Verizon’s Galaxy Note 4 has a 2GB Update Available Through Kies

If you own a Galaxy Note 4 through Verizon and feel like grabbing an update a bit early, feel free to plug in to a PC and get busy in Kies. According to readers of ours, a massive 2GB update is available as build N910VVRU2BOF1. It’s still Android 5.0.1, though, so don’t go in thinking this is a magical excursion into 5.1.

So far, we aren’t seeing anything notable after updating. In other words, we have no idea what the hell the 2GB is coming from.  (more…)

Samsung Korea Says Galaxy SII Will Receive Jelly Bean OTA Through Samsung Kies


Before the Galaxy S3 hit the world, the Galaxy S2 was in the business of setting sales records and being the leading Android device of its time. Good news then for those who have yet to make the jump from their S2, Samsung Korea posted a document that details the upgrade from Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean. Samsung is throwing in some Project Butter and other Jelly Bean Google Apps, but the document makes no mention of Google Now, which is a huge part of Android 4.1.

SamMobile also noted that this update repartitions the phone’s system memory during the update and could take upwards of an hour to complete. The update will also need to be pulled from Samsung Kies when it is released, as there are no plans for an OTA at this point. However for those S2 owners out there this is great news, hopefully the update won’t be too far away.

Via: SamMobile

Jelly Bean Update for AT&T’s Galaxy S3 Available Via Kies

This morning, AT&T and Samsung announced that Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.1) is now available for the Galaxy S3. The final software build number of TouchWiz is I747UCDLJ3. The update, according to Samsung, will not be made available over-the-air, but is instead available via Kies.

I updated through Kies last night, and as usual, the process was very simple. You can update from both a Mac or Windows machine.

To my knowledge, that leaves Verizon’s version of the Galaxy S3 as the only one from a major carrier without Jelly Bean. We are hearing whispers of a December 14 date, but until that’s official, it’s not official.

Go get your update!

Via:  Samsung