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Google: No 4.2 Support For Nexus S and XOOM, Keep Using Android 4.1.2

A couple of hours ago, as 4.2 hit AOSP, Google’s Jean-Baptiste Queru (JBQ) took to the Android Builders group and announced that there would be no official Android 4.2 support for either the Nexus S or Motorola XOOM. When asked to clarify on if that means it is officially over for the devices, he declined comment. So, we can take that as a, “Yes, that’s a wrap” or “Maybe in the future when we aren’t so busy.”

It may seem like a bummer, but both devices are starting to show their age and I think it’s best for Google to start focusing their efforts on newer devices. The XOOM has had one helluva ride and we salute you for it.

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Cheers NAM!

  • not happy

    Will never buy another Motorola product again. What a complete cluster f*ck this Xoom upgrade process has been.

  • Tony

    All I want for my Xoom is Multiple users support. I hope the MOD community can keep supporting it.

  • NortonHey

    I love my Xoom 4G LTE and I am not a happy camper with this news. It may be heavy and (apparently) ‘old’, but what a great device. Are we still expecting VZW to push out 4.1 – will they deliver? I got this Xoom in June 2011 and here it is November 2012 and it hits the end of the ‘official’ road. Too expensive to replace any time soon. I hope the ‘unofficial’ releases come soon and continue for a long time! or maybe I should try a port of WIN8? – ha!

  • CompCrash

    Maybe this is my cue to upgrade my Xoom.

  • MKader17

    The Nexus S has ICS? I haven’t seen it on my girlfriends phone.

  • what a shame. It is very capable on 4.1.2. I will add my opinion that a GED wifi only tablet should receive software updates far beyond the time frame for a cell phone which is generally bound to a 2 year (some carriers its only 20 months) lifespan.

    Sadly, I fall into googles ploy and pick up a N10, but until then, im gonna enjoy my time with my xoom. great device. p4p, id put it up agaisnt my evo lte.

  • scott

    It’s not like the devices stop working after 18 months. It is up to you to want the latest android OS. This is the same for almost every consumer product.

  • Peter

    Ok the same things will say 18 months later for nexus 4. The nexus s is going to be supported in CM 10 for android 4.2 and later versions. Just put CM 10.

    Google you suck. We can’t change ever 18 months our devices because some programmers are bored to make changes.

    From 4.1.2 to 4.2 big changes?? We don’t need the sphere camera etc. just give us the 4.2 for the other, not so hungry changes. I will see inside the 2013 devices with same specs to run official 4.2 and I will laugh at you.

    Never going to buy another nexus phone again. I also have gnexus and I see the 18months coming soon. Too bad google. You suck.

    • Jeremy Nelson

      It’s not like there’s specific Nexus S and Xoom programmers just sitting around doing nothing.

  • arthur

    this technology is still garbage plus they expect you to buy new tablet or phone every 2 years

  • wm snyder

    this is my opinion 4.2 was just some added features and some tweaks so it is a minor update in which the xoom was more than capable this move was wrong if you remember these neww nexus devices are to be capable of handeling the next os keylime or whatever so when this happens in spring then the xoom would be extinct due to lack of quad core and ram this is the truth in my opinion. Also like to mention google let us down by not going for LTE 4g this is what all carriers are striving to achieve so this move is backwards as well as no removeable battery or sd card….if carriers say we are using more data then we are using more memory also….and google needs to start putting all update downloadable for all carriers whether they like it or not i dont know how apple does it but they better get to finding out…here is a final note carriers need to stop choosing what phones we can buy and start giving their specs to the manufactures and for the love of…….phone dont cost 699.00 that is 3Xs markup ever wonder why subsidy are 299.00 because they just made a 100.00 profit +so if you buy into the 699.00 great but for me when they tear it down and list the prices for componets and adds up to 150 to$200.00 thats what i believe and its probably cheaper than that because of volume ,you think im wrong ok look at the billions of dollars made by samsung and others.

    • bakdroid

      You make me weep for society. Have you ever heard of sentences, punctuation, capitalization, spelling? This entire post is gibberish and nonsensical. Please, just go away. The world will be better off without you or your crackpot theories….

      • wm snyder


  • scott

    I have had a Xoom since Day 1 and I still think it is a great device. Today I flashed CM 10.0 Stable. it has been a great purchase for me. I look forward to using it until it breaks. Now, I am not saying that I already have been thinking about picking up the N10.

  • Rommer

    Custom roms FTW.

  • Rickerbilly

    My kids still enjoy the heck outta my OG Xoom wifi. Who cares about a few extra features that they won’t get with 4.2.

