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LG Reportedly Sees No Issues in Nexus 4 Supply Shortages

LG Nexus 4

After Google’s UK director called supply of its Nexus 4 “scarce and erratic” from LG, rumors have begun to suggest that LG may have cut orders to focus on future devices of their own. While those rumors are unconfirmed, what we do have now is an LG exec mentioning to a Korean publication that production is proceeding as planned and a denial that there are any supply issues. 

Clearly, this exec hasn’t taken a spin through the Google Play store or any other retail outlet that sells the device across the globe. The Nexus 4 has been unavailable from Google for a month now, with no sign of a return. We aren’t sure what the status is at T-Mobile stores, but can’t imagine it being much better.

The last estimates we saw for shipping numbers, thanks to sleuthing by the folks at XDA, it’s estimated that Google and LG sold around 400,000 Nexus 4 devices. If that’s the number that was initially planned for, as this LG exec claims, then that’s fine and we can accept the thought that someone failed to correctly predict demand for the phone. But come on now, anyone with half a brain can see that there are supply issues.

Via:  The Verge | Chosun Ilbo

  • Ordered from o2 online and told out of stock and no idea when back in stock. Rang my local 02 store – in stock, so went and got it there. Problem is that o2 are supplying their retail stores before online orders. If you are in an order queue they have your sale, if phone is not in store, you go elsewhere. So just go into a store!

  • Rackman

    T mobile in Macon, Ga. has the phones but at $579.00. If T mobile can get the phone then Google Play should have them. The $200.00 difference may be the problem with Play.Google.com

  • Guest

    Maybe soon there will be 1.000.000 Nexus 4 Devices at once ^_^ Hope so..

  • anezarati

    so Google doesn’t have some kind of contract with LG where they have to produce them at a certain rate? they have to have something in the agreement about production and LG can’t just stop.

    I bet this device just isnt that profitable for LG with its low price tag and higher end specs. with that said it still might be worth it to them if no one is buying the optimus g.

  • mechapathy

    Right, because I didn’t want a phone, I just like seeing the words “SOLD OUT” for months.

  • Itchy_Robot

    Personally, I would love to see Sony get a shot at a Nexus build. Especially one of their water/shock proof phones. While I love what I have seen with Sony phones, the OS updates seem to be few and far between. Making it a Nexus phone would alleviate that issue.

    • Droidzilla

      Sony Nexus phone would be epic, and about time. Sad thing is, Sony might not want it as they’re almost as close fisted as Apple.

  • LG is not the problem, it’s google. Look at all the other devices, the nexus 7 and nexus 10 were sold out for a little bit not a month but thats because the demand for them were much lower than the nexus 4, if demand for all 3 devices were high and the same every nexus device would be sold out for 1-2 months. So don’t blame LG when its a google problem, if so then blame samsung and asus for having sold out devices as well and not meeting demand like “apple”. LG is doing a good job just their focus is not a nexus device, their focus is their own device the LG OG which I rather have over the nexus 4, more storage and removable memory. And jelly bean is around the corner already being released in korea for their devices. LG is doing a great job coming from nothing to something now, last great device they had was the envy series now they are making a breakthrough with the first quad-core phone out there, pick up an LG OG if you want the nexus 4 only difference is, there are soft keys which i rather have than on screen buttons.

    • Droidzilla

      LG also had the G2X which was received very well by the tech sites, but LG messed up the software updates. The Optimus G is not definitively better. It has the option for removable storage which not all of us need (I have no use for it), is far more expensive, and will not get updates straight from Google (major point, there). Also, this is by no stretch the first quad core phone. Do you mean the Optimus G is the first with an S4 Pro quad core?

  • Ray D

    My brother ordered his the last time they were up for sale in December only to receive it last week completely F@#ked up screen and back were cracked. He called to see about getting a new one but was told there is none in stock and they weren’t sure when the would receive more from LG.

