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Google Might Be Looking to Beat Apple to The Streaming Music Game

google music explorer

Before Google Music launched, Google and the music labels were said to have had a hard time working out the hard details, but they eventually reached an agreement. A recent report said that a few execs in Google working for the Android department have been in talks with music labels for expanding Google Music, wanting a Spotify-like streaming service.

Adding in a subscription based music option to Google Play could be a huge step for Google moving forward in providing content. The rumored plans have been centered around having paid subscriptions to Youtube music channels as well as audo-only tracks too. This would give people the option to either buy music and have rights to that album or song or possibly subscribe to a pay-by-the month program. Details to the actual plan are scarce so we don’t know much, but it sounds like something Google would want to get into.

The only question that remains, would you use it?

Via: WSJ

  • another app with more annoying commercials or pay $$$.. naw I’ll just download the cd and listen to it through google play.

  • Chris B

    Will it be able to do landscape mode?!? Hear that Spotify?!? LAAANDSCAPE!!!!

  • Realist

    can some one tell me whats makes android/google phones so much better over iOS??? a jailbroken iphone is the best phone in the world. How great is it REALLY to be going from rom to rom? If it REALLY was that great you wouldn’t be switching all the time right? Can a rooted device download videos/music from YouTube? Could a rooted device download songs from pandora and give you unlimited skips? the ONLY thing they have an advantage on is screen size. im not gonna lie and say i dont wish the iphones screen was bigger but thats it. i had the Galaxy Nexus on verizon for over a year and i liked it(i have unlimited data and love it with free tethering). i rooted it and customized it up the wazzu and whatnot but i was never satisfied with it. it couldnt give me the options a jailbroken iphone gives me. I’m not an apple fanboy either. im just a realist.

    IF someone can give me any reasons why they think a google/android device is better then a jailbroken iphone id like to hear them? customizing isnt all that great. live wallpapers arent really that great cause they drain battery…and ive never come across a better battery then the iphones either. galaxy s3 isnt that great of a phone either neither is the note 2….who wants a device that big on there ear? you look like those fools that wear sunglasses at night.

    • Go home, troll, this isn’t your bridge to hide under.

      • Realist

        how am i a troll when all ive said is true? u mad women beater?

        • Yup. You got me pegged. And I won’t argue with you on what you’ve said. I’ll even admit that a jailbroken iphone is pretty sweet. I still prefer Android. As per my Troll comment, you came to an obviously pro-Android, down with Apple site, to cause drama….i.e. troll.

          • Realist

            yeah i guess you’re right. i wasnt trying to cause drama(if it even is that) i was just browsing through the sites to see what the newest gadgets coming out were and i saw a comment on a pro-apple site that grinded a gear

          • ostensibly

            so much so that you posted this rant in multiple threads.

            nice jeorb.

  • Mitch Melin

    This would be great! Esp if they added some G+ integration. I like how people can listen to albums i buy. The ability to share playlists with friends would be a sweet feature.

  • XvierX

    If Google offered something like Rhapsody, where I could listen and download music for one monthly flat rate, I’d be all over that. I already keep my music on Google Play Music but I’m reluctant to buy tracks unless i just can’t live without them. Guess I’m just the stereotypical “cheap” android user. Haha

  • AlphaNoble

    Where is the screen shot in the story from?

    • I believe it’s in the market when on a tablet looking for similar artists. They did a story on it a while back.

  • dannyWHITE

    I personally like buying music from Google and having it sync well with my android devices.

  • ShadrachCA

    I would definitely check it out. I’m currently a paid user of Spotify and love it overall, but might switch if Goog can produce a better experience. I’d like the app to mirror across instances (I think Rdio does something like this). That way I can have my laptop or tablet plugged into the stereo and use the app on my phone as a remote. The Spotify experience on Android tablets currently blows too.

    One thing that would make it hard for me to switch is the network effect Spotify is creating. Most of my friends use Spotify and it’s great to be able to share playlists.

    • zwrose

      Do most of your friends have google accounts? I’m guessing the network affect might be able to translate pretty easily if so. Especially if it’s YouTube based – pretty much everyone is already familiar with that interface.


    But at 10 bucks a month, spotify is actually a good deal if you keep if forever and listen to more than 10 songs a month. It also helps you find music and it has a nice interface so i prefer spotify over everything else at the moment..

