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Windows Phone 8 Challenges Android and iOS, Goes After 2-year Old Android Phones to Prove Its Worth


Windows Phone 8 is official, as are the devices it runs on, so it only makes sense that the marketing campaign for this new mobile OS would kick into high gear. You may remember last year’s Windows Phone marketing campaign called “Smoked by Windows Phone.” Actually, wasn’t there a controversy surrounding that? Indeed there was. This year’s campaign is similar, only the name is a bit more tame as “Meet Your Match.” 

During these spots, “Ben” talks to regular ol’ folks and asks them what type of phone they own and what kinds of activities they do with it. Most say that they take pictures or text or venture into social networks, all of which are right up Windows Phone’s alley for showing off its tricks. Windows Phone is built around performing everyday tasks at ultra-fast speeds, thanks to shortcuts they have pre-built into the OS.

The funny thing about this campaign, is that they aren’t exactly going after the cream of the crop of Android phones. Take the two videos we’ve included for example, where the competition is a 2-year old HTC Inspire 4G and a MyTouch of some sort. Spoiler alert! They couldn’t keep up with the phones built in 2012.

I will say, though, that I do like a lot of what Windows Phone 8 does. In fact, I have a Lumia 822 sitting on my desk now. The UI is beautiful and you can accomplish everyday tasks in seconds.The problem with it that I have (and most of you would as well), is that the app ecosystem is beyond lacking. Think back to 2009 when Android had only a couple of the top apps on iOS. Windows Phone is still stuck in that period, only it’s 2012.

I’m still hoping to get a hold of a Windows Phone 8X at some point and will more than likely do a review of it. This 822 just isn’t worth your time.


Via:  Windows Phone BlogTechCrunch

Cheers E!

  • mudleyblind

    Still, compared to Galaxy Nexus, the camera of this phone is much smoother movement and shakeless, and easily accessible. In Nexus I have to enter to Camera and then click Video. No shortcut??!!

  • sggodsell

    Hmmm, let me see windows ce, pocket pc, windows mobile, windows phone 7 and 8 (12 years). If you go with Microsoft then you will be under there thumb. Stuck in a closed platform. Will hardly update there os on there phones. Less features, and customization then android. Now android has a number of phones with better hardware than any windows phone (other then the camera on the Nokia 920) but there are some android phones with 12-13 mp cameras.

  • mcdonsco

    I finally just watched these videos…he was entirely comparing the camera – hello, it’s a PHONE!!! WTF?

    I was really looking forward to WP8, got the HTC 8x, had to return it due to a PDF issue (use them for work) and got the Lumia 822…two days later returned that and settled my new phone fever with a Droid RAZR Maxx HD (to replace my RAZR Maxx)…

    WP8 was super fast and in a lot of respects superior to Android and iPhone. The “ecosystem” was on par with iOS, much better than android, but it was too locked down, lacked the overall capabilities of Android, and of course, lacked app choices. And the big one that solidified my decision to ditch it? BING! If MS would allow people to switch the default search from Bing to (heck anything else, Yahoo for gods sake!) they would have a much better chance of success with WP8, but as long as it’s heavily locked down to Bing, IMHO it will be one of the major contributing factors to WP8’s failure.

    I just wish my Android phone was as smooth and lag free as WP8 was, I mean, really smooth and really lag free. Too bad other than completely hands free texting (Hello? Google?) that was one of the only real impressive things about WP8.

  • HAHAHA Microsoft, you are so sad.

  • etg9

    SGSIII user here, I think the 920 camera is hands down better from playing around with one briefly. Texting/facepage/twitter is very quick and easy to see and get to I can see the appeal for a lot of people.

    unfortunately for them I pretty much have my 5DIII with me all the time and that camera is a little better than the 920. I don’t use any social networking and love doing things with my phone that most people will never do (ex.Tasker, custom skins)

    Windows phone isn’t for me, maybe the surface pro will be though.

  • You’re David and you’re a sucker dad if you bought into that windows phone hype.

