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HTC Hires New Chief Marketing Officer, Benjamin Ho to Launch “Marketing 2.0”

In an attempt to turn that marketing frown upside down, HTC has hired a new marketing director Benjamin Ho, while the previous director will head over to the sales strategy sector. Benjamin’s previous employer was a telecom operator from Taiwan called Far EasTone Telecommunications Co.

As for what “Marketing 2.0” could mean in terms of HTC and Android, we have yet to find out. In interviews with HTC’s execs, it was stated that the company plans to focus heavily on brand recognition and the role it plays in a consumer’s purchasing decisions.

Best of luck to you, Mr. Ho.

Via: HTC

  • master94

    HTC has a marketing department? Yet to see a HTC ad, too bad since the DNA is amazing from the looks of it

  • AndroidUser00110001

    HTC’s current downfall started at the same time as their first major marketing campaign. When they launched their stupid HTC and You advertising. They focused way too much on marketing and forgot how to make phones that were of high quality and different than anything else on the market.

    My last great HTC phone was the HTC Touch Pro2 and my favorite phone of all time was the HTC TyTN II. I tried a Desire HD and after that experience I will never go back to HTC again.

    Marketing 2.0 will now be the final blow to HTC. They need to focus their resources on different parts of their business.

  • Futbolrunner

    They’ll need more help than a simple “Marketing” dept shuffle

  • ragnarok180

    Pinch me Mr. Ho…

  • how about upgrading HTCdev site to allow for S-off… that would be nice… root is all fine and great but S-off makes it so much better

  • If Mr. Ho wants to succeed as Director of Marketing he needs to do what the guy at Samsung did; copy Apple!

  • santy

    2 things not in favor of HTC – First – Marketing – hopefully they have fixed that here. Second – Battery !

    • feztheforeigner

      Third – Sense

      • feztheforeigner

        Fourth – bootloader

        • michael arazan

          Fifth Sense, again! Yes it’s that bad

          • JoshGroff

            Sixth Sense is a great movie!

  • Murphy

    Quietly It’s About Time

  • YES! I was pestering them to the max about their marketing on HTC Elevate. They listened!!

    • Well obviously not just because of me, but still 😛

  • I really want to try an HTC phone, but Sense really turns me away.

    • Out of all the company skins, Sense is the best one. So bar stock, you will really like it once you use it.

      • I think I really just need to try it myself before I can make any judgements.

        • RRRRT

          Really try it out… Its intuitive and convenient!

        • Chris

          Try out the DNA. HTC Sense 4 and 4+ is the best by far, and I’ve always loved Sense! I also love how HTC’s phones look, I love the screens, all of it. The only thing I really HATE about them now is no SD card, no removable battery, and they aren’t releasing phones on all carriers like Samsung.

          • RaY

            The international version of HTC Droid DNA (Butterfly) will have a SD Card slot in it 😀

  • Hatyrei

    HTC DNA 32 & 64 GB this March>? hehehe with sd card expansion 🙂

    • would love 32 on dna, but will never see sd card

      • JoshGroff

        Nor will Nexus devices, but we do need more internal storage. I can live with 16GB, but 32GB is perfect as it leaves me room to expand.

  • Dillon Brown

    Bout time…

  • Jarred Sutherland

    Hmm HTC, how about dropping Sense .. it’s ugly and horrible. Oh and updates .. those are helpful, marketing gimmicks, not worth anything to me … AKA “BEATS BY DRE” ..