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Jelly Bean Update for AT&T’s Galaxy S3 Available Via Kies

This morning, AT&T and Samsung announced that Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.1) is now available for the Galaxy S3. The final software build number of TouchWiz is I747UCDLJ3. The update, according to Samsung, will not be made available over-the-air, but is instead available via Kies.

I updated through Kies last night, and as usual, the process was very simple. You can update from both a Mac or Windows machine.

To my knowledge, that leaves Verizon’s version of the Galaxy S3 as the only one from a major carrier without Jelly Bean. We are hearing whispers of a December 14 date, but until that’s official, it’s not official.

Go get your update!

Via:  Samsung

  • bill

    has anyone looked into or started a class action suit against Verizon. According to ppl on Verizon Wireless S3 support page Verizon didn’t get upgradability for there version of the S3. (don’t bother to go there and look at them, the moderators there censor the S# support page pretty heavy) this means ppl that bought the phone beacuse they were told it would have jelly bean soon..were lied to.

  • I’m having issues with Kies (go figure). When downloading firmware upgrade components… it gets stuck at 99%. I’ve tried restarting the computer and the software..

    • Sasha Johnson

      mine does too and i really havent figured it out if you have here is my email please email me how you did it because i really cant. i have been tryn for over 10 hours tryn to get this done.. i was told that i needed to factury reset my phone did that and uninstalled it and then reinstalled it and still nothing. when i first did it my daughter got ahold of the computer and messed it so it couldnt finish and now thats all it does so please can u let me know if u have done it and if it worked for u because i need it so bad my phone is super slow and dumb lol…

  • AT&T is the bomb here in Atlanta, GA.

  • will84

    Samsung will never use OTA again. gauranteed. my opinion

  • Why dont you guys email Verizon with these complaints. I have been emailing them for a month now. If it were thousands, they will respond.

  • Kies is garbage…I’ve been trying to download this update since I received the notification email. I’ve had absolutely no luck. After chatting with Samsung’s online chat help and them telling me that my puter has to have Windows Media Player 10, .Net Framework 3.5 SP1, DirectX 9c, Adobe Flash Player on my windows 7 puter I thought yeah right buster….what program requres an outdated WMP? So it’s off to Best Buy for me. I’ll have them do the update for me.


      Well it finally happened…uninstalled then reinstalled Kies plus it’s update, then deleted any cookies in my temp files, then rebooted my laptop, Then I opened Kies, connected the phone to the pc with the cable it came with when I bought it. Then waited for it to connect, followed all the prompts and gave the necessary permissions, then waited….patiently. And low and behold it worked!! It takes quite some time but it worked. So if you have AT&T GS3 and are having trouble, go to this site, http://www.samsung.com/us/support/SupportOwnersFAQPopup.do?faq_id=FAQ00050358&fm_seq=55362 and follow the directions, plus doing the Kies update and restarting your computer before you plug in the phone. Remember, be patient. The update is 207MB and takes time. Good luck!

  • big.todd

    I thought going with the best.carrier in big red we would have the quickest updates not happing guess.i should have went with the Note2 instead of s3.

  • rally

    it’d be nice to upgrade but my kies still does not connect to my phone…ugh so over the issues

  • thajack

    I have two phones to update. Will Kies save the firmware so it doesn’t have to be downloaded again for the second phone? Does anyone know?

  • socalrailroader

    U.S. Cellular and C-Spire are both waiting for JB on their Galaxy S III’s as well.

  • Trevor

    AOKP. The end.

  • rob

    Your customers WILL remember this Verizon. Contracts eventually do expire and your customers that pay unusually high rates WILL NOT forget about this. THAT BEING SAID. it is Samsung and other non-nexus phones that are gonna take the hit. I will not not be leaving Verizon because of this horrible display of customer service, however…i will not be buying anything other than a pure Google device in the future(Sorry Samsung, you should of put your foot down with Verizon on this) Your customers are becoming more knowledgeable about the phones they spend large amounts of money to get (more than a laptop if bought non contract) and we expect the software for the phones to be up to date.

  • radiodude23

    I did the update through Kies and it doesn’t have google now.. anyone else having this issue?

    • djcurtiz

      Google now is there. Its the regular blue icon with a “g” in the middle. Launch that and you will be prompted if you want to sign your life away to google. (If you havent already lol)

    • thajack

      I also remember reading somewhere that you will be able to hold the “Home” button, as if to go to the task switcher, and it will be a button at the bottom. Physical home button fail.

  • Mike Baustian

    So for everybody using this as a chance to bitch at Verizon…Vzw continually rates highest for network performance and availability, which we all love. They do so by following a much more rigorous testing process than the other carriers. Would you prefer they rush the testing and push out crappy updates that further inhibit your experience with the device and network?

