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Google Maps Available for the iPhone, Making Fun of Apple Now Slightly Less Fun


Well, it was fun while it lasted. While that whole iOS Maps fiasco was something the world had more than a good time with, Google has gone ahead and ruined some of our fun. Google Maps, with full turn-by-turn navigation, is now available for the iPhone. This new version of Maps has been “designed from the ground up to combine the comprehensiveness and accuracy of Google Maps with an interface that makes finding what you’re looking for faster and easier.”

The fun isn’t completely over, though. In Google’s announcement, they make sure to indirectly point out all of the flaws in Apple’s own maps product. By mentioning that Google Maps stores 80 million businesses and points of interest, has Street View, public transportation info, and updates tens of thousands of times daily to help with accuracy and comprehensiveness, this is Google’s way of saying, “This is how you do it, suckers.”

Via:  Google Lat Long

Cheers Adam, Will, John, Garrett, and Albert!

  • Well that is just FACKWORS!

  • Bout time apple users got a proper map and navigation app. How does it feel to not be lost anymore?

  • brittany579

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  • geo

    Its looks better than the android one because half of android users are on gingerbread still

    • Hahaha, Android

      Yep, fragmentation is a b-i-t-c-h, hit it!

  • Manny

    I just read Google says the maps is better on ios than in android..

  • RW-1

    I think Apple should fix their icon before anything else, if you look at it, it tells you to drive off a highway bridge, as if that doesn’t clue you into the mess you click on it ….

  • ilikebikes
  • I love how one directional their relationship is – Said no one ever.

    Google Supports iDevices, yet, Apple is out to destroy Android.

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

  • AndyFanBoi

    Dumb iPhonies…if they used Apple’s Maps they deserve to be lost. They obviously were when they purchased their phones.

    • Hahaha, Android

      Hohohohoho, this guy, right here. This guy is hilarious. iPhonies! Puh-lease, iOS users want a phone that’s guaranteed software updates for at least 3 years with no hassles and an app market with no BS.

      • AndyFanBoi

        Whoa. Lookout! Christmas must have come a little early with that hearty laugh. Thanks Santa.

      • joejoe5709

        Um yeah except my wife’s 2 yr old 4 didn’t get half of the “updates” that the 4S and the 5 got. If anything, she lost capability with the loss of Youtube and Google Maps. Even a new iPod got Siri, but not her iPhone4. Yep. That’s a great update. After iOS6, she’s pretty upset with Apple and how bad they screwed things up. With Android, even if your phone doesn’t get supported beyond a year, the dev community will take good care of you.


    From what I’m hearing, there’s no spoken street names during navigation in this version?

    • Hahaha, Android

      It seemed to work alright for the 5 minutes I played around with it while driving home last night. I switched back to Apple Maps though, don’t want none of that Google stuff on my superior device.

  • itsgonnalast

    Welcome to 2009, iPhone users!!

  • jnt

    My wife has an iPhone and unless I’m missing something, it appears to have the same problem Maps had when ICS was released – no street names / numbers. Just “turn left, turn right, in 300 feet, keep right”.

  • Robert Jakiel

    Actually it is just as much fun if not more. Apple failed so their customers need Google products to make iOS worth a damned.

  • I find it kind of funny that Google get’s their map software pushed through right after the australian apple map incident.

    Great planning on Google’s part or just luck, either way its great.

  • Shawn Kim

    They should charge $1 per app with no re-installation.

  • summit1986

    This is what happens when you post a Apple piece… all of the window lickers come out of the woodwork and start a flame war on the comment section.

  • Does google make money off Maps being on iOS? Does Apple pay them for the service? It seems like Google is giving away something they should be keeping for Android. Maybe its one more way to lead users to Google products on the web but they probably have no problem doing that anyways.

    • Hahaha, Android

      Google had to pay Apple money to be part of the iOS Development program. Chew on that for a minute.

