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Nexus 4 Does Having Working LTE After All, In Canada That is


Crazy, right? LTE working on the LG Nexus 4. Yes, this is the same phone that Google itself said would not run on the world’s next-gen wireless networks. We knew it had an LTE chip inside, thanks to a teardown, but very few figured the chip would ever work. It brings me great pleasure to report that we were all wrong, as it does indeed work on LTE Band 4. 

After a bit of tweaking in settings (menu *#*#4636#*#* from the dialer), followed by an APN change, Canadian users discovered that they can get LTE speeds on their Nexus 4.

We should point out that there aren’t any LTE Band 4 carriers here in the U.S., however, T-Mobile will likely use it when they rollout their LTE network. AT&T and Verizon operate on Band 17 and Band 13, respectively.

It’s tough to say why Google has left this open to working, but we love it.


Via:  reddit | AnandTech | XDA

Cheers Jed, Jason, Willimus, and everyone else who sent this!

  • nightscout13

    Cue all the naysayers who will not say that LTE the future all of a sudden. They only said no to LTE cause the N4 doesn’t have it. Nexus fan boys remind me of iSheep.

    • JoshGroff

      Considering the fact that I’m around high speed WiFi pretty much all day, I can live with either HSPA+ or LTE, but neither is a deal breaker. What sells me is the cellular network, which the reason I’m with Verizon on tiered data and not T-Mobile with unlimited. As long as the phone had a good wireless receiver, I’m good.

      Fanboys will be fanboys, no matter what they’re fanboys of.

      • nightscout13

        I agree with you on the reception, and network quality. Quality beats quantity. (VzW tiered VS T-Mo unlimited)

  • Brent Cooper

    Google is going to buy t-mobile, roll out 4 band LTE then enable it on the N4. Anyone else feeling this optimistic?

  • Anyone ever try this hack on the GSM GNex from Play Store? I’m currently using a T-Mobile network compatible sim from StraightTalk and now I’m thinking maybe I need to get an ATT Sim to try to connect to their LTE.

    • I should say, does anyone know if Samsung kept the LTE chip from the VZW CDMA version on the GSM version of the GNex?

  • thedonxr

    Now if we could swap the LTE chip for a Verizon frequency chip…

    • tyguy829

      actually the chip just does support pretty much all LTE frequencies…its just that there isnt an extra amplifier. band 4 works because it can run on the hspa+ one since they are both AWS technologies

  • jmsbwmn

    Well, how a boat that, eh?

  • Brandon Wood

    Does having?

  • NexusWhisperer

    Has anyone tried this trick with an AT&T SIM in their Nexus 4? AT&T’s LTE devices do support the service in Band 4 (AWS), but I’m not sure if they have rolled out service in that band or if they are using Band 17 only for right now.

    By the way, Verizon has stated that they will launch LTE in the AWS band in the future, possibly in 2013. It’s hopeful for Nexus 4 owners who hope to use Verizon, but I do not think that the phone supports CDMA and EV-DO (it has a Qualcomm MDM9615, but there are several different models).

  • rrosotho

    Im surprised no one hasnt said this already maybe Google didnt want the nexus 4 on the verizon network. Or verizon doesnt want another nexus on thier network. Everybody knows verizon is a control freak. So the Lte issue was just a cover up.

    • Wise_Spinner

      > Or verizon doesnt want another nexus on thier network.

      Why in the world would Verizon be turning away millions of new users?

      (The reasons has NOTHING to do with “Verizon doesn’t want new users” it’s all about the Band 13 VS Band 4 incompatibility.)

      • TheRealBeesley

        But it has a 7 band LTE chip inside it. You’re only mentioning the 2 this article noted.

      • rrosotho

        One word “Control” why did it take so long for the nexus to arrive on the verizon network? I wasnt talking about new users….i was talking about the phone itself. Of course Verizon wants new users who doesn’t? I was just saying Google wants to remain in control of the nexus no matter what carrier its released on.

  • MrWicket

    turn the frakkin camera!


    It’s still an LG. Maybe you can buy the Kyocera Nexus next.

    • I guess you forget how bulletproof and high selling LG’s devices were 10ish years ago? They just took their time making a worthy smartphone.

