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Rumor: Google Preparing New Nexus 10 for MWC With Quad-core Processor, 8-core GPU

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According to Bright Side of News, a site which focuses on the semi-conductor industry, Google has prepared a new version of its Nexus 10 that will be shown off at MWC next month. After releasing the original tablet with a dual-core Exynos 5 processor and Mali-T604 GPU, the “general feeling” in the industry was that the tablet was a bit underpowered and that a new version could replace it with a beefed up chipset. 

This rumor suggests that Google’s new Nexus 10 will sport a quad-core processor and new 8-core Mali-T678 GPU. BSN also mentioned that they believe they saw the next-gen tablet in the body of an original Nexus 10 at CES and that the benchmark performance on it was “night and day” compared to the original.

If these sources are correct, the device could be on display at MWC, but may not ship for months – possibly during the back-to-school period. If that’s the case, then I’d guess Google I/O will once again be the target for Google to announce the product, with MWC being nothing more than another back-alley show-off session for the tablet.

Last, and this may or may not be related, but the Nexus 10 is sold out through Google play in both 16GB and 32GB variants.

Via:  Bright Side of News

Cheers Michael!

  • “Last, and this may or may not be related, but the Nexus 10 is sold out through Google play in both 16GB and 32GB variants.”

    That’s not true. Neither are sold out.

  • Carlos Cabrera

    Wow….I just bought a N10 on Thursday. Time to return and wait for this?? Seems like a great tablet to me. I didn’t know there are so many people that don’t like it.

  • mantis99

    It might be just in time to update my Gtab10.1.

  • jay96815

    i’m not having any issues with my N10 .. there has never been any type of lag ..

  • Reviews of the 1st Nexus 10 were not that great, to much lag from what I saw. I hope this fixes that issue cause I want one.

  • Tyler


  • john

    wouldnt make more sense for them to show off the octacore exynos with this tablet

  • Justin Schmiesing

    I’m okay with this. My Nexus 10 is a beast, and it gets updates from google. I have nothing to complain about.

  • Since it’s Samsung and quad core, I doubt they’ll go back to A-9….so does that mean the Nexus 10 is getting the Exynos Octa??

    • kixofmyg0t

      No, that’ll come later.

  • toyeboy

    Interesting. It really is just like the iPad 3 and iPad 4 update. They are just a little too over enthusiastic about these high resolutions and it comes back and bites them. 2556×1600 is just extreme overkill and it completely zapped the power out of the Mali 604, which actually is quite powerful, but not at that resolution. I would love to actually see the specs to be reused in a 7 inch tablet with maybe a 1280x720p screen. There’s just no point in a big beautiful screen if its just going to be laggy. A 7 inch tablet with a lower resolution screen would just fly with the dual core Exynos 5 with Mali 604.

  • How do these people who claim to have seen an updated version of the N10 at CES know the update was hardware related? With the lagginess and performance issues in Android 4.2.1 it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch to say that the N10 these “tech experts” claim to have seen wasn’t just running an updated version of Android 4.2.

  • Adam Brandt

    wow, do I feel like an idiot for getting this a few weeks ago. And I thought the iPad 3 guys were suckers. If this comes out even REMOTELY soon, Google will make the iPad 3 -> 4 rapid upgrade look absolutely slow, and personally, I’m done trying with Android tablets. The apps just aren’t there, and the article is right. Whether it’s underpowered, or Android just isn’t optimized for the N10, it’s laggy and not nearly responsive enough compared to a top tier Android phone

    • joe

      Please explain to me what apps it doesnt have. Try the Google Play store there are plenty of apps int there that work perfect on my Nexus 10. And laggy??? Maybe you should OWN one first before you troll about one?

  • Christopher Chin

    If they call it, “the NEW Nexus 10” I’m going straight to mountain view and kicking Page and Brin in the nads. (Korea is too far away for some crotch kicking)

    • kixofmyg0t

      It’s a 13 hour flight from LAX, I’ve made the trip quite a few times.

  • Calm down! It’s just a Nexus 10 prototype.

