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Tegra 4 “Wayne” Details Leak, 72-core GPU and 6x Faster Performance

NVIDIA’s next-gen processor, codenamed “Wayne,” may have leaked out in a company slide yesterday. The mobile processor that most of us figure will be dubbed the Tegra 4, will reportedly sport a 72-core GPU, support 1080p (2560×1440) resolutions, and produce 6x the graphical performance of the Tegra 3. It’s quad-core CPU architecture remains somewhat the same, but NVIDIA will now use ARM Cortex A-15 cores. The Tegra 4 will use 28nm process, making it as power efficient as the Snapdragon S4. The slide also mentions something about supporting 4k, USB 3.0, and dual-channel DDR3L memory.

Overall, this sounds like a giant step forward for NVIDIA. We’re big fans of the Tegra 3 and the work that NVIDIA puts in to bring gaming to mobile devices, so this sounds like exactly what we were hoping would be next in the Tegra 4.

The last rumor we saw suggested that devices could ship in Q1 2013 with the Tegra 4 inside.

Via:  Chip Hell | Engadget

  • feztheforeigner

    Wait so it only supports up to 1080p, which is stated as a resolution slightly higher than 1080, but may also support all the way up to 4k?


  • JMonkeYJ

    i would be pretty stoked if this shows up in the Nexus 7 2 (which I plan to get if it’s only $200 again)

    • RadicalPie

      The Nexus 7 2 … with 72 cores… hmm

  • What’s the next one gonna be called? Nicki? Drake? Gucci? Two Chainz? {{-_-}}

  • Diablo81588

    Integrated LTE??

  • Battery Life

    When am I going to see a headline that says: “New Screen Tech, 6x Less Power”

    • Or “New Battery Tech…How does a 9,000mAh battery that can fit in a Droid Razr sound?”

      • michael arazan

        The Search for a Super Battery— http://www.anl.gov/articles/search-superbattery

        Department of Energy research are designing a battery that has six times the amount of power of the largest batteries in the market. May have a design in 2013, for electric cars to sell phones. Battery technology finally going somewhere

    • Joe

      I’m hoping for less focus on pushing pixel density and more on power consumption. That’s a more noticeable improvement in real world usage. At least for me.

  • cooksta32676

    unfortunately, Qualcomm has big contracts with OEM That’s why they are murdering the competition, if you can call it competition.

  • kixofmyg0t

    As a Ti and AMD fan……I have to say I’m really excited by this.

    My Xoom’s Tegra2 is really starting to show its age.

  • Captain_Doug

    Huge note there is that it will support dual channel memory. Their single channel memory has really been holding their devices back.

  • KRS_Won

    Great, at this rate, my OG Droid will be out of date soon

    • Droidzilla


    • brando56894

      The OG will never die!

  • William_Morris

    So the last one was Kal-El, this one is Wayne… is the next one going to be “Diana,” “Hal,” or “J’onnz?”

    • Droidzilla

      The next one will be “Wayne Brady.”

    • Patrick Maher
    • Raven

      Is Superman to Batman really a step up? I think Jordan (Hal) would be a more appropriate name. Super powerful until your battery runs out of juice and you have to carry around an external battery to recharge it with.

      • human not a bot

        In a sense yes.

        Batman is a HUMAN who has beaten and killed Superman in canon. Not only that, but in recent years, Batman seems to be able to take far more punishment than Superman and recover a lot quicker than he used to(then again I always thought Batman’s super power was inhuman endurance and the ability to heal from most any fatal wound).

        Although it really does depend on the writer of the comic, for which one wins. Usually Superman can knock Batman unconscious half way across Earth, But Batman usually can stand back up and fight quickly after even when half his body is broken.

        BTW the 2 canon events I’m talking about are:

        1. Dark Knight by Frank Miller Batman beats up Superman with the help of a little piece of kryptonite and a body suit.

        2. In a 1991 Superman annual there is an account of the events of 2001 viewed by Waverider where Batman kills Superman, who has become a crazy totalitarian ruler of Earth, with a kryptonite ring. However, Waverider by watching the future, changed the future.

        Also in public sphere, people generally like Batman more. I think its because people like the trials and struggles or a hero, particularly when they are human. I mean people like Odysseus, Macbeth, James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, etc because on their journey they struggle like the rest of us, but unlike the rest of us they usually reach their goal, and that gives us hope that we can possibly reach our own goals too.