  • Dragonetti Surprise

    “…The last estimates we saw for shipping numbers, thanks to sleuthing by the folks at XDA, it’s estimated that Google and LG sold around 400,000 Nexus 4 devices. If that’s the number that was initially planned for, as this LG exec claims, then that’s fine and we can accept the thought that someone failed to correctly predict demand for the phone…”

    If we really assume this is the case, then LG has an alarming misunderstanding about the Android clientele base and should be disallowed to disgrace Google any further.

    Granted, the primary sales of the Galaxy Nexus (in spite of initially going through Verizon and Sprint, then offering an unlocked version on the Play store) were moderate. However Samsung’s attorney in the Apple vs. Samsung case saying the tech giant sold “$250 million worth of Galaxy Nexus devices in the first two quarters of launch” is certainly something LG MUST have overlooked. That’s still a lot more than the Nexus One and Nexus S sales in similar periods combined, I believe. Or perhaps sales, strong or otherwise, have nothing to do with LG’s strategy. Maybe there is more to consider here, who knows?

    But again, like paul_cus said, LG is no Samsung. No way, no how, not ever.

    • Droidzilla

      LG has the supply chain potential. They made the screen for ever iPhone 4 and may of the 4Ses, so they can do volume if they need to.

    • Pedro

      ” Samsung case saying the tech giant sold “$250 million worth of Galaxy Nexus devices in the first two quarters of launch” is certainly something LG MUST have overlooked.”

      6 months to sell ~500K phones? At roughly $500/phone.
      So if LG can sell more than that in 3 months, what did they overlook? Wouldn’t they expect similar (or fewer, given no Verizon) sales that Samsung saw?

  • sprocket

    Or it could all be a diversion to give Google an excuse to produce their own phone-hello Moto? The writing is on the wall

  • moe6

    They may be also saying that they don’t have issues /right now/ as perhaps it’s close to being available properly again?

  • kris

    Or this could all be a diversion to give Google an excuse to sell their own phones, hello Moto? Writing is on the wall

    • Pedro

      Methinks you’ve been in a stall.

  • jack

    As a Gnex owner I must say after having my hands on the Nexus 4 last night at a local T-Mobile I’m very impressed. Far better build quality and the screen is far superior. If there wasn’t a supply shortage nobody would be trash talking. For those that are bashing the Nexus 4 I wonder if they’ve even had their hands on one.

    • Droidzilla

      I’ve used both, and I wouldn’t upgrade from a Galaxy Nexus (GSM) to a Nexus 4 but the N4 is definitely the better phone. I don’t get people who hate on it; I’ve had it for a month and a half and I can say without reservation that it’s the best Android I’ve used to date.

  • Last time Google does anything with LG…

  • paul_cus

    LG is no Samsung when it comes to being able to keep up with demand.

    • Droidzilla

      They can be. As I said above they made the screen for the iPhone 4 and many 4Ses, so they can definitely deal in volume if they need to. I think they and Google just severely underestimated demand on this one.

  • sith77

    LG was a horrible idea to have as a nexus developer . They should have stayed with samsung or even went HTC

  • Steve Benson

    I’m just thankful that the Nexus 4 isn’t within my current upgrade cycle because this entire situation would frustrate the hell out of me. It was bad enough waiting several weeks for my Nexus 7.

    I pray to god that they figure their crap out before next fall when the new Nexus phone is ready. I’ll be ready to ditch Verizon the very second my contract is up but if there’s delays like this I may lose my mind.

    Please Google, hire somebody with some goddamn sales experience.

    • Droidzilla

      You don’t have to wait for your contract to be up. Sell your contract and get on the gravy train! Still, with no Nexus 4s to purchase right now it’s not as enticing.

      • Steve Benson

        I was tempted. I did the calculations before Xmas and I had to make the jump before January otherwise it wan’t worth it from a cost standpoint. Especially now, with no N4 in sight I have no option but to ride out my ETF.

