Google Glass Now Shipping With 2GB RAM, All Sorts of New Apps Announced

We aren’t even to Google I/O yet and announcements are already flooding out of the Google Glass team, through interviews with Sundar Pichai, and from the crew over at Cyanogen. In this quick post, we are focusing on all of the new Glass announcements, which include 12 new apps (“Glassware”), camera framing when taking pictures, new Google now cards, and maybe most importantly, the jump in new models of Glass to 2GB of RAM.  (more…)

Google Certifies the First Companies for “Glass at Work” Program

After our poll last week, we got a good sense that a lot of you were not really interested in Google Glass anymore. Everyone has their reasons, but almost 3,000 of you said that Glass was not something you would be interested in going forward. Google is looking to give glass a professional makeover by announcing that Glass is now being tested in workplaces around the country through a set of certified partners.  (more…)

Google Glass Revised Hardware Makes First Appearance, Along With Earbud

google glass new

Yesterday, the Google Glass team announced that they had created new hardware, and that current Glass Explorers would have the one-time option to swap out their original Glass unit for the new version. The new version of glass will work with “future lines of shades and prescription frames,” so if those were a missing piece in your Glass experience, be sure to swap. They also announced a new referral program and an earbud attachment that would come with the new Glass hardware. Today, we’re getting a look at the revised Glass along with the earbud. It looks…the same, plus an earbud.  (more…)