  • Guest

    How about you start making accessories for the first one

  • What about a new nexus 7???

    • toyeboy

      Yeah that’s what I’m waiting for I hate the big heavy 10 inch tablets

      • kixofmyg0t

        The only heavy tablet is the Xoom. Every other 10″ tablet is practically a featherweight compared to it. I’m used to mine but when I pick up my buddies TF300 I can’t believe it’s a tablet and not a phone.

  • hkklife

    Here, Google…here’s some free advice to give the N10 a 2nd lease on life. The N7 and N10 COULD and SHOULD have been a nice 1-2 punch this past holiday season but the N10 felt rushed, stillborn and only half-realized when it finally hit the market. Glad to see it’s going to get another lease on life.

    1. Immediately slash $50 to $100 off of the existing stock of N10s (there cannot be much out there) and clear ’em out if the refresh is arriving soon (Q1 or Q2). Or keep a 16Gb dual-core N10 around for $350ish as an entrylevel device. I don’t have any problems with the existing unit’s performance and I think a LOT of it can be attributed to the general sluggishness of 4.2.x. Heck, I’d buy a 32Gb dual-core N10 for $399 right now if it was availble.
    2. Bring out a 64Gb storage version and drop 16Gb, at least for the refreshed SKUs. You’ve got to match Apple on the high end for internal storage too. Hopefully Sammy has squeezed a biggger capacity battery in there too.

    3. Undercut Apple in pricing and specs even further. $500 for a 16Gb iPad 4 is a raw deal, so offer up a quad-core N10 with 32Gb for $399 and a 64Gb variant for $450. Doubling NAND storage doesn’t cost ANYTHING, so play hardball with Apple. Shoot holes through this retarded “$100 more for 2x the storage” model that Apple developed and Google is foolishly trying to follow. $500 was acceptable for an Android tablet a year or two ago but now we have fallling prices on touchscreen Ultrabooks, Surface/Win8 RT and a seemingly more frequently refreshed iPad line to compete with. The N10 needs to be an upper-midrange device for pricing but have top-tier specs.

    3. The N7 was a success because it was, well, a Nexus device, had superb specs, had widespread retail and e-tail availability AND was a smokin’ value. Stop these Google Store online catastrophies (delayed orders, endlessly out of stock, slow order processing etc) and let Samsung, Asus, and LG treat these things as traditional devices to be sold through their traditional channels. You will NEVER be able to surpass Apple in the category of a premium retail or e-tail experience, so stop trying. If your hardware partners don’t want to cannibalize sales of their existing Galaxy Tab/Optimus products, then that’s all the more reason to get Moto cranking out a whole line of Nexus products.

    4. Partner with a B&M chain OTHER than Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club to get high-quality Nexus endcaps or functional display units in front of the masses. BB, Costco, Fry’s, and especially Target would all make sense. Or Office Depot or Staples, since they are pretty aggressive with Android tablets and don’t stock iPads. The N10’s glorious screen needs to be seen firsthand. To date I have seen exactly ONE functional N10 demo unit (at Sam’s) and it didn’t have an active wi-fi connection and they were out of stock of units for sale. Wal-Mart occasionally has stock but their demo unit consists of a photocopy of the N10 & N7 retail boxes behind glass with NO price tag. Yes, it’s that bad.

    5. Bundle a functional POGO charger in the box. Let users decide if they want the speed of the proprietary charger cable or the convenience of the microUSB connector. Choice and flexibility is a GOOD thing.
    6. Bring out at least 2-3 reasonably high-quality official accessories. A desktop charging dock and a case or two would be a nice start.
    7. Don’t let the N7 get stagnant either. Hopefully a refresh is in the works for it too! And don’t overlook an inbetween size model. Or maybe the N7 could get bumped to N7.7 or N8. I still maintain that 8″ is the sweet spot in tablet sizing.

    • toyeboy

      I’d love to see a 7.7 Nexus, I’m thinking they’ll use the Tegra 4 in it though and Asus, not exactly what I’d like , I just think Tegra is overrated.

      • It is slightly overrated to me as well but still a damn good processor for a sub $200 device!

