multi window on the note2 can your stock android or cyanogen rom run two apps at the same time next to each other?. and all the rest of the stuff like the gestures and such you can turn off if you don’t like it. seriously don’t go hating what you don’t understand.

        • bananatroll

          I have used them all, and Samsung devices are chock full of bloat ware, unremovable south Korean pipe dreams of market domination like s-pen, s-crap, s-copy apple, s-copy this, and s-copy that, cooked dog and with rice noodles, and… S-mail?! What the hell is that anyways? Why does Samsung feel like it change absolutely every aspect off Android until there is virtually no Android left? Power users my rear end lol. Touch Wiz ifs like a damn straight knockoff if Apple hardware and Mountain View software with horrible radios, a cluttered ui overlay, and stupid, junky plastic casing. What’s so strange is how many they sucker in with their marketing and poor build quality. Go ahead hold up a RAZR maxx and a gs3 next to other and see which one gets better reception in a low signal area. Which one will remain functional after multiple drops cracked screen, and being immersed UN water? See which one egged battery comes flying out of like a rock with betas on it? It won’t be Motorola. You’re comparing a Landcruiser to a 2001 Hyundai Elantra… There is no comparison.

          • ds

            myself and I had horrible experiences with motorolla and HTC. I don’t have any reception problems on SIII. Where are your complaints coming from? Some people may like it better, and some people may not. One thing I’m sure is I would never go back to current lineups of moto and htc, I would rather use touchwiz you complain about. oh forget iphone.. I can’t live without widgets..

          • Trey Mitchell

            Spoken Like a true Hater. Bravo sir. I’m going to take your points one at a time more or less in order:

            I never compared Samsung and Moto directly but since you have “used them all” I’m sure you are aware how Awful blur was prior to the Google acquisition my droid X’s performance doubled after cyanogen without any overclocking touch wiz was always light and had useful stuff like quick toggles.

            dreams of market domination??? have you seen the stats? did you read the story you are posting under?? They Have market domination sir.

            I like how you didn’t address any of my points like multi window or the quick toggles. Oh please do tell me who did Samsung copy the S-pen from?? last I checked steve jobs said that if there’s a stylus they blew it. that doesn’t sound like copying Cupertino to me.

            Oh and you goofed mountian view is Google remember you said that Samsung watered down android till there was no android left you can’t have it both ways.

            My note 2 gets a signal in all the same places my Droid x did without trouble.

            It’s not plastic it’s polycarbonate not the same thing but it’s subjective regardless as to rather its “junky” or “stupid”. anyway the note 2 is more screen (read gorilla Glass) than anything else.
            Admittedly the program known as S-voice is pretty much a siri clone but it
            was released to directly compete with the iphone before google now was announced. There is no such thing as S-mail my note 2 came with gmail and the default android mail client with minor modifications to make it work with the s-pen hover and some visual stuff.

            HA if you confuse a recent galaxy phone for an Iphone you have problems. that point would have been valid 2 years ago with the original galaxy particularly the verizon variant did look a lot like an iphone but that’s long behind us.

            as far as changing everything goes I think you might be confusing Samsung with HTC, because sense is the most intrusive skin I’ve ever experienced and it kills performance to boot.

            Make no mistake I don’t actually care what you think, haters will hate.

            For what it’s worth I hope moto makes a come back because I love their design language. but seriously Samsung should be commended for what they have accomplished.

            oh look I have composed a novel oh well thanks for reading hopefully it maintained some of my formatting otherwise this could be painful to read.


      • 213ninja

        TW on my VZW Note 2 owns…what OEM ROM offers S-Pen functionality? I’m a long time android user, and i used to run custom ROMs on all of my previous devices….not this one.

        • Ken Bosse

          I have the S3, love to rom, but I always go back to a stockish TW rom, like CleanRom. Touchwiz is not that bad, and actually has some great features. There is just no need for anything else right now (for me that is). Sure there are somethings it can do better, but i’m overall pretty happy.

      • C-Law

        Seriously have you used touchwiz on an s3? I’m running a touchwiz based rom and have no desire anymore to go to aosp bc I can’t find anything negative other than slower updates

    • iBubble

      the “way of AMAzon” is actually pretty tech-pathetic. It’s a free ride on Google’s innovations + cheap spec-clones + own selling power.