      • zmberven

        For real. Old school LG phones put everyone else to shame.

    • I guess you forgot that Samsung made crap like the Droid Charge.

  • Like I said in another thread, don’t judge till some devs get their hands on it…. People LOVE to jump to conclusions!

    • PhoenixPath

      That sounds like a great idea for a game!

  • Dain Laguna

    because google is awesome

  • sk3litor

    Phil from android central kinda -in a roundabout, nudge nudge wink wink sort of way-said the nexus 4 would get lte support in the beginning of next year in his last podcast so here’s to hoping for the best

  • lemonhead127

    It’s a conspiracy!

  • angel maldonado

    Buying a phone from HTC is like giving my money to Craple

    • Mark Mann


    • considering this phone is made by LG, genius.

  • Jason Purp

    LG/Google can get into a lot of trouble for this with the FCC.

    • Why? You have to go into the developers settings to use it, so it was not functional out of the box so its not LG or Google’s fault that people messed with settings that generally were not meant for them to activate it. Now if they made it easily accessible to the average person then yes, there would be a problem.

    • john

      do you remember ipod touch 2g? it had a bluetooth chip and it was discovered in a teardown. Apple ended up enabling it on ios 3 (it shipped with ios 2 when they started to sell it). I hate apple but they didn’t have any problem with the fcc. Fcc stands for “fish crap chopped”

  • Tony Allen

    I could care less about the LTE speeds, but this not being on Verizon is DOA for me since no other carrier is worth a damn around here.

  • time to move to canada

  • MikeCiggy

    My questions is why did Google make a point to say that it would not support LTE when they put the hardware in and the software supports it? They know it’s a developer phone, they know it’s going to be taken a part and toyed with so why lie?

    • WickedToby741

      Because legally it doesn’t have LTE. It was not approved by the FCC for LTE, there is no formal carrier support, and even though it works it still lacks an antenna and booster. It’s half-baked and illegal to trot out as a feature without regulatory approval. That’s why.

      • Drebin198

        Damnnnn…you just educated us all, my man.

      • pretty obvious there is an antenna and booster somewhere since LTE works. prob some new chip with it all built in.

        • john

          not sure about that. User report they are getting just 2 bars of lte maximum where iphone 5 gets 5 bars. It has no booster. I suspect that the antenna is not prepared for lte but recieves it anyway since aws band 4 is running on the same frecuency than some hspa+. Since it recieves it, it may be conducted and spreaded through the circuits until it arrives to the lte chip. It just a theory, but sounds good to me.

      • MikeCiggy

        Good information, I was just looking for some answers

  • Case closed, bring out the dancing lobsters!

  • Jroc869, Cool story bro

    So for some reason my speed test does the same exact thing his does when trying to test my hspa speeds. I just thought it was an issue with speed test working with 4.2 but now this has me worried that there is some antenna issue with my phone. It worked fine on my Gnex.

  • If only there was some code we could enter to increase the internal storage…..

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


      • Charles Miller


      • You forgot to press start!

      • SKAVENG3R


      • EC8CH


        MOAR BLOOD!

    • Download Box. They are giving N4 owners 50 GB for life, if they download and login from the device. I use it, Google Drive and Dropbox bringing my internal storage up to 60 gig, not counting the 16 gb of physical storage already on the device. I’ll never run out at this rate!

  • ddevito

    That’s some fast speeds eh?!

  • Blame Canada!!!

  • Eric Witts

    Whats that all aboot?

  • Me

    My Galaxy Nexus runs Google 4.2 stock with LTE on Verizon. Sure the camera is kinda suck, but other than that it’s plenty fast for at least until the next Nexus comes out.

    • someone

      The next Nexus already came out. Unless you’re talking about until the next Verizon Nexus then that’s never.

      • Not true. Come January, you will be proven wrong. But, it updates won’t be controlled by Google.

        • someone else

          That’s not a Nexus.

          • As long as it is bootloader unlockable, I deem that a Nexus. Updates then become a non issue. 😉

          • Dain Laguna

            yeah by that token the razr m and razr hd developer editions are ‘nexus’ devices too. smh.

