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Samsung May Go With Qualcomm Chips in Galaxy S4 Instead of the Octa


According to Korean media outlet Digital Times, Samsung may have to use a different processor in the Galaxy S4 other than the Exynos Octa processor that was unveiled during CES. Instead, they could use one of Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon processors, which wouldn’t be surprising after the benchmark we saw for the Samsung SCH-I545, a device that could be Verizon’s version of the GS4. The processor listed in that benchmark was a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600, the same beast that resides in the new HTC One. By no means would this be some sort of a disappointment, you just wouldn’t be able to run around bragging to friends that your phone has a faux octa-core processor.

This report claims that the Octa is having power consumption issues that may not be resolved in time.

All is rumor or speculation until it becomes official.

Via:  Digital Times

  • Jun Chang

    Snapdragon 600 is great but would rather wait for something with the 800 in the summer

  • Michael Javier

    Wow. Too many folks around here seem to be obsessed with benchmark-topping GPUs and CPUs. Just wondering if you guys really play THAT much 3D gaming in your phones. And why the need for 200fps capable GPUs if the screen can only display 60fps? I must’ve missed the announcement that Crysis for Android is going to be released soon. I mean, c’mon, let’s stop obsessing with offscreen Egypt GL tests and Quadrant scores. I’d rather have a more balanced SoC design: decent (but not necessarilly chart-topping) benchmark scores, good battery life (modern .28nm or less fab process and properly dynamically clocked and power gated SoC design), built-in global basebands (GSM/HSPA+, LTEadvanced, CDMA/EVDO,) 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wifi with Miracast streaming, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS/GLONASS, etc. The Qualcomm SD800 fits the bill nicely. Samsung should delay the GS4 for a couple of months to wait for it or release a “Plus/Pro” version later to compete better with Q3/Q4 releases of the competition. They should stay true to their “function” over “form” approach. I’ll take polycarbonate casing/backing any day. It’s lighter than aluminum and more flexible than glass. This “cheap plastic” is the same material as the F-22 cockpit canopy. Also please don’t get rid of the options to change my own batteries (which can only be recharged 300 to 500 times), and to add additional storage (microSDXC). I mean streaming from the cloud is nice and all, but it does use mobile data, battery power, and can be unreliable in certain areas.

  • yungqb7

    I figured that it wouldn’t have have the octa-core cpu. You need to save something for the galaxy note III lol. Either way, this will galaxy s4 will rock a quad-core cpu. Of course this phone will put the next iPhone to shame.

    • angermeans

      Different opinions I guess. Until Samsung can make a half decent device with great hardware they will never be ahead of the iPhone. My gs3 was one of te cheapest feeling phones I’ve ever owned. I won’t be buying Samsung again until they step it up. If your going to copy apple in everything then try at least a little to make better hardware.

  • Tech Pro

    Samsung is really successfully fooling so many people with marketing. Exynos 5 is NOT ‘8’ cores, it’s ‘4+4’.

    • angermeans

      Ain’t that the truth. It’s just two quads. Snapdragon is once again going to have a successful year with the 400, 600, and 800 (can’t wait to see a phone with this in the coming months).

      • R7ex

        Won’t be surprised to see Note 3 with 800 in LTE regions.

  • Adam Brandt

    are they still using the same Adreno 320 from last year? It could really use an upgrade, it’s no where near as fast as the Mali T6xx series, or the newer stuff from PowerVR

    • gokusimpson

      Yes, but I’m assuming it’s clocked higher…maybe.

      The 800 supposedly has a newer gpu, but it’s nowhere to be found

      • Adam Brandt

        that’s a shame, I feel the 320 wasn’t powerful enough when it came out. It didn’t bring the power increase that other GPU chips did when they moved to a full new generation. I really wish more phones used PowerVR. Say what you want about Apple, but their GPU’s OWN

        • Michael Javier

          PowerVR (Imagination Technologies) is not owned by Apple. Just sayin’…

    • Snowcrash

      “The Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor features a new Krait 300 quad-core CPU with speeds up to 1.9GHz, a new speed enhanced Adreno 320 GPU” – Per Qualcomm

      • Adam Brandt

        too bad, I was hoping for a new GPU, not just a speed bump. I just read the 800 gets the Adreno 330

        • R7ex

          But 330 only 50% over 320. Mali or PowerVR better.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kirk-Ngo/1362282755 Kirk Ngo

    i say go with the 600 on the GS 4 and save the 8 cores for the Note 3 since the note 3 will be bigger and will require more horsepower. That way we can compare the HTC One with the GS 4 and see which one is better since they will have also have 2 GB of ram (assuming but its pretty obvious it will have it.)and have a screen size below 5 inches.