      • renGek

        Their hardware maybe but if you look at amazon strictly on the web/cloud service side, they are ahead of google. True practical cloud implementation has been live and well on amazon for years. They hold a great deal of market share in that realm. Google still has a long way to go to compete with Amazon’s robust cloud services. Google is still doing a lot of experimentation type stuff at a much lower volume than Amazon cloud. Amazon gov cloud for example is probably the only cloud service that makes sense for the u.s. govt.

  • Michael Quinlan

    “Samsung took the Amazon route, Google would be losing a ton of revenue if they halted using those specific applications on their devices.”

    Despite the fact that it seems to have worked for Amazon, I think doing anything like this would be a suicide move for Samsung. The tight integration with Google services is a major appeal of Android, and any manufacturer who drops that integration in favor of their own ecosystem is taking a big risk.

  • Drome

    this is 100% true. I have several contacts in the industry that have told me google is very afraid of this. This is also why they are moving more and more of the new android features into closed source GApps so that they could not be simply taken from AOSP.

  • The only reason Samsung is doing so well is because of the the mass amounts of advertising money they are throwing every which way, a cue they took from Apple. Google could develop the greatest device in the history of the universe, but it won’t mean anything unless they can drown the public in advertising. Unfortunately, that’s just the way the world works.

    At this point I think Samsung is a bigger threat to Android than Apple is.

  • HeartStrong07

    Google might want to speed it up .. my old galaxy nexus is working fine rooted; a galaxy note 8.0 for work note taking and general consumer and an upgrade samsung pc for home and I am all done

  • Senor Saleem

    Im on my second replacement samsung galaxy nexus, Im not buying another one of their phones.

    • Chris Brunetto

      Maybe if you bitch about it it will fix itself

  • kixofmyg0t

    The bad thing is when people think of Android….most think of whatever Samsung device they have and they think THAT is just what Android is.

    It’s tragic that they don’t know what stock Android is like. They get sucked into the Touchwiz experience and that skews their idea of what Android is.

    A large chunk of people still don’t know that no 2 Android phones(non Nexus devices mind you) are alike, the experience isn’t alike. So if they have a unpleasant experience they blame Android as a whole.

    • The Galaxy Nexus is stock Android, and decent, but I wouldn’t mind a flagship Motorola phone when the contract is up. I’m not impressed with the LG Nexus 4.

      • kixofmyg0t

        I personally despise the Galaxy Nexus. The Nexus 4 however is a pretty damn good phone except for battery life. Unfortunately battery life is a deal breaker for me. Hence why I have a RAZR MAXX HD.

        • baconslayer09

          Is 4 hours of on-screen time and a whole day of standby time not good enough on the Nexus 4?

          • kixofmyg0t

            Compared to the 7 hours onscreen time with LTE and 3 days of standby time of my MAXX HD? Umm yeah kinda.

            I’m just spoiled by it. I’m not saying the N4 is bad, but I can’t imagine not having the battery life I enjoy now with my HD.

          • baconslayer09

            Yeah, you’re spoiled. I would have been ecstatic to get 3 hours of screen time on my GSM Galaxy Nexus before I got my Nexus 4. It’s all perspective.

      • Richard Yarrell

        The Lg Nexus 4 makes your Galaxy Nexus so useless it’s comical

        • kg215

          Not at all. The nexus 4 is clearly the better device but the screen is the same res (yes I know the nexus 4 has slightly better pixel density), and the difference in cpu/gpu is only noticeable when you really push your phone to the limit (newest games and certain videos). On the video front the Galaxy Nexus plays 1080p blu ray rips smoothly as long as it works with hardware acceleration (10 bit doesn’t). In that case the Nexus 4 will play videos in software mode that the Galaxy Nexus would not.

          In all other scenarios (calling, using apps, using the OS, watching most videos, playing most games, browsing the internet) you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Both phones get the latest updates and have unlockable bootloaders, both phones have plenty of rom/kernel support. But the Galaxy Nexus has LTE, removable battery, and 32gb of memory. So no the Galaxy Nexus is not useless compared to the Nexus 4, it still has some major advantages. The Nexus 4 is miles ahead in terms of internal hardware, but Google compromised quite a bit in order to sell it at that amazing off contract price. Hopefully the X Phone will fix some of those things, while keeping the price just as amazing.