          • Wrong. They are separate devices, and not sold by Verizon, even in stores. Nexus only applies to Google’s lineup of devices. Nexus is not defined as ANYTHING besides a Google branded hardware product. The community made it into a definition. Also, never say SMH ever again.

          • Benjamin Sicard

            Google obviously disagrees with you. Hence, no more Nexus phones for Verizon unless they decide that it’s worth doing it Google’s way.

          • I disagree, but we will see come Jan 2013…:)

          • MikeCiggy

            I think a Nexus is just vanilla Android with an unlocked bootloader. It does not need to have updates directly from Google. Hence the already existing Galaxy Nexus LTE.

        • jack

          What do you mean. Is there a Nexus 4 variant coming to Verizon next year?

          • You catch on quick 😉

          • jack

            Do you have inside info? Can you share more info on this?

          • When the times right, it will be posted by a blog, but right now its mum the word until more solid information is said.

          • Benjamin Sicard

            No. Verizon’s CDMA network doesn’t allow unlocked phones to be used with it(without some fun hacks). Until Verizon offers Voice over LTE(VoLTE), which would remove the need for CDMA, then it’s not happening, because Google with the Nexus 4 has obviously expressed the desire to stay with phones that are unlocked and free from carrier intervention.

        • Jaime

          Doesn’t matter if it has Nexus in its name. If it’s like the Galaxy Nexus then it’s no Nexus in my mind. I’d just go with something else that can be unlocked AND has an SD card slot. I’d forgo the SD card slot for a real (to me) Nexus.

  • Travis H

    “Nexus 4 Does Having Working LTE After All, In Canada That is” Kellex did someone have to much to drink this black friday morning?

    • dylan84

      Surprised it took that long for someone else to notice.

    • Muphry’s law

      *too much

  • Not surprised. we ALREADY knew it doesn’t work on any american frequencies, and could work on international bands in other countries.

    • S_T_R

      T-Mobile is going to deploy LTE on AWS, which means that N4 is compatible with T-Mobile’s future network.

      • yes i know that, on band 4. but right now, it does not work on MAJOR american networks with LTE already

      • capecodcarl

        By the time T-Mobile rolls out an LTE network we’ll be on to the Nexus 6 and nobody will be giving this phone a second thought. It’d be like buying a Nexus S today.

        • S_T_R

          T-Mobile will start rolling out LTE-Advanced as soon as their purchase of Metro PCS closes Winter/Spring 2013. They’ve already been closing down GSM channels on the PCS band, moving HSPA from AWS to PCS, making room for the aforementioned LTE on AWS.

          This isn’t AT&T or Sprint we’re talking about here, T-Mo has proven they can run a network.

  • kniceguy

    I just don’t even know how I feel about this. So many mixed feelings

  • MrSteve920

    It should be noted that T-Mobile is planning on launching their LTE network using band 4 which means the Nexus 4 should work on that system in the US.

    • dave loo

      Yeah, in about 3 years.

      • Or next year

      • jathak

        Someone on reddit says that they got LTE on a T-Mobile test tower. Their username was “lies99percentofthetime” but T-Mobile has said that they will roll out in 2013, so it would make sense that they would start testing now.

  • ‘MERICA!

    Canada sucks…

    • usa bob

      True. I’d rather live in a first world country.

      • sk3litor

        “America f yeah”

    • PhoenixPath

      Don’t be dissin’ America’s Hat…

  • Christopher Riner

    Dude I knew it. At least in Canada they know what fast internet speeds are all abutt.

    • Mark

      All those impossible and never comments about LTE not working were funny. Reminds me of all those comments about global capability on first generation LTE chips also being impossible. More drivel people just regurgiating without understanding.

      • Buckoman

        Hey – It didn’t look like it had an amplifier. I’M SORRY OK.

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  • James

    I would pay an extra $100 yo have this phone on vzw with LTE. Who cares about timely updates when you can unlock/root/rom all day long anyway!

    • Keii Graham

      Why would you pay $100 extra on top of the unsubsidized price and let the carrier control your phone?
      I understand your point in regards to updates and rooting, but if you’re paying full price + $100 for a new phone, you shouldn’t accept the carrier’s fingers all up in it.

