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HTC Posts Countdown to February 19 Event On Homepage, HTC One Seems Confirmed

htc one teaser

The event that HTC has planned for February 19 is getting closer and closer, and it looks more and more clear that we are going to see the launch of HTC’s new flagship device. The front page of HTC’s website has been updated with a countdown clock that points to their event next week, but also hints towards their new device being named the HTC One.

Each time the timer gets to a :01 interval on the countdown the screen flashes and you catch a glimpse of the unannounced device in the background in a short clip. Hints of the phone’s backside, side-profile and camera can all be seen if you watch it long enough. It isn’t much, but HTC seems to be hypebeasting their upcoming flagship pretty well. 

Here are all of the short clips:






Are you at all excited for what HTC has to announce next week?

Via: HTC

  • Larizard

    The seconds timer. Everytime the number 1 appears (i.e., 41, 21, 31), it’s in Green and one of the “teaser” videos play in the background.

    Nice touch, HTC.

  • Isn’t there already and HTC One?

    • KB Smoka

      One X

      • g2gsr

        Ooooohhhhh 🙂

      • Danrarbc

        One X
        One X+
        One S
        One V
        One SV
        One VX

      • JoshGroff

        Great CD.

  • EC8CH

    On screen buttons or bust.

  • AntiJeff

    I missed read you title – I thought it said “HTC One Seems Concerned”

  • kevg73

    That last clip looks like it shows a micro usb cover or something like that. Hardly something to show off

    • hkklife

      No, but in the case of the DNA , that cover is worth tearing off on day 1!

      • cortesjues

        or you can but a wireless charger and keep the usb cover on so you don’t have a random hole at the bottom of your phone

        • Tyler Casilio

          Which is what they wanted you to do and I did….and love it.

  • reggie1225

    What interest I had in this phone diminished when they thought an “HTC” button was a good idea instead of the recent apps button. HTC slips further behind in sales then somehow thinks an HTC button will make a difference.

    • MikeCiggy

      Was that frontal render even confirmed?

    • JakeS41

      Just because there is a logo there, doesn’t mean its a button

  • KleenDroid

    Again… If this device was able to be fully unlocked I might be interested. Otherwise not at all.

    • cortesjues

      define fully unlocked…. the DNA is fully unlocked by most people’s standards

      • Danrarbc

        He’s probably referring to S-Off.

        • cortesjues

          But S-Off i more of a luxury as anything you need it for can easily be done with an extra minute or two

      • KleenDroid

        What I mean is rooted with an unlocked bootloader. Development is second to none on devices that have this. Simple themed ROMs don’t do it for me.

        • Ibrick

          It is rooted with an unlocked bootloader.. Has been since about a week after release.

          • michael arazan

            There is a DNA “security” update to be pushed to the DNA from vzw, I’m wondering if they are going to try and lock it up

  • Booyah

    Can’t blame HTC for trying to beat Samsung and Moto to the gun and get this out first, but it will quickly be forgotten when the S4 and X Phone are released.

    • LionStone

      That’s one way to look at it Booyah, but HTC are leaders in design and innovation and after the DNA and M7, it’s what the other guys will be trying to meet or best the rest of the year 🙂

      • Booyah

        Leaders? Their stock is plummeting. Innovation? Like putting the home button on the right side of the screen? Hey, I had a DInc for two years, and it wasn’t terrible, and their hardware is pretty legit (most of the time), but Sense software is horrible and notorious for terrible battery life. Even though the DNA improved on that, it’s not even the best phone out at the moment. The M7 will be forgotten about by late summer, at the latest.

        • LionStone

          Yep leaders, as in first to have an 8mp camera (on VZW) in 2010. First to have LTE with TB 03/11. The One X with Design and capturing stills while recording or watching video. First to have 1080p display w quad core on the DNA. 5″ screen, w/ tight bezel and cascading edge, great form factor w/ built-in wireless charging.
          Yes, I never said anything about their stock. I’ve had Inc., TB, Inc4G, and now DNA and Sense was never a battery killer as some say. The TB used quite a bit of battery using the Internet, but the others have good battery life. And each phone gets better and better battery life as technology improves. My average battery life on my stock DNA to date is 14.5 hrs! It and the M7 will be relevant for the rest of the year, they’re too advanced not to and technology isn’t moving THAT fast. Oh, and I have NO idea what the relocation of the Home button is all about if that’s indeed what they end up doing?

          • michael arazan

            Well Sansung announced they are infusing their R&D with a Billion dollars, and who knows what Google is going to innovate with Motorola. Now that Google has a company they can push innovation through and make money off of it instead of giving it away for free with Android. They can Still make Android awesome for their oem partners and Innovate on their own Platform as well for themselves. IMO I’ve never seen anything innovating about HTC, but I also have never seen or used the One series on Verizon. Hopefully HTC will push this device to all the carriers for maximum coverage

  • I have one word for HTC…. “Thunderbolt”. Yes, Verizon shares the blame for making it a forgotten step child since it came out, but HTC is still the manufacturer. I will never again buy HTC or go to Verizon again.
    I am happy now with my unlocked Nexus 4 with no long term contract.

    • If it’s any consolation, the Tbolt just got ICS.

      • JoshGroff

        Something that I’d like to point out the Droid 3 and Droid X2 don’t have even though they have superior specs.

        • mustbepbs

          Neither have the amount of RAM that the TBolt had, and that was Moto’s excuse. 512 vs 768

      • hkklife

        Incredible 2 and Rhyme? As far as I know, they are still waiting on ICS. And the Incredible HD and Rezound are 90% likely to never see JB. I’ll never again buy an HTC unless it’s a pure Nexus device.

        • sith77

          well ……………. verizon nexus is what 4 behind on updates . so its not HTC

        • LionStone

          What is an Incredible HD?

          • LionStone

            Nvm…IncHD was code for Mecha was code for Thunderbolt. I wouldn’t expect the TB to get 3 major OS updates!

      • jakes41

        My EvoLTE has JB. I’m content. Having said that – I am all over this new phone when it comes out!!!

    • Ibrick

      Why is it every time HTC is mentioned the Thunderbolt is brought up?

      Do people hold the Charge against Samsung? The Statusphere against LG? The Bionic against Moto? Well maybe the Bionic.. Lol..

      But seriously, it was the first LTE device, and had some growing pains. So did the Charge but no one brings up a 2+ year old phone when it comes to the Note or S3/S4.

      Give it a rest.. It was a bust, I had one. If every companies image was based on their worst device no one would ever buy a new phone.

  • DanSan

    and nobody really cares.

    go home HTC.

    • DanSan

      lol i seriously got down votes for that? come on… when was the last time you people really got excited about an HTC product and it blew your mind….

      no worries ill wait.

      My old thunderbolt is a very strong reminder of my excitement for HTC.

      • Danrarbc

        The One X and 8X are great phones.

      • JakeS41

        HTC….Best screen quality, best camera quality, better quality feel than Samsung devices. They can stay in my book.

  • mode3fan

    About as excited as I am for iPhone VI..