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    Not gonna get excited about it. Nvidia constantly puts out chips that can’t compete with other mobile chips. Their Tegra 2 chips were blown away by Exynos and other chips, same for their Tegra 3 chips, so why exactly should I be interested in their Tegra 4 chip? Just because of their “exclusive games” that I can get by using Chainfire?

    • lzcool

      No man you got it wrong. The time Tegra 2 came on mobile devices it was already 1 year old meaning it was a previous gen chip but managed to compete with the current gen chips at the time (Exynos and other chips). See Tegra 3 for example is superior in processing power and speed but falls behind Exynos only in the GPU department. Only the S4 Krait is superior in all departments to the Tegra 3. So we should be pretty excited about Tegra 4 6x faster!!!!

      • Diablo81588

        The GPU is 6x faster, not the processor.

        • lzcool

          Even better!!! thanks for the clarification

    • JoshGroff

      Their chips are pretty good imo.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    ALL I see is blah blah blah. . . . no Integrated LTE.

  • chris125

    Hopefully it doesn’t under perform like every other tegra

    • Captain_Doug

      The tegra doesn’t under perform. Tegras is just usually the first to release the newest tech. However others take their sweet time and do a better job but that doesn’t mean that the Tegra 3 is bad, just that the first to release isn’t usually the best.

  • Steven02

    Supports 1440p video, which is 2560×1440. But it supports the resolution of the Nexus 10 as well, 2560×1600 display. Might want to specificy that.

  • hatboysam

    It’s pretty awesome how close these chips are coming to PC levels of power. This is a chip that can run for hours on a battery the size of a pack of gum and needs no fan, yet it’s quad core and integrates a legitimate GPU. I can’t wait for the day when no computer ever has to be thicker or noisier than the MacBook Air is now once this technology makes the leap out of smartphones and tablets.

    It’s a shame these are all ARM and none of them are x86 architecture. I don’t know enough about chip making to know why the ARM architecture has been so much more successful in low-power mobile devices but I imagine it will be easier to get x86 chips to this level of efficiency than it will to get all software compiled for x86 to work on ARM. One day I’d like for my laptop and phone to be running the same chip and for programs that one on run to run on the other natively.

    • Logan Anteau

      RISC vs CISC. x86 is an OLD dated architecture. The reason we are still using it in our computers is because of backwards compatibility. With ARM we got a chance to start fresh in our mobile devices and we are reaping the benefits of the modern RISC design.

      • Alan

        They’re both old.

      • Raven

        RISC architecture is gonna change everything. -Kate Libby (Acid Burn)
        Yeah, RISC is good. -Dade Murphy (Crash Override, Zero Cool)

        Who would have thought a 1995 movie full of silly techno babel would end up being right?

        • I was just think of that part in the movie.

    • Diablo81588

      These processors are nowhere near as powerful as x86 based CPUs.

      • Maybe not in overall performance but like the OP said, these mobil processors are running on a FRACTION of the power with very restricted cooling.

    • brando56894

      ARM has a reduced instruction set compared to x86, hence the reason it can consume a lot less power which in turn leads to it running cooler. They’re still not as fast as x86 processors but they’re definitely getting there.

  • gokusimpson

    1080p at 120hz which his excellent. 4K is in there too along with….12K?

  • zepfloyd

    “support 1080p (2560×1440) resolutions,”
    wait, whaaa…sounds like Fackwors to me.

    Also it CLEARLY needs more cores, 72 is just not enough.

    • Looks like Kellex mistyped agian. hehe.

    • brando56894

      AFAIK 2560×1440 would be 1440P not 1080P wouldn’t it considering that 1080P is 1920×1080?

      • zepfloyd


  • If its going to be a winner, it needs LTE integrated. Hopefully it is and just isnt mentioned here.

  • 4n1m4L

    Now if we can just get more phones with tegra while they are still the leader…

    • JoshGroff

      I’m fine with my OMAP 4 powered G-Nex, but a Tegra 4 powered phone would make an awesome upgrade. 🙂 Not that I’ve yet to push my N7 past its limits, but heck, when you can have more power with more efficiency, why not.

      • JMonkeYJ

        Eufloria brings my N7 to its knees sometimes. still a great game 😀

  • gokusimpson