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Samsung Nexus 10 Review

Here it is, the official Nexus 10 review from yours truly. After having bought a Nexus 7, I have been quite content with the 7″ size and what it offers in terms of being an Android tablet. Although, I know many people out there in our community have had their fingers crossed that Google would make something bigger, and indeed, people’s prayers have been answered in the Nexus 10.

The Nexus lineup of devices creates a wonderful blend of elegant hardware and exceptional software that brings the ultimate Android experience to your hands. The Nexus 10 is no different and offers up a great deal of features that anyone would be happy to harness for a pretty competitive price. If you have had your eye on one, let’s go over why it isn’t a question of if you should consider this tablet, but why on Earth wouldn’t you. 

The Good:

  • Specs:  On paper, Google’s Nexus 10 features some of today’s most notable specs for a tablet. Under the hood, it is running a dual-core A15 Exynos 5 processor, 2GB of RAM, which powers Android 4.2 “Jelly Bean.” In addition, the tablet features a remarkable 10″ WQXGA 2560 x 1600 display with 300ppi, a powerful 5MP camera coupled with 4.2’s camera software, a 9,000 mAh battery, NFC, Android Beam, and comes in two storage options; 16GB or 32GB. For the price, the Nexus 10 runs laps around the competition.
  • Display:  This display is killer. In terms of specs, it’s a 10.055″ WQXGA display with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 and 300ppi. As for the competition, the newest iPad rocks a 2048×1536 display with 264ppi. Not being someone who bases their opinion solely on a spec shootout, I have enjoyed every second I’ve had to look at this device. Watching YouTube videos, a movie, and playing games is a real joy when everything looks crystal clear. When outside, text is still clear and viewable, yet manages to be exceptionally brilliant on its lowest brightness setting while laying in bed at night and watching a show. Overall, the display will definitely be the device’s power point.

  • Feel:  When you get your hands on the Nexus 10, it just feels good. The backside is smooth (giggidy), with just the right amount of “stick” to make you feel assured that it won’t go slipping out of your hand. I’ve been doing a sort of “twist test” when I get my hands on tablets, by giving the device a very light twist with both hands. For example, some of the ASUS and Archos tablets give off a plastic cracking sound, which for me, is no good. I want to make sure I can at least be able to drop my tablet once or twice and it won’t completely fall apart on me. With the Nexus 10, it feels light, sturdy, and durable. As I mentioned, it just feels really good in hand.
  • Android 4.2:  Buying a new Nexus device has its benefits. One of the big ones is knowing you’re going to be running the newest version of Android out there, and Android 4.2 kicks major butt. With some enhancements being placed into the camera application, slight UI changes, ability to add multiple users (tablets only), and lockscreen widgets, it’s easily my favorite version of Android yet. Knowing that the Nexus 10 will receive updates straight from Google as soon as they are announced is a major plus for anyone wanting no bloatware and no unnecessary skin on top of this beautiful OS.

  • Back-facing Camera:  The fact that the Nexus 10 comes with a camera is an automatic plus. It doesn’t even need to be insanely good. The fact that they used the space and made it happen is great thinking on Samsung and Google’s part. It’s a 5MP camera that actually delivers some decent images. It won’t be replacing your point and shoot anytime soon, but for when you need it, it’s there and will deliver.

(Warning: Full Resolution Images)

  • Front-facing Speakers:  When listening to videos and playing games, the front-facing speakers deliver. They’re loud, sound clear, and maintain at high volumes. We have seen speakers on the back of tablets, which force you into having to do a type of cupping motion so you can hear the sound, something that is just silly. Having them in this position is great and I’ve been extremely impressed with the audio quality.
  • Battery:  The Nexus 10 battery is a tank. It just won’t die. I’ve had it in my possession for about five days now and I’ve only charged it once. You can easily get through some Netflix and plenty of Internet browsing. I really can’t see you running into any type of issues when it comes to battery life. If you were concerned about battery, don’t be.

