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Press Receives Major Update: Sync on App Launch, Background Syncing, New Article Navigation Included


Press, the feed reader Android application that has quickly become a favorite of the DL staff, received a sizable update this afternoon. While the original release of the app grabbed our attention, it was still missing some pretty basic features that other feed reader applications have had for some time. Simple things like background syncing and auto-sync on app launch are just a couple. Those are now included, along with a new way to quickly navigate between articles, more detailed sharing to social networks, and new text-alignment options. 

Here is the full changelog:

  • Quick article navigation to go to next/previous articles
  • Background/automatic syncing
  • Sync on app launch
  • Background syncing notifications
  • New text-alignment options
  • Show image title and URL in the image viewer. (xkcd fans rejoice!)
  • Date and time formats now match device settings
  • Article title is now included when sharing to social networks
  • Lots of performance enhancements and bug fixes

Play Link ($1.99)

  • myPhabletisbiggerthanyours

    Pales in comparison to Reeder for iOS…but then again, Android pales in comparison to iOS so its expected I guess.

  • This is a sweet update for Press. I may finally leave the official Reader app.

    Still hate those stupid tag links they stuff into every post on here, though. So weak.

  • Charlie

    News reader, right? How does this compare to Pulse? I have been using Pulse for quite some time, and I like it. Anybody have experience with both? If so, is there a convincing argument to switch to Press?

    • Jonathan Isenberg

      I tried out Pulse for about a month, but I found it to be too cluttered and busy.

  • How does it compare to gREader? I was using HD Reader for a while, but got sick of it. Too many bugs and the dev didn’t work on it at all. I switched to gReader and used Newsrob in the past. The Google app just wasn’t cutting it for me and I started looking elsewhere. Now all I hear about is press Is it really that good?

    • I’ve used it since its launch and i’m happy with it and well worth $1.99. It had some problems at launch with a couple of bugs and it was a little laggy, but this update fixes it . I would prefer a different way to navigate between open articles, but i guess we’ll get that later.

  • Jonathan Isenberg

    I’m completely torn between Feedly and Press now…

    *Sigh*…first world problems…

    • Derek Duncan

      I was just about to ask which one is better.

      • Jonathan Isenberg

        For right now, I’m using Feedly for it’s Dark Theme, but I may switch over now and again to try out Press.

        • Jayayess1190

          Press does offline…

          • michael arazan

            So does flipboard

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      • Jonathan Isenberg

        Wow, what a great comment!!! I am impressed with your ability to make 8456 in 4 weeks, especially on the interent.

        I think I’ll click that youtube link and see how I can make 8456 in 4 weeks too!!!

    • I use both. I use Feedly when i’m not in a rush and i want to actually read most of my feeds, and i use Press when i want to quickly read or find an article when i’m on the move. Both are incredible good, so you can’t go wrong.

    • I’ve never found an app as good as NewsRob. Has anyone here tried Press and NewsRob? Do they compare?

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      • michael arazan

        Ban sherri’s GD spam in every post

      • Jonathan Isenberg

        Yeah, it’s a shame people can make money by posting useless, impertinent links in every post.

        What a shame.

  • Booyah

    This app is legit. I hated using Google Reader but this actually makes it enjoyable navigating through different feeds. Good call on this app!