  • markgbe

    i love my nexus 4, it’s the best phone I’ve ever used, so LG has done a fine job. If i was one of those who have not received one i suppose i’d be disappointed but then again… they are on ebay. Everything in the world is limited,… supply and demand.

    • peaches

      Couldn’t agree more. Lots of sour grapes here, the N4 blows the doors off of the GNex in build quality and performance. I’d sooner buy another LG device than Samsung at this point, regardless of the supply chain issues with the N4!

      • Droidzilla

        As a happy N4 owner, I echo this. LG really dropped the ball here as they could have expanded their mindshare among Android faithful, in my opinion.

  • mbaldwin85

    T-Mobile rep told me they should have some between the 14th and 17th. Definitely this month at the least.

  • Bobby Cornwell

    LG will always be a hot pile of crap

  • ddevito

    In other news, I switched to AOKP and so far love it – anyone know if native tethering is supported? (like bugless and shiny)

    • Andrew Elliott


      • ddevito

        cool, thanks

  • Every device on the play store has supply issues and their manufacturers vary. Only common thing is Google. Google can’t do selling to consumers well, shocker.

    • sagisarius

      I love Google to death, but I think you’re totally right. The Nexus 7 had similar issues (though not as bad), and even the Nexus 10 disappeared for a few days.

      • New_Guy

        The bottom line is that Nexus device have never come anywhere close to this kind of popularity. With demand for the iPhone dropping, people like us are telling those looking to switch where to go. A programmer friend of mine, who owns everything Apple (iPhone 5, Apple TV, Macbook Pro, iPad 3rd Gen, iPod) said it a week ago that he’s getting tired of the iPhone and is considering jumping on the Android bandwagon. We all said this would happen, a windfall of people making the switch, and it’s finally here. Just sucks that the big dogs did not see it coming so soon.

        • angermeans

          And where is your idea of the demand for the iPhone dropping? While working for a major wireless provider I see the complete opposite. People on the “Android bandwagon” as you called it are switching to the iPhone just as much as the other way. There isn’t a huge drove either which way. Verizon has sold record numbers of iPhones this quarter and they now have a much higher percentage of iPhone users on their network. ATT also did the same. If you are saying that the garbage released yesterday saying that Apple cut its display order in half then you are doing just like everyone else. Apple has the same 4″ display in the iPhone 5 and new iPod lineup. Every year Apple sells most of their iPod lineup in the holiday quarter and every year they drastically cut their orders for the 1st quarter as people just don’t buy them. Over the holiday quarter apple sold almost 5% more iPods then they did the year before despite the analyst predicting a decline. More was ordered to meet that demand and now is being cut.

          I nor anyone know the true numbers as nothing has been reported and even the source that first released this click bait article have changed their story and the numbers in that story. We will find out when Apple releases their numbers, but Im willing to by looking at Verizon and ATTs record numbers of iPhones sold that this will all just be false. Not to mention they only cut iPhone 5 and iPod displays not iPhone 4 and 4s displays down. Believe me iPhones are being sold just as much as they always were. If you look at the numbers Apple is on the rise (at least here in the states Im not sure anywhere else) and Android marker share is dropping. If apple can be beating or even coming close to matching all the many Android phones being released with only 3 phones in 2 different colors than it really looks like they continue to sell many iPhones and this trend doesn’t look to slow down anytime soon as once again the iPhone 5 sold record release numbers and had record holiday quarters. Every manufacture makes cuts for the 1st quarter as they just don’t sell as much as they normally do. If we go off the numbers that the site that released this article (and then later removed the numbers) then they cut appx 68 million iPhone 5 orders in half (this like I mentioned above includes the new iPod which they left out) in almost half which according to them was around 47 million (I could be off a little as this is from memory) that is no where near half and if Apple still feels they will sell 47 million iPhone 5 and iPods this quarter then that is still a hell of a lot of phones and iPods. Lets compare that with the Nexus 4 which has sold appx 400k phones so far.

