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Video: Google Takes Us on a Tour of Android 4.2’s New Features, Nexus 4 and Nexus 10

Since Google had to cancel their winter Android event due to Hurricane Sandy, they went ahead and sat down with the folks at The Verge to walk through everything that they had planned to show. In the 15-minute video below, you’ll see the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10, but you’ll also see all of the new Android 4.2 features that we wish we could get a hold of, right now. The new lockscreen functionality with widgets, updated camera software, new notification panel, Google Now, and more, all have us in full fanboy mode today. 


  • panicswhenubered

    Google, why y u no put LTE in the Nexus4!!!!!??

  • Trey Mitchell

    the honeycomb ui was good for large screens why would you put the buttons in the middle of a 10″ screen?!

  • C-Law

    My god, I need a nexus 10 now!

  • dsass600

    Guys I have a question that I need answering.

    1: Cancel Macbook Pro for $1856, buy cheaper and worse PC, get out of Verizon contract, go to AT&T, lose 4GLTE but still have HSPA+, buy new Nexus.

    2. Keep Macbook Pro for $1856

    Notes: Keep in mind that a Mac already does everything I need it to do, and Android is much easier to operate from a Mac. Plus Windows 8 is very different.

    • build a hackintosh pc, it’s cheaper and faaar more powerful, you may save your $500 and go buy nexus 4 :3, damn i really want it sooo bad

  • dsass600


  • mezy1

    The screen is almost edge to edge here man lg made a premium nexus finally, everything people wanted now they dont like this nexus smh. Great phone everything i wanted last year On the gnex this is a 100x bbetter. A nexus with premium feel to amd its only 300$ i still can believe it. Fanboy mode in full effect. Aha

  • master94

    Was hoping for a HTC. Oh well, still cant wait to buy the Nexus 4. Its so inexpensive.

  • Such a good Video! I don’t agree with the LG Nexus only coming to Tmo and AT&T but I can respect the decision! Oh…and here’s Samsung again with something else fo dat ass! These guys just keep on comin’!!!

  • joejoe5709

    Niiice. Two things: Number one – 4.2 looks great! I can’t wait! That’s what I love about Android. Every couple months I get new software and it makes me fall in love with my phone all over again. Number 2 – If I wasn’t a Nexus/Android fanatic before, this video has gotten me totally smitten with the brand. This video is probably the single best piece of Nexus propaganda ever. People need to see this. People need to hear about this.

  • jeesung

    Le Bernardin – fancy eats!

  • Pro Anti-Patent Trials

    Fanfreakintastic! When is it hitting my brand spanking new 32gb Nexus 7?

  • Malcolm James II

    What are the chances the RAZR Jellybean update gets this and not the now washed-up JB4.1? #fingersCrossed

  • “We’re not really about the brushed aluminum here.”

  • love it all

  • Yes! Can’t wait for my Nexus 7 update to 4.2!

  • harsh

    Wish I’ve two tips on my thumb. Two finger touch is killing me.

  • Lawrence_Hart

    The last line of that video was the REAL difference between Apple and Google: “We can only go so far by ourselves.”

  • Knlegend1


  • Colin Zack

    Everyone complaining about no SD cards must have missed the memo that it slows down things

  • Rob Becker

    So much want!

  • Victor Mena

    I am so looking forward to 4.2. Especially some of the camera changes and the drop down menu changes.

  • you think they are going to make a LTE version of the Nexus 10?

  • br_hermon

    This video is AWESOME! Almost just as good as an event but wrapped up in 15 minutes. 🙂

    • FortitudineVincimus

      they are fun to watch, but at the end of the day, I walk away thinking.. so what. My provider won’t upgrade me to that and if they do, who knows when and by then, I will just buy a newer phone and by then, 4.2 won’t matter anymore.

      this industry is more and more about churning and constantly keeping people salivating about the next thing when the current thing is not even ironed out, used by the masses and up to par.