  • Multiple Users Feature:  One of the features that tablet users will benefit from with the upgrade to Android 4.2, is the ability to have multiple user accounts on one device. Each account can have separate settings that make the tablet custom to each user. You can have different apps, different looks, and different content, which is great for families and other environments where multiple people will be sharing a single device. Smooth move, Google.
  • Price:  At $399 (16GB) and $499 (32GB), the Nexus 10 is one of the more reasonably priced tablets on the market. No other tablet has this good of a display, no other tablet has this new Exynos 5 processor, and no other tablet (aside from the Nexus 7) is supported directly by Google. As previously mentioned, even the new retina iPad cannot can’t match the display on the Nexus 10, nor can it match the price.
  • Gaming:  Last but certainly not least, I wanted to touch on gaming with the Nexus 10. When playing, the device utilizes three key aspects of its hardware to make it a very enjoyable experience – the display, the speakers, and the processor. When playing a heavy game like Shadowgun:DeadZone or watching my nephew play Angry Birds Star Wars, it was awesome. Zero lag, no sputtering, and it looked absolutely fantastic. Not much else to say here except gaming on this is pure win. If the Nexus 7 is just too small, then the Nexus 10 is where it’s at in this department.

The Not-so-Good:

  • Backside aka “Fingerprint Magnet”:  As you may have already heard us discuss here and there, the backside of the Nexus 10 feels great, but it is impossible to clean and keep safe from your greasy fingers. After handling this thing for a bit, you will see the grime begin to accumulate on the back, where you will then need to locate a damp cloth to clean it with. No, a dry paper towel or napkin will not suffice. This thing needs to be seriously buffered in order to become clean. We like the feel of it a lot, but it’s just a downer to clean.
  • Little Quirks of Android 4.2:  Now, what I mean by little quirks in Android 4.2 are just little things that we may not like right now, but could find ourselves becoming comfortable with down the road. The main example I will use is the notification pulldowns on the homescreen. Since the beginning, there has only been just one. Now, with Android 4.2, there are two. This is frustrating at times. It has become muscle memory to just pulldown the notification bar and clear your notifications and access Settings menus, but now, it’s divided. The pulldown on the left is strictly for notifications, while the other is for system settings. Why they decided to split it and not just do the reversible configuration like they did on the phones is beyond me. Like I said, this could be something that I grow fond of down the road (doubt it), but it’s definitely not a make or break situation.

  • Lack of Expandable Memory:  I will only briefly touch on this, since I myself do not find it to be an issue, but I know some do. The Nexus 10 does not have expandable memory, which could be a deal breaker for some. It comes in 16GB and 32GB models, and if that’s simply not enough, or you need access to additional storage that you can easily swap, this won’t be the tablet for you. There are plenty of other options out there that feature lots of ports and storage options.
  • No 4G LTE:  The Nexus 10 is a WiFi-only tablet, so if you were hoping to add this to your shiny new Family Share plan and soak up the 4G LTE speeds of Verizon or AT&T, you will be disappointed. Not having LTE is not a big deal if you know going in that it’s a WiFi-only tablet. And truthfully, there is nothing wrong with a tablet that is WiFi-only. We all love a low, low price, something that wouldn’t have been easily accomplished if it had an LTE chip inside.

Revolves Around Google Play Content:

Much like its little brother, the Nexus 10 revolves around the idea that as an owner of a Nexus 10, you are investing yourself into Google’s Android ecosystem. You’re downloading apps, renting movies, buying music, and reading books all from Google Play. To me, the question is simply, “Is this the device I want to spend my hard earned money on to deliver the goods?” Upon first boot, Google makes sure you know about their presence throughout the device, and how simple it is to get the content you want right from the Play store.

It isn’t overdone and it’s quite tasteful in terms of advertising, which I appreciate. Many who are reading this probably already own an Android device, but whenever I talk to someone who is debating between iOS and Android, I always refer to the ecosystem and community. With the Nexus 10, this is a great device to either upgrade to or start off with down the road to living with Android.

Device Gallery:

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Device Overview:


Android 4.2 Overview:



When Google launched its Nexus 7 tablet at Google I/O, I quickly found that a 7″ device was the perfect size for me. But with so many people on this planet, it’s only natural that someone out there will disagree. In fact, I saw so many comments from people who wanted a bigger tablet that I quickly assured myself that Google would inevitably create a device that suited other’s needs. But, would it meet the buyer’s expectations that Google set so high with the success and pricing of the Nexus 7?