          My numbers might be way off, but Im just saying that the article that has been floating around is a bunch of garbage that has been turned around every which way to get clicks. I can’t believe it has got this much traction. Up until yesterday there was no indication that Apple hasn’t been selling just as many iPhones as it ever has. As an Android fan I want Apple to succeed as Android wouldn’t be where it is without Apple. In fact Android was designed to be a Blackberry like OS and Google more than likely wouldn’t have even bothered with buying Android had Apple not kickstarted the smartphone industry. We would have Blackberry and Palm like phones and Windows Mobile maybe a little more. Apple and Google need each other to keep innovation happening.

          • New_Guy

            Okay, first of all, you really need to learn how to use Google and search for information before you waste you time writing books. Both USA Today and the WSJ reported a dip in Apple stock over the last couple of weeks resulted in decreased demand for the iPhone. ComScore and other analysts have Android Global Market share hovering around 75% with Apple around 14%. US market share still around 65%~ and growing at a faster pace than Apple. It’s called news and at this point it getting kind of old…

    • mgamerz

      Google SUCKS on product launches. This affects things like the Chromebook as well, which happens to devices not even on the play store – my amazon chromebook took 3 weeks to ship from a pre-order.

  • Soooo Motorola Nexus now? Please?

    • angermeans

      Blah no thanks. Even though a Motorola Nexus does seem to be the white unicorn that everyone around these parts wants so bad. Ive been burned to many times from
      Motorola (Droid 2, Droid X, Xoom to name a few) in the past and they don’t make good devices. Even this “X Phone” we keep hearing about is more than likely not going to be an unlocked vanilla Android device. Im sure it will be a carrier branded, blur running, Droid of a device on Verizon. I hope I’m wrong, and just stating my opinion, but I would really like to see HTC do another Nexus device. The Nexus One is still my all-time favorite phone I’ve ever owned. I can honestly say every Motorola phone I’ve owned besides a couple month affair with the original Droid severely let me down.

      • mgamerz

        What? You don’t like being thrown under the bus?
        Oh wait you’re not named Atrix.

      • Right but I don’t mean the X Phone which will be a Moto phone with some help from Google. All Motorola would contribute to it would be physical hardware. And I’d love some moto build quality, radios, battery, and hopefully MUCH better camera alongside vanilla Key Lime Pie. I do agree with you on the HTC front though. I think they would make a great Nexus device as well.

  • Muddy B00ts

    Well I see “No issues” never purchasing anything from LG.

  • With Google, you can find anything in the world but no way to buy it. Pathetic.

  • Prox

    IMO, LG has been pumping out units per day non stop. I think Google is just holding off on new orders until they can fulfill what has been pre-ordered, AND build up some supplies for when new orders are placed when the product is available again. I believe they are making a fundamental shift in supply chain to fit supply and demand over the run of product.

    • Roshan John

      are you just speculating here? if so, what makes you think they wouldn’t provide their most loyal supporters with whatever supply they have in stock? They’ve already apologized for making us wait on LG’s supply. http://www.businessinsider.com/google-apologizes-for-nexus-4-delays-2012-12

      • Prox

        Simply to make the appearance that they have their supply chain in check.

        My fear is that they awoke a sleeping dragon. If Google wants to become the largest seller of devices they can do so simply by offering products at the price of the Nexus 4. But at who’s expense? Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony these are business partners that will all lose business.

        What does Google do here?

        • Google keeps on going forcing manufactures to stop being ridiculous and retailing a phone for $750 that cost them less than $250 to make and stop helping carriers screw us consumers with new contracts that take away more and more.

          • Prox

            Google makes money on Android usage. Hardware manufacturers only make money on the sale of the handset and that is it. If you take away their profit margin why would they bother to compete and produce?

