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Tip: Google Now Will Show You Recipe Recommendations Too

google now recipe search

I think we can all agree that Google Now is nothing short of amazing, right? It continues to learn from our Google searches, so that it can recommend everything from travel routes to nearby photo spots. But one thing it also does well, is suggest topics that you may be researching, through the Research card. 

Thanks to its tie-in with Google, it knows every time you search for something, whether that be a travel destination, or in today’s case, a recipe for dinner. Now, I’ve seen the research card in action before, but up until this afternoon, I had yet to see it recommend recipes for items I had previously searched for. A reader of ours noticed the same thing at almost the exact same time as well, so I’m tempted to think this new recipe integration is somewhat new.

As you can see from the card, I spent a few minutes last night looking for a cucumber salad recipe to round out my Valentine’s Day feast. Today, it’s still trying to help by suggesting other recipes. While it may be a day late, I still appreciate the recommendations.

Have you found other Research cards? Anything else new in Google Now since the last update?

Cheers @Tim87D!

  • Yeah everytime I go to Whole Foods or something a card will pop up to “Research products” while I’m there.

  • Brain

    So which recipe did you pick?

  • SD_Scott


    • Tyler Casilio

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      • michael arazan

        Rumor is Ford, Hamill, & Fisher. Solo and Lea had children who became Jedi and one a Sith. Also Lea became a Jedi too. I’m just curious if it will be canon like in the books. I read the books in the late 80’s, but Wokkiepedia has the story line and history too. Best will be the spin off movies, 2 confirmed, one my be Boba Fett

  • Austin Warren

    From Asian to KFC? Conforming to American eatery.

  • Picking A Name Is Hard

    This actually isn’t new. It’s been around since before the update. I got it last month when I was looking up recipes for an alfredo sauce.

    • jeesung

      +1. definitely pre-latest update.

      still pretty cool, though

  • brando56894

    Seriously, Google Now is amazing. What are they going to do with it next? “Google Now now reads your thoughts before you even think them!”

    • Timothy McGovern

      That’s scientifically impossible…

  • Korey Page

    I’ve noticed this for over a week(I may not be exaggerating, I just can’t pinpoint the time) I remember looking up dry rub recipes from the computer and then looked at my phone and saw Google Now cards. I do know this was before the update from the Play Store.

    I just thought it was something that was always a feature because I rarely looked up recipes online.

  • Masterminded

    A couple months ago I once saw a research card with a video game I was looking up, but I never saw it again since

  • Potato

    I’ve had this for a few weeks now …

    • trd105

      Oh man. And here I thought I was sending in something new. Carry on