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Tip: How to Fix Poorly Matched Songs in Google Music, Explicit Ones Included

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On Monday, we first reported on the fact that Google Music’s new Scan and Match feature didn’t appear to be all that big of a fan of music with explicit lyrics. In fact, almost every album that users attempted to match to Google that contained explicit content, was being matched with the much more Sunday-friendly, “clean” version. Users complained, as expected, because a fix for the problem was initially no where to be found. 

As of today, users have discovered that a temporary fix is available after Google tries to match your songs. Next to each song or album title, you’ll find an arrow that when clicked, drops a menu down with options. At the very bottom, if Google has matched a song, you should see an option that reads “Fix incorrect match.” If you choose it, it should attempt to upload the song from your library and replace the incorrect version.

Tim and I have both been unable to find this option, but our collections all seem to be OK. For those that have had matching issues, is this option there for you? And is it working?

Via:  Engadget

Cheers Nick!

  • duke69111

    I noticed this problem as well. I uploaded Kendrick Lamar’s Swimming Pools Explicit and it plays the edited version.

  • Kellen
  • Zach B.

    This fix worked for me. “Critical Acclaim” by Avenged Sevenfold was censored and I emailed Google and that’s what they told me to do and it worked.

  • kane

    Itss called the family=friendly….err I mean lame new Google. I’d expect something like this from the fruity company not big G

  • grim7r

    What about DRM protected tracks? I have some iTunes tracks that are DRM protected and are explicit. It probably won’t download it if I try to fix it if they gave me the clean version would it? The reason I ask is because I’m out of town and haven’t been able to reupload my library.

  • Mike Strollo

    Anyone know why I can’t get songs I downloaded on my tablet to sync to my phone.

    • steveliv

      i don’t think google music works that way, unless you got them from the google music store. if you didn’t then you need to copy them to the folder on your pc where google music is looking.

  • itsgonnalast

    Does Google notify you when your collection has been scanned?

    I’m still scratching my head wondering if anything has been updated.

    • steveliv

      matching of previously uploaded music has not happened yet. anything you upload now will be matched. google has said existing collections will be matched in the future.

  • CapnShiner

    My guess would be that matching is done based on ID3 tags. In theory, if you modify the ID3 tags so that no match would be found, you can upload all your music with or without explicit lyrics. There are apps available (for Windows) that can batch-update ID3 tags. I use one called Tag Scanner. Just upload from your PC after messing with the tags and you’ll probably be good to go. Just make sure the tags are still close enough to the original that you can still manage your collection.

    • Google has an algorithm that converts audio to a “fingerprint” of the song. They use this to detect use of copyright material in YouTube videos (it works even if there is talking over the song, or the song is playing on the TV in the background)… they talked about it a while ago for YouTube. I think they use this algorithm to match the songs, as well as on the listening widget and Google Now on Android. Like you said, it is too easy to cheat an ID3 tag identification system.

      • steveliv

        yup. 🙂

    • steveliv

      i’m thinking the local application scans the file and creates a unique hash and compares it to the google master db. tags are often incorrect and wouldn’t be the best way to match songs.

  • I miss this logo. The yellow is so ugly…

  • Fixing incorrect matches works for me on individual songs. There doesn’t seem to be an option to do entire albums

  • Anon

    I am tried uploading a few songs that should be matched but the full mp3 gets uploaded…. Any ideas on what the requirements are to get the song matched? i have had a few match on my account so i know it works but a few titles that should match don’t.

    • lamenting

      Logically, If it’s for sale in their store, it will match. If not, it won’t.

  • DanSan

    this is done from https://play.google.com/music/ ? or the music manager application?

    • lamenting

      From the site, and only on individual songs.

      • DanSan

        oh h3ll no… not wasting my time doing that

  • BrianLipp

    i may have missed this about the match feature, but does anyone know if music uploaded before it rolled out get matched? is there any way to tell if they did? I uploaded a few hundred songs last year when music launched, and none of them have an option about them being matched.incorrectly (i dont think they are, but that option being there is the only way it seems like you can tell if its matched or not)

    • danofiveo

      Songs that were previously uploaded won’t be matched. I think I read somewhere that this feature will be available in the coming months.

      • BrianLipp

        damn. o well. i just deleted all my uploaded music and reinstalled music manager and am reuploading it all, see if that matches them. if not, guess ill wait and see what happens

        • danofiveo

          I was wanting to try it out, but haven’t had the time to look through my CD collection to find some that I haven’t already uploaded. My favorites and any new ones have already been uploaded.

        • drmcgills

          if you truly deleted your entire library, and had purchased music on it.. you may have lost that for good. i did the same thing (for a different reason) and just got off the phone with google tech support. I can undelete any of my personal uploads but the purchased music is gone for good according to them. Seems ass-backwards to me.. fortunately I backed it all up, and am in the process of cracking the DRM in order for it to allow me to re-upload the music that I purchased from google. Music manager gives me “Song was purchased with another Google Play account”… I have only one google play account.

    • I had the same question, so I looked it up. Google will match existing songs once the feature fully rolls out. From Google:

      “If you’re a longtime Google Play Music user, you don’t need to re-upload your files to have them matched. In the next few months, we’ll automatically match what we can of your existing library.”


  • Chaim Cohen

    I found this option. My guess is is doesn’t match songs you have already uploaded. It only “matches” new songs. Everything I uploaded in the last few days has the checkbox (was fine to begin with). The old stuff didn’t have this option.

  • AK

    I can only find it on individual tracks, not full albums. Can’t afford to spend hours doing this… I’d prefer the option to just have my music library uploaded as it is. They should give us a choice.