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Google Posts New Nexus Commercial, Features All Three Devices – Nexus 10, Nexus 4 and Nexus 7


Well, today is officially awesome.

  • goshone

    Does anyone else feel the lag or stutter on the phones, when swiping or doing the Google Now? Even the map and earth stuff felt laggy.

  • joejoe5709

    This family of Nexus devices is a new beginning for Android. Tablet apps will start to be developed and the Nexus line will start to be recognized by the mainstream as a real competitor for Apple. I’m super excited to be a part of this!

  • I didn’t know you could just say google in google now to activate it?! Yeah for learning something new!

    • joejoe5709

      Honestly I prefer hitting the microphone button at the top of any screen. It’s much quicker. But yeah when you’re actually in Google Now, it’s nice to just say Google. I hope they expand a similar voice control to the rest of the phone like a drive mode thing.

  • Fredy Nativi

    was that a swype like keyboard??? Heck yeah

  • EC8CH

    “How Far is Fargo”

    Love it…. GO BISON

    • Raven

      Always nice to see ND get a passing mention.

      • michael arazan

        Need a commercial for thi kids asking an annoyed mom and dad constant questions like why this why that, and then the parent gives the kid a nexus and it answers all the kids questions.

  • TheDrizzle

    Nice! They are finally advertising Google Now.

  • Not a fan of the bezel on the 10, but I am happy to have a new nexus and a release date!

  • Tarak

    They should air this during prime time

  • John

    Two finger swipe down for quick settings!! F yeah!

  • WHY did they ditch the tablet interface? Such a huge fail.

    • Michael Forte

      Probably to be more consistent. Also, so that the home button is always centered, so it’s always a swipe up from the middle to activate Google Now.

      • Also, there are probably many people like me who thought the pre-nexus7 Android tablet interface was terrible looking.

    • cheezer88

      i love how both my phone and my tablet are the same. i always hated getting my xoom out and having different controls.

    • From a power users point of view, I liked the old Tablet UI as well.. but for the average customer, uniformity is key.. It took my dad a few days to learn how to use my Transformer even though he uses a Gnex.. google is shooting to have a uniform UI throughout its devices..

    • And you’re all officially crazy. I mean, I am gaga over anything Google does too usually, but that old tablet interface was so much better.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I want a N10 to add to my lineup now (not on T-mo so not adding Nexus 4)

  • MrBlonde04

    That list image with the three coming together……it’s just fantastic. I really have fallen for the Nexus line!!

  • bkosh84

    Not if you live on the East coast today isn’t awesome, lol

    • Emilio Fahr

      Tell me about it. Leaks, power going out and nearly flooding our basement. Darn you, weather!

  • The Nexus 10 doesn’t look so bad in the video compared to the other images.

  • enob

    I got goosebumps!

    • Droidzilla