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Q4 Android U.S. Marketshare Numbers are in, Still Sitting Pretty at 53.4%

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New numbers are in from comScore’s Q4 2012 report, ranking the top five U.S. marketshare contenders. In terms of operating systems, Android is still sitting on the throne with 53.4%, growing from last year’s 52.5%. Following Android is Apple’s iOS at 36.3%, which is quite respectable, considering BlackBerry and Windows make up just a little over 9% when combined.¬†

Q4 Platforms

Outside of OS share, comScore also took a look at who controls the hardware aspect of these numbers.¬†With little change, Apple still holds a 36.3% of that market, with Samsung coming in second with an even 21%. Samsung has gone up 2.3% since last year’s Q4, with Apple also growing by 2%. In terms of growth, no other handset maker is even putting up numbers. HTC has fallen 1.8%, Motorola has sunk 0.7%, and LG saw little gain with 0.5%.

Q4 OEM's

Here in America, this has become a two dog show. 2013 is sure to be a huge spectacle, as Apple and Samsung go head-to-head in a giant mobile showdown.

Via: comScore

  • kane

    I see far more Android phones in the wild. Numerous other metrics show the same thing. As far as a supposed web presence Apples own forums are filled with unexplained web traffic from its devices. Believe whatever you want. Its not a holy war

  • oliviawolivia

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    The 50 or so Nexus 4 sold changed LG’s share by .5% lol.

    • Tim242

      I know you are trying to be funny. However, Nexus 4’s are not sold by LG.

      • Liderc

        Hrm? Yes…yes they are heh. LG still profits from Nexus 4 sales. It doesn’t matter that Google works with them to design and release the phone through their Play store, but it’s still an LG product and would be included in their sales figures noted above.

        • Tim242

          LG does not profit directly from Nexus 4 sales. Google pays them to make it, but that is different. It is sold by Google, not LG.

        • Tim242

          Google sells the Nexus 4, not LG.

  • Butters619

    I expect this time next year Moto will be higher, HTC will be lower, Apple will be lower, and Samsung will be about the same.

    /My pull it out of my @ss prediction

  • DrewNusser

    If they change the age to 18+ I bet Android would be at about 80%. I just went to a high school play a couple weeks ago, and I’m pretty sure that every single kid in the auditorium had an iPhone. Makes you wonder about all the iTrolls.

  • Dorian Brooks

    I’m surprised BlackBerry has twice the subscribers of Microsoft without BB10. Is WindowsPhone that bad???

    • reggie1225

      It’s not that WindowsPhone is that bad, it’s the fact that WindowsMobile left a bad taste in peoples mouth.

  • It will be really interesting to see how these numbers change this year and into next year now that BB is trying to make a comeback!

    • New_Guy

      Heard they had a heck of a week in the UK so far.

      • Tim242

        That is bogus info.

        • n11

          Also a good start in Canada. Why are you so sour?

          • Tim242

            Good start…according to whom? They aren’t releasing numbers…or even initial estimates. I have the same doubt on the Nexus 4.

          • Tim242

            Good start…according to whom? They aren’t releasing numbers…or even initial estimates. I have the same doubt on the Nexus 4.

        • flosserelli

          You usually have something useful/informative to say, but now you’re just talking out of your ass.

    • Tim242

      You’re kidding, right? RIGHT?!

      • I’m being completely serious. BB is still the goto platform for business folks due to the high level of integration with existing services, security and reliable physical keyboard support. I’m not saying this will necessarily directly impact Android because most BB users switched to iOS due to exchange support but it will still be interesting to see if BB is able to make a comeback and if so who will be the most effected!

        • Liderc

          BB is still the go to platform for business folks? Don’t know what business you work for but it definitely isn’t where I work. In my industry it’s split between Android and iOS users, with Android completely taking over due to its versatility and quality improvements in the last few years. BB’s are seen as archaic due to their poor/slow support. The only BB users I see are women with long nails and I’m dead serious.

  • bitbank

    Can we assume from Microsoft’s numbers that people abandoned windows mobile and didn’t replace it with Windows phone?

  • Trevor

    LG’s all like WOOOOOOOOO

  • deebooO!

    That front photo is really off focus…

  • bose301s

    Just crazy how Android is able to continue to grow and gain share on Apple.

    • capecodcarl

      But are these numbers accurate? According to the Apple circle-jerkers, iOS web browsing share is 3 times higher than Android indicating there should be far more iOS devices out there than Android device. They’re suggesting that while the number of devices “shipped” is relatively high in Android, these devices are actually just sitting on the shelves unpurchased and not actively being used. http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/02/01/apples-ios-mobile-web-share-calls-into-question-reports-touting-android-sales-supremacy

      • that’s including ipads in the mix? as well as android tablets too maybe, but still, I could totally see ipads outselling them in big numbers, unfortunately. Plus, it’s very easy to masquerade as a desktop on android. not to mention, going to traffic stats would take into account existing devices moreso than new sales.

      • Treknologist

        These numbers about web browsing share need to be taken with a grain of salt. You have to remember that on Android you can change the user agent of the browser to be anything from desktop to even iOS devices, so this falsely lowers the number of Android devices being reported as browsing the internet. I, for example, always have my Android tablets set for desktop browsing. Only my phone is set up for “Android” and I don’t use it as much to browse as I do my tablets. That means that, though I may be browsing on my Nexus 7 or my Transformer Prime, the user agent will be read as “desktop” and not as an Android device. Yet, I’m using an Android device to browse the internet.

    • Apple

      What’s crazy is that you believe comScore


      • Butters619

        Did you just source BGR?

        • Prox

          i got a chuckle out of this

      • Liderc

        lol, your source says that during a 12 week period Android’s sales dropped 10.9% – do you even realize how difficult that would be? I think we’ll ignore that ridiculous stat as well as them saying iOS holds a 53% share of the market.

        • pappy53

          No, they were not the “highest they’ve ever been during that period”. They actually did drop, and IOS skyrocketed, due to iPhone 5. So, for that quarter, IOS had the largest marketshare, and it was a new record for Apple.

        • pappy53

          It is amazing that it takes 4 Android manufacturers to top Apple.

    • J

      Keep in mind that a decent percentage of the Android marketshare is from pre-paid and cheap burner phones.. people signing up for $40-$50 plans and getting a free LG or something Android phone. These are the new dumb flip phones.

    • Actually, if you look at the month-to-month figures (not just 3 months ago), Android has been losing a small amount of share. That might not hold for early 2013, but I wouldn’t say it’s gaining versus Apple in these figures.

  • JasonIvers

    Yes, LG saw “little loss”, as in a .5% GAIN.

    • michael arazan

      Just think if LG had actually mad a couple million Nexus 4’s, they’d better off than now had they not dropped the ball for what ever reason. If LG had the forsight to make the N 4’s in large quantities their sales figures would look nice, the Gnex sold in the millions, and made a bigger name and footprint for nexus and they made it look like it was some novelty by mot mass producing it

  • Jake

    you rites reel good.