        • squiddy20

          And yet, everything that can be done on a Nexus 4 can be done on the Galaxy Nexus. Yeah, it’s “useless” alright… What a moron.

        • PhillipCun

          except LTE.

  • Benjamin Mackie

    If Google is worried, get a good quality phone that is unlockable and on VZW. Really, I dont understand why they cant get something quality out in terms of phones on VZW. Samsung convinced them to carry the S3, why cant google put out a pretty screen, 4-core, high quality camera phone? Id pay $400 for a good phone, not problem at all

    • wagner

      HTC DNA

    • Verizon’s 3G fall-back system is the problem. I’m certain that every manufacturer would love to put out devices unlocked on Verizon, but VZW has a strangle-hold on their proprietary CDMA 3G network, and unlike Sprint, are large enough to demand either specialized devices, or some kind of compensation for allowing devices to connect to their network. Samsung very likely paid Verizon to put the SGS3 and GN2 on their network without changing the branding.

  • jboogie1289

    C’mon now, really?

  • John Burke

    Release a Nexus-priced Moto on all carriers…

    • michael arazan

      But how do they do that without carriers having control over the phone? I’m sick of the carriers having self appointed power over devices we own. They lease spectrum that we the people of the United States own and they lease from us through the FCC. Carriers need to be regulated more, than dictating everything to the consumers and basically screwing consumers at their own free will with no backlash whatsoever all in the name of profit and greed.. If we want to do with our devices as we please that has nothing to do with the carriers network, that should be our choice not theirs.

      • trumpet444

        It can be done. Look at Apple. Verizon wouldn’t dare try to install bloat on an iPhone AND Apple controls every bit of the update cycle….the carriers have no hand in it because Apple wouldn’t allow it. Google/Motorola/Samsung/LG/HTC/etc just need to grow a bigger spine, or at least try to use the one they have

  • Zac St. Louis

    thing is, if samsung were to leave and I were to buy a samsung device, I’d still use google’s main apps because I’m familiar with them, already have login credentials to them and frankly I trust google with my info 100X more than I trust Samsung. I think Google’s been vital to Samsung’s growth and I think if they were to leave they’d be screwed (especially with their terrible software updating schedules)

    just my 2 cents

  • Jeff Tycz

    What an amazing concept, a phone company that advertises their products is making money!?!

    That’s outrageous!

    • Tim242

      I know, right?! Maybe the other OEM’s should take note.

      • FAL_Fan

        Pun intended?

    • DeeIntruder

      What’s outrageous is that Samsung will start their own services like Amazon does with their App Store. Google will no longer be getting a share of the money people spend on content because Samsung will launch their own stores for content.

      • Jeff Tycz

        Google will also not supply their services just like they did with amazon

    • kane

      They don’t have any money. Samsung took it when they weren’t looking

    • JoshGroff

      You see so many ads that the phone is burned into your mind when you go to the store. The other manufacturers never stood a chance.

    • cphilano

      Exactly how I feel. You can honestly tell the difference between Samsung and the others, by looking around at all of the advertising Samsung has done. Why don’t the other companies actual advertise their phones instead of the carriers?

    • Google also pays Apple for ads

  • Dave

    Samsung could just release their own OS like Apple and people would just stick with them, I don’t want to see the Android distribution numbers if that happens.

    • dsignori

      If they do, Samsung phones then won’t have native Gmail, Maps, Drive, Google Search Google Now, G+ apps, or even perhaps the Google Play store if Google so wanted. Who is gonna by that phone?

      So I don’t think we’ll see any of this in the near future ..

    • baconslayer09

      I wouldn’t touch a Samsung phone without Google apps. Eww.

  • JetBlue

    I don’t get how Google can complain about advertising when if I turn on my tv for about an hour I’ll see maybe 1-3 commercials advertising the S3 or Note 2 but if I’m lucky I’ll see maybe one Google commercial.

  • Just need to push the Nexus line into each OEM and make sure its available on each carrier. Not just damn GMS ones.

  • Timothy McGovern

    Google vs. Samsung > Google vs. Apple

  • Robert Delaney

    Samsung “might” destroy themselves to not to worry. Remember that whole Tizen OS they are trying to rez from the dead. If Samsung throws too much of their hardware into it, it will be bad news bears.