  • http://www.facebook.com/badenglishihave David Mann

    Qualcomm was the better choice to begin with: the A15 cores used for “high performance” needs are way too power hungry for smartphones.

    I love my Nexus 10 but battery is terrible when playing games or other intensive activities. This decision, if true, would not surprise me in the least.

  • Tony Allen

    Save the Exynos for the Notes and Tablets :)

    • snapdragonFan

      You mean save them for Tablets right? The Notes would still require a less power hungry processor than the Exynos octo. And if they care anything about tablet battery life, they would leave it out of tablets too.

      • itznfb

        Says the snapdragon fan…

        • snapdragonFan

          And for good reason, its the best processor when you look at power and performance. Pure performance metrics mean nothing if your battery is dead.

          • Adam Brandt

            I’m sure people are hoping they get the Exynos in the Note after they figure out whatever problems they have now. The Exynos just looks more powerful, and the latest Mali series destroys the Adreno

          • snapdragonFan

            The Exynos itself isn’t the problem, its the fact that its performance processor is an A15. That sucker burns through a battery. The Exynos itself is likely having issues meeting its performance metrics in real world usage b/c of how often the A7’s have to be run to reduce the heat given off by running the A15’s.

          • Adam Brandt

            oh I see…what’s the SnapDragon 600, 800? Is it a15, a9? Hybrid?

          • snapdragonFan

            Qualcomms own design built from ground up, its micro-architecture most closely resembles an A15, buts its not an A15, an A15 is ARM’s design it sells.

          • Adam Brandt

            gotcha, thanx

          • R7ex


          • itznfb

            Isn’t Snapdragon one of the least efficient processors? Not that I have any battery issues with mine… just sayin.

          • snapdragonFan

            No, snapdragons are the most efficient arm processor out there today in the smartphone space. And by efficient for this topic of discussion, its the best power per performance where high performance is needed. Surely you could put an A7/A5 etc in a smartphone, but it wouldn’t work well.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    yeaaa…. Digitimes… About them….

  • YourFriend

    I may be bashed and down ranked for this, but is there really any reason why a smartphone should have eight cores? I doubt even half that power will ever be utilized to its full potential. It’s no like you’re going to do video editing (which would seem like a pain to do from such a small screen if you could)/

    • Austin Warren

      If you knew what the Octa processor was you wouldn’t be asking this.

    • gokusimpson

      The octa has 8 physical cores, but I think it only uses 4 at a time. The big.Little way is set up so the phone uses only 1 set of cores at a time. Performance or battery saving. So, it’s still like a quad core chip

  • Alix8821

    You’d think Samsung would want the 800, to out do HTC and their use of the 600… But either way, excited for the next Galaxy. Even If I can’t get it…

  • T4rd

    “you just wouldn’t be able to run around bragging to friends that your phone has a faux octa-core processor.” That’s about all it would be good for, IMO. I think we’re at a performance brick wall right now in Android because software is still way behind the hardware from what I’ve seen. You still get occasional lag/stutter on current quad core phones and I don’t think that’s quite right. The only real-world benefit you’re really getting with the new hardware is better power efficiency, which is reason enough for it, but I hope one day Android will be able to better utilize the hardware to create a completely smooth interface. My Note 2 is pretty damn close, but not quite there yet (and yes I’ve installed several TW and AOSP ROMs on it).

    In b4 down votes for not saying Android is perfect. =p

    • Trueblue711

      Agreed, especially when iOS has been smooth on a single core processor.

      • pappy53

        And I don’t understand why Android isn’t as smooth as IOS. What is the reason?

        • gokusimpson

          I think its a code thing. There was an article on it a year or so ago (maybe more) about how the operating systems react to touches.

          I THINK the way it works is that ios drops everything it’s doing and reacts to your touch for a smooth experience while Android keeps chugging along while reacting to your touch. This can show some lag

          • T4rd

            Yeah, that was disproved shortly after that article was released. I’ve tested it with an iPhone 4 and an iPad and they still continue to load/process things while you’re moving your finger around on the screen. I remember reading that the guy who wrote that article was just like an intern at Google or something and wasn’t completely versed in Android or iOS.

          • gokusimpson

            I tested it out with my ipad and everything stopped loading on a webpage when i scrolled. The website objects continued to load when I stopped touching it.