  • The lock screen stuff is very very impressive and solves a lot of issues I had. Being able to access camera from a lock screen is awesome.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      “Being able to access camera from a lock screen is awesome.”.. uhh that ability is nowhere near being “new”

      • Please try from a lock screen with a pattern lock or a numeric lock and let me know. Seriously? Do you guys even watch the video before trying to point something out as wrong?

        • Nate Loos

          Umm yeah. I believe he is referring to the rather fabulous HTC Sense which allows you to easily access your camera from your lock screen without “unlocking.” Try better next time.

          • Allen Byrd

            “rather fabulous HTC Sense”

          • michael arazan

            all android phones can go straight into the phone from lock screen without unlocking, just adjust your security settings and you can do it.

          • panicswhenubered

            fabulous HTC Sense? I lol’d

    • On stock android the unlock glider already has this functionality. Just slide to the left for camera. Been doing this with Galaxy Nexus for the last year.

  • Might have to think about the Nexus 10 after watching this. But I don’t know how these guys manage to act as though plastic is superior to aluminum with a straight face.

    • Jake

      I guess I better go buy an aluminum motorcycle helmet and aluminum football pads.

    • Droidzilla

      Palm, meet face.

    • panicswhenubered

      Screw plastic and aluminum. Make the back of that thing carbon fiber like any of the Moto Razrs.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    ICS still trying to come to some phones
    JB not even on some of the latest best phones out – like the SGS3
    and now.. here comes 4.2, an improved JB when most don’t even have JB

    Plus, no LTE Nexus 4 so no VZW version

    Example of the great frustrating fragmentation of the Android OS system – it can be exasperating as the moment you get excited about the new OS, a newer OS is shown to you – and one you likely will not be able to use as “your” phone or provider will not support it. OR, you still have a year or more to upgrade to a phone and by then, IF you carrier even adopted it, whatever is shown today will be old news.

    I have the latest and greatest VW SGS3 and I have no idea (1) when I will get JB and (2) will we even then see 4.2 or (3) will that just get glossed over when the next OS version comes while I am still waiting for JB.

    It is like a constant state of limbo between what you have, what is possible, and what you won’t get anytime soon on “your” device as phone makers and providers toy with you on what will and will not get updated… and when and on what time frame.

    • Mack

      This is why the Nexus program needs to take over and bring Android as Google intended to the mainstream. Custom skins were useful a few years ago but are now a complete detriment to the end user. Google needs to make an amendment to the Open Handset Alliance that somehow eliminates skins all together. As far as I can tell, carriers are the biggest problem in this regard. Google needs to lay down the law so to speak and regain control especially over Verizon. Honestly this is one thing I respect Apple for, you will never see a carrier logo or preloaded applications on an iOS device.

      • rals

        The reason why Apple is able to do it is because they can promise a higher amount of subscribers to xyz carrier. Until Samsung or the Nexus line can achieve that level of success, we are all SOL.

        • mezy1

          Samsung has proven this hence the galaxy s3 on all 4 carriers. Iphone is the only phone like that. The galaxy s2 was a hit for Samsung, which made the s3 even bigger!

          • rals

            True, but are hoards of people which even Samsung depicts of the average iphone user, stand in line the same way for galaxy series phones? I think they are on the right path, but until then, they still have an uphill climb.

      • Chris

        My one thing is that I just wish there was a way to just sideload the skins. Because I LOVE HTC Sense. I don’t want another phone without it. So like, Google teams up with HTC or Samsung to make the Nexus devices, they all ship with stock Android, and then you can throw your skin on it.

        Doubt that will ever happen though!

      • JB

        Completely agree! I have a 1.5gHz dual core phone that has lag when I try to send a text due to the crappy preloaded messaging app.

    • Jroc869, Cool story bro

      Buy a nexus

      • rals

        you missed the point of his rant

        • Jroc869, Cool story bro

          I know what his point is, but the sad fact of the matter is that if you want the true Google experience you have to go with a Nexus. There are trade offs to going with a phone like the GS3 and there are trade offs to going with a Nexus. Pick your poison, but if timely updates are what you are after then get a Nexus

      • JetmanFL410

        That’s what I did and it took 6 months for Verizon to update it. I know I know root it root it Bugless Beast Bugless beast. I did that and didn’t care for it.