  • digitalicecream

    Actually, I think Moto needs to get on it and build devices at least as sexy as those from Samsung, just to keep them afloat when Sammy switches gears and introduces their BADA OS is replacing Android on their devices. That is, until Antitrust cases emerge from Google/Motorola issues.

    • gokusimpson

      After seeing the ridiculous Galaxy Note 8.0 Samsung and “sexy” don’t belong in the same sentence.

  • EC8CH

    Fine… go ahead and leave Samsung… no one likes your stupid home buttons anyway 😛

    • billy routh

      Really? I guess thats why samsungs the only android manufacturer even worth mentioning.

      • EC8CH

        Yeah… I guess Verizon really likes that stupid home button.

        and btw… I’m joking… don’t be so mad bro.

    • KleenDroid

      What home button? My Samsung has no home button. 🙂

      • La2da


    • KL Wong

      I LOVE MY HOME BUTTON!! Please never take it away. You guys don’t get that having the home (and capacitative) buttons there do not make the phone larger than other phones (which waste that bottom space), but instead frees up more screen real estate. I also love pressing it (once to turn on, another time to unlock).

      • You can hide on screen buttons now

      • PhillipCun

        one word: “Pie”

  • Thomas

    Tell Google to get off it’s a** & release a phone people can actually get unlike the Nexus 4. It seems like the whole Google / Motorola deal went down ages ago & they haven’t done jack w/ it. Hurry the F up & release the Moto X before Samsung does take over the world.

    • Robert Delaney

      It hasn’t even been a year. Give them some room to restructure and reorganize.

      • Thomas

        W/ phones being released as quickly as they are these days, should have had something out by now. Just saying…

        • kixofmyg0t

          Remember a few months ago when EVERYONE AND THEIR DAMN MOTHER was butt hurt that Moto was releasing too many phones?


          Filled every post about every Moto phone.

          Now people are bitching that Moto isn’t releasing a new phone every 20 minutes like Samsung.

          You people are never ever satisfied.

          • True statement. ^

            Me being a fan of Motorola, I’m actually glad there isn’t another device currently and I’ll wait patiently to see what Google and Motorola have up their sleeves for the X Phone. The little info we got is enough to keep me hooked on waiting for it.

          • Agree, Way too many motos out there. They need to come out with one big one with all of the bells and whistles and then not again for another year. Follow apples lead when selling a product.

    • kane

      Take a look at just about any other company that was bought/merged. Culture clash, Management shuffles, job losses, supply chain changes, etc. Google already talked about having to put out old Motorola products that were already ready to enter the sales channel before it could ship new products. No to mention things like selling off things such as cable set top boxes

    • Calm before the storm

  • digitalicecream

    As long as they stop making every Moto handset look like some bastardized version of the Razr circa 2002 I’ll be interested. As it stands, moto design has been fugly after their original XOOM tablet, which I thought was sexy. Then they went to these odd angled everything devices and I haven’t looked at Moto since. Nevermind that skin that no one likes.

    • kixofmyg0t

      What about the Samsung skin that nobody likes? Or the home button that nobody likes?

      • Norman Farmer

        I for one, Like the home button.

        • kixofmyg0t

          I understand that, I’m not bashing the home button deal. I prefer the on screen keys of my RAZR HD.

        • mercado79

          I don’t mind a home button so much as I find pushing it a chore. On a phone that’s so big, particularly when I’m reaching with my thumb, having to click it down is more work than it should be. I wish it were a capacitive button or at least something that took much less effort to press. Or on-screen keys instead (though at the expense of some screen real estate).

      • digitalicecream

        I sold my galaxy note and picked up a Nokia Lumia 920. So I’m going to be honest and tell you that I don’t even remember which launcher I used to replace touch wiz. And my phone did not have that button anyway, so I can’t really speak on that either.

    • FelisLachesis

      Those were the phones that were already in production pre-Google buyout. Now that they’ve been all cleared, I really hope that the Moto-X Phone will give Samsung a serious run in the Android Marketplace.

      • FelisLachesis

        Edit: those were the phones that were already in *development* pre-Google buyout.

    • gokusimpson

      Dunno about that. I think the Razr phones are pretty good looking. They look and feel solid. Samsung phones and tablets look and feel like children’s toys. They’re all great phones, but I’d like something that didn’t seem like it came out of a happy meal box.