  • Pete

    This is how the game should be played with every body on the same level!!!!
    i like what google did here, by putting apple back on the almost same level!!! Like google said before ‘Playground is Even’,and thats how it should be done. not like how apple does it.

  • Good. Because only the customer loses in the end. I’m glad they got it back!

    • Hahaha, Android

      Choice is good, but Android is still a joke.

      • An opinion I respect. I dig the iPad and I love my Macbook Air. Simple, fast, accessible. But I do prefer Android for phones.

  • reyalP

    As stated in the New York Times and other sources Pogue mentions that, “Google admits that the iOS app is better than the Android
    version in terms of design”. Why would Android give them a more superior map?

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    And yet, somehow, years later, Google Navigation is still in beta. :/

  • Shin77

    For Google it has always been all about the data, and they aren’t going to miss the opportunity to capture info on millions on iPhone users for a talking point they don’t need. Android already has dominant market share and at least people can get places safely now. I wonder if the Australia thing had anything to do with this getting approved.

  • Rockin-iP5

    I love having 20 percent battery left after a day of heavy usage (and a phone that is super thin). Thank you, iPhone 5!

    • I love having 2 days of battery left after heavy usage A PHONE THAT IS BIGGER THAN THE IPHONE5. THANK YOU. GN2 USER

  • SeanBello

    not completely over. It’s not available anymore lol

  • EvanTheGamer

    Who gives a rats arse…

    Moving on…

  • cizzlen

    Once again, the Android version gets shafted in the dust. Hopefully Google will bring us a revamp on Maps soon. Looks more Google Now-esque. Clean, fast, simple and very efficient unlike the current version which is all cluttered. I’m jelly damnit.

  • Hahaha, Android

    Yet making fun of Android will always be hilarious.

  • joejoe5709

    I’m actually glad they gave Apple the maps. Goes to show how superior Google is and now my wife can stop bitching about getting lost on her iPhone. But I’m really not happy that they got a better version. That’s some bullcrap.

    • Hahaha, Feminism

      Maybe your wife gets lost because she’s just a woman and women have no natural sense of direction.

      • joejoe5709

        Ummm no jackass – She’s got a better sense of direction than me most of the time. That’s why I have an Android. And that’s why I’m kinda pissed their app is better in some ways. Way to miss the point, bucko.

  • Dillon Brown

    Its about time ios gets the updated navigation UI its been stuck on gingerbread for ever!, oh wait… at least they’re still keeping it in beta.

    • joejoe5709

      I have a feeling Navigation, Street View, and Maps will be joined into one giant app and directly linked in with Google+ very soon.

      • Dillon Brown

        That would be really nice, everything else has been getting update love lately so hopefully a revamped maps is on the way. It makes sense to integrate the apps instead of updating the navigation app, but its been like it is for a while and nothing has been done, but changes with ios comes along and google can build an entire top notch app from scratch for ios. It is annoying to me that google doesn’t put that kind of effort in the same way into its own system. Its mind boggling that when google decides to make some huge changes in design language or overall funtionality ios gets it first before Android. (google +, gmail, etc.)

  • ek3

    i guess this is what it means by “don’t be evil”

    • dangolds

      Let’s not get crazy here. Google supports iOS users because there’s plenty of money they can make off of them, plain and simple. For those of you who like to claim that iOS is irrelevant, ask yourself one question: Why would Google go out of its way to bring new/enhanced versions of its services such as Gmail, Google + and Maps to a bitter rival like Apple? The economic opportunity for Google is greater than any personal hard feelings they may have towards Apple and vice versa. There’s a reason why Fanboys don’t run giant companies like Google and Apple – if they did, these companies would perform like dog crap because they would be run based on emotions and pettiness, not good business sense. Nothing wrong with doing business with someone you can’t stand as long as you can make money off the arrangement. That’s all that’s happened here, rather than some “don’t be evil” propaganda.

      • Aaron

        I think you are right about Google, but not Apple. They did kick Gmaps out to push their own Maps. Apple is very petty.