  • hkklife

    The Nexus was had mediocre specs when launched, so I could certainly understanding dumping support for it. But killing the Xoom is a premature move that reeks of $ and nothing more than a ploy to get rabid users to pony up for a N10 this holiday season. The Xoom has 1Gb RAM and a 32Gb of internal storage & a microSD slot. The new Nexus 10 has 2Gb RAM and 16 or 32Gb internal storage. Both do microHDMI out and have 2 cameras. Other than a disappointing screen and a proprietary AC charger port, the Xoom still stacks up VERY well, especially if you are not a big gamer. It was just permanently tarnished at launch by the horrible Honeycomb and an outrageous pricetag.

    The Xoom already runs 4.1.2 so well that it would likely put a small dent in N10 sales due to savvy buyers picking up a cheap refurb/used Xoom for use as a coffee table tablet, especially with the multiple user support added in.

    FWIW, 3G Xoom came out on in late Feb 2011 and the wi-fi version followed a month later.

    Barely getting 18 months of support is NOT what I consider to be a flagship Android/GED tablet experience.

    • THIS. 18 months of support is outrageous.

      These devices aren’t disposable. I can’t just go get a new one every year and a half.

  • nightscout13

    I’d say those 2 had a good run.

  • arthur

    800$ and after what 2 years this toy is garbage .I won’ buy any tablets unless they will cost like 200$ instead 400-500$ . Simply overpriced!

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      $800? Ouch – why so much? I paid $599 on wifi launch day, 27-March-2011 at Best Buy.

      Xoom is a beast on Jelly Bean… guess I’ll look into rooting if I want to continue with the platform.

      • arthur

        Mine was 3g on a launch day at best buy . Xoom plus dock plus taxes almost 1000$ ,for that money I can build nice computer that will work for years not like this slow garbage that I don’t even use it anymore cause its so slow

        • Lactose_the_Intolerant

          Ahh, I see… yeah, you could build a nice rig for that much. Sorry to hear it doesn’t work for you.

  • Alan Burnstine

    Still waiting for 4.1.2 on my 4GLTE Xoom. Quite frankly, I would be happy with that, especially after hearing today it may be 6 months or more before I see Jelly Bean on my Rezound too. I guess it is finally time to start rooting and rom’ing. Would go for the DNA, but not willing to pay full retail or lose unlimited data just yet. (Actually, I don’t mind losing unlimited data, I mind paying more per month for the dumb phones on my family share plan. Best option increases my monthly bill by $60/month while losing unlimited data in the process).

  • My XOOM is a piece of garbage and has been since the day I bought it. When it isn’t refusing to pick up 4G no matter how many times I have to send it back to them for work, it’s generally running slow, jamming up, and requiring factory reset after factory reset. I stopped bothering to load all of my music into it like 6 months ago because it’s just a complete waste of time. My next tablet will be an apple product for sure. Screw you, XOOM…

  • Christian Chew

    For those of you who complain that these two year old devices are prime examples of Android’s growing fragmentation problem; you should really look at the iOS updates since that is what everyone is comparing it to. Even though the 2 year old iPhone 4 gets the newest iOS 6 update, it hardly even gets any of the features from those newer updates. I have a Nexus S 4G and it is terribly slow trying to run newer processes like Google Now. I consider myself lucky to even be able to use it as iPhone 4 users don’t even get to use Siri at all. As unfortunate as it is, fragmentation exists on all platforms. That’s the effect of the rapidly growing technological era we live in.

    • Jeremy Nelson

      ^ This.
      My second generation iPod Touch got just one good update: iOS 2 to iOS 3. The iOS 4 update was garbage. Buggy, slow, drop in battery life, and guess what? All it added was folders. FOLDERS. And since it’s an Apple product, there’s no way to revert back to the clearly superior iOS 3 build- at all.

  • Adam Cox

    still rocking my stock, unrooted xoom from day 1. I knew the support wolud end one day. Looks like it’s time to finally root…

  • underCase

    My XOOM and I are not ready to be parted. 🙁

  • joejoe5709

    Hmmm. Kinda sad. The Nexus almost made it two years with full updates/support. I’m betting it’s more of a time/staffing issue than capability. Thankfully the dev community will continue support.

  • beng8686

    Long live my Xoom and Nexus S.

  • Um, how many people actually buy a Nexus to run stock? If so, you’re doing it wrong.