  • dan

    “the smartphone beta test is over” lol

  • zviera

    I am David a sucker dad.

  • I know one of the women in one of these ads… Not gonna say which one… they held auditions for these commercials and paid these people… and they didn’t give the phones when they did the ads a month ago…

  • Microsoft really needs to fire their advertising department.

  • Switching to Windows Phone. Done with Android.

  • enob

    “It has springs”

  • Bill

    I would worry that these commercials are actually misleading people into thinking that all Windows phones have image stabilization instead of just the hardware of the Lumia 920. Or that all Windows phones have an extra wide angle front camera instead of just the HTC Windows phones. Neither of which are features that are part of the OS, but simply hardware that manufacturers put in the phones to set them apart.
    After all the above, I am really impressed with my Lumia 920. The screen is gorgeous, even next to my HTC One X. It’s very quick jumping between apps or taking out the phone to check on something. I really think the new smaller tiles helped a lot so that you could cram more info onto a single screen rather than having to swipe between screens as I do on Android. There are two apps I wish were available, but they weren’t deal breakers for me. The email client is great if you’re company uses an Exchange/outlook email server and Lync.

  • Jeff

    “I’m still hoping to get a hold of a Windows Phone 8X at some point and will more than likely do a review of it.”

    I’d very much like to see a review. Hopefully an objective one. I like Android but I’m not going to automatically dismiss everything else. Also, can you review their app store in terms of usability (ie. difficulty in sifting through the 75% of crap apps to find the good ones)?

  • Droidfan

    You know…Nokia obviously is pretty desperate to get on track. Unfortunately, misrepresenting the state of their Android competition isn’t going to help their real problem. Average buyers don’t like the UI. Techno, geeky, no-nonsense types may appreciate the
    underlying value of WP 7/8. But the average every day buyer is already
    entrenched in the simple Apple world or the super customizable Android world.
    The UI looks like it was designed by a committee of engineers and accountants.
    No matter how smooth, quick and fluid it is….it is monotonous, and confusing at the same time. Wow…WP8 now gives us
    20+ colors for our tiles. At best, it’s like the equivalent of a sturdy pair of walking
    shoes…. hard to get excited about. At worst, it is confusing and awkward to personalize to your preferences.

    • cizzlen

      Pretty much my exact thoughts.

  • Apostrafee

    I effing hate the music in these ads

  • bitlrc

    google should release marketing videos comparing the nexus 4 to the htc touchpro 2

  • joejoe5709

    What little respect I had for Windows Phones, I just lost. Apple pulls this crap and we all know how we feel about them. And that’s sad because if anyone was going to switch to Windows Phone, it’s likely going to be an Android user looking for something new.


    C’mon..they aren’t targetting the older phones alone….there are other videos which compare the new WPs to the iPhone 5 and sgs3…not specifically camera though, mostly the ease of using the OS…those videos are there on WPs YouTube page…
    ⬇ Drag and drop your images here to upload them.

  • zulu208

    actually the Wp8 camera can take on all the camera on today’s market. It is the tech behind their new camera. No more bouncy pics or videos. be nice if that tech can be on gnex 5?

    • You mean the RAZR Nexus or the HTC One Nexus?


      From the reviews I’ve read the camera wasn’t all that great..

  • Ibrick

    Just like ATT has the largest 4G network..

  • Boo on them for trying to go against a 2 year old phone, but I actually like what Windows Phone has been doing in recent years.

  • All I hear is “what about SGS3 HTC One X iPhone5 etc” I’m still waiting to see it beat the legend of legends also know as the OG Droid. When WP8 can beat that, then we’ll talk.

  • evltwn

    If I had a 2yr old phone and someone was offering to give me a brand new Windows Phone, I’d take it too. Then I’d sell it online and go buy a new Android phone.

  • The vibe I get on these commercials is that of an infomercial. Better production values, but the same weird face-to-face pressure and one-sided presentation that makes the supposedly neutral people involved into stooges for a salesman.

