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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to Incorporate Massive 6.3″ Display?

Consumers are finally getting used to working their 5.5″ Galaxy Note 2 device, but rumors are already out concerning Samsung’s next Note iteration. In a move that may or may not shock you, Samsung is rumored to be doing it BIG next year. In fact, according to Korea Times, the Galaxy Note 3 will reportedly feature a giant 6.3″ display, further blurring the line between tablet and phone. If this thing isn’t a “phablet” I don’t know what is.¬†

Other than a rumored display size, no other info was given on the Note 3. As for the Galaxy S4, it is reported that Samsung could unveil their next flagship phone at the 2013 MWC, but given they are doing just fine at holding their own events for major product launches, we will have to wait and see.

So, our question for you, is 6.3″ just completely ridiculous or could you manage holding that thing up to your face for a call? And at that size, forget abut making calls. What about having it fit in your pocket?


Cheers Nick S!

  • david

    The 6.3 is too SMALL .. Still waiting for my 7 incher in my pocket….my pocket rocket phone…BY SAMSUNG NOTE 7

  • I am one of those early adopter of the Note 1, then the note 2. I definitely love the big screen and everything but 6,3″ for a phone, even without screen bezel is just ridiculous!!!

  • Corey

    I think I’ll stick with my Note 2…If i want something bigger, I’ll just use my pc

  • wargamer1969

    Will upgrade from my Note 1 to this next year!

  • Depende do que cada um faz com o celular: listen to music? watch videos? make calls? internet? I guess the size is ok.

  • steve

    I just want one that comes with ear buds and no verizon branding on the home button

  • Norris

    I have to wait and see it. I have the new Note II and love it. I never put a phone to my head anyway and I don’t understand why anyone would given the radiation. I use my phone far more as a media device than a phone.

  • John

    Its ridiculous, all these upgrades on these phones. I’m glad they bumped the GS4 because it doesn’t make sense. You have a awesome phone making tons of money and then announce a new phone coming out? thats pretty stupid. Now, you have the “Note 3” the “Note 2” just came out. This is where it can get frustrating for consumers. I think that if a new version of your phone comes out within a year you should be able to return the one you have and get the new one. Cell phone companies should relax on releasing new phones. Its like a new phone every 6 months.

  • I love it, my next phone will either be the note 2 or 3, but with the avg phone size steadily increasing, they are going to make their own tablet industry extinct. why buy a nexus7 when you can get a note 3 for .7 inches smaller with phone and data capabilities?

  • Christopher Theofilaktos

    I don’t think this is going to happen. 5.5″ is already crazy big, I think they should work on fitting a bigger battery in the phone, more ram, better CPU and higher quality screen, instead of just making it bigger.

  • Chris

    I guarantee it won’t get that big.

  • It could easily get to 6.3″ without getting any larger if they eliminated the bezel.

  • Bionic

    5.5 is already pushing it. 6.3 is damn ridiculous.

  • giovanny

    Might as well be the 7 inch note tablet version to the note 10.1

  • T_Dizzle

    Is that nerd wood I feel coming on? A phone to fit large hands, nice!

  • wm snyder

    the galaxy note 3 is my next tv….mounted on my wall it is voice activated ,watch movies picture in picture,receive sms messages and timeline or play games wow koooool!! And even make phone calls, that is state of the art technology!! yes sir!

  • wm snyder

    if this were true it could be done by making it all screen with very little change.

  • Brittany N

    6.3 inch screen is to big for me the only way it would work is if they put in the same size frame as the note 2 that I can deal with


    Im game I wish it was 7……

  • yarrellray

    Huawei, Sony, and Lg started this war thinking they can compete with the Galaxy Note 2 in the first place. Now Samsung is out too simply BLOW THE DOORS off of anyone faking to challenge in this space. Software alone as well as features Samsung Galaxy Note 2 shits on anything ever made. The Galaxy Note 2 is the best productivity/all purpose device ever and clearly the Galaxy Note 3 will be the best in 2013. 4100 battery, 6.3 inch screen, 1080p, 16meg camera, 3gb of ram, 2.2ghz Exynos 5 processor, 128gb of storage. Case closed here folks. I will be purchasing the Galaxy Note 3 straight up cash in 2013 you can count on that.

    • squiddy20
      • yarrellray

        Less commenting and more buying moron. Your a clown always behind the curve. What a joke you have been over all these years. You make me and many other laugh real hard.

        • squiddy20

          It’s hilarious how you think “buying” things gets you greater standing in the “real world”. No one cares what phone you, or anyone else for that matter, has.
          Besides, as I’ve said all along, why shell out upwards of $300 every couple of months for a *slightly* upgraded phone when that money could be better spent on, say, spelling and grammar lessons for yourself. The way you talk/write indicates you have no more than a 5th grade vocab and comprehension of the English language while you’re easily around 50 years old.

    • John Chief

      He is correct , sir moon cricket

  • Neal Horowitz

    The Tab 7+/7.7 also had phone functionality, but nobody every held those up to their ears. 5.5″ is pushing it; 6.3″ is not a phone any more. That said, a 6-7″ Note tablet is a pretty good idea.

