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Verizon Asks Customers to Opt-In for Personal Info Snatching, Will Compensate With Coupon

This week, Verizon is to begin a campaign to show customers the benefits of opting into their new data-collecting service called Verizon Selects, part of the same Precision Marketing portfolio that we urged our readers to opt-out of.

First, you should know what Verizon Selects is. By acquiring usage data such as mobile web browsing history, your location, and “interest data” collected through application usage, Verizon Select allows third parties to offer advertisements that directly relate to you. Verizon is clear that the data is anonymous and is not distributed outside of Verizon, but to set your minds at ease, Verizon is offering customers who opt in a coupon or promotion to a major retailer of some kind.

We are asking customers to opt-in to Verizon Selects because of the types of information being used and because the capabilities provided to third-party marketers gives them the ability to reach customers directly. It’s important to remember that Verizon DOES NOT share information that identifies customers personally outside of Verizon.

You are not automatically signed up unless you do it yourself through their site, but if you either want to go sign up or make sure you’re not a part of this, then simply go here.

If you decide that a coupon is worth your personal information to be bundled up for special ads, then prepare to receive special offers in forms of texts, emails, postal mail, online ads, and mobile ads.

Via: Verizon

  • SpiderGoo

    Unlike the lie that is knowingly told by Droid Life, you actually are automatically signed up for this, unless you go to the Verizon Selects page, and you select “Yes” I want to opt-out of this data-mining bullsh!t. Droid Life being super shady again, at the request of their masters Verizion, again.

    Once you log in, you will see the main privacy page, and make sure you have already opted out of all of that trash. But the very bottom of that page, it mentions Verizon Selects, make sure to click the link that says “Learn More”, or something akin to that. Then on the Verizon Selects page, if you don’t want to be involved in this shady garbage, make sure you click YES. Like I said, “Yes” means that YES you want to opt-out. They no doubt chose to frame the questions and answers that way, because they know some people will think that if they are opting out of something, that they would say “No”, don’t track me. Of course, if you just read what is posted there, you will see that selecting “No” means you will have them tracking your every move, but well, some folks are impetuous. So don’t believe Shady Life here, you are in fact automatically opted-in unless you change this setting, because when I first went to the page, it was set as “No”.

  • Dan

    Thanks for the info!!!

    • SpiderGoo

      Don’t you mean “Thanks for the misinfo!!!”? I assume that is what you meant considering they lied when they claimed that you are not automatically opted-in, unless you sign up for this, because you in fact, are.

      • Dan

        I guess you are right; I went to the sight and made sure I was opted-out of everything. What Droid Life brought to the table was the link so I could go read and understand what the cold, cruel RED monster was doing to us!

  • iceburgh

    There is at the bottom of the page that says click here for more information on Verizon Selects, on the main page everything was set for not to share my information, but behold Verizon Selects has me as No to Block.

    So you should update the post saying you are signed up, and must click block.

    • SpiderGoo

      Verizon might not send Droid Life their paychecks as quickly, if they, you know, actually tell the truth and defy their master’s. Integrity, transparency, these are foriegn concepts here, unless you live to brown nose Kleenex and his jolly band of sycophants.

  • John Conner

    When I checked our company account, all our cellphones were opted-in apparently by default. Fixed that!

  • Mallahet

    Can you opt in and use the coupon to go buy a Nexus 4?

  • John Malin

    “It’s important to remember that Verizon DOES NOT share information that identifies customers personally outside of Verizon.”

    And then…

    “prepare to receive special offers in forms of texts, emails, postal mail, online ads, and mobile ads.”

    How can I get those from retailers if it is anonymous?

  • I have high hopes for Google/Dish’s wireless service. I can end my phone now but holding out until Google releases some info.

  • MattSweeden
  • Mark Mann

    ain’t no body got time for that!

  • gkinsella2

    Hilarious…the first page of services have us defaulted as saying, effectively, “yes, share my info”, and then we have to select “no, do not share”. Then we go to the 2nd page for Verizon Selects, and it defaults to “NO, do not block”, which is the same as a yes. How underhanded is that BS?!?!

    • Mark Mann

      i don’t get where you’re seeing a second page,, let alone “no, do not block”

    • Spongehead

      And then you have to go to a third page to actually opt-in. “Not blocked” does not equal “opted-in”. Not on my account, anyway. My lines weren’t blocked, but I wasn’t opted-in, either.

  • Mack

    Big thanks to Droid-Life for both this post and the previous one about “Customer Privacy Settings”. I might not have noticed those settings otherwise.

  • M

    I was definitely already signed up, even though I didn’t personally opt in. Thanks for the heads up so I could un-opt myself.

  • I just checked, I’m not auto opt-in on ANYTHING including this. So people need to freaking chill.

    • SpiderGoo

      Well then you already opted-out previously, or you need to stop huffing glue and watching reality tv before you post, because you are in fact opted-in to Verizon Selects, unless you go and change this setting. I unlike you, actually took the time to read and select the appropriate settings to opt-out of this new garbage, but if people want to believe your tales of idiocy, then so be it.