    And the guy is basically a shyster. Not only are the Android phones old, but most of the supposedly game-changing things he demonstrates on Windows phone (like sharing to facebook, contact widgets, etc) are actually available on those old versions of Android. Along with a whole lot more. And what was it with the soccer video’s brightness — that guy just needed to turn his phone’s freaking brightness up. Reminds me of how they sell TVs in Best Buy, with the brightness and contrast cranked up to max.

    These guys are desperate.

  • Haha , that mytouch probably has a 3.2 MP camera and they want windows 8 to compete with that? Maybe microsoft is trying to tell us that their flagship is only as good as these phones from 2 years ago.

    Come on, man up and do a head to head with the GS3, Nexus 4, Optimus G or the droid DNA and then we’ll see if win phone 8 is the “phone for each of us”

    your pathetic M$

    Never a windows phone owener

  • nightscout13

    Microsoft, what a bunch of panzies.

  • mgamerz

    Good to know Microsoft is better than some 2 year old phones. I used to think they were at least at 2011.

  • Wow…Microsoft is desperate for attention to WP8…. #sad

  • iamjackspost

    They better watch out, I hear those android phones are pretty wild and out of control.

    • Buckoman

      I heard about that on the Itunes as I was reading my e-tweets off my BlackBerry.

  • I like how every commercial of these I’ve seen just addresses the new camera, like that’s great when I’m using the camera but what about the other 99.5% of the time I’m using my phone, whats so great or better then? Oh yeah nothing.

    Also what ever happened to this revolutionary camera tech that Moto was supposed to be coming out with like a year ago?

    • Pedro

      Maybe. But when you are using your phone, you can ask the caller to repeat. Or call back if the signal drops. You can do this again and again until you have what you need.

      If you take a crappy picture, then you’ll always have a crappy memento of the moment. And taking another picture with the crappy camera doesn’t improve the overall quality.

      Then again, I have a real camera handy if I think I’ll be taking pictures. G-Nex FTW! 🙂

  • As far as them comparing the phone to a two year old phone… maybe they are trying to aim their marketing at people with old phones coming up on their renewals? Just a thought.

  • bakdroid

    Move along…

  • hatboysam

    It is unfair that they’re comparing them to 2-year-old Android phones, however that doesn’t make this a bad ad. Most people don’t read Droid Life and don’t know the difference between a Nexus 4 and a Nexus One. Also, a large part of Android’s market share comes from budget phones like the ones in the video. I bet I know a lot of people who could be swayed by an ad like this, and they wouldn’t have to be “dumb”.

    • Yeah but at the same time is it fair to compare a budget phone to a phone thats prob $200+? Someone who is cheap is still going to chose the budget phone and not care that the camera is better.

      • Yoloduck

        Nokia 920 is $100 with a contract. Pretty midrange in price.

        • michael arazan

          Better off with the Razr M $99

          • Sobr0801

            Wrong. 920 defeats it all around, better/bigger screen, better camera, cheaper (50 dollars for me at bb (price matched walmart)), and better os (just playing, ill call them equal). The RAZR M while a good phone is definetely not better them the L920.

      • No they will choose the budget phone and then complain for 20 months how much their phones camera sucks..

      • Sobr0801

        My Lumia 920 cost me 50 dollars on contract, it is the phone in the commerercial.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Tech-Dumb is still dumb.

    • I spend a fair amount of time asking people what phone they have. If they don’t say iPhone, the number one answer I get is, “I have a droid.”

      Most people know nothing.

      • Same here. As much as we hate Verizon’s marketing, it’s worked. All non-tech people I speak to only know of two smartphones, an iPhone and a Droid.

      • Bsody

        I use to say the same thing. Now “a droid” has been replaced by a GSIII. People are coming around.

      • Bryce Mrozinski

        I can’t even explain how much it bugs me when people say “Droid.” Droid is Verizon marketing, Android is an OS. I don’t even know how many times I’ve tried explaining that to people…

        • manaox

          The radio here advertises their app for “droid”. That irks me so badly!