  • Heck yea, that actually would be even better to make it a portable tablet/phone, something easier to draw/paint on. They could get what, a half inch or more already lessening the bezel even more yea? 5 inches on a DNA doesn’t feel like it because of that. With a 1080p 6.3 inch screen that would rule them all!

  • Diablo81588

    Samsung will not make a phone without a bezel. There would be nowhere to put that idiotic home button..

    • Guess you love the idea of burn in on from on screen keys?

      • Diablo81588

        No I love the idea of a phone thats not trying to be an iPhone knockoff. Capacitive keys are fine.

  • Tim242

    As long as it fits in my back pocket…

  • itsgonnalast

    I love Samsung. They can turn any crazy idea into a real product… and they’re big enough to take the financial hit if it fails.

  • This would be great if they could keep the chassis roughly the same size. The DNA is roughly SIII sized but with a 5″ screen.

  • Mark Mann

    and so the cycle continues, when cell phones first came out they were huge, then they got smaller and smaller until the old nokias, then starting witht he original iphone that got larger and larger, and now you might as well carry a nexus 7 in your pocket

  • zerocool79346

    Nope. I’d sooner walk around with my Nexus 7.

    • hfoster52

      Have you tried to make a call VIA google voice to see if it works?

    • Tim242

      Nexus 7 won’t fit in your back pocket.

  • hfoster52

    in related news Samsung is going to bring back the Fanny Pack!!

  • slops

    using, on average over the last 2 years, <60 minutes a month i couldn't care less what it looks like when i make a call. everyone has bluetooth anyways so what's it matter. i send over 7000 texts a month and use 8+gb of data, phone calls are the least of my worries.
    5.5" is pretty close to the limit on screen size i could operate with 1 hand so 6.3 could be a stretch but i could get use to it. i'd much prefer being able to zoom out and see tons of stuff on my screen at once. i'm hoping for a 6.3" screen.

  • W. Paul Schenck

    I don’t see the larger size as a problem. I carry my phone in my shirt pocket most of the time and a 6.3 would easily fit. I have an HP 35 calculator that I use. It is about 6.3″ diagonal measurement. If the phone turned out to be this size I would find it perfect. The calculator feels good in my hand and would work well with an Spen stylus for 2 handed operation. A small tablet with phone capabilities with the Spen and Samsung OS skin would be nice to try. I think it would be my last phone, but I always thought the palm pilot with a stylus was the only way to go.

  • Start wearing shorts, cargo if you don’t like women. I wear shorts year round and I forget my note 2 is there at times

  • Richard Walker

    A tablet with voice phone capabilities. You need to forget the action of holding the device up to your ear; take a queue card from sci-fi renditions; like EFC or Star Trek, you talk at them while looking at the screen; whether via speakerphone, bluetooth, or something that hasn’t been introduced yet. (BT works like a champ for me) Get a smaller phone, of which there are a bajillion varieties, if you want to hold one to your ear. If the companies would just go all in, and put a voice phone app/hw in a Galaxy Note 10.1; I’d be all over that thing.

    This is the path to wide adoption of video/phone; give it time.

  • Thomas

    My manhood is starting to become jealous of what is in my pocket.

  • Ohiwastedmylife

    Just got my Note 2, I would definitely still use a Note 3 @ 6.3″. I can barely hold the device as is but I could manage.

    Anyone else feel like the old BK commercials?


  • Clint O

    I love my Note 2!! But one handed typing definitely stretches the thumb out. Couldnt imagine on a 6.3

    • Tim242

      Use both hands : )

      • Clint O

        how would I steer then lol

  • Prime7

    They should just merge their Galaxy Note and HDTV lines. Galaxy Note 10: 42″.

  • Joshua Barta

    The Galaxy Note II’s screen is 61.11mm by 122.87mm (calculated based on a 140.97mm diagonal and 9:16 aspect ratio) However, the device itself is 80.5mm by 151.1 mm.

    Using similar math, a 6.3 inch screen (160.02mm) would measure 78.45mm by 139.47mm

    If the Note III had an edge-to-edge screen horizontally, and greatly reduced the vertical space (for example, by doing away with the physical and capacitive buttons) it would be the same size as the Note II

  • kixofmyg0t

    What happened to yesterday’s argument of “Samsung only releases ONE Galaxy device per year”?


  • RaptorOO7

    Ok, maybe 5.8″ but 6.3 that IS a tablet with a phone built in. What next a Nexus 7 next to your ear trying to talk on it. Not going to happen. What I want is the GN2 with 32GB build in storage, but I will have to settle with modding the system to make the ext. sd card appear as the internal storage each time I flash a ROM., grrrrr.

  • Sasswell

    This is getting ridiculous samsung

  • If you make a 6.3″ display utterly and completely bezel-less then I think you could just make a crazy cool phone!

  • jeff3yan

    Been waiting for this. It’ll finally be enough to replace both my Nexus 7 and my Note 2. I’ll only be carrying around a single device in my pocket all day. Albeit cargo pants pocket.