  • kane

    Will Google want to nickel and dime you to death? Everybody wants to charge you for 10 bux or more a month to get something else. Pandora, Slacker Radio, Mog, Rdio. Spotify and now Maybe Google and Apple with its streaming service. Whats Microsoft and Facebook waiting for

    • Tim242

      I pay $3.99/month for Slacker Plus. You get unlimited skips, and no ads.

    • MikeKorby

      Microsoft has been doing this since 2006 with the Zune pass (now branded as xbox music)

  • dancingcrab


  • Yes, but I want international songs — right now, if I want to buy K-Pop, J-Pop, Hong Kong Pop, etc, I have to use iTunes to buy, which I hate to keep.

  • Rodeojones000

    Does no one purchase music these days?

    • Tim242

      That’s so two years ago. Streaming is much less hassle.

    • Daniel Rosseau

      I personally listen to albums on Spotify before I go out and buy it.

    • Will

      I still do, I like having a physical copy of it on the go, especially when driving.

      • Allen Byrd

        Same here. I always buy my music. Play Music is a great service.

  • Landscape mode? Lol

  • abhisahara

    “audo-only tracks”
    LOL – i would love to see what these are 😉

  • I use Spoitify, but I’d definitely give it a try.

  • Austin Warren

    Google has proven many times to provide the better software.

    • michael arazan

      I wish I could download music from YouTuber’s uploads, their are amazing bootlegs and concert music there, love the live Zepplin concerts and bootlegs on YT

      • You can (google it) but it goes against the YouTube TOS

    • PhoenixPath

      I wish I could agree, but their current “Play Music” app is absolutely horrible. Down-syncing only (No syncing from device to the cloud, just cloud to device), few options, no support for additional functionality…

      I’d like it *much* better if they’d simply open the API so other apps could access the library. PowerAMP (or even Apollo) could do so much better.

      • prestone1


      • Tom Ball

        I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had a music file on my phone that I didn’t have on my PC or GM already…

        • PhoenixPath

          I’ve downloaded music with my phone and my tablet…I am guessing you are probably in the minority on that point.

          It should matter regardless. Any true “sync” should go both ways.

          • sdcoiner76

            I also have never never downloaded music to my phone that I wanted to sync back to Google music. Though I still think it would be a nice feature I think the Google Play Music app is awesome.

          • PhoenixPath

            “I also have never never downloaded music to my phone”

            I’m sorry to hear that…since I pretty much use my tablet in place of my laptop.desktop at this point for basic browsing, I prefer *not* to have to boot up the desktop to muck about with downloaded music.

            (I buy my music from multiple sources…that must all be manually synced to Google Play since they do not sync from my primary devices)

          • sdcoiner76

            Why are you sorry??? I was not trying to bust your chops or anything.

            My computer is part of my everyday life as is most people and most days I use it at least once. You act like your computer is a burden, which for you it might be (people use computers for different reasons), so you use your tablet, which is great. I on the other hand have found that getting music on my desktop to be much easier experience than on my phone or tablet (but that is also changing).

            Again, not trying to start anything but you must realize that right now you are probably in the minority, which isn’t a bad thing. It means you are ahead of the curve and are the one of the ones that help get things like sync from android to the cloud features on Google’s radar.

  • Inquizitor

    All about price. If it’s somewhat close to the $50/year I pay Grooveshark then I’m totally jumping ship. I don’t want to pay $9/mo.

  • It will come down to price.

    I would love to watch a movie from Google Play rather than driving to a RedBox but RedBox is a dollar and Google is 4 or 5…

    • Remember gas is $4 a gallon, so if redbox is more than a 5 miles away you probably lost money. you have to pick it up, then take it back. (20 miles total @ 5 miles) this isn’t including wear and tear on your vehicle, etc… heaven forbid if you forget to take the movie back on time. (which I never do)

  • Goodbye Spotify.

  • sonicemerald

    if the app is better than spotify, then yes, probably.

    • ragnarok180

      I agree word for word.

    • Big_EZ

      Anyone know how Spotify compares to Rhapsody? I’ve been thinking of switching from Rhapsody. I’d definitely be interested in a Google Music subscription service.

      • Tim242

        Slacker Plus $3.99

    • Zac St. Louis

      Couldn’t have said it better myself, especially if google picks better ads haha I hate the spotify people’s voices. Also how do apps like songza not have any vocal ads and just a skip limit? That’s all I use on my phone anymore

    • coolsilver

      Selection as well. Spotify didn’t really have everything I wanted.