To sum it all up, I think Google has accomplished what they set out to do – create a 10″ tablet for those that want it and expect it to be an absolute dream device at the same time. Sure, the back is a fingerprint magnet, but that is really the only negative I can come up with. The display is gorgeous, the device is extremely fast and responsive, and it will receive updates for a long time to come. As an Android fan, that is literally all we can ask for.

  • Jessi

    random question, but what is that wallpaper? I really like it!! 🙂

  • jgggh


  • Nick S

    Just catching up on all the reviews for this gen of devices; +1 for perfect usage of “giggidy” =)

  • yyyme

    Great machine from the screen to the feel. But consumes 70℅ of RAM to operate. Strange! Not much left over for programs.

  • Big Al

    can you change the battery in a Nexus 10 after it begins to wear out. Techradar says you can’t. Does anyone know?

  • sticking with ipad for now :(

    Was going to ditch my iPad but no expandable memory slot is a deal killer. 32Gb just isn’t enough.

  • This is best android tablet in the market which will appeal people to buy it instead of following the sheep. Android has finally the best tab which offer more PPI, higher resolution and come with lower price.

  • jake

    Just read your read review on my 32gb N10. I love this thing, my only nag is I have a S3 and I miss the contrast of super smiled vs pls but the sharpness is unparalleled. I’ve used many tablets in the past and none come close to the comfort of holding this tablet, the speakers are surprisingly good as well as graphics support, personally I wanted the 32gb just in case, even though its a $100 premium and a $50 upgrade for the N7.

    • jake

      Super amoled not smiled. Autocorrect is good but not perfect.

  • is that a pattrn wallpaper?

  • Matt

    The 32gig isback in stock. Just ordered mine. I am totally excited!

  • Simon Backman

    The dual-core combined with 2gb of RAM absolutely DESTROYS the Tegra 3 in real life performance, I’m nearly convinced this tablet could be my laptop replacement.

  • Here is what I think will be the perfect Nexus device:

    8-9″ screen (However, 7″ will do)

    Full HD resolution

    MicroSD support

    32GB-64GB internal memory

    No back facing cam(don’t need it)

    2MP front facing cam

    Inductive charging

    Top of the line processor

    Unlocked (duh)

    Premium build quality, ie no plastic (Sorry, Samsung)

    I would pay $499 for this type of device. I like my TF700 (Infinity), but there are small, and some big, quirks that are driving me a little crazy with it.

    The Nexus 10 almost could replace it, but that lack of MicroSD support will always be a deal-breaker when it comes to a media tablet like this.

    • TylerChappell

      And any Nexus device will always lack a microSD slot. I have an Acer A100 I will be getting rid of, and it features micro-HDMI and MicroSD, but Acer announced that it will never receive Jelly Bean. I also have a 16GB Nexus 7 and a 32GB Nexus 7. The A100 was my mom’s, and then I had the 16GB Nexus 7, but will now give that to my mom since I have the 32GB N7.
      Guess which tablet is my least favorite….the one with a MicroSD because Android updates > microSD slots

      • I also have a 32gb N7. Love it. It is my wife’s tablet and it just rocks. I also have a TF700 and I love that too. It was a little laggy, but cleanrom fixed that problem completely. It has every feature in the world including, microsd, hdmi, keyboard dock and the like.

        I love Nexus devices. Flat out would replace any and all of our Android devices with Nexus devices, except for a 10 inch media tablet. The space is crucial until we have 4G all over the place to stream from Google Movies without any hitches at all. My TF700 is completely unlocked and rooted. When CM 10.1 is released, what need do I have for Google to update my device directly? Not too much.

  • Abbie Rosario

    Quick question though, can you access Amazon Prime videos on the tablet? Would like to get a tablet, but will likely only use it for media consumption and not as a computer replacement.

  • I got mine in on Monday and I’m still evaluating it, but I haven’t heard anyone comment on the strange volume rocker yet. In landscape mode the rocker functions as expected (left is less and right is more), but in portrait mode up is still less and down is more. It’s an unusual choice. I feel like the button orientation should switch when in portrait mode.