        • dangolds

          Well yeah, but there was a business reason for that. From Apple’s perspective, it’s better business for them if their own customers are using more of their proprietary services than those of other companies such as Google. Customer data has a lot of potential future value to Apple, so to the extent they can keep more of it for themselves while blocking off access to a key competitor (Google), that’s a logical strategic decision. Unfortunately, that strategy only works if Apple’s proprietary service/product (in this case, maps) is perceived to be on par or better than what it’s replacing (Google maps). Apple had the right idea in theory, but butchered the execution by launching software that wasn’t yet ready for primetime. In the long run, they would still be better suited to use their own maps software instead of Google’s, if they can significantly improve the quality. It would simultaneously give Apple value through more control of its customer data and hurt its chief rival. If they can’t get there quality wise, however, they’ll have to keep Google maps indefinitely for the same reason they have to keep Google search – customers won’t put up with inferior maps and search functions on a high end smart phone over the long-term.

          One interesting point that I’m not sure has been raised. If you’re an iPhone user, you now have free access to both mapping platforms. Obviously, Google’s is the better map software today, but Apple’s does have some nice features as well. As Apple’s continues to improve over time, the ability to run two good, free mapping apps may be a nice little extra feature to have on a smart phone. I assume that if Apple’s maps quality gets good enough, Google will eventually be removed again, but until then there could be some unintended benefits for iPhone users.

          • Aaron

            I’m happy to live and let live. But it just seems like Apple is not. If Apple could erase Android I think they would. And then you would never see anything but incremental updates from then on. I think Google makes a better product due to competition with Apple, but Apple would rather innovate less and stagnate more for the sake of better sales of yet to be released devices. Why give the iPhone 4s LTE when you can use it to sell iPhone 5. Why give the iPhone 5 NFC when you can sell that with the iPhone 5s. If I were in charge of Google I would let Apple customers suffer. They’re giving away an advantage by giving Gmaps back to iOS. And Apple has made it clear that they are at war with Android. Apple is undoubtedly looking for a way to sue Google over their mapping technology next. It’ll be a patent for using a screen with images to show the proper direction of travel. Because Apple thought of it first, even if Gmaps has been around longer.

  • That’s how you do it suckers!!! 😀

  • Icehunter

    The best thing to happen to iOS since they removed it. =D

    • Hahaha, Android

      You mean the best thing to happen to iOS since… oh wait, iOS is always great.

  • Inquizitor

    I’m interested in Google’s strikingly different design aesthetic in its new iOS apps. They all are pretty consistent with Google Now, but at the same time different than the current Holo UI. Is Mathias behind this stuff? Will Android 5.0 switch gears again to this new aesthetic? I think it’s pretty nice, and could possibly be an improvement, but I’m not sure it makes such sense to completely revamp Android’s look again so quickly.

    • Michael Salinger

      I would bet that it will be a holo-version with a lot of the new UI tricks (like the Google+ app and Google Now). Similar UI structure, but Holo-themed. I don’t think Google will back out of Holo that quickly.

  • Adol

    Google should charge $50 for this app

  • Steve

    lol! What was Apple thinking?

    • Hahaha, Android

      You got me, Apple Maps has always been fine in my area. They shouldn’t have put this in the market.

      • Tony Allen

        They had to since Apple’s own maps have almost killed people in Australia.

      • HTC1

        Trollo !!!!!!!!!!! Because your a I-Sheep that lives in their parents basement and go no where. that why your works. IOS is the worse kid. Nice try though.

  • nightscout13


    • Hahaha, Android


  • at least people wont get lost anymore bahahahahahaha

    • Hahaha, Android

      I’ve had more bad directions with Google Maps than Apple maps.

  • Joey Funk

    First mail, now this? I feel like Google still likes apple better than its android loyalists, since they seem to get their updates first and they’re way nicer than what we have. How is that fair???

    • Trey Mitchell

      the android and ios dev teams are not the same
      Google is an exceedingly large company I’m sure the android guys will take some design cues from the iphone team and vice versa.