        • Jroc869, Cool story bro

          I dont care for rooting it either. I think the reason Google is going the route that they are is because it took that long to get the update to the verizon and sprint nexus devices. It sucks that CDMA devices get left out in cold.

        • mezy1

          Then you don’t need a nexus then. If rooting isnt for you the nexus isnt for you it goes hand in hand. Verizon screwed uo that nexus not google, hence not lte Version of the nexus 4

      • Sam’s Son

        LOL i knew that comments was coming. @FortitudineVincimus. You shouldn’t have said anything.

    • The Nexus phones are the flagship Android phones … not Galaxy S 3 so don’t complain you should have gotten an official Android phone … other phones may have android but they’re with that alliance thing with Google

    • Aj

      Maybe the only reason that those phones such as Gs3 haven’t been updated to JB yet is because they are going to get 4.2 instead of quickly getting 4.1.

  • ddevito

    Not blown away with 4.2. Not underwhelmed. Meh.

    • Chris Pinola

      I agree, but I also think that’s why they’re still calling it Jelly Bean. Definitely not enough to warrant a new name.

  • LaSombra

    Why the fixation with plastic?

    • Droidzilla

      Flexible, moldable, durable, and it doesn’t block signal.

    • omgitzjose

      price and weight.

  • I’m impressed! Very happy that google is finally bringing it all together.

  • MrWicket

    wow, just wow!

  • p0k3y

    So really no MicroSD again on Nexus 10? What’s up with Google? Don’t they listen? That plus the ugly giant bezzel did it in for me – I will wait to pick this up on CL in a few months, or not at all.

  • Ok.. more excited about the nexus 10 now… definitely gonna grab one.

  • Jroc869, Cool story bro

    That was a great video.

  • That was s great vid

  • znewman

    I usually try to just consider myself an enthusiast, but this has me in full fanboy mode.

  • Jonathan Bunch

    nexus 10 is sexy…that is all.

  • c4v3man

    Pretty decent video… well worth the 15 minutes. Not quite the keynote I was hoping to watch/read about today at the launch, but it’ll do.

    Can’t wait for software updates to start heading downstream…

  • igotgame

    Kellex – We need more info on that Nexus 10 cover. They sold separately and how does it connect?

  • ArrTooDeeToo

    The “quick” settings are lame. Should have gone with the AOKP/CM styel. Much more efficient and truly quick.

    Sometimes I think Google just doesn’t get it. Some of the stuff they do just makes things more frustrating. No SD card. Non removable batteries. Less and less storage space. Taking away tablet UI that many of us loved. UI decisions that the development community usually does better at. etc. Do they not pay attention to what’s going on?

    • Adam Emshwiller

      how is the quick setting not quick> TWO finger swipe down and it’s there in the pull down…. no buttons, no layers.

      I think they did a really good job because it gives separation from the Notification bar unlike AOKP and CM.

      • ArrTooDeeToo

        Watch the leaked video from the earlier news post. Quick settings aren’t toggles. They take you to the settings page where you then toggle the setting. With a custom ROM, I can toggle the settings I need with one swipe and one push of a toggle. They’re adding an extra step which isn’t necessary.

        • Chris Pinola

          yeah, I can’t believe that they came that far just to miss out on what makes it such an appealing feature in custom ROMs nowadays

          • ArrTooDeeToo

            Heh. Finally got a couple of people to understand what I was saying, yet I get 4 down votes. lol. Someone’s gotta play devil’s advocate. 🙂

        • Seriously? Wow, that *is* lame. Reminds me of trying to toggle LTE on my GNex; should be one click, instead was more like 5.

        • CheckIt

          If you watch the video, somehow is able to swipe down directly into the toggle pane. I’m not sure how, but check it out.