  • Suralin

    I had to do a double-take because they had “Block?” with “Yes/No” instead of “Allow/Disallow”, which made it seem like I was going to block myself from using my phone.

  • pissed

    ok so i go to do the opt out and yes you are opt in from the start or at least i was and when i change it to opt myselfout this is what i get… “We were unable to complete your requested change at this time. Please try again later.” F**k Verizon and their stupid money grubbing ways!

  • Suralin

    If the coupon was $10000 shopping spree…sure!

  • duke69111
  • strider_mt2k

    F that.

  • SexciiP

    Go shove that coupon up your sadity ass, Verizon

  • sk3litor

    I’ve had enough of this rigormorole. I’m calling the police.

  • Annoyed

    First time posted. Long time reader. I was automatically opted in. Thanks for bringing this crapola to my attention.

  • I would consider doing it if the coupon were for a discount on my next upgrade or a credit on my verizon wireless bill…

  • I opted in(Verizon Selects) on my suspended line to see what they are giving.

  • Demiserv

    yea its enabled. it also says it may take five days to disable and gives you a option to delete what its already gathered. but theres no button to make it delete that history. so go forth!! and block thine numbers!!

  • lorrimar

    If I opt-in can i finally get JB on my GS3?

  • professor7980

    I find it amusing that verizon says that you have to opt in yet like everyone else on here has said youre already opted in anyway. So this is a bogus pile of steaming bs. And I would bet my car that the supposed coupon is probably something like 5% off their accessories.

  • Jeff Badger

    The only way I will opt-in is if Verizon gives me money that equals my ETF with them.

  • Anthony

    They automatically enrolled me by default into Verizon Selects, never asked for it. So now it’s removed and you can eat a bag of dicks, Verizon. Evil money hungry empire, I wish your competitors networks were better then yours or I wouldn’t think twice.

  • I wonder if everyone here would change their tune if in return for opting in to this, they’ll re-enable contract upgrades while keeping unlimited… which do people want more? privacy or upgrades? lol

  • I went there, figuring I was already in the clear. NOPE. Click on Verizon Selects and I’m already opted-in. Not cool, how is that opt-in if I didn’t make the choice myself?

    Not that it matters now, I’ve blocked the option. Let’s hope it doesn’t magically turn itself back on.

    • trixnkix637

      Everyone originally was opted-in. You have to physically opt out if you didn’t want to be involved.

  • crookedview

    “Customers are not part of Verizon Selects unless and until they opt-in.”

    I think they have this backwards (on purpose). You ARE a part of Verizon Selects unless you opt-out. Scumbags.

  • Ivealwaysgotmail

    Zappos now comes free with Droid HD RAZR …. Awesome..

  • Michael Bienvenue

    Isn’t there enough information gathering already???

  • Dan

    PLEASE check your accounts! This is NOT an opt-in. To opt-out, you must go into your privacy settings, go to the bottom for Selects, click to be brought to yet another page & BLOCK your lines (individually) from PARTICIPATION. Watch the wording as it’s obvious they’re trying to take advantage of some people’s misinterpretation.

    Mine was already a part of it & I NEVER agreed to it!

  • Liderc

    You guys act like this is a big deal when Google, who we all worship here, steals our information every second of the day to push specific ads on us. Pot kettle black.

    • Zero

      Except we all know that Google targets ads. You sign up for that. They give you a free service in return for it. Verizon is making you pay, and, without telling you, tracking your actions for advertising purposes.

      • Liderc

        You don’t think you’re paying for Google’s services? So naive. You don’t think those companies raise their product’s prices when they use millions in advertising through Google Adwords?

        I bet you if you asked the average internet user, 9/10 would have no idea that Google tracks everything they do online through the use of such a commonly used search engine.

        • DroidBricker

          I don’t like the fact that Google does this but afaik they are transparent about it. I don’t shell over $200/month for them to sneak behind my back and profit more off of me info like Verizon does. There is absolutely NO benefit to me for sharing my personal information with a sleazy, crappy company like Verizon.

          • Liderc

            Google was only transparent after they were called out for doing it, you just don’t remember the news. Now Verizon has been called out for doing it and so they’re just as transparent as Google.

          • SpiderGoo

            Exactly, harvesting private information like medical records, off of unencrypted wifi signals, while Google was roaming around in their Street View cars, come to mind anyone. While I love Android, I still despise Google for habitually not giving a crap about user privacy and security in the slightest. And even when they are eventually caught and ousted, they might pay a teeny weeny itty bitty fine, that amounts to a drop in a bucket to them, or persuade some judge to look the other way. Never, and I mean never, believe that Google is some innocent company that cares more about user privacy over the almighty dollar, and make sure to laugh out loud when you see their original motto of “Do No Evil”, or “Don’t Be Evil”, which ever it was, they are both fairy tales for the naive and the moronic.