    • itznfb

      In the commercials defense… it really wouldn’t matter if the Android phone was two years old or current gen. Android phones have done very little to improve the camera in the last 3 years. The Lumia 920’s camera does indeed destroy all Android phone’s camera except maybe the new Xperia with the Sony sensor.
      That being said… if a camera was the most important feature in a phone for me… I’ll probably still settle and get an Android phone.

    • michael arazan

      omg this windows phone blows away my Droid 1 from November 2009, pff, I’d hope the new windows phones could blow away 2-3 year old phones or it would make a horrible commercial.

      Now that Microsoft and Apple have teamed up against Android, they won’t be going to show how badass the windows phone is against an iPhone. Google”MS and Apple lobbyist” have joined forces to do what ever they can to stop Google by lobbying our representitives.

    • Sobr0801

      Another thing, the GS2 is almost a two year old device, yet it is still compitent. Age is only a number.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    How can the guy even say the lack of bounce in his phone is due to the phone… as far as we know, the dad is the culprit.

    The poor coloring and lighting is easy to explain.. turn the brightness down on the phone and pow.. dark movie looks crappy

    I just stopped watching after that, to dumb.

    • hatboysam

      It could have some image stabilization built into the hardware/software at the expense of a little resolution. Android is known to have pretty barebones camera software, I’m sure the Lumia’s software is more optimized (that’s why they’re showcasing it, and not the app store).

  • Brent Cooper

    The Droid commercials need to show practical uses. Not ninjas breaking through walls in deserts.

    • mtmjr90

      I don’t know about you, but that’s how I usually start my mornings.

      • New_Guy

        Pfff…who needs coffee when you’ve got shuriken flying at ya?

        • Glad someone actually says shuriken, and not “ninja stars”.

    • tomn1ce

      It wasn’t a ninja who blew up the wall. He blew up the wall with the Razr Maxx HD…

      • Chris Malkiewicz

        Oh believe me… The Ninja was there… you just didn’t see it. 🙂

    • Daistaar

      Ya’ll ninjas iz crazy! (in my Bullhorn voice LOL)

    • vzw


    • vzw
  • Nathan Corachea

    lucky bastard, still got a free phone

  • That was a pretty obvious result but you have to give ’em the credit for doing this practical challenge thing. Its good for people to see that WP8 has some really nice things going for itself. I’ll stick with Android because it suits my needs better than any other platform but I can totally recommend WP8 to people who just need a good, fast phone with a pleasant UI.

    • Agreed. My dad loves his Focus. To tell you how much he uses it, it lasts ~3-4 days on a charge. But when he does use it, it does what he wants without any issues.

      • Exactly what I meant. My Dad uses a Lumia 900 and he’s absolutely happy with it. Its simple, does what he needs and does it quick. He’s looking to upgrade to the 8X now.

  • JosephMoreno

    So just like Smoked by Windows Phone they set up what seems like a fair competition but was really made to give their devices the edge. Gotta admit they have smart advertising.

    • Who doesn’t do that? Every company likes to advertise the strengths of a particular product. These are at least better then general ads.

      • JosephMoreno

        I know, just a general statement, although I haven’t seen a lot of commercials where they do stuff like this video and Smoked by WP, where they actually put a phone up against their product for a competition.

    • DIdn’t that “Smoked By Windows Phone” competition have some drama around it? I remember somebody reporting that they won and were just told “no” for some BS reason.

      • JosephMoreno

        IIRC correctly some tech reviewer decided to go try the competition, and they pitted his Galaxy Nexus against some WP7 device, and the test was who could hot boot and show weather in two different cities first. That was all they said, no other rules. He won, but they said no because for some reason his two cities were in the same state, and they made up some bs rule after he won saying the weather had to be from two different cities in two different states, then he put the story up on his sight, and i dont remember when or how but they ended up letting him win….Yea, i have a pretty good memory…

    • It’s similar but different to Apple’s marketing. While Apple doesn’t compare their devices to the competition directly (outside of their press conferences) they still show off “new” features that Android has had for a while.

  • “This is the best camera phone in the world” Just like the iPhone 5 is the “Thinnest phone in the world”?