        • Adam Emshwiller

          I am running 4.2 on my N7 and GNEX… I understand the quick settings menus from first hand experience.

          Although it’s not one touch to disable wifi, how often do you enable the wifi in AOKP, but then have to navigate to the wifi settings to choose a network or enter in passwords if your at a new location?

          or how about the battery shortcut? Yes i can see my 68% battery symbol in AOKP, but the quick setting menu gives me one-click to the battery stats/trend so I can find out WHY im at 68%. Other rom quick toggles do not give this feature.

          It ALSO gives you quick setting for Alarm set…

          So far, Im very satisfied at my ability to control the phone without the traditional AOKP quick toggles.

    • JetmanFL410

      I agree. I think the software is great as it is with a few minor tweaks. I think They need to focus more on hardware and tablet UI and tablet apps. Just not as excited this time around. And no Verizon love. I’ll be keeping my Gnex and iP*^. Pretty happy with both.

  • Scott


  • tu3218

    Not gonna lie…if the verizon nexus gets a port of 4.2 soon, I’m popping my sim card out of my sgs3 and into my galaxy nexus. Soo impressed.

    • MrWicket

      Bugless Beast, as soon as code drops Pete usually has a new build within 24 hours cause it’s near stock, only mod is a reboot menu. http://rootzwiki.com/topic/9621-romjbicsaosp-bugless-beast/

      • tu3218

        Do you know when code drops? Isn’t it usually like the day or day after the announcement

        • MrWicket

          not sure, I think it’s usually something like that, at least within the week I’d guess.

        • MrWicket

          not 100% sure but it’s usually something like that, maybe a couple days.. might not even happen till the phone and N10 go on sale in a week or 2.

      • Larizard

        im waiting for this. but also, im having troubles flashing the Oct 10 build because of a bug in CWM… :/

        • MrWicket

          flash the newest version of CWM, a quick search of XDA or Rootzwiki should find you a flashable version if you prefer or you can go to clockworkmod.com and download the .img file to flash in fastboot, which I suggest.

    • Jared Carter

      I’d say it’ll be coming on an unlocked sgs3 pretty quickly too.either way I’m like you I have both.

      • orbitly

        It took the GS2 like 8 months to get Android 4.0. Don’t expect anything.

      • orbitly

        Samsung android phones get one update, then they’re EOL. That’s it. GS3 already got 4.1.

  • Murphy

    The Nexus 10 will be mine. Time to pick up some overtime =)

  • Mike

    No project roadrunner 🙁

    • That’s because it never existed

      • I wish it did. It would’ve been nice to have. But, here’s to next years announcement!

      • JetmanFL410

        I not sure Butter ever existed either. My N7 had project chunky butter. Not as smooth as everyone said!

        • billy routh

          Either you got a bad device, or your full of it.

          • JetmanFL410

            It was a bad device. Cheap. Pixels burning out in rows in first two weeks was a well known problem, and after reading plenty of posts on how horrible Google customer service was, I decided to get rid of it. Not a good first impression for a pure Google tablet. Love my Gnex though.

        • mezy1

          Welp your device is a lemon. Cuz i got project butter on my phone this thing never lags. Why do people talk bad about a lemon device when you know every mass production product has them. People are so ready to talk bad about things i bet you haven’t tried to take it back for another.

    • Shane Belanger

      That whole “leak” was a hoax, not sure if you saw that thread?

  • MikeSaver

    Lets go Pete! Get us some 4.2 on BB

  • winter event? Oct isn’t winter

    • Mack

      Depends on where you live bro.

  • aNYthing6

    I’m more excited about 4.2 than the Nexus 4. Bring on CM11!

    • Since 4.2 is still Jelly Bean i believe that CM will remain at 10

      • aNYthing6

        Are you sure? What were Eclair (2.0/2.1)?

        • MrWicket

          it’ll stay CM10

        • yea and they both had cm5

      • MikeCiggy

        either way! exciting