    If you want the latest and greatest as soon as it comes out, you get a Nexus device. It’s been that way since the Nexus One…You knew this going in, make a change or keep your complaints to yourself.

    • bill

      “They do so by following a much more rigorous testing process than the other carriers.” This is just a line of trash spewed out to shut ppl up. All carriers test updates, some just care about their paying customers a little more.

    • Oh so that’s why multiple s3 owners are having no sim issues huh???

  • Michael Bienvenue

    *SIGH* C’Mon Verizon WTF???

  • Soofdawg

    Another day my hate for Verizon grows.

  • In the jelly bean update the mobile data icon is gone in the drop down notification and swype doesnt work on my samsung keyboard only the swype keyboard and I thought we were suppose to get multiple keyboard optiona

  • Diablo81588

    Lol junkyard ATT. Let me get this straight. Since the iPhone now does OTA updates, ATT had decided that since their network is garbage, they can no longer support Android OTA updates. Typical.

  • What’s the point of having the “best” network when you can’t even provide TIMELY updates!?!

  • i hope the dec 14th date is true, cant wait to update the mrs phone to jeallybean

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    Verizon = Disappointment

  • Isn’t this awesome. I thought with Android we would be going forwards in time not backwards. Updates via Kies like iTunes and iPhones? What the hell? Really? Hold one … let me slap myself out of this nightmare. Oh wait this is the real deal. FAIL!!!

    • Diablo81588

      Thank ATT for this. Apparently iPhones are more important.

      • BroRob

        Actually thank crapple, they patented OTA updates so any android phone no longer can use it. We now have to do it via cable or face being sued.

        • WHAT!!!??? Why the F$#K!!! Does Apple have this patent? They started doing OTA updates in iOS6 or middle of 5. Who cares? The bottom line is how does a company, that did not do OTA updates while another one was doing them since 2009, get a patent? This system is all screwed up.

          • BroRob


          • dangolds

            He was being sarcastic dude. Try to breathe a bit – this is not exactly life and death stuff we’re talking about.

          • Kevin

            Well, that escalated quickly.



    • BroRob

      u mad bro?

  • Andy Christiansen

    what is kies?

    • Diablo81588

      Samsung’s iTunes.

  • radiok

    Now all I need is the update to the Note 10.1, and we’re golden.

  • radiok


  • How do I do the update through Kies?

  • Daddo0711

    As the owner of an SCH-I535 this makes me so freaking angry…

  • Verizon – that would be a nice birthday present.. 😉 BUT i doubt it ..

  • KleenDroid


  • Would this work if your rooted?

  • Verizon is garbage

    • Brent Cooper

      They are hot garbage!

    • radiohead14

      put a logo on the lid of that garbage

  • who cares I have Galaxy Note2 now 🙂

    • You say that now wait until you are left out in the cold when key lime shows up

  • Bet a lot of phones dont get updated when the update is only through kies. Regular people have no idea what that is….

    • Jroc869, Cool story bro

      Yup, its almost like Sammy doesnt want people to update. Of course I know thats not true but this seems like somewhat of a fail.

      • But I think, at&t is not ready to accept load on their servers… Happened for Thrill from LG, Burst from Pantech, S2 and now S3.. I don’t find mistake of Sammy or other phone maker here…

        • AT&T doesn’t host the update, Samsung does. They could also limit the OTA to wifi only. Forcing you to use Kies has nothing to do with their network. It’s no different than doing an ota update on an iPhone which AT&T is the largest carrier of.

      • Diablo81588

        It has nothing to do with Samsung. This is ATT trying to ease the load on their garbage network.

        • AT&T doesn’t host the update, Samsung does. They could also limit the OTA to wifi only. Forcing you to use Kies has nothing to do with their network. It’s no different than doing an ota update on an iPhone which AT&T is the largest carrier of..

          • Diablo81588

            It doesn’t matter who’s server hosts the update, you’re still using wireless bandwidth to download the file. When you download from Kies, you’re bypassing ATT’s network all together.

        • thajack

          Require Wifi for the download. Problem solved.

      • Random Guy

        I would imagine that any person who owns a top shelf phone these days is tech savvy enough to find updates for it.

        • Jroc869, Cool story bro

          With any other Android phone I would probably agree, but the extreme popularity of this phone means people of all ages and tech backgrounds are using it. I have never seen more of the same Android phone out in the wild as I have the GS3. I saw a lady probably about 55 maybe 60 years old rockin one. Used to be that was because the iphone was not on all carries now seems like it was pure choice. I will concede that this was probably a move my ATT and not Sammy, I still think its a poor decision.

          • lib_309

            surprisingly enough some of us ladies are tech savvy too. lol, 60 and rockin a gs3

          • lex

            Go Mama

    • Danny

      Well, i think its the carriers who dont want their internet traffic to suddenly get clogged up

  • Gross