          • T4rd

            Odd, I dunno then. They were both on iOS 6.1 too when I tested it. I tried it last weekend in Safari browser on my mom’s iPhone/iPad while she was visiting. Everything kept loading on the page for me while I was holding in on the screen. I coincidentally remembered that article while I was helping her with something on them and tested it out.

        • dsass600

          It’s because iOS is native to the hardware it’s running on, while Android has to load everything through an emulator so it works on all phones. All processes have to be translated multiple times on an Android device.

          • Trueblue711

            I think the virtualized code plays a role in reducing speed, but I think bigger changes to Android need to be done in order for significant improvements.

          • trwb

            Yes the non-touch legacy code needs to be thrown away and they need to rebuild from the ground up for a touch device too.

          • angermeans

            Sadly I don’t think this can be done without an almost full OS rewrite.

          • therealwaynebrady

            Yes exactly native apps and processes in iOS vs dalvick virtual memory in Android.I will take lag over iOS limitations anyday. I went to the iPhone briefly and am never going back again.

        • http://twitter.com/davidbavin David Bavin

          Because 100% of the CPU goes to your finger. Which is why if you’re loading a web page or sending a text and put your finger on the screen, it stops the processing.

          • angermeans

            That’s not true at least if your talking about iOS.

        • Michael Javier

          live wallpapers, widgets, and true multitasking tend to use additional CPU and memory resources. Turn those all off=lag free

          • btod

            I think the better solution is to make it so that the software can keep with with all those features you mentioned. What’s the point of having all that if you can’t because its slows down your phone so much?

    • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.t.roach.90 Andrew T Roach

      I have to say that the S4 Pro really is a lag free experience at least in my 3 months with it. First device Ive seen that runs this smooth.

    • Joe

      The whole big.LITTLE concept is just throwing more money and silicon at the problem. It seems ARM is having some problems getting higher performance without overly increasing power consumption.

      AnandTech has an article on the Octa and it can draw up to 6 W of power. That’s more than Intel’s Atom. It may even be more than Intel’s next generation Bay Trail quad-core Atom.

  • Seth Merritt

    Has any OEM mentioned that they will be using the Snapdragon 800?

    • gokusimpson

      Nope. I think it’s coming out in Q2…X phone?

    • Danrarbc

      The 800 is probably more of a tablet part anyway.

  • r0lct

    I think Samsung is going to push out a bunch of misinformation in an attempt to keep it secret, not saying this is one of those leaks. So might as well and wait.

  • chris125

    With how well the qualcomm performs I dont see it being that big of a deal. Not to mention exynos development seems to be smaller because of how samsung keeps everything a secret.

  • Austin Warren

    Bring on Note 3 biatches!

    • Thomas

      Absofreakinlutely !!!

    • T4rd

      Note 2 is only like 4-5 months old. It’ll be a while still I hope.

      • mustbepbs

        I’d say Note 3 in July.

        • Thomas

          So on Verizon sayyyyyy November :)

        • T4rd

          Lol no.

          Original Note: October 2011 (International)
          Note 2: 26 September 2012 (International) – Almost October.

          Maybe August/September at the earliest.

          • Austin Warren

            If it’s a major improvement don’t expect them to wait long.

          • T4rd

            It’d be better to stay with the yearly cycle to get the newest hardware in it for the holiday season.

    • r0lct

      If rumor is correct and the next Note is 6+ inches I think I’ll have to pass. As much as I like my Note 2 I think around 5″ (4.75 to 5.25) is going to be the sweet spot.

      • Austin Warren

        I have big hands and I’m a tall dude so size isn’t a problem. And Full HD, s pen, and plenty more. I won’t need anything else.

      • R7ex

        Reduce bezel size, increase screen size and keep phone size the same (or increase slightly).

  • cashx3r0

    but without 8 cores, none of myfriends will think that I am awesome

    • SexciiP

      Exactly! I mainly wanted it for the speed, and to also have bragging rights…Damn it! I still love Samsung though.

      • michael arazan

        I’d bet the octo core will be in the Note 3. Samsung likes the Note series to be just a little bit better than the S series when it comes out 4-6 months later

  • Thomas

    I love the last sentence of this article. I think Tim should put that on his gravestone.

    • http://www.droid-life.com/ Tim-o-tato

      Good words to live by in this business…

      • http://twitter.com/TonyG916 Tony I AM A TEXAN

        Hi Tim!

        • http://www.droid-life.com/ Tim-o-tato

          Hi Tony the Texan! 😛