    • Captain_Doug

      I agree. Should be without exception.

      • That’s what the 2 seconds worth of fine print is at the bottom of the screen is for.

        • Captain_Doug

          That’s a joke… It has to be…

    • mgamerz

      Defeated by the same company’s pureview.

    • It’s funny how much time they spend hyping the camera too, when it has nothing to do with Windows Phone as an OS.

      • I was actually thinking that Nokia should let you install Android on it aftermarket. Comes with W8 so Microsoft still get its money. Nokia gets money because you bought it instead of another brand. Then the user gets to decide which OS it wants to use with the “Best camera phone in the world. period.”


      What about the Galaxy Camera?

  • Hunter

    In 2-years an Android OEM should make a marketing campaign showing how the latest and greatest Android fares against 2-year old windows phone tech.

    That would probably require windows phone to acquire some market share at some point…

    • Droidzilla

      Android doesn’t even have to stoop to comparisons with an OS with single digit market share. This is a typical underdog stunt.

  • mtmjr90

    Been playing with a Lumia 920 for the past week and really enjoying it. There are a few apps that are noticeably missing…and that is a problem I admit. Comparing it to an Inspire is horribly misleading though.

    I also just got my Nexus 4 today and it got me thinking…all I really want is an HTC unibody phone, with a Nokia PureView camera w/OIS, an interesting & new UI/UX (like WP8), Android’s speed and openness (when it comes to app/system integration in particular), and iOS’s app quality/catalog/update frequency. Is that too much to ask?

    • William_Morris

      Yes, that is too much to ask.

    • the world would explode should such a device ever be put together. Mass production would destroy the very fabric of space-time itself.

    • Doesnt the Lumia 920 feel really heavy? I checked it out for my dad at the ATT store and it seems like a huge fat brick

      • mtmjr90

        Yes, it is quite heavy…but like on-screen keyboards and 5-inch screens, you get used to it pretty quickly. The quality of the materials and the coating on the glass are really nice as well.

        In comparison, my Nexus 4 is a fingerprint magnet…I really like the pattern on the back, but can hardly see it through all the finger grease=/ And while the 4 is a lot better than the GNex in terms of plastics quality…it’s still not as premium feeling as the 920 or most HTC unibody devices. But that’s the tradeoff for being lighter I suppose.

  • Try it against the HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy s3, Nexus 4 and iPhone 5 and then we’ll see which is better. If they still win it then fair dos but comparing it with 2 year old devices is pure cheating.

    • TheDrizzle

      I think the Windows Phone would still beat every one of those in their “bouncy footage” test. The springs in the lens is pretty cool, but not a deal breaker.

    • My co-worker has a Lumina 920.. he upgraded from a One X and I can say without a doubt that the lumina beats the SG3 and One X with tis camera.

      • See now that would’ve made the video a lot more credible. By beating the best that is out now, they would make a big statement.

        HTC 8X & S are the ones to go for though, Nokia 920 has been having problems, loads of returns.

      • capecodcarl

        Considering all camera phones suck because of the lack of optical zoom capability I’m going to suggest people just get a dedicated camera if they’re concerned with getting good footage. My old 6 MP Fuji S7000 I bought in 2003 blows my brand new HTC Rezound’s 8 MP camera out of the water.

        • Geoff Johnson

          FYI just because you have a brand new Rezound doesn’t mean the Rezound is brand new.

  • Adam

    Did they take the photo with the front facing camera?

    The camera on the Lumia 920 is really awesome, but this is a joke.

  • Lambo_21

    id love to see them try this with a new Android phone or even *gasp* the iPhone 5…

    • This is advertising. The would never show anything that shed even a remotely bad light on them. And they don’t have to. I would say, that even with the most advanced Android device or the iPhone 5, the Windows phone would likely perform a few tasks faster, because that is what the OS is designed for, as Kellex stated int the article.

      • Lambo_21

        obviously hahaha but still when you make the statements they do they need to back it up with a stronger argument than a 2 year old phone