      • JustTrollin69

        Keii Graham, no one is paying an extra $100 dollars. He wasn’t being literal about the $100, he is just expressing how badly he wants this phone.

        • Stephen

          I literally would pay 100 dollars extra. I love my VZW Gnex

          • michael arazan

            I’d pay $100 to an engineer to get it to work on band 13 for me, and then I’d pay some high school kid/ college guy at my verizon store to activate for me as long as they could do it with out getting themselves into trouble. I’d risk vzw banning me from their network.

          • dsass600

            I hate my Gnex. Note II on AT&T.

      • btod

        clearly they don’t control it that much if they you are still able to unlock and root and install you’re own roms. I would pay extra too to have access to verizon’s LTE coverage and keep my unlimited data. But that is literally the only reason why I, and I’m sure many people, stick with verizon

      • chris125

        I think many would pay extra because fast updates or not the gnex is still getting a ton of development and has the latest software shortly after “the real nexus” as some call it have it. Plus I would rather get something from the devs than what verizon and google put out anyway. Nexus devices are just so much easier to root rom and hack that is why people would pay more.

  • mtmjr90

    Yeah…I don’t really care about LTE tbh. On my iPhone 5 on AT&T LTE, I got 8Mbps down. On my Nexus 4 HSPA+ 42 on T-Mo, I get 15-20Mbps down…so screw LTE.

    • duh

      you are obviously uneducated

      • mtmjr90

        First off, I would generally prefer not to acknowledge trolls like you. But, I would like to address what I think your point is. I know LTE can theoretically obtain faster speeds than HSPA+.

        However, in practice, I am seeing much faster speeds on T-Mo’s HSPA+ 42 than I ever did on AT&T LTE. That said, I did obtain faster LTE on Verizon when I had the GNex. But since I doubt we’ll be seeing another Nexus on Verizon (at least not any time soon), that point is moot.

        • Mustang5Oh

          That’s because 6 people are probably on the T-Mobile tower you are using vs boat loads more for AT&T and VzW LTE.

        • MikeCiggy

          AT&T’s LTE does not compare to Verizon’s

          • normmcgarry

            Fanboy. In Ann Arbor, MI, AT&T gets 50 down while Verizon gets about 18. Although, to agree with the guy’s point above, LTE iPhone only got about 8mps down the first month it was out. Same with my coworkers new Windows Phone 8.

          • krysis

            enjoy those 50’s while you have them. when they roll the network out more and more lte phones become activated, you’ll see those speeds dwindle quickly.

        • zmberven

          But another thing to point out is that LTE is much more efficient with much better latency. Also, While IRL top download speeds tend to go back and forth between LTE and HSPA+, LTE does have much better upload, which is something many people don’t pay attention to in the overall health of a data connection.

    • jathak

      I used to get fast LTE speeds on Verizon until the iPhone 5 was released. I checked with a friend with the 5 on Verizon and he was getting 4 times the download speed, but our upload speeds and signal strengths were much closer.

  • Maybe so it works on their lte next year. I’ll be so thankful for Google service


      Hmmm. What frequency is the spectrum that dish owns?

      • Great thought. Would love to know

        • ERIFNOMI

          Looks like 2GHz? That’s pretty much the upper end of what’s used for mobiles.


    • HAHAHAHA, yeah, but I’m laughing at people that didn’t order on tuesday 13th because of the lack of LTE. Australia doesn’t need it anyway.


      I remember these people that were writing these post. I would love to hear their explanations on how it is now possible that it does indeed work. It’s the same people who rip other phones and operating systems without ever using them for a decent amount of time. They see it on the Internet so it must be true!!

      • S2556

        There is tons of proof as well as confirmations in the comments. All you have to do is pull up the phone menu through the dial pad and change from wcdma preferred to GSM/LTE and you then activates the lte radio and it gets lte speeds (confirmed 40 mbps+ down) source: http://goo.gl/S5dkb of course this is on the canadian LTE bands

    • john

      it has the lte chip, the regular antenna may recieve lte but with no boost because of the lack of an lte modem. The antenna may spread the signal all along the circuits and the lte chip recieve it with low signal. Trust me i’m not an engineer but a geeky lawyer