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Wednesday Poll: What Would It Take to Get You to Buy the LG Nexus 4?

On Monday, after Google announced the LG Nexus 4, we asked the DL community if they were ready to buy one. Almost 70% of readers said “No” for a variety of reasons. The lack of LTE came up quite a bit, the lack of removable storage and the limited internal storage were there as well. Most of you are Verizon customers, so the fact that the phone won’t work on their network was also a big negative.

If there was something that you could definitively change though, that would get you to pull the trigger, what would it be? Would it need to be subsidized on Verizon? What if it had LTE, but was only available on AT&T? You tell me.

What Would It Take to Get You to Buy the LG Nexus 4?

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  • David

    I would get the Nexus 4 if it could be on verizon’s network. ๐Ÿ™

  • manofaction


  • Tory

    There needs to be an all of the above option

  • Nathan
  • Piotr G.

    LTE and Verizon. Not having LTE is quite silly, especially in this modern day and age.

  • Daniel

    removable battery and microSD card along with a sliding qwerty keyboard and I’ll buy a Nexus from Google as my next phone ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Adam

    Availability in Poland! Please make it Available here!

  • The Note II’s 5.5 inch screen is the only thing that I want more from the Nexus 4 ๐Ÿ™‚

  • matti861

    You guys are complete idiots. How is that most of you voted for it to be on Verizon?!?! Especially after the debacle they made of the galaxy nexus. App restrictions, late updates etc.Never again….buying mine unlocked directly from the play store and let Google dictate how my phone will run. You guys sound worse then the isheep seriously.

    • Nathan

      Some of us have no other provider that has good coverage in our area except Verizon. If you are some city slicker with every provider in the world in your area, good for you. You obviously already have the manners of one.

      • matti861

        Oh man Nathan you cut me deep with that one there. I live in a rural area and still have options because I’m willing to try. Not everyone is like yourself. People lean towards Verizon because status quo claims them to be the best. I’m not here to argue that. What I am here to argue is that they bombed with the way they handled the nexus. You mean to tell me when Google releases jellybean in June I don’t get it till September?! Why should I have to root and put a custom Rom for something I already have. Or that i cant use google wallet because they want to steer me towards a service they dont even offer yet.Verizon has their heads up their ass. have no ties to any carrier and I think anyone who does is crazy.

        • Nathan

          I agree that they did mishandle the last Nexus. I hope that the Nexus 4 sells very well on the Play Store because that is the only thing that will force Verizon’s hand and allow it to get updates straight from Google, like the Iphone and Apple. Ideally, getting away from Verizon would be fantastic, but that just isn’t an option for me (and I’m sure many others) right now. So do I still want the Nexus 4 on Verizon even if it has the same hassles as the last one, yes. However, if this does force Verizon’s hand down the line, I can gladly wait. Unfortunately, I think the Nexus name still needs some publicity to become as popular as it needs to be for that, and I don’t think it will happen by making it unavaliable to the biggest carrier in the U.S.

  • drathos

    For me, there’s two things stopping me from jumping on the Nexus 4.

    First is, simply, that I’m on contract with VZW with my GNex for another year.

    The other is something that I’d been considering. UMA (WiFi calling) on T-Mobile. Unfortunately, they shot that down. T-Mobile’s coverage at home is non-existent (last time I tried, I had to drive 2 miles away before I got a signal). Without UMA, moving to T-Mobile isn’t really an option for me.

  • itznfb

    Funny how I was berated in the last thread about this for saying how valued LTE was…. according to this poll I was right.

  • sdny8

    I need a t-mo to expand their network choice

  • Sqube

    I’d need Verizon-compatible LTE and 64GB of storage. If you give me that, I can deal without microSD expansion.

    While you’re at it, fat-free bacon that tastes as good as the real stuff and also cures cancer.

  • Noel

    I am on Tmo so i will definitely be getting it…i am fine with HSPA+42. I just wish there was a 32GB or 64GB version and wish it also had a removable battery and SD card slot. With that said..it is a superb device with top specs and JB 4.2 at a VERY SWEET PRICE. But i want the N4 to be very successful so i will love to see Google make versions for Verizon/Sprint maybe with LTE. Note to Google…HTC as OEM for the next years Nexus phone.

  • user311

    All of the above imo.

  • uncle paul

    I pay of $160 a month for Verizon. 2 gnexes.
    Unlimited data, HOWEVER.

    I live in NEPA-NNJ.

    Verizon has not done jack here to improve signal at all.
    3G speeds are TERRIBLE!,

    I dont see any reason to stay with Verizon anymore and even AT&T has caught up with
    smokin H+ compared to vzw’s slow ass 3g.

    Bottom line, – I would LOVE to terminate my vzw contract and go back to a GSM device.
    and pay atleast $60 less a month for 2 prepaid unlimited sims.

  • brando56894

    Put it on Verizon and increase the internal storage or include a MicroSD card slot. I want my next phone to be a Nexus but I need at least 32 GB internal, I have 48 GB in my Rezound currently.

  • NexusMan

    As a longtime Verizon customer, and as someone who has had the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon since its botched release, I can confidently say I am NOT interested in getting another Nexus on Verizon…but I DO want every Nexus.

  • Devin Dombrowski

    If I weren’t under contract with Verizon for another year, that phone would be mine. Alas, I had to wait that year, hopefully have a new phone released, and get that along with a pre-paid plan. My days with Verizon are numbered.

  • BiG_Weasel

    How about “a different manufacturer”? LG phones have never been kind to me. Give me HTC or Samsung.

  • Removable battery…. So Something Else option…

  • Once sprint and AT&T got the Optimus g, I had a feeling Tmobile was getting the nexus. I want to like this phone, but there’s no way to justify it when the note 2 is on its way to AT&T.

  • Matthew Merrick

    for me? storage space. either add a sd slot or offer a 32 and a 64 gig version. i have 30 Gb of music on my sd card atm, and im not getting rid of any [/songhoarder]

  • Joe Avery

    If I had the disposable income right now I would. At this price point I’m almost on board anyway.

  • donrhummy

    I want it with LTE on Sprint and more storage.

  • Scott Petty

    Have someone besides LG make it, because their hardware is always crap.

    • Dain Laguna

      pretty much any tech journalist who has had hands on time with it has said completely the opposite.

  • NYkrinDC

    The major things I would need are extra storage, it doesn’t have to be removable, but at the very least give me 32gb of storage, though 64gb would be a hell of alot better.

    Second, put it on Verizon w/ LTE.

  • i wouldnt take an lg device if it was given to me. I hope im wrong as i know a lot of people will jump on it. But im expecting the most disapointing nexus experience ever. not even bringing into the crap storage and non removable battery. I do believe the screen will be one of the best screens ever on a cell phone other than that i wish you all luck.

  • mij1525

    I like the option of swapping a battery on the go. Don’t think I’m ready to give that up again.

  • Q

    LTE, Verizon, and 32GB of Internal Storage plz

  • Chris Manikoth

    One thing I do not know is why people are discourage about the phone’s spec and features. Carrier should be Verizon many say. LTE should be available. Well since it’s a nexus, it does not have the need for lte. Carrier wise, I think all carrier should carry them. As for external storage, and there is a nexus q, or the drop box. For internal, I never seen anyone go past 8g of storage on a phone before. If I did, I would still think that Ink 16g is too much
    The phone is perfect the way it was suppose to be, as the developers wanted it to be.

  • These are not the phones

    Removable battery