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HTC M7 Shows Up at Carphone Warehouse and Vodafone, Will Sport “Ultrapixel” Camera?

htc m7-1

As we inch closer to the unveiling of the HTC M7 on February 19 in NYC, it makes sense that leaks would continue to pour in. Three new reports from this morning are helping to paint the picture of a device that is becoming less and less a mystery by the minute. 

First, both Carphone Warehouse and Vodafone (Germany) are showing the device in inventory systems as, the “HTC M7.” We still aren’t sure if this is the official name or not, but it’s certainly starting to look like it might be. If not, we fully understand that these systems can probably be updated closer to launch if need be. Both inventory screens also confirm that the device will come in both black and silver, a report that first surfaced last week.

The last juicy rumor to come out this morning suggests that HTC will utilize “Ultrapixel” technology in the M7, a camera made up of three separate 4.3MP cameras. While you can add those up to reach 13MP, a number that has been rumored, sources are telling Pocket-Lint that the camera won’t actually output at that size.

From what we can tell, this “Ultrapixel” tech will help to generate crisper, cleaner images with better color accuracy. This will be one of the major selling points for the M7.

So the scene now looks something like this – it’s called the HTC M7, comes in both black and silver, and will sport new camera tech called Ultrapixel.


Via:  Pocket-Lint [2] | HTC Inside

  • Garrett

    Why’d they have to mess with the hardware buttons?
    If there’s only 3 hardware buttons then home should be in the middle.

  • Verizon will probably not carry it, they’ll wait about a year and give it some BS name like Droid Emory or some crap like that.

  • Eh…

  • Team_Cock

    if what HTC is going to present on February 19 is the THING ON THE PHOTO (10mm thick PLASTIC brick) called M7 or HTC Two X or HTC One X2 or HTC One XX, it can start readying papers for BANKRUPTCY in Q3 2013.

    SONY > LG (poor design, cheap plastic, but with its own innovative components) > HTC.

    WOW design+specs+features Galaxy SIV, Note 3 and Motorola X will BURY these “half-attempts” to survive.

  • Rob Watkins

    I just bought a Droid DNA….maybe I should have waited a bit.

    • Radgatt

      You would have been waiting longer since it probably won’t be on Verizon at the same time as the other carriers.

  • Unless I see something else, this is without a doubt my next device. I love the body on my 8X and I’m learning to live with WP8…but Sense 5 is semi-stomachable as well.

  • I just want to now the battery size of this phone. I can burn my EVO 3D battery with heavy use in 3 and half hours. If they go with a small battery again I’m going with the Note II.

  • bloopersz

    Still not interested.

  • jb

    Like a foveon sensor? If so… Interesting!

  • Ultrapixel sounds like the 3 CCD system that digital camcorders have been using for years. One sensor each for RGB, then the images are laid on top of each other, meaning the picture size is the same resolution as a single sensor (4.3 megapixels), but the image is much much higher quality. Or, it could be something completely different. Yay, speculation!

  • How is HTC going to market this device and get people interested who don’t read blogs like this? Samsung spending $15 mil on a Super Bowl ad. Even Blackberry had an ad. Even if HTC hits a homerun with the M7, it is going to be very difficult to win back consumer interest.

    • Dillon Brown

      I agree, HTC some great commercials with the guy walking at night and the “sinner man” song playing. I think it was for some evo phone, around the time of the droid incredible. I only really see verizon droid commercials for the DNA now.

  • And yet I still can’t muster any interest in this device

  • Jonathan Bunch

    looks like a windows 8 phone….and that’s OK because they actually “look” great!

  • Dane Carpenter

    and will still support hardware keys

  • i have super ultra mega giga pixels on my camera. i win.