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Google Posts Short Gallery and Details From Recent Glass Foundry Event

glass foundry

Google made it no secret that they were holding an event for Project Glass Developers. The only problem was that they signed everyone to strict nondisclosure agreements so that we wouldn’t get any of the juicy details. Thankfully, Google took to their Google Developers page on Google+ to let us know that new projects were being developed for Glass. Google even footed the bill for a few developers to get their Glass kit for free. 

Eight teams of developers at the event got their cost for being in the Glass Explorers program covered by Google. They said that even though they are keeping their API for Glass secret, this event is “already helping us improve the platform.”


It sounds like Glass is moving ahead just how Google wants it to. Maybe we will see more of it at I/O this year.

Via: +Google Developers

  • philip van luke

    I use a mac every day at work, and I freaking hate it. maybe if its the only computer you have ever used, or are trying to justify a purchase by forcing yourself to use it, its fine, but coming from 12+ years as a windows PC user… its just terrible. the only thing i like about OSX is you can drag folders into your cursor to create paths automatically… otherwise, i hate finder, i hate that i constanly have to re-enter my user password to give permissions, why cant i just run things as admin, and it remember im doing that… safari is slow as hell. using cmd instead of ctrl for shortcuts is annoying and uncomfortable. its just bad.

    • Try Google Chrome it blows Safari out of the water on my MBP!

      I remember feeling the exact same way when I got my first Mac but I decided to stick with it, sure learning the new gestures shortcuts, etc was a pain but once you get use to the differences you will realize the Mac and PC both have their strong points, it just depends on what type of user you are.

  • TheOiulkj

    I always had a feeling that half of the DL community were closet Apple fanboys.

  • Artur Z.

    does anybody know where can i download Peter Alsonsos toro_2012-10-31 rom?

  • nightscout13

    As much as I dislike Apple, those MBP batteries last extremely long…. It’s sad that no other OEM has even come close to match Macbook battery life.

    • The battery life and the trackpads are two major strongpoints of the MBPs!

      • philip

        the trackpads… really? i would rather chew my own arm off than use a trackpad. they are a utility, there is nothing nice about them, and to call them out as a mac strongpoint is just bad.

        • mx

          Have you used a macbook trackpad? It is a very different experience from any non-Apple trackpad I have ever used.

        • Exactly what @b9448a6f4398282b18da788c52255b00:disqus said! The Apple trackpads are more than just a utility you use when out and about because of their tight integration into the UI of Mac OS X. Just browsing the internet is so much easier because you can drag up / down to scroll, swipe left / right to go forwards / back, three fingers up activate mission control, three fingers to the left / right to change screens, and the list goes on! The only thing they aren’t that great at is gaming but thats the only reason that I have ever opted for a mouse over the trackpad on my MBP!

  • I like the lady who gets invited to a private Google event, checks out and uses their new secret/not so secret device that’s still in development…….yet looks like she hates her life and wants to kill herself.

    • Haha, just saw her. You can tell she isn’t even giving the product a chance.

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  • Android Convention with Apple Laptops..really?’

    • Most developers go with the best equipment. Apple computers are simply better! Sorry!!

      • Chris

        I have to admit.. I do like Macbooks..

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      • TheCheapGamer

        Lol wut?
        They are glorified WinTel setups (hardware wise)

        • I am a HUGE Android fanboy but I must admit Apple’s laptops are top notch (writing this on a 2011 15″ MacBook Pro). While they may seem really overpriced spec wise, most of these machines are really upgradable (non retina and non air models) with a bunch of SSD options and RAM upgrades that can be had for super cheap! For some reason Macs just seem to work very well for most people’s workload (they excel at everything from Video editing to word processing minus gaming) while looking great and being super light! Oh and did I mention that with a little bit work you can make it completely integrate into your Android ecosystem (AirSync for iTunes music, Dropbox auto-uploading to your HDD, etc).

      • Diablo81588

        Windows PC in a pretty aluminum case. Don’t be fooled.

      • Tyler

        Yeah … the only problem is that the glowing apple logo costs so much that they had to cut out some stuff like a cooling system.