    • My only other worry is when can I get my official cover/case? I waited a lifetime on the Galaxy Nexus and the accessories never really came. I’m too scared to haul this tablet around, so I’m leaving it on my desk. Has anyone heard a release date for a cover? We’ll need one that acts as a stand, and I’m afraid the official one doesn’t seem to do that…

  • kellen for the daydream to start you plug in your phone and wait for the scream to timeout and it will than begin the daydream you selected.

  • Jeremy Pougnet

    Can you share the wallpaper (first photos)? Thanks 😀

  • NexusSux

    Does the screen separate from the housing on this one too?

  • droidify

    So have they released the pogo pin charger yet? I have heard others say the only way to charge it currently is through the USB and that takes about 8 hours.

  • Zach Jacobs

    Samsung and Google finally got it right, actually more than right tis’ tablet is amazing.

  • NexusMan

    I think the lockscreen widgets are much better suited on the 10″ tablet.

  • Pat Hamilton

    Ended up getting a nexus 7 instead when the 32 10 was out of stock. Glad I did. It is the perfect size.

  • Bionic

    Any smart android user will only purchase nexus tablets for now on. It’s understable to buy a non nexus phone, but not a tablet.

  • Cuberly

    Sticking with my N7. Use it every day and its been pretty awesome.

  • TheWenger

    Agreed about the Nexus 7 creaking when I twist it. That drove me insane. This doesn’t do it.

    Oh and your dog is awesome. I think I saw once that you said it was a Tamaskan. How much did that cost?

    • He’s grey wolf and german shepherd actually. And you know, not cheap I guess! haha

  • Royal2000H

    If the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 were the same price, I’d get the 10 obviously (better specs).

    I’m not too sure whether I want a 7 inch or 10 inch. I feel between my Galaxy Nexus and my 15.6″ laptop, 10 inch might be most useful.

    So the question is, is the 10 worth paying twice as much as the 7?

  • adam

    so how is gaming compared to the nexus 7? can you use a ps3 controller unrooted using a cable like the nexus 7 for gaming? what about the graphics?

  • Droidzilla

    Dang, Tim; did you hire a proofreader, or have you been holding out on us with your English skills? Either way, this was by far your best article. Keep it up; and great review to boot!

  • Astronaut_79

    I just bought a 32GB now that they’re back in stock. This will be my first tablet and second Nexus. Glad to hear you really like it Tim.

  • Jimmy Chen

    What wallpaper is that?

  • One question. What about the quantity and quality of tablet apps. Are there enough apps to use? Would a person buy this just b/c of apps?

  • Jason

    Okay now I am really on the fence….Asus Infinity or this guy. I know the display is better but the Infinity isn’t THAT far behind. All the ports and the dock option are still calling my name. From a performance standpoint they seem damn close. Anyone got something to sway me? I really want to hear it.

    • From what I’ve heard and read, a lot of people say the Infinity actually gets pretty laggy. One of the main problems is that it uses very slow flash memory for storage (heard a LOT of complaints on this), but a lot of people blame the Tegra 3/high res/skin combo too. Prior to the Nexus 10 being announced the Infinity was my top choice also, but I’m glad I waited. Just ordered a 32GB N10 and can’t wait!

      • Jason

        That is why I asked.. I hadn’t heard about the lag issues, and I don’t remember the Prime having that issue. Well I guess I should hope for a keyboard for the N10. Means I am styck waiting again.

        • kretz7

          Just as an FYI the Transformer is on Woot with a dock for $299. I know it’s not the TF700T but hey, good price.

  • JabroniUNM

    I’m absolutely loving mine, had the 7 but i sold it to my sister. At work i needed a larger screen for gaming and movies, and this is perfect for what i need. Now i was happy with the nexus 7, i am fracking ecstatic with the nexus 10! And personally, i like the back, i dunno why everyone doesn’t seem to like it? It’s soft to hold in the hand and doesn’t feel cheap or will receive a dent if i drop it.

