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Does This Code String Hint Towards AT&T’s Galaxy S4?

ATT Galaxy S4

We don’t have a lot of big name devices to focus on in this early part of 2013, so Samsung can just sit back and build up excitement over their upcoming Galaxy S4 flagship device. If we take the Galaxy S3’s launch across multiple carriers last year as any indication as to Samsung’s plan for this new device, we can expect the Galaxy S4 to have the same scale of launch here in the United States.

As for hints as to which carrier could be the first to see it, a file from Samsung has been dug up referring to a device under the model number SGH-I337. Could this be the new S4? 

The smoking gun in this case is that the display is listed as having a very high resolution of 1080 x 1920. That means a Full HD display, which the S4 has been rumored to be shipping with for a while. A curious note however is that the S3 was model number SGH-I747, so it would seem weird for Samsung to go to a lower number for their next flagship. It could be that Samsung is planning other devices to use their new HD screens, but we have to wait patiently until they decide when to let us in on the secrets.

Via: Pocketnow | Blog of Mobile

  • S2556

    does that mean hardware keys and most likely a home button for what ever this is?

    • Christopher Riner

      Hmm, definitely appears this way. It would follow Samsung’s pattern of staying away from soft keys. Plus, without a ginormous home button, how would Verizon let everyone know that they’re trying to compensate for something?

  • Geo

    1337 huh
    time 2 pwn newbs on CoD, hilarious if it’s real

  • BAM1789

    Anyone that thinks this is real is an idiot… I337??? Seriously?! Time to go get tea-bagged by some 13 yo on Halo now…

  • Dr_Buttballs

    SGH-1337 huh? Either that’s a coincidence or someone’s trolling.

  • I would be more willing to bet, if nothing else, that it’d be the Samsung ATIV Windows 8 phone that has been delayed for unknown reasons. Here’s why…. 1. Samsung finally launched the lower class ATIV Odessy on the Verizon Network. If you take a look at the ATIV page, that phone makes no mention of CDMA networks, (Which, quite frankly…. blows for those of us suckers on the VZW Network that get stuck with the lower end devices) but instead utilizes the networks of AT&T/T-Mobile… (From GSM, right down to the frequency bands)… Also, there has been no leaks of any version of Android this devices is running, but instead, of the screen res. And lastly…. Samsung wouldn’t go down a lower version number for a device that’s next in line… The leaks with the SGH-1500x, (Or whatever it was… I can’t remember off the top of my head…) would more closely resemble the next Galaxy S device… I’m not gonna put all of my money on it, but I’d put half down on the ATIV WIndows phone finally getting released…

    • Calvin Williams

      WP8 doesn’t do 1080p. Plus samsung doesn’t care about wp8 because hardly anyone buys them. They wouldn’t make a 1337 phone a windows 8 phone

      • S2556

        Wow, I didn’t realize wp8 didn’t support 1080p.
        So does that mean when wp9 comes out supporting it every one on wp8 will get 8.5 or something similar due to the resolution not being able to scale? Or am i going of track here? Haha

  • alphanu22

    I find it humorous that the Galaxy S4 name might be SGH-I337, anyone else?!

    • Adam Emshwiller

      1337 name for FTW! PWNED!

    • tyguy829

      am i going to be made fun of for not getting the joke? lol

  • Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S): SGH-I897

    Samsung Galaxy S II: SGH-I777

    Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket: SGH-I727

    It’s not out of the realm of possibility that the Galaxy S IV is the SGH-I337. It’s odd, but not out of the realm of possibility.