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Google Appears to Have Oversold the Nexus 4 – Surprises Customers With Status Change Backorder Emails

As you all know, the LG Nexus 4 sold out in 25 minutes on launch day through the Google Play store. With Google’s servers unable to keep up with the flood of traffic, many of you figured out that if you refreshed the Play store Nexus 4 page over and over again, that it would eventually let you order one. You thought you had struck gold. The system had been circumvented! Not so fast.

According to our inbox and Twitter feed, many of you are receiving emails from Google, stating that your order has been placed on back-order due to an “overwhelming demand” and that it is expected to ship within three weeks. 

Sorry, folks.

Cheers Scott, Ben,[email protected], and everyone else!

  • I still don’t have confirmation of shipment or back order. I just called Google and I was told that if I DID NOT receive the back order email by now then I am good to go and will get the phone, but my order is still being processed. I called twice and got the same answer from 2 different folks. I was told that with all the problems and glitches with the ordering system it has taken them longer to get the devices processed for shipping. Bottom line is that I was told if you have not received the back order email by now then you are good and yours will be on the way, just a little later than expected. Hope that helps some folks.

    • I was told the same minutes ago, I would feel a lot better if i got a tracking email at some point today, the rep explained to me that I may not get one and i should expect my phone today or tomorrow.

  • Prox

    Does anyone’s Google wallet actually say back ordered or does it still say pending.

  • LALinMN

    They’ve lost all respect for their customer apparently, resorting to jerking them around like some peckers