    • Lots of us do. It’s great to have a device I *don’t* have to tinker with to get the latest-and-greatest.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        Nexus has not been proven to mean “latest-and-greatest” by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, rooting any phone gets you “latest-and-greatest” before any Nexus hype.

    • No. Just no.

  • Tim Cronin

    This is where the argument for fragmentation really takes place. “Focus on their newer devices”. I don’t want to have to buy a tablet or upgraded product every year, I want to know that what I have will last me. It’s discouraging knowing that my product is not eligible for an update (even as a google experience device) less than two years out. It’s something that makes our competitor shine. The iPhone/ipad will get updates typically for the next few years. Even if Apple feels it may not run 100% to their liking they still make it available.

    • Jeremy Nelson

      You’re wrong on every count.

      -Google knows the devices are capable of running 4.2. It’s called buisness priorities and available staffing.
      -Apple updates are generally buggy and/or slower than previous version.
      -Apple updates for older devices only include a fraction of the features. Not Google. Nexus S/Xoom Android 4.1 included every feature. iOS 6 on the iPhone 4/iTouch 4th-gen was half-baked.

  • Butters619

    We all knew this would happen eventually. It has been a great run for both those devices.

  • I use my Xoom nearly every day … I wish they would still support and update it. :^(

  • Anthony Williams

    Heck, I’m still waiting for 4.1 on the VZW Xoom 4G

  • boogie_monster

    Come on Canonical, Release Ubuntu for my beloved Xoom.

  • HotRodJohnson

    Sadness! for my XOOM could use multi-logon support!

  • Brett Besa

    Keyword in that post being “official”

  • baldypal

    But the greatest ROM makers will give it 4.2 before we put it down for good. CyanogenMod. Bugless Beast. AOKP. I’m talking to you.

    (But I know missed some. You get the point.)

  • i love my wifi xoom. i hope they keep supporting it.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “official” being the critical word.. the devs at XDA don’t give a sh** about “official” releases… 4.2 will come in due time

    this is another fine example of the terrible effect of android fragmentation. so many devices, so many variations of the OS, some cannot even take a .1 upgrade.. pathetic

  • bakdroid

    The only thing I can see being the problem is the slow memory speed and the lack of system space on the Xoom. I think the multi-user function is really heavy on memory since it can keep different profiles active at the same time.

  • Alan Paone

    It’ll probably take till 4.2.1 or 4.2.2. It took till 4.0.3 to support the xoom and S, so don’t call them dead yet

  • BrianCherry

    Why, the Nexus S. Now I can stop bragging to the Apple Fanboys that my nearly three year old phone still get the newest updates. Well I was planning on getting a new phone anyway!

    • Uh, the Nexus S is not even 2 years old yet…

      • BrianCherry

        It came out in 2010

        • joejoe5709

          Dec 2010, right? So not quite 2 years yet. But still… that’s not terrible considering the staggering changes in mobile technology and the massive overhaul that came with ICS. But even then, there’s always the amazing dev community which Apples don’t quite have.

  • This is awful considering I just got one for cheap lol. Tis life I guess. Time to trade in towards a N10

  • Looks like I will finally be rooting my Xoom and going to BuglessBeast

    • beng8686

      BB doesn’t support JB for Xoom yet… If ever. 🙁

  • Brian Menius

    Thank you for a good run with the unofficial first Nexus 10 tab, Google.

    (Sort of) RIP, Xoom. I know mine’s not going anywhere for a bit, but it’s still a sad day in Xoom history.

  • ddevito

    bullsh1t – no reason it can’t run 4.2 as it runs 4.1 wonderfully.

    • 4.1 can be pretty laggy on my Xoom sometimes… seems be worse when the uptime is quite high. Oh well, needed an excuse to get a Nexus 10 anyway 😀

    • Jeremy Nelson

      It’s not that the devices aren’t capable. I’m 99% sure it has to do with priorities being balanced. I’d rather Google work on the next Android version than support two year old devices that are getting a smaller and smaller userbase every day. There’s always custom ROMs, too.

  • ksat

    No reason why the XOOM shouldn’t/couldn’t be supported with this update!

    • It’s not that it can’t be its that it would take up alot of googles time and resources to update something they won’t make profit from.

      • capecodcarl

        Android is open source isn’t it? Why can’t one of these ROM teams just keep building images for the Xoom from the AOSP tree? It seems silly that as new incremental updates come out for Android that they can’t just be built for the older hardware by third parties. I can still run a modern Linux distribution on a 12+ year old computer but the OEM never officially supported it in the first place. If there are proprietary pieces that are the problem then we need to petition Google to ensure those are open sourced in the future as well.