  • Honest to god, the ONLY reason I don’t prefer Android Tablets is that while I’m on deployment, 99% of the apps REQUIRE an internet connect at some point. While others work for 2 weeks, THEN stop working… I can’t wait to be shore duty so I can enjoy all these goodies! 🙁

    • JabroniUNM

      Thank you for your sacrifice!

      • Richard Wolff

        he never said he was in the military he could just be one of those mobile managers for optimization and refers to his travel duty’s as deployment (i really hope someone somewhere does that it would be hilarious)

  • burntcookie90

    Just played with my friend’s. Didn’t make me want to leave my 7, but it was damn fantastic!

  • {ScAt}Bean

    any word on accessories? im looking for a smart cover

  • Futbolrunner

    You should do a comparo between the N10 and the Asus Infinity.

    • wm snyder

      yes yes please

    • Having owned both now, I can tell you that the Nexus wins handily. The Infinity does not run smoothly and despite being constructed of aluminum and not plastic, there is much more flexing and clicking that happens when you hold the Tf700. I was skeptical but Matias was right when he said the N10 has very nice plastic.

      The CPU and GPU of the Nexus 10 blow the Tegra out of the water. Finally I can play games like Asphalt 7 and Ski Safari without seeing dropped frames and stuttering. Web browsing is also smooth for the first time ever (even on chrome).

  • Love my Nexus 10. Was a nice upgrade from my Motorola Xoom.

  • I have been thoroughly impressed with my Nexus 10 from the moment I held it and realized that despite its plastic construction, this tablet feels way better than the ASUS Infinity TF700 ever did to me. On the software performance side of things, the N10 blows the ASUS tablet out of the water in terms of not rebooting itself, being able to quickly open up Google Now, rendering webpage smoothly and quickly and the graphics and smoothness of the N10 in games is far superior to the TF700

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Can you tag Thor and Loki so we know which witch is which?

    • Thor is the boxer and Loki is the wolf 🙂

  • WindedBison

    For those with a nexus 10 or any other android tablet for that matter, forget about chrome. Download dolphin browser and the jetpack add on and you get a browsing experience that blows away the ipad

  • Greyhame

    Great review Tim-o-tato! I was looking forward to someone giving an account of gaming on the N10. Would you say you’d be more likely to game on this, or the N7? Another question would be if this tablet supports USB OTG. I couldn’t get my 4.2 N7 slate to work with it the other day.

  • John

    Hey Tim, does your tablet have some minor light bleeding at the bottom right corner? I received mine today, and there is a little bit of light bleeding.

  • Received mine today (ordered Friday evening from the Play Store). I love it.

  • bffhusker

    Crap. Just bought at Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 on a Black Friday sale. Did I super blow it with that purchase or just eh, a little? (considering price, accessories, everything…)

    • hkklife


    • Yes

    • Tony


    • TylerChappell

      The Nexus 10 is certainly better, and also worth the $100 more for the nicer screen, extra processing power, and promise of Android updates.

  • chanstar

    I don’t need one but purchased the 32GB today…..for my GF. It’s her (my) first tablet. I’ll just play with it with the multi-user function LOL. Win/Win.

    • kretz7

      Ha! I bought a tablet for my gf and I to share, now contemplating buying this because she never gets to use it.

  • David Dyer

    Love my nexus 7. Thinking about getting the nexus 10. I plan on using the nexus 10 around the house and bringing my nexus 7 with me when I am away from home. The nexus 7 is a perfect size for travel.

  • I’m debating on getting either the Nexus 10 or an Asus Transformer tablet. Anyone have any input because I’m still stumped on which to get.

    • Futbolrunner

      Me too! Asus Infinity or N10? The Infinity has an optional keyboard with extra juice, SD card slot, and timely updates. I’d like to support Asus as they are unique and innovative.

      • Tkeil

        Guys I was in the same boat as the rest of you. I didn’t know much about the Nexus 10 till recently, but after reading up on it, it’s the obvious choice. The new Exynos 5250 dual core processor absolutely trumps the Tegra 3s, which are based on older ARM Cortex architecture. The Exynos 5250 is based off the newest ARM architecture which is the A15 processor. The same processor used in the iPad 4’s A6X. Also, the Mali GPU in the Nexus 10 is new tech, and outperforms the 12 core (CUDA cores, smaller than normal) Nvidia GPU in the Infinity. Then there’s the resolution, which is an area the Infinity can’t even compete with.