      • Joey Funk

        Well they need to communicate more between each other then. It would make things better for everyone.

  • ceejw

    I’ve been playing with the app on my wife’s 4S for the past half hour and I honestly think it’s better than the Android version in a lot of ways. The UI design is very much in the same vein as Google Now and it looks great. Also the new searching interface where it makes each pin a card that you can swipe up to see the full view is really nice. Also I like that Navigation is built into maps and not a separate app like it is on Android. I really wouldn’t doubt if Google next maps update on Android brings all the design changes that are in the iOS version.


      I’ve been messing with it on my iphone 5 and it is just banana’s. The speed in which it pulls up addresses and then gives the time enroute is crazy. The pull up information bar and all the information it gives makes me really love what Google does. This may be the best early Christmas present I have ever received!!

    • sirmeili

      Navigation isn’t a separate app. there is a separate icon to go directly to the navigation, but if you search for directions in maps, there is the option to “navigate” instead of just getting directions. It does “appear” to open another app, but I do believe that it is all stil in the “maps” app (as you actually only download maps, not maps and then another app for navigation).

      As to the UI changes, they’ll make it to Android soon enough. They needed to get that app out to the iOS users since Apple stopped using them prematurely.

    • Jesse

      Ok do you people not realize android and google are the same company….Google developed and owns the android os…..gosh!!!

      • HTC1

        I don’t get it???? i don’t see where any of them you said this to doesn’t realize the google/android thing. Am i missing something or are you joking?

  • Datboijon

    google should charge ios users for their superior map app

    • Hahaha, Android

      Yeah, because people would pay to use this barebones, no features turd. No thanks. Google should have kept this crap off of my superior app store.

      • Trey Mitchell

        you funny guy

      • Aaron

        I thought you Apple guys were all about having stuff “just work”? Google Maps works, Apple Maps didn’t. Why the blow back?

  • Gage

    No it’s still funny because they caved in.

  • Am I hallucination or is the iOS version cleaner looking? WTH?

    • Hahaha, Android

      iOS has always looked better than Android.

      • If you use the stock version of android on Nexus, you will say otherwise.

        • Hahaha, Android

          Used a Galaxy Nexus from March until October when the iPhone 5 came out. Hated every minute of it.

      • Yep, a grid icons. Beautiful. Just striking. Really. Let’s open up the aperture, crank that exposure as fast as we can, and live a little in IOS’s photogenic pleasuretude. Throw caution to the wind!

  • dhirensavalia

    I thought Google said they weren’t going to create a maps app for iOS.

  • shamu11

    Google always cleans up apple’s messes

    • msnight04

      Just like Microsoft did 😉

  • ChristianJohnson

    Well, it’s nice to see Google giving a helping hand to those less fortunate companies….hehe.

    • Hahaha, Android

      Yeah, let’s talk about less fortunate. Maybe Samsung and that giant payday to Apple’s already flush coffers.

      • FAL_Fan

        They haven’t paid genius, and let’s remember that Apple actually had to and did apologize, once back handedly, but then told to have an actual one…you troll you

  • knobularlife
  • Thomas

    Freakin’ sell outs.

    • Hahaha, Android

      Damn straight, keep this thing on Android. Apple maps is perfectly fine!

  • Brent Cooper

    Go Google! Show ’em how it’s done!

  • Aaron

    Breaking News: Apple sues Google over use of Google Maps in Android.

    • Tomorrows head lines “Jobs really hit it out of the park with new Google Maps for iOS!”

      • michael arazan

        They should charge Google Maps for $4.99 in the ios store, I’m shocked apple doesn’t already do this just to make a quick buck

        • I’m glad that it’s free. Google once again takes the high road and puts the customer first, even if they’re apple customers. How can you not love that?

          • dangolds

            It’s not about taking the high road, it’s about different business models. Google’s ultimately in the business of search and selling data about its users. For them, there’s more value to be had in giving away their apps and services for free, because this ultimately gives them access to a larger number of customers. More customers = more advertisements, more information they can sell. Since this is their core business model, they would be limiting future cash flows if they tried to charge more up front for use of their apps and services, because fewer customers would sign up for their services.