      • JMonkeYJ

        oh, god, i hope they do not bump the size for the next Nexus 7. you’ve suddenly thrown doubt into my most-wanted gadget for this year. 7″ is the perfect tablet size for me.

  • MichaelFranz

    you also have to remember this is only a rumor, and if it is true we are a month away from MWC, and on top of that even if it is announced we may not see it for another month or 2 after that. Unless it is readily available that would be great. But let’s say its announced and will start shipping 4/1 (no joke) that still means the original Nexus 10 less then 6 months old. I would think of it as a kick in the junk to have my tablet me ousted by a newer one in less then half a year. With that said I do know Google has done nice things in the past so i wouldn’t be surprised if the credited everyone who already has one like $25 bucks in play store. we’ll see

    • harryharry

      I expect Kellen is right about release – probably won’t be officially announced until at least I/O in mid-May.

      • MichaelFranz

        probably right, but even by then im sure there will be a newer this or newer that which would make it better…..oh technology always trolling us..

  • I became a bit angry when reading the title, but after finishing the article, I’m fine.

    I bought a 32gb Nexus 10 for Christmas. If an updated Nexus 10 were to be released at MWC, I would be furious because I’m sure the updated 32gb would be very similar in price the current model. If we’re talking about a release in July, August, or September, that’s not exactly an updated model release. That is a brand new model release. I expect for my tablet to be behind by that point, just not two or the weeks after I bring it home.

    • ndirish2001

      Same here. Just got one last week. I’d be very pissed off if Google were to release a refresh so soon.

      • TylerChappell

        *cough*Nexus 7*4 months*cough

    • toyeboy

      Yeah I doubt it’ll be out very soon

    • michael arazan

      But Samsung’s New processor wasn’t ready last year when the Tablet was ordered.
      Besides the Nexus 10 still has the fastest processor of any Tablet on the Market right now, even better than the N 7

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    Glad I hadnt made the leap yet. If this is true im all over it

  • Zachary F

    This would be great since I’ve been waiting to pick one up locally at Walmart but they never have it in stock so I’ll wait for this, or the Sony Tablet.

  • strows

    Holy smokes, I almost bought it last night!!!

  • another iPad 3

  • With the introduction of the updated N10 i wouldnt be surprised if the current N10 drops in price.

    • trophynuts

      Captain Obvious ^^^

  • DC_Guy

    Those bastards! I’m waiting for the 32GB Nexus 4 though.

  • Chocolate Noodle

    Why not just put out a quality product from the get go…

    • Because we would be waiting forever. The advancement of technology really happens overnight. And if Google waited for each product to launch with the latest specs. Then we would still be waiting on a N1.

  • SecurityNick

    How about some official accessories for the current Nexus 10 before we get the next version. Getting really ticked that the “smart cover” isn’t out, official pogo dock, etc. I love the tablet, and personally think it works great. With the exception of bluetooth issues that seem to be plaguing Jelly Bean (multi-touch mouse doesn’t work, audio issues, etc).

    • harryharry

      +1 to everything you just said. I don’t feel like it’s underpowered.

      The bluetooth keyboard/trackpad I bought to use with this tablet specifically to replace the keyboard dock on the TF Prime (for which a replacement was announced mere months after release – deja vu) are nearly useless with the current Bluetooth setup, though. I’ve held off updating my Nexus 7 and they work great together. My gf’s N7 is updated, and it has the same issues as my Nexus 10.

      I don’t understand why the OEMs are so terrible at releasing official accessories for these devices. They have much earlier access to the hardware than any accessory manufacturer, and would sell a ton of stock.

  • Trevor

    Damn you Google Couldn’t you of put this in the first time

    • Dr_Buttballs

      Probably because the processor didn’t exist at the time.

      • This.

      • Trevor

        Sure it did they just do this to make is much profit as possible. gradually improve instead of quickly. LIke the droid razr then the droid razr maxx. im sure they could of done that the first time Its all about the green

        • Dr_Buttballs

          If this is rumored to be announced towards fall it’s not to far fetched to think that it’ll be the next Nexus 10 model. That’s a little different then releasing a slightly updated model a few months after release like Motorola did with their RAZR line.