        I too wanted the 64GB of storage and the 2 SD card slots (one on the dock) from the Infinity pad. But after thinking about it I realized I still had my laptop with 750GB of space for mass mobile storage. I figured I would only be using the tablet for internet, email, social apps, netflix, some games, and pandora. So 32GB is more than enough.

        Go with the newer tech and get the Nexus 10. The Infinity TF700 is out of date now. Plus, as others have said, the Nexus will get updates much faster. And vanilla Android!

        • Futbolrunner

          Thanks for the informative opinion! Gotta love the fact that it’s a Nexus!

    • I was thinking about getting the Infinity also, but am glad I waited for the N10. As I’ve heard and read (and others here have said), the N10’s performance is much better. Asus used very slow flash storage on the Infinity and it causes a lot of slowdown. Plus, I don’t think the Tegra 3 is really the best for that many pixels. So for me, it’s really about performance. I also like the look better, front-facing speakers, stock Android, and the loving care and attention the dev community shows to Nexus devices.

    • shecalledmejay

      Nexus=updates fastest

  • JS629

    If by ‘receive updates for a long time to come’ you mean about a year and a half down the road, you’re probably right.

    • Keep in mind, the XOOM is technically still supported and that thing came out in Feb of 2011. This bad boy will last you easily a couple of years as long as Google doesn’t go with a 3D-OS or something insane like that where the hardware is then limited.

      We shall see!

      • Justin Swanson

        Also, the custom ROMs will probably support for a year after that. 🙂

      • hkklife

        No, Xoom support “officially” ended last week with the news that it would remain on 4.1.2 along with the Nexus S. It will likely never see official support for any of the cool features such as multiple user accounts.

        • Not true, it swas stated that it is not *currently* supported. IIRC, the Nexus S was not supported immediately on the release of 4.1.

  • zepfloyd

    Great review Tim all around. Of course came here expecting photo samples with the dogs, was NOT disappointed. +1

    • Wouldn’t be much of a review without Thor and Loki 😛

  • I WANTZ……

  • EC8CH

    Which one of you chewed up my slipper?!

  • Apostrafee

    Boom purchased…first tablet looking forward to it

    • Apostrafee

      Actually purchased because of your review haha Google owes you I guess

    • Justin W

      You won’t be disappointed. The Nexus 10 is by far the best tablet I’ve had, granted, I’ve only had a Nexus 7 prior to this. My dad has an iPad 4 but I’d much rather have an Android (re: Nexus) tablet.

      • michael arazan

        Does the N 10 have hdmi out, or can I use my hmi to hdmi adapter to mirror it on my tv like my Gnex?
        Was thinking of buying a note 2 at full price but this maybe what I want instead.

        • Justin W

          It has micro HDMI out.

      • Apostrafee

        You were correct…just received today!!! Thing is badass

        • Justin W

          Glad you like it. Still loving mine too!

      • Your dad is smarter than you.

    • rawheat200


  • Jroc869, Cool story bro

    Great review, I am definitely starting to see myself relying on Googles services for more and more things. I actually craved that sort of experience. It isnt as easy to fall into as apples, but I can appreciate it more and feel like I have more control over what I have. This is a freaking great time to be an Android user.

  • gokusimpson

    Nexus 7 or Nexus 10? Decisions, decisions…I’m leaning Nexus 10 because that bottom docking lock thing has me intrigued.

  • wakefinance

    The idea of flexing a tablet to test its durability kills me. Flexing a tablet doesn’t shed light on how durable it will be when dropped. And that plastic cracking sound you heard when you flexed the 7 was exactly what you said it was: plastic cracking. It’s your tablet, so do as you please, but you’re doing unnecessary harm to its internal components and structure by flexing it.

    • If I keep my tablet in a book bag or backpack, it will experience much more harm than me just giving it a little bit of flex love. It may not equate to how many times I can drop it, but it gives me a good sense at how solid something is. Kinda like what a caveman might do if he was reviewing it.