          • I consider offering choice the “high road.” Yes, when it comes down to it they are still a company looking to make a profit, so maybe something with morals attached to it isn’t accurate. I just like their business model.

          • A part of me would like to see them charge for it just so more IOS users would get fed up with apple and covert to android.

          • I don’t care for apple’s products much, but I do want them to do well. Competition is what keeps things fresh and companies innovating.

          • I’m all for that. Competition is better for us. I just think it would be funny.

        • Emilio Figueroa

          I’m not `00% positive, but I think it’s against Apple’s app store policy to offer the same app on multiple platforms and charge more for it on iOS. It would either have to cost money on android too, or they’d both have to be free.

          • Droid Ronin

            There are plenty of games and apps that cost money on iOS but are free on Android. WhatsApp, Wind-up Knight, just to name a few…

  • iphoneh8r

    First, suckas!

    • Hahaha, Android

      Watch out, we’ve got a badass over here.

    • HTC1

      whos the Sucka, jackass!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rich Wentz

    That awkward moment when Apple users will continue to use iOS Maps because they like getting lost…

    • Droidzilla

      They’d tell you where they’re going, but you’ve probably never heard of it.


      Turn by turn works great…everything else not so much. I can’t wait to have google maps back!!

  • Derek Traini

    On The Verge, they showed a video of the app itself, not gonna lie I think it looks pretty good. Nice and polished.

    • Nathan Corachea

      man does it look nicer than ours :[?

      • msnight04

        In some cases it does. Kind of reminds me of the Google Now UI. I could see some of these UI elements showing up in the Android version in the near future.

      • Hahaha, Android

        Just like everything on iOS, it definitely looks better than the Android version.

        • HTC1

          yah, those square icons look great. And all the different customizations you can do on the homescreens looks real good. Are you nut’s dude!!!!!!! IOS is gross. Looks like kids toys. But then again, if you a user, you have no brain or tech skill. So why argue with a moron

          • Hahaha, Android

            Yeah, that’s why I’m not going to argue with you. Every single “customized” Android homescreen I’ve seen looks absolutely terrible.

          • Droid Ronin

            Go back to your rat-hole, troll.

  • DC_Guy

    Damn it! They should’ve made them suffer a little longer. LOL

  • Murphy


  • HerbieDerb

    We’ll still be making fun of Apple the same : )

    • Derek Traini


      • Probably true. 🙂

        • zepfloyd

          It doesn’t have indoor maps, or cacheing either…

          • This is true. It does have some fancy swiping actions and some neat UI tricks, though.

          • ERIC REED

            I’m pounding away on my iPad Mini and iPhone and it isn’t up yet!!!

          • FAL_Fan

            Why would anyone down vote this? The man is complimenting Google and their ability to work with two different ecosystems…Ridiculousness…and I greatly dislike Apple products!

          • zepfloyd

            Agree, and they will undoubtedly come to Android. I spent 30 seconds only with it so far on the gf’s work iphone 5, and it’s way closer to Google’s larger current design language than the Android version.

          • Jesse

            Ok you know that google owns Android right? Google is the developer and the maker of android.

          • zepfloyd

            Thanks Captain Obvious?

          • ERIC REED

            How can I upvote this a thousand more times?

            I mean you do know that Apple makes the iPhone? And that they develop and make IOS?

          • zepfloyd

            HAHA, I think he just either didn’t follow there’s discussions in the column or missed my point entirely.

          • ERIC REED

            It seem’s that more and more people just jump right into the comments section. It makes it hard to have a worth while discussion on a lot of these pages. With that said, thank you Google for making a beautiful Maps app for IOS users. Oh and the new email app isn’t bad either….

          • zepfloyd

            Maybe it’s time to resurrect the forums? 🙂

    • Jonathan Bunch

      I thought they said they were not going to release an iOS version?