          • angermeans

            I agree with almost everything you said, but the part about wireless providers “screw[ing] us consumers with new contracts that take away more and more” is simply not true. Wireless providers lose money for the first few month to a year because of subsidized phones. If we as Americans would get the idea out of our minds that a top tier phone should cost $99-$199 then these contracts would go away. I do still agree with what you said with what the OEMs are wanting for these devices. When they are selling a 10″ tablet for less than a 5″ (Im just averaging here) then there is an issue. $700-$800 is too much for a (in most cases locked down) device. It is a vicious circle that we all are in a way responsible for. Google is trying to change that and that is why we see the Nexus 4 as being a desirable product is the price point. $300-$400 is a great price, hell I’d pay $500 for a nice unlocked phone I could take where I want (this will never happen due to all the different wireless frequencies out there). I admire T-Mo for trying to do away with subsidies, but sadly it will never work until OEMs start pricing these phones better. Samsung charging as much as they do for a plastic GS3 or Note 2 is ridiculous as it is more than there Galaxy Tab 10.1 devices in most cases.

          • carlisimo

            If most manufacturers are losing money despite their high margins, then maybe their prices aren’t actually too high.

  • Well, LG, hope you had fun with your first and last chance to produce a Nexus device and boost your overall image as a high end smartphone vendor. Enjoy continuing to hang out in the realm of mediocrity!

    • mustbepbs

      Well said.

    • Roshan John

      if only this were true. A Nexus branded device has little to do with brand success. Us Vainlla-Android enthusiasts are far and few inbetween.

      • Ugh not this again… While “Vanilla-Android” enthusiasts are few in number, we have a significant impact on the market because we are commonly the people that our friends and family go to for phone buying advice. Just because there aren’t many of us doesn’t mean we have no impact.

        • Roshan John

          It doesn’t convert into sales for the market.
          If many people were taking our advice, it would be the Nexus device that would sell, not all the other android based phones

          • I don’t agree. I personally don’t just recommend Nexus to everyone all willy-nilly.. It’s not for everyone. Most of the time it’s the skinned Androids that I recommend to others, because I know they have features that they’ll enjoy without having to figure out what apps to download to make it do said things. I believe there’s a place for both Nexus and skinned Androids, depending on the user’s expertise and needs. Let’s agree to disagree.

          • Roshan John

            Barely any features that are worth the Sense Blur or Touchwiz over the clean and optimized stock OS designed with the phone in mind.

            Agree to disagree.

          • New_Guy

            Multi-window, S Beam, Q-slide, Asus’ built in performance settings, Super Note, the S-Pen software itself, among many other nice features these others add. i would argue that, even though Samsung probably adds too many features, there are a number of features that they add that are very nice and could be incorporated into stock Android…

            But, hey, what do I know…

          • Indeed. I wasn’t going to get into it with him, but any unbiased Android enthusiast sees the value in a lot of the additional features that some of the vendors provide along with their skins. The S* features that you mention, for instance.. I know that people are wanting to throw quite a few of those onto their Nexus devices! I’m anti-skinned devices in general, but I’m not so biased that I can’t admit that some of those features are really nice.

          • New_Guy

            Sure. I even say that elements from that new Ubuntu OS (well…sort of new) Google should take a serious look at and seek to license them. The gesture controls for Ubuntu are fairly awesome. I’m in the same boat where I am willing to admit that Stock OS, although my favorite experience, is not infallible. Manufacturers can do things right sometimes.

          • mustbepbs

            Exactly. Just because I was interested and purchased a Nexus 7, 6 other people bought them because of my recommendation, then those people recommended it to other friends and family.

            It literally cascades. We have a lot more power than people give us credit for.

          • carlisimo

            Same here. Stock Android’s minimalism is not what many people are looking for, especially when it comes to unlabeled icons.