  • your boxer is so damn cute!!!

  • I’m pretty sure you can add a camera lockscreen widget if you go all the way to the left and hit the plus… Maybe I’m just mistaken.

    • Not on the tabs or at least from what I can see on the Nexus 10.

      • Ah thanks, I’d seen it on the phones and was trying to show the feature off to my family on my Nexus 10 and couldn’t find it.

  • Brent Cooper

    After getting the 32gb nexus 7 I’m not sure if I want to go back to the bigger form factor of a 10″ tablet. I have the Xoom but rarely use it any more because of its size. The nexus 7 is just so light and portable.
    Any opinions on the matter would be appreciated

    • Justin Swanson

      I find the 7in form factor is best for portability and gaming. The 10in is better for getting “work” done.

      I don’t really have to explain portability/gaming, so I won’t.

      Here is an example of “work”. The other night I was at my in-laws but needed to access my desktop to get some work done. Since I was testing some software on a VM, I couldn’t just pull the files to the tablet and work on them. So I used TeamViewer to hit my desktop and use the VM I created on it. That worked really well when I had a 10in tablet (read: larger screen). On my N7, it was a little bit more difficult. I would have loved an N10 at that moment. However, for me, those moments are few and far between.

      One thing i would love to see some out for the N10 (and might make me want to purchase it) would be an awesome dock like the Transformer series has.

      • Brent Cooper

        Thanks for the reply! A keyboard dock would be awesome. However I don’t know if the tablet would allow or if Google would make one. The lacking accessories is just…well sad

    • Droidzilla

      I’m with you. Any larger than 7″ and I’m reaching for a full fledged laptop. Others feel differently, though, which is why we have all of the awesome choices out there (and by choices, I mean Nexus 4, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10!).

  • Can I get a link to that wallpaper? please 🙂

    • Oh yeah, definitely! Just don’t tell anybody they’re for the iPad 😉


      • I was trying to figure out why these great wallpapers didn’t quite look crisp on the N10… they’re only 2048×2048 (not quite large enough for our beautiful Nexuses)

        • Apostrafee

          That’s the biggest problem im having finding a place for wallpapers that dont look like garbage

      • These are awesome, thanks

  • jstew182

    Nice review. And nice boxer. I have two myself.

    So the biggest question I have is whether or not I should sell my Xoom and accessories for a couple hundred to put towards it when I already have/love my Nexus 7. I dont know if I can justify doing this when my Xoom hasn’t come out of my night stand drawer but a couple times since July.

  • Now to just figure out if I’ll sell my N7 to get this instead…

  • Mr. Calamity


  • jumpman1229

    I love how detailed your reviews are! Quality Kellex, quality!

    • You mean Tim. His name is Tim. Call him Tim, Timothy, lady slayer or dog lover. Or just call him Tim.

      • SD_Scott

        I prefer lady slayer

        • I also prefer the aforementioned title 😛

      • Justin Swanson

        Can I call him Tim O’ the Tato?

    • If only it was Kellex who did it 😛

      • lmao I’m dying at the above comment.

      • TheDrizzle

        Wow! NIce job Tato. I can usually tell by reading posts which one of you guys wrote it (that’s not a knock, you guys just have different styles, you tend to be more concise, which is not bad). I thought for sure this was Kellex. Nicely done sir.

        • Thanks, Drizzle. I really appreciate that.

      • nightscout13


    • Droidzilla

      Yes, please give us reviews with meaningless, drawn out drivel replete with cliches and witty analogies. I can’t stand how Droid Life’s crew gives me a complete, user experience oriented review that I don’t have to invest 15+ minutes of my time to read. We all know that you can’t say, “this is what I liked, this is what I didn’t like, and here’s my overall opinion” without intense diatribes about every last component and how it makes you feel inside when juxtaposed against the backdrop of your childhood experiences and the planetary movement cycles undergone during the testing of said device.

      • ArrowCool

        Wow, you put your Thesaurus to work writing that post.

        • Droidzilla

          If I had to use a thesaurus for that, they’d strip me of my English degree and I’d be relegated to forever finger painting in shame.

          • ArrowCool

            Haha +1

          • I love finger paints