      • I loved my Macbook Pro 15 with 16gb Ram and 256gb SSD but then they released a Retina then I stopped using it and started using my pc then I sold my MBP. I want me a Retina!

      • lye

        Don’t need to fight about it. I’m gonna use my MBP because I love it. Use what you like.

    • What else would they use? I hate to break it to you, but most of Google’s computers are Macs. Ask anyone that works there. 😛

      • Chromebooks

        • LOL. You know do know how limited Chrome OS is? It simply can not be used for development.

          • MikeCiggy

            or anything besides web based applications

          • michael arazan

            I know Chromebooks are to be affordable web based tool, but people like their programs on their device and not in the cloud still. Also Apple products are extremely hazardous, if any Apple product breaks open, You are not to breathe in anything, or touch the device due to the hazardous materials it was built with. This is why the US government banned apple products for government use, and the fact they can’t be recycled.

          • mx

            Haha Haha. Would you care to provide a source for that nonsense?

          • michael arazan
          • mx

            Sorry, but posting a bunch of links does not win you the argument. Where in any of those articles is any mention of danger of breathing in or touching toxic components? No where. Those articles discuss Apple losing EPEAT status due to the poor repairability of the new MacBooks.

            But please, don’t let facts stand in the way of your delusional ranting.

          • michael arazan

            Apple withdrew itself from EPEAT, the article clearly stated the non recyclable products from ipod and macbooks, and also the hazardous waste.

          • mx

            And absolutely nothing about not being able to breathe or touch anytbing while disassembling a device as you stated in your OP. try again.

        • Chromebook is a Web browser. Thats it.

        • Tim242

          That is far from a computer.

      • David Parrella

        I’ve been to the Google office in Pittsburgh and only saw a handful of macs.

      • Sloan Marion

        One word: Linux

    • ChristianJohnson

      I actually prefer Apple’s computers compared to Windows. Build quality is great, OS works and is easier to use for what I use it for. Don’t care for iOS, but OSX is great.

      • Mack

        Exactly. Although Windows 8 is growing on me.

        • ChristianJohnson

          Agreed. I would only want Windows 8 if I had a touchscreen.

          • Andrew

            It’s fantastic on the Surface Pro

      • I prefer W7 & W8 to OSX but Apple knows how to build a laptop, every windows based laptop I have had I needed to replace after 1.5 to 2 years, my macbook pro i have had now for 4 years.

    • Bill Todds

      Just out of curiosity, what are most folks developing Android on? Is Linux the only way to go for an Android fan?

      • I use my Win 7 box with eclipse at work. I am also a .Net developer so I need the Windows platform.

      • vitriolix

        I’ve used Windows, OS X and Ubuntu to develop Android apps professionally. Ubuntu is the way to go for me.

      • Chris

        We use OS X, but Linux is just as viable. Windows works too, but you do occasionally have to deal with USB driver issues.

      • Aardvark99

        iOS development is still a big deal in the mobile world. With Mac being the only platform you can use for iOS development, yet it also supports Android, it really makes sense to use one. This is why I have one – a 15″ MacBook Pro Retina. However, all this is easy for me to say since my company paid for it, it’s a great companion it a beefy Windows workstation running Hyper V VMs and Visual Studio for server work. The Macbook has simply the best hardware with an OS that’s OK I guess, I just don’t see any advantage it has over Windows 7.

      • Nathan Buth

        From what I have seen, linux is probably the smoothest platform for it. That said I use a mac primarily because as a mobile developer in general it allows me to develop for both Android and iOS easily and reliably.

    • EricRees

      I think the entirety of the DL crew uses Macbooks for our work 😉

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      • Aaron

        Isn’t that sacrilege?:)

    • tomn1ce

      I was thinking the same things….I guess the window’s pc are not good enough..

    • Tim242

      As opposed to Android laptops. Oh wait…

    • Andrew Bissel

      While the android community does prefer Google over Apple for anything, apple does make one hell of a laptop.

    • UndergroundWire

      This comment really? How come it is OK for an Android Convention with Microsoft Windows?

  • Chris

    Android sticker on Apple..