        • Butters619

          It may be hardware drivers or bits of the kernel that Google just didn’t include in 4.2. I’m sure Devs will find a way to make it work.

      • michael arazan

        And thgery want you to go buy their brand new tablets that are out on the market, the same way VZW won’t update a device till they sell a newer one with the updated software to push people into buying it.

    • bakdroid

      This was bound to happen eventually. The OG Droid was updated for the longest time until the Nexus S dropped and then it was passed over. The Nexus 10 rumors spelled impending doom for the Xoom… 😀

    • nightscout13

      End of life product, that’s why.

      • 4n1m4L

        which means the gnex isn’t far behind 8(

  • Asuriyan

    I’m painfully aware that this is an attempt to get me to replace a tablet I would otherwise use until it breaks. And as close as it is to working, they aren’t going to get me to buy a Samsung product or a (admittedly excellent) toy to replace one of the best built pieces of hardware I’ve owned.

    I’m aware it may be a long wait before Motorola makes another GED tablet, if it ever happens, but I’ll wait– unless they make a Nexus-ified Transformer Infinity, at least.

    • Toy? Don’t like the form factor? The best screen and processor on the market at the most competitive 10″ pricing is not a toy.

      • Asuriyan

        I could have been clearer. I was referring to the Nexus 7 as the toy. I love Asus products but the N7 is clearly entertainment geared. For word processing and Remote Desktop (a lot of what I use the Xoom for) the larger size and metal chassis make it a better daily driver. Nothing in the new Nexus lineup is a real replacement for my needs.

        • Alexander Moore

          If you want unabody so much go get a Ipad mini.
          I don’t see a dam thing wrong with “cheap” build quality, if it works it works.

          • Asuriyan

            After a year and a half in and out of a backpack, being handled by a four year old, tossed in the front seat of my car, and generally seeing at least 3 hours a day of use, my Xoom has one or two scuffs. Most of the damage is around the charger port, from trying to put it on the dock in the dark, and all of it is completely cosmetic.

            Samsung products don’t give the impression that they will last. Even under gentle use (I don’t drop my phones) both the Fascinate and the Droid Charge showed heavy wear after just a few months of use each. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 had noticeable body flex.

            The impression of quality, in something I will be handling daily, is important to me. Is it an indicator of whether or not it will actually last its useful lifespan? Maybe, maybe not, but if it looks scuffed up and worn out enough after 6 months to be 3 years old, I don’t want to use it long enough to find out.

      • michael arazan

        He just wants to get his money’s worth out of the devices he bought. A lot of people have to be fruggle and can’t buy new technology every 1-2 years as newer devices release. I’m sure there will be a JB rom for the xoom though, but you may have to root. ICS and JB are pretty great anyways, so you won’t be suffering.

    • Blake

      Time to root it.

  • AndroidUser00110001

    No Nexus4 support in AOSP yet and JBQ cannot comment on its future. Pretty sad the VZW GNex has more AOSP support than the new N4.

    • Ummmmmmm nobody has the N4 yet?

      • AndroidUser00110001

        Speak for yourself. Have one on my desk and was ready to make an AOSP build for it but AOSP is not supporting it yet and who knows what the future holds for it.

  • 2 years of support, pretty decent if you ask me. Although means we may be out of luck with our GNex’s next year…

    • DanWazz

      This is what I was thinking.

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      And I’m guessing the GNex will be unable to handle whatever Google cooks up in the next Android version. Android is becoming smoother, yet it is getting heavier with newer features, so hopefully Google is looking at optimizing it at the core instead of just putting in a few shiny tricks to handle frame rate (which do a good job indeed).

    • joejoe5709

      Agreed. Kind of gives you an idea of what we can expect. Even if the Nexus4 was on Verizon I’d probably still pass it up. So here’s hoping the GNex can hold out for at least another nine months. Upgrade is up in Sept 2013.

  • team EOS to the Xoom’s rescue??

    • TheDrunkenClam

      4.2 will likely be made available to the Xoom on a custom ROM, right?

  • Nooo my Xoom 🙁
    Well thank god for my N7!!

  • vitriolix

    That’s a disappointment. Clearly the Nexus S can run it as 4.2 is a really minor upgrade from 4.1.

    • Still waiting for 4.1.2 on my parental’s AT&T NexusS. I manually had to install ICS. Wish I could do more.

    • Josh Nichols

      4.1 runs like crap on the Nexus S..

      • nsnsmj

        Not on my Nexus S it doesn’t. I’m running 4.1.2 without a problem.