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Facebook for Android Updated, Adds Ability to Send Voice Messages


Looks like that Facebook Android development team is on a roll. Now that the app has finally gone native, we are seeing updates left and right. Inside, we have faster opening of photos, ability to share friends’ stories on our own pages/timelines, and we can also send Mr. Zuckerburg voice messages through the app. 

And can you believe it, there’s an actual changelog!

What’s in this version:

• Open and view photos faster
• Share your friends’ stories to timelines, pages and groups
• Send voice messages when you have more to say

Play Link

Cheers @bman12479!

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  • my wife has a samsung galaxy s3 and now she can not see the pages that she previously liked. How do I fix this for her? I have the Galaxy note 2 and it works perfect for me

  • Dray

    No offense to anyone, but … FCUK FACEBOOK!!

  • Kent Burton

    I don’t get this “Native” stuff. What is the difference between Facebook Pre “Native” and Post “Native”? Dumb question?

    • antinorm

      Facebook for Android used to use HTML5 to render just about everything, meaning it was pretty damn slow. The recent “native” update got rid of this. It uses Android’s built-in facilities to render now, and it’s noticeably more responsive.

  • jaybar

    I don’t know if I’m the only one but every time i try to use it, it crashes the app -AOKP JB M1 GS3

  • I just sent a voice message. I am pretty sure it’s the most pointless thing ever. But who knows, I also use the Google Now voice commands now.

  • “Open photos and views faster” What is a ‘view’?

    While viewing a photo is indeed faster, apparently it comes at the upfront cost of refreshing/updating your feed — I’ve noticed my news feed, as well group pages, take a lot longer to update/refresh if photos are in the new items.

    • SemahjLam

      i havent noticed that at all

  • SeanBello

    no fix for network connection errors. unacceptable

  • Dave

    I’m a little confused. Why is the voice chat feature just being reported? This was released a while ago.

  • HotRodJohnson

    Now if the fix the app dropping from the network (while on Wi-fi and being the only app that drops) and clean up the photo up loading (Tried to add a new album and upload some pics, which never made it to the selected album).

  • fallsgable

    Confused….Updated, but How do you send a voice message from my G-Nex??
    where is this in the app??
    if I voice record from Swiftkey, it just converts to text as usual??

    • Bewara2009

      When you chat with someone there’s a plus symbol you press and then select the audio record.. Then you should be good.

      • fallsgable

        got it…had to refresh my app…FB native app still sucks, but it’s getting better…

      • I’m only getting “Select picture”, “Camera” “Search photo” and emojis when I tap the +. No audio options. Yes, I’m on the latest version of Facebook app.

        Is that because my friend wasn’t online at the time? Can’t I still get the ‘voice’ option and leave a voice msg?

        • Bewara2009

          Try to log out and restart your phone then turn it back on then sign back in. See if that does the job.

  • The app is way better than before but I still prefer black Facebook

    • SeanBello

      you mean MySpace? LOL

  • Shane Redman

    What’s Facebook?

  • Trey Mitchell

    what’s that? still no tablet optimized ui.
    screw you facebook

    • Rodeojones000

      Came here to post essentially the same message.

  • ddevito

    when FB starts pushing out video messages that’s when everyone will stop using it. FB is all about posting useless sh1t not real communication.

  • brkshr

    I refuse to use the FB app until they quit turning on the gps as soon as I open it. There is no reason for gps to always be on.

    • fartbubbler

      friendcaster FTW.

      • Friendcaster cannot always pull your friends’ statuses or pictures depending on their privacy settings. Half of my friends’ statuses don’t show up when using Friendcaster.

        • fartbubbler

          friendcaster FTL ?

      • TheWenger

        FriendCaster is decent, but there’s a lot I would change about it. So I’m creating my own app 😀

        • Brandon


          • TheWenger

            Thanks but it’s probably gonna be a while. I’m teaching myself java java and android as go.

    • fartbubbler

      actually, after this update I don’t see that anymore. Cool.

      • Tyler

        Still happened for me when i just opened it.

        • fartbubbler

          yeah, me too. just saw it. Doesn’t happen every time though. ?