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Download: Nexus 7 “nakasi” Android 4.2.2 JDQ39 Update

Android 4.2.2 Nexus 7

As expected, the rest of the Android 4.2.2 (JDQ39) files for Nexus devices are starting to become available. Here is the link for the Nexus 7 “nakasi,” which is the WiFi-only version.

In order to update using this file, you’ll need to come from JOP40D. 

Download Link

Instructions (Custom Recovery):

1.  Download the file from above to your internal storage.
2.  Temporarily flash a custom recovery if you haven’t already.

Windows | Mac

3.  Reboot into recovery.
4.  “Install zip from sd card.”
5.  Choose the new JDQ39 update file and install.
6.  Enjoy.

Instructions (Without Custom Recovery or Root):

*If you want the full detailed instructions, hit up this guide.

1.  Download and install the Android SDK.
2.  Make sure adb is working correctly by typing in “adb devices” into a command prompt.

*You should get a serial number in return if your device is detected.

3.  In the same command prompt, type in “adb reboot bootloader” to reboot to fastboot.
4.  From the bootloader screen, scroll down to “Recovery” and select it.
5.  If you see an Android with an exclamation mark, press Volume Up and Power to move past to recovery.
6.  From the stock recovery, choose “apply update from adb.”
7.  In adb type “adb sideload 6ece895ecb23.signed-nakasi-JDQ39-from-JOP40D.6ece895e.zip”

*You could also rename the .zip file to something easier to type like “JDQ39.zip” as well.

8.  If it works correctly, you should be taken through some online instructions.
9.  Select “reboot” and enjoy.

Cheers G.O.D.!

  • XvierX

    Did this update introduce gesture typing? Or did I just not notice it in previous versions? It’s pretty cool.

  • Sahil Singh Dhandi

    i need some help
    i have clock work mod recovery touch and when i try to flash this zip the nexus 7 says e: eror in sdcard/0/longname for update.zip (status 7) cna some one help meeeee pleeeease

  • wresin

    One more time…

    ./adb -s device-serial-number sideload filename.zip

  • wresin

    For Mac users:
    ./adb -s sideload

  • Deej

    Worked like a charm. Done in 15 minutes!

  • Just walked my 8 year old through the steps. Modded his own Nexus 7.

    • Christian

      why does your 8 year old have a tablet

      • grandma’s fault

      • To use it, probably..

  • Mark F.

    Is anyone else seeing repeated crashes of “com.android.phone” after the upgrade (even in safe mode)? My device was running stock JOP40D, unrooted. I’m about to do a factory reset on it, but wanted to see if anyone else had run into this.

    • Diane

      I’m having that exact same issue. Have you been able to fix it? I haven’t factory reset it yet and would rather not but if that’s the only solution then I will. Thanks.

      • Mark F.

        I finally just gave up and did a factory reset, but that turned out to be not enough for me. What I ended up doing was flashing a stock recovery image of JOP40D, then reapplying the upgrade to that. Since then, everything has been fine – no idea what caused the issue in the first place.

        • Diane

          Thank you for the response Mark. I will try to factory reset it first to see if it works. If it doesn’t then I will flash a stock recovery image as well but I’m not sure how to do it. Did you find a tutorial or did you already know? Could you help a fellow Nexus 7 owner out? Thanks! 🙂

          • Mark F.

            Hi Diane,

            I had done it before, but that was after reading the excellent tutorial at http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1907796.

            The hardest part for me was getting the drivers set up so my computer would recognize the Nexus 7… this could be challenging, since, if you haven’t turned on “developer mode” for your device, it will be difficult to get to this screen with com.android.phone constantly crashing.

            Good luck!


          • Diane

            Hello Mark,

            I’ll check out the tutorial, definitely looks like I need to sit down for this as I’m not very familiar with such a procedure. And as you said, it definitely will be challenging to turn on “developer mode.” Thanks for your all your help! 🙂

  • Peter Heitman

    lost root – and now adb always shows my device “offline” no matter what I do. Haven’t had a problem connecting with adb before now… Tried to boot into recovery but got the red exclamation point. Sigh.

    • Your post helped me, thanks. I replaced adb.exe and other files (fastboot and the two .dll’s) in C:Program Files (x86)WugFresh Developmentdata with the latest version of adb.exe. After that, the Nexus Root Toolkit worked properly and I just re-applied Root. It seems to have worked!

      • I’m having the same problem. Where did you download it?

    • MLG

      How do I download adb if I can’t get online to download???

  • Mike Corbett

    you forgot to say USB debugging

  • Chris Mullins

    1. Error 7 cannot flash, then fake-bricked by bootlooping. 2. Grouper is the device name, even says it in the fastboot, not Nakasi, that’s why when you download a ROM, you make sure it says “grouper”

    • qwerty

      Hey dumbass, the Nexus 7 Wi-Fi hardware code named is “grouper” while the factory software code name is “nakasi.”


      • Chris Mullins

        Hey unregistered troll, thanks for linking me to where I already go. I’m not by any means new to the Android world, I know how to flash and update and I already have. I’m pointing out corrections, as following the instructions to the letter will probably confuse a lot of the less intelligent people. And good job for saying that Grouper is the device name, like I already did above you.

