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T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 Update Now Live, Brings Multi-Window Feature

Today, T-Mobile has started to push out an update to their Galaxy Note 2 owners. For anyone out there that owns this phone on T-Mo, be happy. The update brings the ever-so-popular multi-window feature that Note 2 owners can’t seem to get enough of. The feature is already in place on the Verizon version, which we should be thankful for since you know, Big Red sucks at updates.

To learn more about the multi-window feature, check out our full hands-on here.

Cheers Tony!

  • The sync option has disappeared with this update! I hope there is a fix fast.

  • Arrggghhhh !!! When AT&T gonna update this …

  • jim crow

    Ignorant. Fits your skin color jussssst right

  • yarrellray

    This thing is clearly rocking hard folks. The Galaxy Note 2 makes all other devices useless plain and simple.

    • fixxmyhead

      lol ur suscribed to adranisen. about time he got a haircut. damn hippy

  • yarrellray

    This is a very meaningful update for an industry leading device. Great way to end the year on a very high note. My update arrived at 1:30am and it adds great additional functionality to an already feature rich device. I like the 15 applications that was selected for the tmobile version. We have the Chrome browser, stock samsung browser, Gmail, Exchange email, Google talk, Google Maps, facebook, twitter, youtube, samsung stock video player, stock gallery application, stock messaging application, Snote, Polaris office app, Tmobile Tv and they all work extremely well. I was hoping for Google Plus or maybe netflix as well but it’s not there. I can only assume the 4.1.2 or 4.2 update will arrive with extra applications for the multi Window feature. Thank god to be on tmobile the Verizon version of the Galaxy Note 2 has a watered down version of the multi Window feature. That’s what happens when you cosmetically and internally change certain aspects of the device. I applaud Sprint, and [email protected] following how Samsung intended for the device to be not some kind of altered device which they didn’t intend…

    • Chris B

      All the more reasons to root I guess . . .

  • Chris B

    Ah, coming from a Verizon owner…who cares until you get meaningful apps in the drawer for multi window. . .

    • yarrellray

      http://phandroid.com/2012/12/17/t-mobile-galaxy-note-2-update/……It’s pretty comical even phandeoid.com knows the Verizon version of the Galaxy Note 2 multi Window feature is watered down….

      • squiddy20

        too bad you don’t know how to spell “phandroid” even when it’s provided right there…

        • yarrellray

          To bad you can’t afford to buy the Galaxy Note 2. The more these devices cost each year that goes by the more you realize you are left sitting on the sidelines. Stop trolling you are a sprint customer with a pitiful 3g device.

          • squiddy20

            Too bad I don’t even *want* the Note 2. Idiot. It’s hilarious that you think just because YOU like the phone, MUST mean that everyone else does too. What a self-centered and childish way of thinking. Are you sure you’re in your 50’s?
            Also, how do you know I have a “pitiful 3g device”? The Galaxy Nexus IS LTE capable. You don’t know where I live, not even a rough geographical location like east/west coast. I could be in a city that has LTE already. You don’t know squat, and it’s a joke that you think you do. Any other “useless”, unfounded, and completely comical “insults” you’d like to throw my way?

      • michael arazan

        You didn’t copy the link correctly, it is broken

  • cole hartman

    I screamed out YES with happyness and joy

    • JWellington

      As did I! Multi-Window and Wifi Calling here we come!

  • Tony

    Thanx Tim. From Tony aka firemanprice.