  • Jeff Tycz

    good thing I didn’t buy one yet

    • leenephi

      Haha seriously. XD

    • kixofmyg0t

      Just wait for the Nexus 10 MAXX Plus+ Mini S2.

      • I see what you tried to do there but ….no….just no.

        • kixofmyg0t

          Yeah I see your point. Samsung would never use the term “MAXX”.

          It would be closer to the Galaxy S Nexus 10 Plus II Mini now in Brown©!

          • Justin Winker

            If the tablet is actually released within two months, then that applies… Since it’s purely speculation at this point, I agree with riggs… Way out of place here.

          • michael arazan

            Right now the Nexus 10 has the fastest processor of any Tablet on the market, even faster than the N 7 quad core. I’m thinking they would want their Tablet that has the best specs and keep it that way.

    • Tony Byatt

      I know, seriously wow…

  • Bobby Cornwell

    And just when you thought the Nexus 10 couldn’t get any better, it does. Take that iPad!

    • trophynuts

      lol so this new Nexus 10 is going to magically make Tablet specific apps appear in the Play store that are made to work with the Nexus 10’s resolution? Fail

      • No but I will be able to add widgets on my homescreen making the screen real-estate more useful then a grid of icons. And yes actually it could systematically aid in the production of high quality apps designed for tablets. Making the tablet market more appealing and affordable for the general public and devs.

        • angermeans

          So widgets are worth having next to no tablet applications and of the ones that are one take advantage of the higher ppi? Sorry the iPad is always going to be the better tablet and market share really shows this. The ne us 7 might be able to walk the line and use phone apps but not the Nexus 10 or any 10″ android tablet. Not to mention I don’t even use stupid widgets as it drastically slows down my nexus 7, GS3, and DNA. Google needs to do something about the lag and horrible frame rate of android in general and having live wallpapers and widgets aren’t advantages when they make it even worse.

          • Let’s see now that Google is finally pumping out high end spec’d tablets that’s very appealing to the consumer, ergo more consumers buying Android Tablets more of a market for tablet exclusive apps more enticing for devs to take the time in creating these apps. I’m sorry Google hasn’t been doing this tablet thing as long as Apple has. Apple has a customer base of tablet users, and the devs know this. Google not so much. (The entire second part of my response was this) Anyways lag is subjective especially depends what apps you have installed. I personally stopped having lag since 4.2 but thats just me. I don’t need a free music download app. So it’s Google’s fault that the GS3 and DNA lags?? Point the finger to Touchwiz and Sense bro. Frame rate is crappy but the pros out weighs the cons. And no you don’t have to use widgets or live wallpaper, I use widgets and experience no lag granted this all device specific.

          • trophynuts

            so based on your logic someone should buy a Goog tablet and sit around and wait on Apps to follow…? Google pumping out High End spec’d tablets? that is a retarded comment. When the Xoom first came out it was High End in it’s Time. Every six months after that there was a High End tablet for it’s time released. Transformer Prime is a perfect example. That argument doesn’t hold water. I like how when i brought up the evil truth about the lack of Tablet apps in Android let alone the lack of Tablet apps designed for High res, instantly everyone dis likes the comment. The truth hurts. Ask the people you look up to like Kellex, Ron and all the guys from the Droid Life show and they’ll tell you the same thing. Apps for Tablets in Android sucks and is one of the biggest problems.

          • Have you ever seen the price of the XOOM or Prime out right…Google is pumping out high end tablets at an affordable price. THERE IS NO MARKET FOR TABLET APPS YET! UNTIL NOW! The nexus line of tablets will be affordable. More appealing to consumers and devs, building up customer base on tablets. Then Devs will start supporting it. HOW DOES THAT NOT MAKE SENSE. Apps for tablets on Android sucks, it will take time to grow.

      • joe

        someone, please enlighten me to what “tablet specific” (an apple made up propaganda btw) is the Nexus missing. Everyone of my apps i use is perfect.