        TL;DR: Hey dipshit, troll elsewhere.

        • Josh

          You seem like a supercilious jerk.

          • Chris Mullins

            More like a person who has some shred of intelligence in their body.

      • That’s not the way to reply someone.

  • Any noticeable differences aside from bluetooth fixes? Just curious as I flashed PA3 days ago.

  • Jose Francisco

    Nexus 7 32GB 4.2.1 ROOT and CMW

    CMW error 7 applying the update, maybe work with stock recovery..

    • Are you on JOP40D? Also, maybe try to update CWM. is out now.

      • Jose Francisco

        Yes im on JOP40D… CMW, WHERE I CAN DOWNLOAD IT ?

        • Rom Manager…

          • Jose Francisco

            Thanks,, Have you tried this update… any changes? fix wifi issues or any other

          • Yes, I installed the update. I wasn’t having any issues to begin with (Wifi was fine, Bluetooth was fine, etc.), so I don’t know if anything is “fixed”. I’ve noticed that it takes a while now to load my widgets after the tablet boots, but the overall performance seems better. I haven’t noticed anything else yet.

  • br_hermon

    Hey DL, If I follow the custom recovery steps I’ll lose root, right? I read that the latest CWM might actually keep root. But if we lose it, I can flash superuser in recovery right? Or use Wug’s toolkit to restore root?

    *might be worth including this info in the main post… just sayin.

    • Alan Burnstine

      Before flashing, open SuperSU and go to the Settings tab. Check the Survival Mode checkbox. Reboot to recovery and flash the zip. After rebooting, go back to SuperSU settings, uncheck enable Superuser, and recheck it again. You MAY need to re-install Busybox. I did, but not sure if it was needed. I needed to re-enable Seeder, but all other root apps just worked.

    • Mr ilheis

      If you have the latest CWM it will ask you if you want to restore root and disable stock recovery. If you want you can do as Alan says or download VooDoo OTA Root Keeper.

  • DaveTea

    Take note that if you are running a custom kernel the update will fail, you need to make sure you restore the stock kernel image. You did make a backup…right?

    • Correct, stock everything here.

  • Damian

    After downloading an app it gives you an eta of how long the download will take.
    I’m pretty sure it didn’t do that before, someone correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Seems new to me. Not showing the countdown on my Nexus 4 which is still on 4.2.1.

  • Someone remind please…
    I download.
    Put on root /sdcard.

    Is that it for unrooted N7?

  • Andrew Scott

    Wait….I thought the wifi only version was Grouper.

    • Grouper is the hardware name. Nakasi is, essentially, the ROM that is made officially by Google. This is a Nakasi update, meaning you can’t just flash it to Grouper. It has to be flashed to Grouper running Nakasi.

      • Andrew Scott

        I think I see what you mean. I’m stock, unlocked and rooted so it should’t be a problem. BUT if I was running a custom ROM, I would need to go back to stock before I could flash it. Is that correct?

        • Mr ilheis

          That is correct.

          • Matt

            I am stock unlocked and rooted. I went into recovery and it failed twice. Am I the only one?

          • Jose Francisco

            Me too error 7

            Nexus 7 32GB 4.2.1 ROOT and CMW

          • Mr ilheis

            Have either of you made any changes to any system files at all?

          • Jose Francisco

            assert failed: apply_patch_check(“/system/vendor/lib/hw/power.grouper.so,, that file is the error

          • Jose Francisco

            Already problem solved it was a custom kernel that modified that file, i replace with the original one, many thanks for all….

          • where can i find the original file as I have the same problem?

          • Jose Francisco

            i took from another nexus 7, is in that dir,, in the moment that you replace the file, your table will reboot immediately cause is a system file, but after that you can flash it, put your mail to send you my file, replace with any root explorer app.

          • Thanks.

          • Mike

            Update your recovery.

        • Use OTA Rootkeeper

  • rals

    How is the performance now after downloading it?

    • Mr ilheis

      Give me 5 and I’ll give you a quick idea.

      • rals

        Damn, I was hoping it would be better. After 4.2.1 it has been slow as well. I used the app forever Gone, and that has helped speed it up, but not the greatest as 4.1. Thanks for reporting!

    • I think the changes are mostly Bluetooth oriented. No real performance enhancements under the hood in this one. I’d bet they’re saving the good stuff for Key Lime Pie.

      • hkklife

        Too early to make a definitive conclusion (and maybe things still need to settle down a bit) but right now it seems to be unchanged from 4.2.1 or at best maybe a tad less laggy when swiping the lockscreen open and switching users (if you have multi-user enabled on your N7).

        Definitely still more sluggish than 4.1 was.

        The only thing I have noticed definitely fixed is the bug where you had to often hit the power button multiple times to get the screen to come on. I just wiped my N7 about a week or two ago and it was still exhibiting this behavior in totally stock JOP40D. It seems to be totally resolved now.

        • Finally, That power button lag was crazy annoying. Hopfully the launcher is less laggy than 4.2.1. Going through my apps was extremly choppy, especially when I got to the wigget section. Also If they fix the battery drain and brightness bug ill be fine. I had a Stock Droid X for 2.5 years, so I can deal with a little lag lol.

  • Shane Redman


  • crazysamz

    Need this for nexus 10!!