            But that wasn’t the point of the posts above – they’re saying that Nexus fans tend to recommend Android devices (in general) to other people. We as Android enthusiasts have a greater impact than just the money we’ve spent ourselves, and therefore we’re special snowflakes that Google should nurture more than it does.

          • New_Guy

            Wrong…If LG had a substantial supply, THEN they would sell. The world is ready for a top-tier Nexus device and they severely misjudged this one. I AM one of those people that advise others. I’ve sold at least 6 Asus Transformers just by answering people’s questions when they see me with mine in the break room. That’s just me in the break room at work…not even trying to sell them. Just using one. There’s an even larger number of people around me that bought Galaxy S3’s simply because I told them they should. To a lessor amount there are about three people around me that bought Galaxy Note 2’s because I told them they should. There are a number of times where people have either emailed me or came to my desk and I have no clue who they are. But, they say “Someone told me I should talk with you about my next phone…” To think that people like me have no influence is delusional. We ARE the advertising for most Android devices. If I even thought that the Nexus 4 was available for people to buy on a regular basis (and the back glass didn’t scare the hell out of me) I would recommend the N4 every time. Too bad I can’t do that…

          • Droidzilla

            If this were true, why are some of the more successful devices out there things like the OG Droid, Droid Incredible (huge device for HTC, based on the Nexus 1), and Samsung’s Galaxy S and SII? The S and SII weren’t Nexus devices, but I think Samsung definitely benefitted with their sister devices being tied to Google, the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus. Gave Samsung the know how to get the right software on their big guns.

            LG had an opportunity here to become a major player. If they sold a tom of Nexus 4s, people would start to look for LG phones during the next upgrade cycle (I know I would; love my N4’s build). It’s not like they’re already established in the Android ecosystem like Samsung or HTC are. LG did a typical corporate move and tried to highlight their first party offering rather than their partnership offering. This was shortsighted and stupid; I see LG staying at their nigh-irrelevant status for the next few years. They could have been a player (like what happened with HTC and the G1/Nexus 1).

          • Julian

            No way is the Nexus device gonna sell more units if they don’t make more units. But believe me, there are plenty of people who are mildly annoyed with the non-nexus bloatware, it’s just that the bloatware only shaves about $50 off the value of the device (that is, a Nexus can sell for about $50 more than a comparable non-nexus device).

        • Butters619

          Vanilla Android enthusiasts are the most vocal and do carry a major impact. Let’s ask Moto how well it worked ignoring the “small minority”

          • mgamerz

            I F’in love trashing Motorola after they threw the Atrix under the bus. Trolling their facebook so hard.

          • Jonathan Williams

            Just bought an Atrix for my gf to use straight talk. Unlocked n rom’d. Works great.

          • mgamerz

            I gave up my atrix when Motorola threw it under the bus, again. They said over and over they’d do things, “unlock the bootloader”, “update to ICS”, etc. None of which actually happened. So I have a vendetta to make sure I always throw them under the bus. Personally have shown at least 6 people away from their phones, looking forward to many more.

          • Jonathan Williams

            I unlocked it (the atrix 4g) myself, but I feel ya.

          • mgamerz

            I unlocked mine, but it’s the way they still lied about pretty much everything they said. I dumped that phone the day I heard they weren’t going to do ICS and got a Galaxy Nexus. Been screwed by Motorola before though on headphones and their inability to honor their own warranty (and warranty department!)

        • michael arazan

          The Samsung Galaxy Nexus sold in the millions, and LG thinks less than Half a million is acceptable? I predicted months ago that LG put the Nexus on Hold so they could produce more of “their” phones and didn’t have the manufacturing capabilities of Moto, Samsung, and HTC. Sucks to be right in this instance.

          Everyone was shocked Google only chose LG to do a Nexus phone and people were right to be shocked. At this rate they will have only made 900 k units by the time the New Nexus phone comes out in 4 more months. And the GNex probably sold more than the Note. Moto, HTC or Samsung better get the next Nexus phone, and/or all three should produce a Nexus phone IMO. I’d prefer multiple manufacturers producing one nexus phone a year instead of just one.

