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Madfinger’s Shadowgun: DeadZone Official Launch Pinned For November 15

The beta is coming to a close, folks. This morning, Madfinger Games released the official launch trailer for Shadowgun: DeadZone, which gives us a November 15 release date. For those that have been playing the beta with me, don’t worry, your stats should be carrying over and you won’t lose any of your rankings. When it does go live, it’s expected to be free-to-play which is a huge plus for fans of the series. 

Go get your Bluetooth controllers ready!

  • This games rocks ! I’m playing it daily and mostly Zone Control mode because I like teamplay,even tho there isn’t very much teamplay until we will have a chat/teamchat.Deathmode is cool too,you get money faster than in ZoneControl.
    Team Deathmode would be kickass.
    EDIT: Oh man ! I see a new ZC map at 0:08.
    Would be great to get more maps and gamemodes,plus a nice window where you can see the ongoing games and choose which one to join.:X

  • Lets set up some games so I can lose again…

  • Droid Burgundy

    will this be usable on the Gnex?

  • itsgonnalast

    Both the original and Deadzone are amazing.

  • Glad to hear! I’ve definitely been having fun playing this almost daily.

    • FAL_Fan

      Definitely am on the same page as you on this one! I love playing it on my Prime, I just wish I could use an xbox/ps3 controller with it…if I can someone please tell me how!

      • I’m not sure about this one, but with Dead Trigger, it supports gamepad mapping natively. You can just go into settings and configure your controller. First though, you’ll need to hook up your controller, either via usb (if your device supports it) or bluetooth for a PS3 controller (via sixaxis – requires root for the bluetooth method. sixaxis then supports control mapping)

      • I use my ps3 controller to play it on my Asus infinity tf700t and it works great. I’m rooted so I use the sixaxis app, but if you have the dock you can plug the controller in the usb port and play without root. You can map the buttons right in the game settings

        • FAL_Fan

          Hey, I just tried to use an Xbox controller via the usb port on the dock and I got nothing, I do not have sixaxis so maybe that’s why? Or else it’s because it’s an Xbox controller…either way I’m not rooted on my tablet, never saw a real need so I just stuck with rooting phones lol

  • Andrew Roth

    I must say after the last patch, it went from super laggy on my verizon sgs3 to “smooth as butter”. Was VERY fun playing a match where i actually felt in control. will definitely buy this if it has a price tag.

    • OreoMan

      Agreed. The last patch made everything more fluid. They’re really close to having this game on point.