    • MttFrog13

      True. According to the article though with Verizon’s system we would “receive special offers in forms of texts, emails, postal mail, online ads, and mobile ads”. I’m pretty sure Google doesn’t encourage spam email, text advertising or junk postal mail, or do they?

  • JoshGroff

    I don’t exactly trust them to not track that information anyway, it’s my firm belief that the opt out is just a placebo.

  • So if you opt in to allowing them to spy on you, they will send you ads based on the info they collect. And they think this is cool…. Why can’t we just have a cell provider that provides service?

  • Oh hell no!

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    I would rather drop my junk into a Salad Shooter.

  • gp126904

    Curious to see what the coupon is worth. Maybe I can leverage Big Red to let me upgrade at the subsidized price and still keep unlimited data for them stalking me. Then opt out of that schizz quick!

  • Thomas

    What a freakin’ joke

  • I opted out by paying my ETF. See ya!

  • Brent Cooper

    Well, this is kind of resembling Google. They use my data to advertise specific ads to me, while I get great Google services for free. The big difference is that Google web advertises, not web, text, email, and mail advertises. If I opted in and would get to always keep unlimited, get a free top of the line smartphone, or get a good % off my monthly bill i think it would be worth it. I do not think it would be worth a “coupon” unless it was a really great offer.

  • YogurtBites

    QUOTE: “It’s important to remember that Verizon DOES NOT share information that identifies customers personally outside of Verizon.”

    Is it just me or does this really sound like it is anonymous? (And we know what a disaster anonymous information really entails…especially considering the Netflix anonymous data issue.)

  • Depends. How much is the coupon for?

  • Geo

    Hey Verizon how about a sucky sucky

  • So I just checked and ALL of my family share lines were opted into ALL the options, INCLUDING Verizon Selects. This is clearly NOT Opt-in. (Sorry for the caps, but that’s pretty lame.)

    • Raven

      Same here. I had previously opted out of their other 2 tracking options and here I find that I was now opted in to Selects. Thanks Droid Life and no thanks Verizon.

    • Spongehead

      Were you actually opted-in, or were you just not blocked? There’s another page after the “block” page to opt-in. It looks like you have to opt-in for your account, but you can block individual lines. Not sure why you’d do that, though.

      • PuzzleShot

        In case you don’t want your kid’s or spouse’s accounts getting the ads.

        • Spongehead

          That makes sense. I guess that if I opt-in, all lines on my account are opted-in. If I don’t opt-in, VZW will probably start sending text messages to each line, asking if the user wants to opt-in. This way, I can block them from opting-in individually. Which is exactly what I did.

  • BroRob

    I will opt in for a family share plan with unlimited data at my current monthly bill.

    • BroRob

      Heh heh I got down voted. Someone doesn’t understand sarcasm….

      • tomn1ce

        It must had been a vzw executive…..lol

  • brb, signing up

  • zmberven


  • Capt. Crunch

    Well at least they are actually give you something for their creeping

    • SpiderGoo

      Yes, but that is in contrast to those of us who won’t sell our souls for a cookie. Despite what you see on this site daily, and in the world, not everyone can be bought.

  • Zac St. Louis

    Well if I have ad away and this is truly anonymous then I have nothing to worry about right?

  • lolnope

  • philnolan3d

    But they don’t say what this coupon is. If it’s 10 cents off at Walgreens I probably would have no interest. 75% off at Best Buy would make me think twice.

  • slider112

    Thanks for this; opted out of it all…

  • Jon Gee

    I’ll pass thanks.

  • Michael33704

    I thought that’s what the funny looking Verizon button on the bottom of my Note 2 already did….?

    • moelsen8

      that’d be hilarious if that was actually in some fine print on the contract somewhere

  • I’ll do it, then I’ll suspend my account as I go on deployment for 10 months. MMmmmm “rewards in some form or another”

  • drinksprite

    SMD verizon

  • mtaylor924

    Can I sign up, get the coupon, then opt out to stop the “targeted” spam?

    • jmsbwmn

      I don’t see why not!

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    I have nothing to hide… They can have it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think someone at verizon are taking some seriously strong drugs


  • Opt in get coupon , Opt out = profit?

    • epps720

      I have no interest of opting into this but does anyone know what the coupon is? Just curious to see what price tag they put on our data.

      • michael arazan

        Knowing Verizon, a $5 coupon off your next bill that expires the day after you receive it. You get 1 coupon, they get paid millions every month for selling your onfo,you get a p o s coupon,seems fair

  • so they won’t even show what t retailer the coupon is for first? haha

  • Apostrafee

    Mahalo for the link….opted out of all the ish

  • 3M4NU31


  • Nick

    Suck it Verizon

  • Bigwavedave25

    Mmm, yeah. No thanks for the second time Vz!

  • dre4

    verizon is a bunch of shysters…

  • Greg Morgan

    No coupon is worth Verizon being able to track my information.

  • Sleazy…Don’t they already make enough money off their high monthly cost and loads of bloatware?