      • You could argue all day but the fact is the Nexus 4 has consistently been out of stock. That alone counters your point. The N4 was/is in demand and the manufacturer is failing to provide enough of them. That’s a huge mark against the company.

      • arturo_bandini

        This is what they thought too! Which is why they probably limited their initial production based on the idea that only the “few and far between vanilla android enthusiast” would have any interest. Obviously, they were wrong. Interest in this phone seems to be widespread.

        • Tim242

          At $300, they knew it would be very popular.

    • tyguy829

      Actually i’m guessing that no other manufacturer wanted to produce a device for Google to sell in THEIR store for only $300. Google doesn’t care because they make money from Google play, but lg’s profit margin must be awful for the nexus 4

      • I don’t think this is the case. (my opinion)
        Also, as far as I know LG doesn’t lose any margin.. I believe they sell to Google at their regular price and it’s Google that takes the margin hit.

        • You’re right. Its the same as any other product. If you buy a pack of gum at 7-11 for $1 and buy another of the same pack at the grocery for $1.50, the manufacturer of the gum still makes the same amount.

      • Dragonetti Surprise

        That is what I am assuming as well. LG, as well as HTC with their Nexus One, perhaps see very scant margins for these devices.

        And of course, LG is also one the worst OEMs Google has.

        • Droidzilla

          How’d having a Nexus device (2, actually) work out for HTC? It made them one of the major players for Android handsets for some time. For a company like Samsung it may not matter as much, but companies like LG need the brand recognition that a Nexus device provides within the Android community.

          • Dragonetti Surprise

            I completely concur, and any OEM fortunate enough to partner with Google is always guaranteed a boon to their presence in the Android community.

            However, LG is not doing itself any favours by saying it sees no shortage issues with the Nexus 4, when it is clearly a HUMONGOUS issue at this point (Google’s lack of retail experience doesn’t help either, of course). In fact, that kind of resolve from it’s leaders can come off a number of different ways: 1. They are haughty, 2. They are in denial, 3. they are willfully ignorant, or 4. they are stupid.

            IMO, my bets on the latter of those four.

          • Droidzilla

            LG earns the “Bonehead OEM of the Year” award for this. They could have become a major player. They might yet, but if so it will be in spite of their actions and not because of them.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Google Fails at Retail. . . . . . It’s becoming quite embarrassing. Between ridiculous shipping fees and not being able to keep your top devices in stock.

    • Bionicman

      well i think its sorta still new for them. Its not like they have had decades to sell products like Apple. I can only see it get better from here.

      • New_Guy

        Exactly. Not even the Galaxy Nexus, the most recent Nexus device before the N4, was not even close to this popular. You just don’t build up stock piles of merchandise that people don’t seem wildly interested in. It’s called being caught by surprise. I’d say it was a good surprise as well.

    • fauxshizzl

      Not to mention only unofficial glimpses of potential accessories 6 months after the phone launched.

    • I can’t really blame Google. Just like Bionicman said. They’re rookies. However, LG knows better or at least the should. They have an idea of the market. They knew the Nexus 4 would sell well. It’s up to them to help Google with this. There were no real supply issues with the Galaxy Nexus that I can recall. So what’s the problem then?

      • They might be rookies, but this is a fast paced business to get in. Phones get upgraded seemingly over night. Also you can’t say they didn’t have fair warning about nexus demand. Look at all the issues they had with the Nexus 7. I place the blame mainly on Google, not because they can’t keep up with supply, but because they are not communicating with their customers as too when/if we can expect a restock.

    • lukehough

      i agree they should keep to doing what they do best, and forget anything that requires delivery.

  • Greg Morgan

    I thought about buying one from Swappa or Craigslist…but people are asking way too much. I will patiently wait the supply shortage until they’re restocked.